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Fandom The Multiverse (A Comic Book Multiverse Roleplay DC/Marvel/Etc)

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From Gallifrey with love.

It's pretty straightforward. The main force of comic-book worlds are going to get combined into one singular roleplay. I've been thinking about it ever since The Flash came back for the second half of its second season with the whole Earth-1, and Earth-2 fiasco.

Basically, this roleplay would contain the Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Vertigo Comics, and Dark Horse Comics. The four main titans would crossover into one singular roleplay. This means you can be any one character from any of those universes.

I'd allow each person taking part to control three character maximum, and of course one character minimum. Rules, and details for the roleplay would be down below for those interested.



A benevolent being known as Immortalis has found a way to merge various universes together in an attempt to drain the life-forces, and powers of every living being in these multiple universes to become the most powerful form in all of existence. Immortalis (an original character) has merged the Marvel, DC, Vertigo, and Dark Horse universes into one as each universe holds incredible, strong beings of immense abilities.

During the collision of these worlds, numerous villains/heroes/anti-heroes/you-name-its decide that they need to put aside their differences to take down this threat. The reason for the uneasy alliances is that Immortalis is one of the most dangerous beings in all of creation, even surpassing the likes of Galactus, Darkseid, Apocalypse, you name them he's superior in every way.

Immortalis has the ability to drain any beings powers and adapt them to his own, but the pitfall of his ability is that he adapts their weaknesses too. Luckily, for our band of misfits and heroes, Immortalis has a sibling, a sister named The Light One, who explains how they can defeat her brother and restore order and separate the universes before more catastrophic damage occurs.

There are heroes who have fallen during the initial attacks from Immortalis and his mystical army of demons. An epitaph was erected in the underground base of New York City to commemorate those who were lost in the attacks, both heroes and villains.

We invite you to team up with we few survivors, and aid us in putting down Immortalis once and for all. We'll have to work together to take him down.

- Tony Stark


The Epitaph (Unplayable Characters)

  • Connor Hawke
  • Reed Richards
  • Sue Storm
  • Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock)
  • Daredevil
  • Aquaman
  • Nightwing
  • Thor Odinson
  • Hawkeye
  • Hawkman
  • Taskmaster
  • Deadshot
  • Bullseye
  • Captain Boomerang
  • Hal Jordan
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  • Beast (Hank McCoy)
  • Cyclops
  • Jubilee


Character Sheet/Examples

You may have three characters to play as in this roleplay. If you decide to do all three, one has to be an original character, and the remaining two have to be an established character from whichever universes you decide.

Ideally, if you decide all three we'd want an original, one established hero/anti-hero, and one established villain. If you do two then it's whatever you want, and singular it's whatever you want.

Example, if someone picks to play as The Flash (Barry Allen) they can be the comics variant of Barry Allen, or the CW Television series of Barry Allen, nobody else can be Barry Allen etc etc.


Name: Mark Wingreene / Eclipse (Real name and then alias)

Universe: (Original, Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Dark Horse)

Age: 28/115 (28 in appearance, but he's actually 115 years old)

Alignment: Anti-Hero (Good, Evil, Anti-Hero)

Weapons: Black Desert Eagle (If Any)

Abilities: (Try to not make them god-like/overpowered if they're original)

  • Memory Alteration
  • Transmutation
  • Teleportation
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Soul Absorption
  • Immortal/Doesn't Age
  • Can manipulate sunlight into moonlight.

Weaknesses: (If original, list three of their weaknesses, if established list all of their weaknesses)

  • Human blood (Since Mark is essentially undead and his blood no longer flows, if he's injected with fresh, non-coagulated blood he will become violently ill and lose his powers for a short amount of time)
  • Silver Weapons (Since Mark is undead, silver can cause some damage to him as it's purified)
  • Holy Water

Origin Story/Bio: (How did they gain their powers?)

Mark was walking home one night in the early 1900s and was approached by a mysterious gun-man who had killed him during a robbery when the gunman had gotten frightened by a stray cat in the alleyway. As Mark died he was approached by a mysterious man with glowing blue eyes who had called himself Salem, and that he could save Mark's life at a cost. Explaining he was from an ancient order known as Soul-Keepers who kept record and order over the deaths of every life on the planet. He explained that Mark had died before he was supposed to, and thus allowed him to rectify his death by hunting down and killing the gunman, or accepting his death and passing over. Not wanting to leave his wife, and newborn daughter, Mark agreed to hunt down his murderer and eventually killed him. However, there was a cost to his renewal and had his memory wiped of all knowledge of his life as a human and was resurrected as a Soul-Keeper, forced to walk the Earth for an eternity and reap the souls of the living, and keep order among the lives of people within the Earthly realm.

Each Soul-Keeper had a unique ability upon their creation, and thus Mark adopted the alias of Eclipse as his ability allowed him to manipulate the day cycle of the Earth, and make people see the world as night, or day, however he saw fit. He couldn't change the view of the entire planet, just small groups of people at a time, which proved useful during combat scenarios.

During his time on Earth he eventually regained the memories of his wife, and daughter years after his wife had passed away and would make routine visits to his daughter at her nursing home in New York City, only she had no idea who he was and he couldn't tell her. He was also the last Soul-Keeper in existence after his creator Salem had killed every other Soul-Keeper (upon death, a Soul-Keepers powers and soul is sent into the nearest Soul-Keeper, which is why Salem murdered them all, to become all powerful), other than his skeletal-wraith sidekick, Scribe who sort of acted as the notary for the Soul-Keeper order.

Mark eventually got retribution for his order and killed Salem a year before the universes collided, and now he sat deep below a devastated New York City among heroes from various worlds, and time-lines.

Appearance: (Pictures if established, description if original)

Mark before his murder had a neat, and handsome appearance, however his death and eventual rebirth gave him a more rugged and carefree appearance. His brown hair was now styled into a messy, bed-head sort of appearance and his face was covered in rough stubble. He wore a long, black wool pea-coat, black jeans, and black boots. Underneath his pea coat was a dark gray waistcoat, and white dress-shirt.


That's my original character. I'll also be claiming the two established characters of:

Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells) - So, I'll be playing as the CW Television series of Reverse Flash because holy hell is Tom Cavanagh amazing.


If interested, please COMMENT on the thread and VOTE. Do both, please.



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Considering the DC / Vertigo crossovers that happen often, I was wondering if I could play Death from the Sandman series? I can see her being interested due to the unnaturalness of what's going on and there would be a lot of work to do. Wanting her to be an observer / helpful being type deal if you get my meaning.


From Gallifrey with love.
Maryshka said:
Considering the DC / Vertigo crossovers that happen often, I was wondering if I could play Death from the Sandman series? I can see her being interested due to the unnaturalness of what's going on and there would be a lot of work to do. Wanting her to be an observer / helpful being type deal if you get my meaning.
Of course.


From Gallifrey with love.
Maryshka said:
Excellent. Let me know when things begin.
Hopefully soon if more interest shows up. I'm running this along with my Jurassic Park roleplay so hopefully I'll have stuff to do during down-time for both.

call me rae

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I like the premise. Let's see would Lifeguard from Marvel be okay? Haven't played Heather in forever and I think she would have a nice powerset to combat Immortalis with as well as a VERY dangerous power set to be taken away and used against them. ( kind of want to kill her off at some point just for the oh shiz we're screwed panic it would cause )

Her power is reactive adaptation which is kind of ... bad from an enemy standpoint. As she would have similar ability to those freaky sentinels from days of future past.

Now her weakness are a feral state which kind of similar to emma frost limits her abilities. like when she's in her killing state i don't think she can really adapt to anything. she just turns into a big golden chick with wings and a nasty disposition.

otherwise her adaptations are purely physical. supposedly in one version of the comics she gets like the ability to manipulate elements in a limited fashion but that's a kind of OP power in roleplays so i just give her the ability to physically adapt to any given situation.
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call me rae

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If Heather is a no go her brother Slipstream is someone I'm willing to take. He er teleports by opening wormhole thingies and using a modified surfboard to surf them. Not as impressive as dear ole sis but still a good power.


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Interested! Question- you say on the epitaph that one listed is Hawkeye... is this Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, or both? And if it's Clint Barton, could I play Kate Bishop?


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I've got a question. Does it count if the comics in question had the license to make comics for a certain fiction (I.e. Dark Horse/Marvel having the rights to Halo comics)?


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The host for this game hasn't been online since 2016. I'd encourage you to look elsewhere. Unless someone want to take it over.

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