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Fantasy ⢾【The Nekoverse】⡷⠂(w/ GeorgeTownRaja)

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.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Welcome to the Nekoverse! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

This is a private thread, but if you're intrigued and would like a game of your own, then check out
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OoC Discussion Thread: [Nekoverse Player Chat + OOC]

Lives: 3
HP: 100
Reputation: --
(12) Pockets: Cellphone
Money: $20.00
Cookies: 0
???: 0/50
(9) WEAPONS: Curved Blade Sword


Name: Bana Ono

Age: 23

Height: 4' 9"

Birthday: March 4

Gender: Male

Bana is a vengeful tribal warrior who seeks to get revenge on the marauders and their leader after they had pillaged his village and killed off the remaining people of his tribe, including his family. He was 19 years old when it happened. He grew up in a village within the jungle outside of the urban area and he is a member of the Ono tribe. When the marauders destroyed his tribe, he undergoes a brutal combat ritual (training) for four years before going on a quest to find them, transforming him the person he is today.

When not engaging in combat, he wears a green Nehru jacket (or a green shirt), brown pants, and sandals. When engaging in combat, he wears a traditional Rajput-like clothing filled in red, green, and black. He always wears his black turban even when not engaging in combat.

His personality can be described as having a calm but serious attitude and he is always willing to help someone in need before his own as well as fighting off criminals and corruption. To sum it up and to provide a vivid explanation, he is a heroic vengeful tribal warrior who seeks to find the leader of the marauders for destroying the tribe that he grew up in and for murdering his family as well.

Fears: Bana is afraid of snakes, heights, and seeing children dying.

Bana is a skilled combatant as a result of his training in brutal combat, allowing him to overcome opponents easily that is ahead of their combat prowess. He is also skilled in using modern technology, despite growing up in a tribe outside of the urban area and not having any knowledge of it before then without him realizing it. Being bilingual, he speaks Goijigaric, an ancient fictional language that is a combination of Okinawan, Punjabi, Hindi, Maldivian, Pashto, Turkish, Arabic, and Javanese languages.

Romanceable: No.

What would your dream house be?: No clue at the moment.

Favorite plant/flower?: No.

Additional Info: Bana's only weapon is a sword with a curved blade.



.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.
*Thousands of colors swirl around you as your foot hits something solid. An invisible force ever so gently pushes you out of a multicolored portal and into the light of day, purple and gold particles sparking around the edges of the vortex... It seems you're in what looks like a small forest of slim pine trees, most of the branches seeming to be bare, with leaves and ferns coating the ground. The sun filters through the scattered branches, giving the forest a soft orange glow, while birds chirp around you as if to joyously welcome you into this new and unfamiliar world. *


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Bana Ono

There it is, a new beginning. After leaving the portal, Bana has landed somewhere in the forest, and he has no idea how he ended up here in the first place, but he is not concerned. The forest's scent is so pleasant that he thought of it as having the scent of candy. However, no candies are lying around the forest, and he is just making a metaphorical point in his mind.

He looked around at his surroundings, seeking for any threat. He is only by himself, and he must keep moving if he wants to achieve his ambition of getting his revenge against the ones responsible for murdering his family. Besides, he is just getting started, and something good or interesting might happen to him in the meantime.

He kept walking throughout the forest to explore further until he saw something strange and suspicious. He saw what appears to be a few soldiers armed with futuristic weapons as well as military attire. Their military attire is pure white (accompanied with gas masks), and it has a blue upward crescent symbol on the front of their helmets.

They don't seem to be too friendly, which causes Bana to feel a bit apprehensive. He doesn't know why the soldiers are patrolling in the middle of the forest, and he wants to know why but doesn't want to get caught or else something terrible might happen to him if he doesn't find out sooner. Bana hid one of the trees to avoid being seen by the soldiers while they mind their own business. He chose not to attack them as it is a terrible thing to do, and he might spoil the suspense in the process. What will they do next?

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