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Fantasy The Multiverse Theory (Recruitment)

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The Multiverse Theory

The multiverse theory states that this universe is not the only one, and there are many other parallel universes out there that comprises everything that exists. You're approached by a god-like being in your sleep, and he explains that this theory is actually the truth. He then gives you a decision to either accept this as the truth and allow him to let you explore these multiple other dimensions, or simply forget about this entire thing and return back to your normal life. If you say yes, your character and the few others who also said yes, will be transported to their first destination: another world. This one is like the tales you read from a storybook, with knights and magic and things of that nature. If you survive this new world, you will be put into another, like a constant cycle. There are infinite universes, and so there are infinite possibilities. Will you step forwards and see, or will you remain blind? The choice is yours.

This'll be a small group roleplay! Maybe 3-4 people excluding myself. If things flow smoothly with this rp, I'd be happy to make a continuation that'll cover the next world, and possibly even the next! I'll be playing the one you meet in your dreams, as well as NPCs along the way, so ultimately how things end up is based on your decisions. However, I do have a loose plot lined up to keep the story going. There will be harsh situations and tough decisions all throughout this, and your actions may end up putting your characters on a throne or in a coffin...


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Oooh this sounds interesting, I'd love to take part. (:


~*~ Lost In A world Ill never understand ~*~
Sweet, sounds nice, I just wanted to put this out there since the main rp said this is the first group rp you've hosted and I wanted to ensure that it goes well, anyway it seems i'm rambling. The offer stands if you come to need it

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