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Fandom The Multiverse Balance Control: Nebula M78 (An Ultraman themed Multiverse RP)

Sir Fungus

*Alot of Poses* "Kamen Rider: Black!"
1. It's been a while since I've done an RP
2. I do have a fulltime job, my replies will only be really late into the night, or on my days off
3. if I ghost, gimme a poke and I'll remember to get back to you, you won't annoy me
4. Knowing anything about Ultraman is not required, but it does help, you'll learn quickly as we go though

with that being said

Let The Show Begin

As the Multiverse Balance Control (MBC) closes in on the Daedric Prince Molag Bal and his forces, They find themselves cornered within the vast open vacuum of space, their only hope is to assist and be allowed the technology of the Ultra civilization, ruled by the Father of Ultra, Ultraman Ken FiAQv68aMAEt4ls.jpg As the Newest Member(s) of the MBC, will you help them overcome their predicament, or will you aid in a new dark age for the Multiverse?
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