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Fantasy The Mountain Stands

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Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
As I write this, I leave out the date. Day after day we have fought against those that seek our end. The undead legions of the Lich King Necme endlessly assault our surface gate, only slowing when they are in need of more undead soldiers, though even then it does not stop. I have even seen a few of my comrades in the Royal Guard returned as nothing more than a mindless shell of their former self, their armor still resplendent and bright, protecting them even as they claw at the gates they swore to defend. And there is no relief for us in our mountain home, for Demon Lord Dolometh has laid siege on our lower gates. It is a miracle we stopped him at all, I had thought all was lost when he had taken the throne room and killed our king.

For all I know, we are all that is left in the world. This small pocket of refugees clinging on to life in the gutters of our once beautiful home. There is no way out, none that I can see. If I were to have us dedicate our forces on one enemy, the other will sweep us aside. And a small handful could not hope to beat a single demon, let alone a Demon Lord and a Lich, their king no less. Unless... Perhaps it is the only thing we can do. I will ask for volunteers and weed out the weak from there. I will be giving this suicide mission the best chance at success. Because if they succeed in taking down one, we may just be able to survive this.

If you made it this far you're probably still interested. This rp will focus on the rag tag group of highly skilled individuals going after first the Demon Lord Dolometh followed by the Lich King Necme. And while this rp was envisioned as being primarily dwarfish, you can play another race, even one of your own (that has been okayed by me). Directly below are the links to the character sheet, lore, and ooc (which also has a discord link in it if you want). And as always if you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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Great concept. I'm interested. Definitely would want to field a Dwarf but not sure about combat specialty yet. I'd be up for healer, tank, or something similarly direct.


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Is it known what species the Lich King Necme was before undeath? Human? Elf? Asking for the in character banter.

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