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Multiple Settings The Mysterious Play: Hierophant of Skies (Accepting votes!)

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🎮Super High School Level Gamer: Chiaki Nanami🎮

Cornelia Robinson

Things get scary when her dad is mentioned... And idk what I was expecting from people who threw a baby overboard, but man they have no problems with murder lol

As for the item... I think either the phone or the notebook will help prove it. The phone should have a picture of Rosie. The notebook proves that Rosie was there and his sister Mary can testify that Rosie came in but didn't go out.
I think the phone may have phone call or message records that might help, and a lot of people keep important pictures on their wallets, so there might be one there? The notebook I don't think would be very useful because it could easily be fabricated, and I'm not sure at all what the pencil case could be useful for in this situation other than maybe writing down notes about the description.
I agree, the phone is most likely to be helpful. We're bound to have some photo of our best friend, right?

Concerning the notebook, it depends - if it's Rosie's, it may help, but I don't see it doing much if it's our own (unless I forgot/missed something). The wallet probably doesn't help much (I think most people don't keep photos in their wallets anymore these days, but maybe it's still a more popular thing than I thought), and the same goes for the pencil case.
I mean, yeah I can agree with the phone part.

But almost anything can be faked on a phone if you have the right skill, so it’s a double edged sword.

Still, everything else would be even easier to fake, so I personally think that phone might be the best way to go-


That's right!

Your phone!

"Here, take a look!" You aggravatedly agree to this while it taking everything in you not to add "prick" to your sentence as you open up your photo app and hand him your phone.

"Hmmmm..." He narrows his eyes and murmurs while looking at Rosie's picture.

...And stares at it a little too long for your liking... With a very minimal reading of the passages, you don't fail to notice...

"...Your friend is kinda cute..."



Sure, so Rosie and crushes haven't worked out at all in the past, usually involving your fist meeting some S.O.B's face for hurting or using her, and uh... "her type" seems to be some dude who can control the wind, but whatever the champion of chumps don't know won't hurt him.

"Ok, ok, geez! I was just giving her a compliment," This "nice guy" whines while (rightfully) backing off and handing you back your phone.

You're already starting to not be able to hold back anymore, but before you clock this clown--

You gotta remember what's important.

"ANYWAY, You saw it, right? The smallness? The glasses?" You begin asking, "I don't exactly have good proof on confirming her moms a single parent, but if you're really heartless, I suppose a phone call to her mom can--"

"Alright, alright...! Sheesh!" He groans in defeat, and you're holding your breath.

Can it be...?

Did you do it...?

He starts massaging his temples and sighs exasperatedly, then turns his gaze to you.

"Let's say I believe you--"


"And let's say this Rosie IS trapped in this book--"


You totally did it!

Hook, line, and GOT THIS SUCKER!

"Why do you need to get a computer for? How is that going to help matters?"

Aw sh***, this idiot actually has a point.

"I-I don't know for sure," You honestly answer, "But I have to do SOMETHING! My friend is dying in this book! I need to get her OUT of there, and MAYBE I can find some hint or something if I look more into this d*** book that sucked her in!"

Street fighter-wannabe looks at you for a moment, examing you for some reason?

"What...?" You ask as you shoot this fool a confused raised brow in return and then he groans and starts walking off... While gesturing for you to follow him?


Is he taking you to the Staffroom!?

You quickly grab your things and Rosie's notebook as you follow him, hoping against hope he's taking you to the---

...Wait, no... You're heading for... The front desk?!


"Oh! Hey little bro! Oh! Corny! I knew you two would get along great!" Mary greets the both of you, pleased you two are together for some reason (to be fair, you'd be relieved to dump this f*** on someone else, too) and then, like she is doing you a solid, cocks her head in confusion and worriedly asks, "Oh? Where's Rosie? Haven't found her yet?"

The punk looks back at you, displeased, while you gladly give him your smuggest "I told you so" look, as you figure out pretty easily why he had you follow him to his big sister. Seriously, are all little brothers curses upon their big sisters, or are you just "lucky" enough to bump into the "special" ones?

"No... We haven't found her yet..." He slowly mutters, and you can't tell if he hoped this was all real or not, but reality sure is kicking his a** now.

"Aw, well, maybe she's in the graphic novel section reading some comics? Or the children's book section?" Mary offers.

"Uh, yeah, we'll go look over there... Sorry to bother you..."

"That's alright! Good luck finding her... I swear I didn't see her leave here, and the scanners would have gone off if she tried to leave without checking a book out while having one, not that she would at all, but--"

"Uh, yeah, don't worry, I'm sure she's just... in the kid's section..." He cuts her off, not wanting her to worry about Rosie anymore and you kinda want to frown at him, but it seems Mary's "testimony" is proof enough Rosie is supposed to be here and not in some book!

"Well, we better go get her, ahaha... See ya, Mary," You mutter while awkwardly waving at Mary as you and her clown of a brother walk off, feeling kinda bad Mary looks so happy you two are hanging out for some reason, no doubt thinking you're buddy buddy with this a****** when really you wanna smack the s*** outta him.

As soon as the two of you are outta Mary's earshot you fully take this opportunity to seize your turn to be smug.

"Well, Captain Hotshot? Proof enough for ya? You finally gonna let me in the staff room to use the computer so I can figure out how to get Rosie out of this book or what?" You slyly demand passage into the locked-off room.

"One, please don't call me Captain Hotshot, EVER. Two, my name is Alistair. Alistair Sol. Three---" He begins listing off his grievances and orders, then gestures to be quiet while saying, "Yes, it's proof enough, but let's not advertise to anyone else what the h*** is going on: The last thing I want is the police flooding this place and shoving a missing persons report on Mary when my shift just started."

"Fair enough," You agree, then, realizing you hadn't really given him your name, amend that egregious oversight by adding, "And my name is Cornelia, by the way. Cornelia Robinson. I go by Corny for short."

"Corny, huh?" He raises a brow and smirks, then says, "That's pretty A-maize-ing."


"Uuuugh, don't make this even more torturous than it already is, and like I haven't heard that a thousand times over," You jokingly groan in response.

"I saw you smiling," He brags while again gesturing for you to follow him and this time IT IS TOWARDS THE STAFF ROOM.


You simultaneously wanna sock and kiss this clown and you don't know how that's even possible, but as long as he's taking you to the staff room you don't rightfully care!!

"So..." Alistair turns to you as he takes you there and gives you a kinda suspicious look, "Kid's section, huh? Why would a girl our age be in the children's section... Don't tell me it's her reading comprehension...?"

"...Don't judge her. I'm sure she has her reasons."

"Riiiiight," Street Fighter wannabe replies, sighing and looking elsewhere while muttering quietly to himself in disappointment, "Man, Why are all the pretty ones always so dumb...?"

"I'm sorry, what was that? Didn't quite catch that..." You growl ominously at him to promptly shut the **** up before his mouth loses some teeth.

"Nothing, geez!" He groans annoyedly as you two walk on.

When you two finally reach the staff room, Alistair looks around like the shiftiest mother****er as he unlocks the door into the staff room. It's pretty big, all things considered, and you can see a coffee machine and some noodles in a cup on the counter with some small cups you're safely assuming are for sugar and stirrers for the coffee. There's also a small sink with soap next to it with the obligatory 'Please wash any of your dishes and your hands' signs. There are two tables with chairs surrounding them and you could NOT be any happier to see a computer on a small table.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you set your stuff down and he boots up the computer.

As this fool could take several seats, in your "humble" opinion, you pull up a chair for him and yourself as the start-up sounds ding echos through the whole room.

"It's safe to say we should try not to leave this room too much until we find a way to get your friend back," Alistair proposes and you nod in agreement.

"Yeah, can't raise too much suspicion," You agree.

"There are some cup noodles over there, and some spare forks and cups to heat up the water and eat them with if you want," Alistar suddenly offers food, and then, to your absolute shock, he straight up reaches into a bag with his name labeled on a tag and takes out a protein bar (because of course roid rage has one) and then you're blown out of your a** when he hands it to you!

"Alistair?" You ask confusedly as you blink and take it, wondering where this sudden nice guy persona spawned from.

"...We might be in here a while, and though I brought that as a snack, I'd rather you have it so you don't get hungry too quickly... I'm guessing you haven't eaten since lunchtime at your school, right?" He guesses right while explaining his actions with actual decent motives.

"Hey, Yeah, Thank you so much, man...."

"I'm still gonna tell Rosie you're a no-good pervy browbeat who'll only bully her till she agrees to go out with you, just so you know... This nice decency ain't gonna earn you brownie points with either of us, understand?"


"Just making sure..."

"Alright, so where should we start?" Alistair asks while opening up a search engine on the computer after entering the password to log in.

"A-actually, I really DO want to thank you," You begin, figuring you should throw the guy a bone, "And not that I'm complaining AT ALL, you're literally helping me save my best friend and all... But... I tell you something unbelievable and sure, you kinda shot me down at first, but then you asked for proof right away, and even went to confirm she was missing yourself and when it was confirmed... You help me... Why the sudden change of mind?"

"I dunno...You just... Have an honest look about you," Alistair answers, for a second, you could have sworn almost hesitantly, "I... I just couldn't picture you lying..."

Whatta dork...
"Heh, thanks again. Anyway, what say we start with the author? I think his name is Damien du Mont," You finally answer his original question.

"Alright... Da..mien... Du... Mont..." He mutters as he types up in the world's most reliable search engine.


Oh dear.

The look on his face already tells you something is up: He both looks confused and irked.

"What? Is the author a jerk or posting dumb crap on social media or something?" You ask, not believing you're PRAYING that's the case.

"He's kinda too DEAD to--" Alistair begins, killing off your only lead pretty brilliantly, "And he's been dead a while."


"He died in a plane crash in 1945, right at the end of World War II, along with his wife... He was coming back from researching old European cultures..."

"S***!" You shout, "Now what?!"

Your brain scrambles for something, ANYTHING, to keep this lead alive!

Wait maybe he had---

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🎮Super High School Level Gamer: Chiaki Nanami🎮

Cornelia Robinson

Next of Kin!

"D-does this guy have any kids or next of kin or SOMETHING?!" You desperately ask, figuring if he had a wife, maybe he had kids or something, right?!?!?

"Let's see--" Alistair responds, typing in something and clicking a few things as well, however...

As soon as he finishes inputting that info into the worldwide web's most reliable search engine (which is reliably f**king you over right now) you immediately wish he didn't because the look on his face looks exactly like someone who's seen just how deep the rabbit hole goes...

And it looks f**king deep.

"What's the damage?" You just sort of only find it in you to sigh exasperatedly as you catch the look on Alistair's face.

"Oh boy, strap yourself in--"

"Christ on a platter..." You mutter and exhale again.

"He did have one daughter, Ingrid Morrigana Du Mont, who was in America at the time, living with her father's brother and said brother's wife--"

"OH! Hey, that's great! We---"

"Ingrid is famous for being the most mysterious missing persons case in history: Absolutely NO LEADS, almost literally vanished into thin air--"


"Oh geez--"

"What now?" You ask, quickly reaching your wit's end.

"They obviously still waited the seven years before presuming her dead, She still had a family to grieve over her after all-- "

His eyes widen as he keeps reading and his eyebrows are so high you almost worry they'll fly clean off his face.

As he grows a little pale you swallow a lump in your throat and dare to ask, "Wh...What...?"

"Ingrid suddenly disappeared at the hospital when she was visiting her terminally ill cousin, Ophelia Du Mont--"

"Nurses reported Ingrid was reading her father's newly finished book to Ophelia, 'The Universe of the Three Gods'--"



"D-did her cousin--"

"...Ophelia claimed her cousin disappeared into the book to the authorities and was checked by shrinks, therapists, and psychologists... But they dismissed her claims as just her coping mechanism with the stress from her terminal illness and losing her cousin..."

You can tell right away from the look in Alistair's eyes that if he had ANY doubts about all of this... They just flew right out the window.

"A-and then--?!" You hear yourself say after a moment of staring into each other's eyes in utter shock.

"Here's where it gets even more extraordinary: Soon after Ingrid's mysterious disappearance Ophelia was found PERFECTLY HEALTHY and CURED of her disease--"


"And when they ran blood tests they found her blood had special antibodies to fight off this respiratory disease... She donated her blood several times in her lifetime and has since saved 2.6 million children and adolescents from this debilitating disease worldwide... She's borderline famous for her miraculous recovery and the discovery of those antibodies in her blood when she was just 12 years old in 1945... When she grew up she helped fund several research institutes and retired around 15 years ago, and lives happily with her husband in England, where her children practice medicine and her grandchildren are studying..."

Your jaw drops to the floor and you have no idea how in the fresh he** the most mysterious missing persons case and the most miraculous recovery in history could be linked in such an astounding way...


What does this all MEAN?!?!?

There's a yanking in your heart that hasn't stopped since you heard of Ingrid's case.

Da**it, Rosie wasn't even the first victim of this accursed tome?! F***!!

"S***... What the actual ****..." You mutter, trying (and failing) not to sound defeated.

"Guess there's your lead..." Alistair muttered as he skims the article more with raised brows.

"Yeah, I guess so..." You manage to murmur, and thank god you're sitting down because the room is starting to spin.

Ingrid was also sucked into the book and then became known as the world's most notorious missing persons case with absolutely ZERO leads...

What if that fate becomes Rosies as well...???

"Anything else?" You exhale, exasperated with everything at this ****ing point.

"No... Just that one nurse reported when she went into Ophelia's room right after Ingrid vanished that it smelled of the sea for a moment..."

"That's VERRRYYY helpful," You sigh while shaking your head, "So... Any ideas how to get Ophelias phone number or something?"

"Gimme a minute, I think I might be able to find some way to contact Ophelia... Mmmn, I'll have to hurry, it's almost 10 pm in England where she lives, and I'm guessing we should contact her ASAP before she goes to bed..." He trails off while clicking off the article and back to the search engine typing more things related to Ophelia.

"She must be in her late 80's by now, right?" You ask, then nod your head, "Good idea to try to get it ASAP..."

"It's gonna take going through some loops, maybe some hacking, but don't worry, I'll get it for you... Ophelia basically is your only lead on this... And maybe she actually knows what happened to Ingrid before she went missing..."

"Thanks..." You mutter, the feeling in your heart telling you Ophelia WON'T COMFORT YOU too poignant for Alistair's words to truly make you feel better.

This fool cracks his knuckles and stretches like he's about to go on a run or do a vigorous workout and you raise an eyebrow at him.

"Do you know how to hack your way to Ophelia's number or any way to contact her because you've hacked your way into dirty sites before so you don't have to pay for monthly subscriptions?"


"I'm not the one who went gaga over a simple picture of Rosie, but go off, son..."

"And speaking of--" He begins after clearing his throat, trying to change the subject desperately, "Shouldn't you be checking up on her by now!?"

"OH S***, YOU'RE RIGHT!" You gasp, not believing you almost forgot about her.

HOW'S SHE DOING?! Last you checked she saw some red light, right?!

You take a deep breath, and crack open the accursed tome, picking any random God and praying it hasn't already killed its apparent SECOND victim...

The little Hierophant lay deathly still in the cold, dark, damp caverns deep under the surface of the isle for several suns and moons... Eventually, she suddenly twitches... Consciousness finally returns to her, and...


code by @Satanic Nightjar
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Rosalina Chandra

"Nnnngh..." You hear yourself mutter as... Huh, that's strange... You also hear small noses sniff you like animals... And they (kind of) feel like boop-able noses against your face (Though they appear to feel bigger than any animal nose you've booped before)... But one of those noses... One of them feels... Human...

It's almost confirmed there's a human in your midst when you hear them mumbling...



It sounds like... What Calliope sounded like before Elias cast that spell on you...


"C'mon, "Empress"... Get up! You and I have unfinished business, after all..."

Celosia, you feel TERRIBLE... You're shaking and shivering like you're cold and as soon as your mind starts to boot up, which is odd considering you're drenched in sweat, but you slowly but surely manage to open your eyes and---


Now, normally a dirty foot next to your sleeping head would scare the living germophobe out of you, but what's ON the foot happens to be A TOUCH MORE IMPORTANT!

"Ah--! Wha--"

The intermittent light from the glow of the compass illuminates the dark place you're in, which seems to be a cave of some sort...

And in the darkness---

It would appear you have found Xantarra.

Before you is a girl around your age... Donning her mother's hair that's green as the fields of grass, and hidden under the layers of dirt on her skin, Sphynx's unmistakable beauty, only set in stone by the crest on her foot, this wild-girl could only be Xantarra!

...And the animal noses appear to belong to some sort of moles with star-shaped noses...

"D-did... Did you rescue me?" You ask, blinking in confusion, trying to remember what happened before you fainted but in vain... You can't seem to think straight, you feel like a caged animal with an itch you can't scratch...

"Chupa?" She responds in equal confusion, and almost sounds like the language Calliope was originally speaking...but... You can't make out what she's saying!!


It's like she isn't really speaking a language at all, which must be why Elias' spell isn't working with her...

As you feared... It would appear even though Xantarra survived the fall like you apparently did... She seemed to have stayed here with the moles... And in staying with them became feral...

"I-- NNGGGHHH!" You try to clarify while lifting yourself slowly up from the ground, but then you stop and slink back down to the ground as quickly as you tried to rise.

"Augh..." You mumble in pain as you collapse, Xantarra and the moles exchanging glances and instinctively doting over you as you shiver helplessly on the ground.

"Chaputa! Chupica fito!" She grunts loudly to the moles, who nod and dig their way... well, elsewhere.


You are barely able to wipe the sweat off your brow, and your breathing is getting heavier to boot... As you try to think of anything else but--






Through all the shaking and shivering and fighting off-- RONDO!!-- All these invasive thoughts about Rondo... You stretch your hand out and, with all your strength manage to slur, "Ron...ro...o...e..."

...But nothing happened.

"Kee ku pa?" Xantarra wonders what you're doing... And saying...

As you --RONDO!!!--- Lie there on the ground in a cold sweat, getting weaker by the --RONDO!!-- moment, Your thoughts becoming more cloudy with every passing second, You --RONDO!!-- are horrified to discover you're beginning to snarl... --RONDO! RONDO! RONDO!!!-- And starting to foam at the mouth a little...

If you don't think -RONDO!-- of something quickly, there's about to be TWO ---RONDO!!--- feral girls in the underground!!!

You slowly wipe the foam --RONDO! RONDO!! RONDO!!!-- from your mouth and try to think of a way to get Xantarra --RONDO! RONDO!!-- to take you to the surface... However --RONDO!!-- you have no --RONDO!!!- idea how to --RONDO!!-- communicate with her!!

You can --RONDO! RONDO!-- barely think --RONDO!! RONDO!! RONDO!! RONDO!!! RONDO!!--

Hold on, hold on,--RONDO! RONDO! RONDO! RONDO!!-- Hold on... --RONDO!!!! RONDO!!-- Xantarra... Xantarra seems intrigued by you --RONDO!-- ... Are you the first human being --RONDO RONDO--... she's seen before?

--RONDO!! RONDO!!-- It's... possible...

She's mimicking you... Your movements... --RONDO!!--

Wait... Maybe... --RONDO!!-- Maybe if you... Dig... She might follow suit --RONDO-- ...???

But which --RONDO!!-- direction will lead you to --RONDO?!--


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The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
Am I missing something or is this Rondo thing new? Cause I kinda feel like it's bringing up something from before but I really don't recall where from...

Anyways, Rondo, er.... Up?


Am I missing something or is this Rondo thing new? Cause I kinda feel like it's bringing up something from before but I really don't recall where from...
We're bonded to the weapon thanks to Celosia's(?) intervention, and Elias or Xander warned us some time ago that we might get withdrawal symptoms if we're ever separated from it, I think.

In any case, I agree - we fell rondo (down), so we should go rondo (up)! RONDO! We don't have enough sense of direction to make a meaningful choice between left and right, anyway, I'd say.

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