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Fantasy ⢾【The Nekoverse】⡷⠂- Isekai Videogame-Styled RP - [OPEN TO ALL]


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Hi all!
For a while I've had an original fiction roleplay called the Nekoverse, and I thought I would bring it to the forums with this post that explains what exactly it is!

The Nekoverse is styled like a text-based adventure game with videogame elements involved, free character creation and open world exploration, with my job to only narrate your adventure and play NPCs as you dig up the story!

You're probably already wondering why this is in 1x1 checks, so let me explain: this being set like a videogame, it acts like seperate save slots - so, it would be one person (player) + me (narrator), which is 1x1. However, if multiple people want to play, then they would each have their own thread for their own adventure!

Anywho, Im so sorry if this is incredibly long, but I wanted to be able to explain this to the best of my ability so here we go--

The roleplay is based on an open-world videogame, where you can do just about anything you want to without anyone to stop you! You, as the player, explore the world and uncover the story at your own leisure - though warning, the world is alive, and while you might be waltzing around on the beach and digging your toes in the sand, someone else may very well be sending a hitman (or woman) to take you out. Comparable to Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy and a bit of DnD combined!

There would be wholesome NPC interaction, *boss fights, achievements, stats, a character submission page, you would be able to collect items and weapons for your own survival, characters would present you with gifts, you could romance and date specific NPCs if you so choose!

You would be forging your path and making your own decisions - my role would be only to narrate your adventure and play the part of every NPC you meet along the way, whether they're friendly or, eh... not so friendly... but that would be for you to find out on your own!
sorry my bad-- The reason for so many tags was because theres a lot of different themes the adventure could take on, and really just about any character you come up with would have somewhere they would fit!
The roleplay itself is called the Nekoverse! (I know thats a dumb name but it was a placeholder during development and it wound up sticking--)
A shining utopia with towering skyscrapers and magestic mountains, thick forests and a plethera of characters all waiting to share their cookies with you and be your bestest friend EVER!!!

If you like long walks on the beach, electro music with flashing colorful lights, then you may enjoy yourself!
If you enjoy a diversity of species ranging from humans to dragons, from catgirls to robots, from mermaids to demons, you may like it!
If you enjoy dealing with piles of grey morality, cheerful psychopaths, sub-plots and different alliances, you may have a lot of fun!

Long character sheets are kind of exhausting I think, so I made mine short(ish) and hopefully fun to fill out whenever someone wants to play!

Name - <--- Your characters name!
Age - <--- Your characters age!
Height - <--- Are you smol or tol
Birthday - <--- Happy cake day
Gender - <--- However you identify
Description - <--- Tell me about yourself :3c
Fears - <--- "i/they dont like the dark and i/they dont like toast"
Strengths - <--- "good at puzzles and making toast"
Romanceable: Yes/No <--- Do you want the option to date characters and have NPCs occasionally flirt with you if they like you?
What would your dream house be? - <--- A BEACH HOUSE IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE-- or a log cabin under a bridge, it doesn't matter, pick whatever you/your character prefer
Favorite plant/flower? - <--- Hibiscus, cattails, grass, thistles, w E E D S-- it doesn't matter, pick whatever you/your character prefer
Additional info - <--- This can be ANYTHING else you feel like tossing in, from a character reference, to just random little details, it does not matter even remotely

Even though I know a lot of people play through paragraphs, this RP would have the following format:


A typical reply from me would look like this for simple character dialogue, though my replies get a lot more detailed going into world/character description/fight sequences:

???: ....
*The boy stares at you inquisitively, one pure white fox ear flicking on his head. He's never seen you before, nor heard of you even remotely.*
???: Ah, I'm sorry, who did you say you were?

(Question marks = replaced by character name upon meeting them)

The statistics aren't overly complicated (I don't think) - I took videogame stats and their important bits, and added some special ones of my own!
This is a direct copy/paste from the server and exactly how it would show up in a roleplay as well:

<PLAYER> <--- Your characters name here!
Lives: 3 <--- Once you run out of lives, you get a [GAME OVER], but you can always play again if you so wish!
HP: 100 <--- Health Points, like any videogame has - you can get a LOT more healh points as you play the game!
Reputation: -- <--- This functions like good/bad karma and it goes up or down depending on how mean or nice you are to NPCs!
(12) Pockets: Cellphone <--- In the beginning of the game, you start off with 12 slots in your pockets, and a single cellphone! Basically anything can go in your pockets. You can get a lot more space too!
Money: $20.00 <--- Cash money babyy $$$$
Cookies: 0 <--- do you like cookies i like cookies we all (hopefully) like cookies and if you dont then thats oki you can use them for cash money too
???: <--- Happy surprises
ARMOR: <--- This is where whatever you have protecting your body goes
(10) WEAPONS: <--- If you like to over-prepare yourself and hoard weapons (like myself) then you have 10 whole slots for them!
(5) MISCELLANEOUS: <--- Extra pocket space, hooray
PHONE CONTACTS: <--- A lot of the NPCs have phone numbers! If you ask them for it, then you can call them up if you need help!
[NONE] <--- no friends = ouch my heart

Stats would be updated each time there is any change to the above mentioned base values for that specific player, and Reputation would be updated weekly.

Usually fights move very quickly, but this being a forum, things will move a bit slower than the norm.
Here's an example of how one instance of a fight would go, if the Player were to injure the boss:

Thread Manager:*Exampleboss bolts at them, raising their sword and swinging it down over your head*
Player: *I bolt to the side, curling my own sword up into the air to drive into their side*
Thread Manager: *Your sword pierces through their armor, and they howl in pain*
Exampleboss HP: [Insert current value here]

Another example would be the exact reverse, if the player were to be injured:

Thread Manager: *Your barely miss, and their sword slams down over your shoulder, clanging against your own armor*
Player HP: [Insert current value here]

Each count of damage done to the player or boss respectively is affected by their armor/weapons/dice roll added together, as well as their decisions during combat.
(What I mean by that is that if they swing from the right and you run into it, you're going to be hit very very hard and lose a good chunk of HP so just - don't do that y'know)

***NOTE: You, as the player, would not have to go through the trouble of rolling the dice, unless you really REALLY wanted to. All dice rolling will be done by the GM (myself) to determine your chance of a critical hit. To not clutter the threads, I will use an offsite Dice Roller, and will take a screenshot of the roll results to keep players in the know of their results, so nobody is questioning any combat outcomes.***

Worth mentioning this would comply with RpNation rules, being a fully SFW thread, with the exception of occasional violence (regarding bossfights) and the mention of controversial topics such as abuse/substance abuse (torture and alcohol consumption).

Lastly, there would be one (1) OoC discussion thread specifically for the RP where updates/new content is announced, and again, each player would have their own thread dedicated specifically to their world, with their stats and character submission being the first two messages.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you have any questions then feel free to reply to this post or shoot me a PM!
Thank you for sitting through this massive post and do let me know if you're interested, and I can set up a thread immediately for you since I'm almost always online!

✨ If you like the idea, the RP is also on Discord in case you're more comfortable with that, so here's the Off-Site Ad for it! ✨

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Discord server and the forum RPs are the same RP, but separate from eachother.
This thread is for the FORUMS ONLY.
You may join both the forums and the Discord server if you wish to, but you are not in any way required to do so.

If you ARE interested in joining the Discord, please follow the link above to the Offsite Ad.
The Discord Server link is provided there for you!

nekoverse logo test 3.png
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Hello! I've never tried anything like this but it sounds really fun. I'd be interested if you're still taking people.
I am! It's open to everyone interested, it doesn't close LOL

Would you like me to send you the character sheet? I can set you up with a thread then!
Okay, okay, I can't take it anymore- PLEASE LET ME PLAY IM SO CURIOUS

L O L Of course you can play!! :D I'll DM you a short character sheet and set you up with a thread ASAP 👀 You caught me at the perfect time too, I'm online and replying to things so you should get a speedy reply ✨
This sounds fun, I've never done 1x1 RP before, but I really like the idea of a textbased videogame
I am very curious as well, having looked through another thread of yours before The Incident, as the Utah fire is lovingly called. So it is 1x1 roleplays but in a sort of combined setting? Do other characters interact with each other in-universe? Either way, I am interested!
I am very curious as well, having looked through another thread of yours before The Incident, as the Utah fire is lovingly called. So it is 1x1 roleplays but in a sort of combined setting? Do other characters interact with each other in-universe? Either way, I am interested!

Oh hi! :D Glad to see people online again after The Incident! Though hopefully nobody was injured in the fire... Also glad to see you were able to check out another one of my threads before then, since maybe it'll help my explanation 👀 Sorry for the late response too, I just got up and started the day (late yes, but thats what happens with nightowls, LOL)

The Nekoverse is all 1x1 roleplays, with you being the player, and me as the GM! Active players currently cannot interact with eachother, but I'm working on a way to implement multiplayer! NPCs in-game will interact with your character, but currently other peoples characters cannot interact with yours if that makes any sense.

I can shoot you a DM with the character sheet if you like!
Please do! I would love to check this out in full. As for the Nekoverse, that makes sense, and I look forward to seeing your implementation and interpretation on a multiplayer option, per se. No worries about a slower response, too. Everyone has to sleep sometime! Unless you are, y'know, that guy. *points toward a distant galaxy*.
Please do! I would love to check this out in full. As for the Nekoverse, that makes sense, and I look forward to seeing your implementation and interpretation on a multiplayer option, per se. No worries about a slower response, too. Everyone has to sleep sometime! Unless you are, y'know, that guy. *points toward a distant galaxy*.

Aa thank you for understanding :') Makes me question who "that guy" could be though 👀 DM incoming with character sheet!

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