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Name: Jikobu Hamisake

Age: 13 years

Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: Genin

Hairstyle: Long, thick hair that reaches midway down his torso, often getting him confused with a girl by other people.

Hair Color: Dull Red with blackish-silver tips

Skin Color: Peachy White

Eye Color: Green

Personality: Bit of a jokester, but can act serious when he wants to. Although he seems rowdy and agressive at first, much like the rest of his clan, he can really be a nice and caring person when you get to know him. He has a smug face most of the time with large spiky teeth and short, thin eyebrows.

Morals: He isn't the most open about telling you what he thinks about life, but it can be obvious. When little things happen, such as thievery, it usually isn't any of his business and he tries to not get tied up in it. However, if someone is in trouble or a town is under attack, he would do his best to protect those in need.

Clothing (As detailed as you want it)

Casual: He usually picks from the stash of clothes he has in his closet at random, as he seems to have no sense of fashion. although he usually sticks to cheesy t-shirts and sweatpants.

Mission/Patrol: A plain, flat red vest with a green long sleeved shirt underneath, and green shorts with a pouch attached.

Formal: A cheap black and white tuxedo with a bow-tie.


Chakra Type: Yang (Light Style)

Chakra Endurance: Small to medium amount of chakra

Chakra Management: He uses his chakra well, although most of his fighting style revolves around his hair, so he doesn't use a great number of jutsu.


The Hamisake Clan has full control over their hair. They can extend or shorten their hair at will to reach a target. Using chakra, they can harden their hair defensively, to cover parts of their body, or offensively, like hardening hair with chakra and shooting it out like senbon. Their hair cannot harden and extend/shorten at the same time.

Ninja Tools:

Main Weapon: N/A

Taijutsu Skill: Practically none.

Jutsu Specialty: Ninjutsu


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Ayumi3.gif Ayumi

13 years of age, female Genin assigned to Team 3.

She has short and wavy, almost messy hair. No matter how vigorous and adamant Ayumi is about combing it and brushing it, she can barely keep it under control. Because of this, Ayumi envies Jikobu's ability to freely control his hair.
Hair Color: Grey-Blonde
Ayumi.gifHer skin is a clear white color, with hues of pink here and there.

She has deep blue eyes that often seem uncaring, as they don't seem to help express emotion by movement.

Ayumi is a very mature person, and although her method of fighting may lead others to believe she is sadistic, she is a very polite and kind person. She takes her time before bed to lay clothes out for the next day, and takes time in the morning to ready her ninja tools and double check that everything is ready to start the day. She is a very prompt person, usually doing what she is told by those in charge of a situation, unless she believes it is the wrong thing to do.

She usually does more than is necessary in certain situations, going to lengths to pack lunches for training sessions and applying perfume or makeup when going on missions. Why she does this is a mystery to everyone, but secretly it's just to pass the time. Plus, it's always good to be more safe than sorry.

Ayumi, seemingly with no trace of parental figures, a clan, or anyone to watch over her, has no last name. She doesn't seem to talk about her past before coming to the Moss three years ago, and displays no interest in explaining such. Ayumi's interests are mostly historical, although she does enjoy gardening and board games.

When someone is in need, Ayumi is there to help, while trying to make the least amount of fuss possible. She does her best to try and not attract attention to herself. This isn't because she doesn't like attention, it's just that sometimes things are better left alone.
She obeys orders given to her, usually without hesitation and with near military discipline. She has a clear set of goals and morals, and not many things can change that.


Ayumi Casual.jpg
Ayumi Mission.png
Ayumi Formal.jpg

Ayumi2.gifChakra Type: Fire
Chakra Endurance: Above Average
Chakra Management: Pretty good control, although most of her chakra is used in the chakra threads that control her puppets.

Ayumi uses forms of the Puppet Master Jutsu and Chakra Thread Technique to control two out of three puppets at any given moment. The puppets, tall, thin, white, and devoid of clothing or weapons aside from two blades on the sides of their forearms. These blades are soaked in an extremely thin yellow toxin that causes no actual harm to the body aside from vivid hallucinations that center around the puppets themselves, bringing things that the target is afraid of to life.

Ayumi's three puppets are contained in one large scroll that she keeps across her back. When in combat, she takes it off and summons them before attacking.

Taijutsu Skill: She knows how to handle herself a bit, but the main focus of her fighting style is Puppet Jutsu.
Jutsu Specialty: Ninjutsu

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