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    Bastards. That's the first thought on Nadia's mind as she awakes to a pounding in her head. They had drugged her, yet again. But what is the point? Long ago, the assholes had stopped attempting to take her to be examined, as she had stolen enough from the doctor's area to build several bombs. So, why would they knock her out? If they are trying something new, that's rather interesting. Either they were beginning to get desperate for more soldiers, more like her, or they were genuinely curious about something. Opening her eyes, it was obvious that the first option was true.

    Long ago, Nadia had figured that they would attempt to breed her, like the animal they made her into. Since then, it's just been a waiting game. So, she isn't surprised to be in a room with others with.... unique modifications, similar to her own. However, one turn of the neck lets her know that the collar-like device that prevents her from causing hallucinations is still intact. So, they want to keep these creatures safe for the moment. Interesting.

    Her analysis of the room concludes with looking over a giant mirror in the room, similar to one she would read about in a detective novel. Even though they have cameras, they still choose to put in a one way mirror. They will consistently be watching, but she's sure, at some point, there will be a point where they can't see her. They are not smart enough to cover all their blindspots.

    Noting this, Nadia decides, what the hell, may as well act up a storm. So, she stands and strides over to the glass like a hound circling their prey. This is her time to shine, she thinks as a large smile makes it's way onto her face. It's a look she had perfected long ago, as an attempt to scare off any new recruits to the scientist's sick cause.

    "Come now dears. You certainly didn't think that cutting off one of my powers would prevent me from causing harm to your little habitat, did you? I will kill each and every one of you, tearing into your flesh and make the others watch. Find my father dearest and inform him of this, will you? He will be last. He will watch his little girl be the monster he transformed her into, killing his whole perfect family and then I will feed them to him." She speaks intensely, almost as if picturing the wonderous moment she gets her hand on the man.

    This is perfect. Her revenge will be easily executed with the help of the others trapped with her.

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    You'd think she would be used to this by now, the familiar disorientation and waves of nausea that come with being forcefully sedated. Altaira awakened, only managing to sit up before weakness, onset by a throbbing headache, overtook her. She attempted to draw one of her legs closer and plant her foot flat on the floor, but a dull scraping sound caught her off guard. She looked down at her foot, taking a moment to concentrate on it until her vision cleared. Attached to each one of her large, curved talons were rounded metal caps. A strong adhesive glued them onto the tips of her claws, rendering her flesh-slicing hooks into blunt weapons. For a brief moment, Altaira recalled the encounter that took place shortly after she was shot with a tranquilizing dart. The guards had come to collect her a moment too early, before Altaira was fully unconscious. She managed to land a lucky hit on one of the guards, slashing through his clothing, layered vest, and into his dermis before receiving a solid hit to the head that knocked her into a sedated state. Usually, her violent actions would award her a much harsher punishment, with her strapped to a table. However, the only restraints that bound her were the claw caps.
    As Altaira's cognitive functions returned, so did her senses. She suddenly became very aware of her unknown environment. The sound of nearby voices startled the avian woman, sending her to her feet in a matter of seconds. Her heart pounded wildly against its cage of bone. Before her were four standing figures, each with their own abnormality. Altaira's eyes lingered on the winged woman, curiously observing her blanched, white wings. Prying her eyes away from her avian neighbor, Altaira rotated her neck 270 degrees to observe the rest of her surroundings. The room that contained her was well furnished, a change to her normal empty cell. Several stirring individuals were laid around the room, all unique with their own abnormal attributes. A seemingly normal man stood defensively in a corner, just as alarmed as she was. Altaira was already nervous, but the intense emotion that ignited within her as she looked upon the sleeping body of a similarly aged woman tipped her into a panic. With a hasty flap of her wings, Altaira propelled herself into the air and landed on the nearest light fixture. At first, the dull nail caps slipped against the ceramic structure, but a few forceful flaps positioned her well enough to balance steadily. A higher vantage point usually eased Altaira's jittery nerves, but the unpredictability of the situation kept her on edge. She was weaponless, trapped, and surrounded by individuals just as mutated as her. The aggressive woman threatening the mirrored wall was only supporting Alteria's anxiety. What if she turned to attack the other experiments? What if she turned to attack her?

    Altaira rotated her neck around once more, analyzing the room's occupants more carefully now. Her dull eyes landed once more on the woman that stirred feelings of longing within her. Even now, while asleep, she was using her powers to entrance Altaira. The harpy all but bared her teeth in the direction of the woman, certainly put off by the emotions she was experiencing. After a solid moment of glaring, Altaira returned her twisted neck to its normal position and faced the woman fussing at the mirrored wall once more, watching her cautiously.

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    Something tugged at the corner of her lips, the tiniest of smiles forming on the ever so lightly cracked lips of the short figure, standing, leaning against the wall. The cold, hard feeling of the stones pressing against her small back, and the loud, piercing blaring of the alarm overhead, was a stark contrast to what Ivir was witnessing. She herself wasn't exactly sure what was going on, with the two who had embraced each other in a flurry of apologies and soft words. And feathers, of course, the light-haired woman not surprised to see other modifications in those around her in the same room, and the angel wings were no exception. Ivir knew that the scientists were preforming all sorts of experiments to all sorts of people, due to the simple fact that she had killed several others like her - changed against their will, fighting against their will. Even though it strictly wasn't Ivir herself who killed them, but instead the blame was on what they had cursed her with - a new side to her, a wild, aggressive, uncontrollable and strong creature, a wingless dragon called a drake.

    They shared a body, but didn't fully share a mind. She could feel the more feral, aggressive creature in the back of her mind, always, and it terrified her. She herself was the last one who had anything to worry about though, seeing as the Drake was fiercely protective of her wellbeing, not that that was much of a comforting thought. It was often through that instinct of self defense, that the scientists managed to force out the creature from the woman, in order to observe it fighting with body, claws, teeth, and especially its purple breath, some sort of combination between fire and acid. She had the blood of many on her hands, but a soul not fit for killing. Quite the mismatch. Unbeknownst to her, this aggression and wildness from the Drake, was something that could be learned to be controlled, managed, if only she could accept it, get to know it, learn how to not just survive with it, but live with it. But, for Ivir, that idea was still far away, her mind preoccupied with nightmares, worries, fears, and the constant circulation of the questions 'why am I here' and 'how do I get out'.

    It was for that reason, that the woman kept to herself, trying to make herself be unseen, unnoticed, and thereby, hopefully also unprovoked, attacked or untouched, the fear strong, of the Drake with no sense other than killing breaking out into this room with her fellow experiments. She dared not imagine what would happen, and would continue to remain off to the side, observering with piercing purple eyes and a gaze of uncertainty, mixed with the tiniest hint of curiosity as to what was going on, and of those around her. The woman yelling at the... mirror? two-sided, probably... drew her attention, purple hues clouding with a tint of confusion at her words - 'father? did her father do this to her?' - and a feeling of nervousness. It was a reminder for her that she was in a room with many others, and not just human either. Throwing a glance around, it only confirmed that. Eventually, after one of the men's greetings to the ceiling, Ivir noticed the winged woman, surprised for a moment at her behavior and movements, but it didn't take long for her to respectfully stop staring. Her hues paused on a tall, broad shouldered man with horns in room, her mind racing a bit faster, as well as her heart. Her eyebrows furrowed, Confused, and unable to identify her reaction to this particular stranger, she decided it best to not approach, and instead continued to passively observe. She was not exactly trusting of following her own instincts, seeing as they might be those of a certain scaled creature sharing form with her - who was surprisingly calm at the moment. Perhaps it sensed the same twinge of hope, that together, many of the same kind, and not in a staged fight, could achieve different results, than the various escape attempts had lead to throughout the years?

    The purple eyed woman shook her head. She dared not hope, not in a place like this.


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  • Stiff, unmovable, aches, these had been the sensations running through every fiber of Terrance's being the last several hours. It definitely meant that he was being moved, the bastards having bathed him in sunlight to make him far less difficult or potentially difficult to get from room to room. But he could tell, the stone holding him in place was starting to crack and break apart. Finally. I can regain my senses. He flexed his muscles, starting with the claws on his hands and feet. The flexing brought a clearly felt cracking sensation along the rest of his stone coating. Just a little more. He snarled to himself as he put more effort into his movements. Each act a grueling war against a body that had been rendered weakened. As the stone covering his whole began to break apart, Terrance finally felt his powers returning. Just one more good flex. His thought of breaking free overwhelmed him as he stood back up onto his hind legs and letting out a roar of both agony and relief as the stone around him shattered, small pebbles flying every which way as the man finally escaped his torment.

    "Fucking bastards. Is it too hard to just hit me with the sonic blast?!" He snarled while stretching out his limbs, starting with his wings. Finally "comfortable" in his own skin again, the gargoyle took a moment to look around the room. This is new. His thoughts were erratic as he noticing all the people in the room with him. Heck, it took him a moment to even accept THE ROOM they were in. What had they all done to get such an upgrade? Finally, his eyes rested on a woman shouting at what looked to be a reflective wall. She was crying out, likely to people on the other side. The male sighing, while not able to pull his gaze away from here. "Easy there sweetheart, threaten them too much and we'll likely get this complimentary "upgrade" revoked." He rolled his eyes while stretching himself out. "Not that I'm exactly thrilled about them watching us like hawks from another room." His massive tail swung along the ground with a loud scrape, like stone against tile. He turned his attention to the few others that were awake. "The name's Terrance. I'd say it's a pleasure to meet y'all, but I think it'd be far more enjoyable under different circumstances."
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Waking up was an ordeal, but Ibrahim was used to the rough treatment by now. A year he'd been locked away inside this...whatever this American place was. A year of testing, prodding and dehumanizing treatment. There were guards, and occasionally scientists, but both sets seemed to treat him like he didn't speak English.

At least he woke somewhere new. Ib didn't get a lot of 'new' in his daily life these days. And the sight of other people, other experiments like him, almost took his breath away. He'd heard there were others. Had even glimpsed one or two before. But this was the first time he'd gotten this close to any of them. And now a room full. Amazing.

Conscious that a white jumpsuit wasn't the most flattering way to make an impression, Ibrahim rose from where he'd been lying prone, popped his neck twice and smoothed back his long tangled auburn hair, wishing he had a way to pull it back into a bun so it'd stay out of his way. He scratched his bearded chin and took the opportunity to see what the others did.

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Nadia immediately escalated with a series of grandiose threats. Allah knows, she might be able to pull it off. Certainly, he was stronger than ever. But what they'd done to him hadn't made him cruel. Was this bravado, a threat? Or was he locked up with a psychopath?

Xiomara's question of the glass was more on point. These people acted like they had actual conversations with the staff here. Maybe they did?

Nephalem Nephalem
One girl was obviously altered. Drastically. Had he lucked out? Or was this a surprise that lay in his future? Would escaping avoid that fate or was it already written into his genes, a ticking time bomb waiting to go off? Seeing her perch out of reach, Ibrahim felt a brief moment of envy. If only.

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Terrence was a huge giant gargoyle and Ibrahim had a moment where he thought he'd started hallucinating. But no, that statue actually exploded, spraying stone shards everywhere, to reveal a towering monster. Reflexively, Ib clenched his hands and felt the coiled power in them. He'd been dosed with artificial UV, standard for controlling him, but it still left him astonishingly powerful. If the monster started something or threatened another...

But he didn't. Instead, Terrance introduced himself to the whole room, tried to talk down the raving woman, and generally displayed a sense of humor. How marvelous.

Then there was 487, the girl with tentacles. Tentacles! She looked a wary, cagey thing, liable to pull a knife and stick anyone who got too close. If she had a knife. She probably didn't have a knife, right? The 'name' she gave was a number, which didn't do much to assuage his nerves.

Gianna seemed one more experiment, confused as he was, but she more than anyone said things that clarified the picture a little. Evidently she, and probably the others, had met other experiments before. Actually, that might explain why so many people in the room seemed to be pairing up. The animate bandages took Ibrahim by surprise and he made a note of it, in case the girl turned dangerous. Hell, everyone here could be dangerous. But maybe the way to play this wasn't to passively watch them jostle it out.

Tidus had horns and could turn himself into a snake. Oooookay. At least he was polite enough to drop a name.

They were all young. Mostly younger than him, Ib wagered. Not organized. Not used to thinking of others or working in a group. Not surprising, really, given the environment. Might be something those who took them selected for, actually. Catch people who were easy to disappear, people who weren't team players, who could be more easily controlled. The big question was why this experiment? Why put them all together? Another test? See what a group of strangers would do when left alone? Getting involved might be playing into their hands. But sitting back and doing nothing didn't sit well with Ib. It wasn't in his nature.

A philosopher once said: When faced with untenable alternatives you should consider your imperative. And when he thought about that, his course of action was clear.

"Ib," he said, after clearing his throat. Pitching his voice up enough to carry over the room, he added, "Ibrahim Evcen. Ib is good. Evan is good. Don't know any of you, this is first time, ya? We're all prisoners here, I think. Half of us look different. All of us are different, I think. Altered, given...abilities. But no one works on us, no one tries to make friends or earn loyalty. We're bent into shapes for pleasure, like clay in their hands. That's not what you do to people you let go. You do this only to people you plan to bury when no longer useful."

By this point, it's plain that Ibrahim has an accent, maybe Middle Eastern, maybe something Slavic depending on the listener's ear and experience. But despite his grim words, there's a slight smile on his lips and a steady, confident gleam in his dark eyes. "That's good, though. No, is good. We know where we stand with them. That means we don't make deals. They won't and if they did there's no trust. We need trust, in each other, if hope to keep alive, ya?" No sense in actually pitching an escape plan when it was certain every word in this room was being recorded.

"How many of you American? Where you from? I'm Turkish, from Istanbul. I do work for local family in neighborhood back home. Mostly security, you understand." He paused as he took in the ages of the room, along with not knowing how long any of them had been here. "Any of you have job before this?"
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Brandish: The Siren

Before icy blue eyes even snapped open a hissing snarl passed full naturally red lips as Brandish entered the world of the waking. She had been drugged and she hated being drugged, not just from her time as an experiment but from the months before that too. Jeffery Hamlet, the psycho who had tortured her for months before she was scooped up by the mad scientists here, had always drugged her whenever he needed to move her to another location. It was a terrible feeling that always left her with a pain in her stomach as she remembered all that had been done to her before even setting foot in the lab, all he had done to her. It made her blood boil.

Jumping to her feet Brandish was already clearly ready to fight as her usually hidden row of fangs were on full display as she looked around at the rather large room she was in. All around her were others like her, or at least just as messed up as she was, if not more so. It was shocking that they would have so many experiments in one room together, especially when many, herself included, were not so friendly towards those around them. Brandish didn't plan to go out of her way to attack any of the others at this point but she also knew she had no interest in talking with them and wore those feelings on her face as she held herself in a way that made it clear she was not there to gossip and make friends. Her eyes drifted from creature to creature as her old FBI training kicked in and she began to read the situation like a field report. Her gaze stopped when it fell upon a woman who, unlike the majority of them, was dressed to the nines. For some reason, Brandish couldn't bring herself to look away from her and it was almost embarrassing. Luckily the shouting of another girl looking at a mirror wall brought her out of her trance and back into reality. Instantly her eyes snapped back around the room, looking at all walls and corners. It was clear that the fighter in her was looking for a way out so that she could crack some scientist skulls and sink her teeth into the flesh of her enemies.

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Tamzin: The Werewolf

The smells were the first thing she noticed as she was drawn back into the world of the waking. It was almost overwhelming on her sensitive nose as she had been on her own for so long that she wasn't used to the scent of others anymore. Some scents smelled familiar, likely experiments that were kept in cells close to her own, others were completely new. For a moment Tamzin had a hard time thinking of anything else as her nose was assaulted and when she opened her eyes they instantly grew wide with surprise. She knew there were others, she had run into a few of them, but never this many. "W-what?" She groaned as she rose from where she had been laying against a wall and rubbed her hand against her slightly aching head.

It seemed that each person, or experiment, was taking their new surroundings differently. Some were talking, almost normally, others were lounging, some still sleeping, and some clearly agitated by their new surroundings. For a moment Tamzin watched as two of the experiments met in a sweet embrace that made it clear they cared for each other very much and knew one another well. She couldn't help but wonder how they had all ended up here, how so many people could just disappear without anyone noticing. Clearly whoever took them had been careful about who they chose. Now that she was on her feet the werewolf in human form found herself wandering around the room, trying to take in everything her senses could as she listened to those around her. She found herself drawn towards one man who spoke with an accented voice. His smell was different from the rest of them, it was stronger, more appealing, she felt an almost unignorable need to get closer to him.

It is likely she would have drawn closer had her ears not picked up on another voice which caused her to turn and look at a young experiment who was equipped with what looked to be several tentacles along with other alterations to her body. Did she just say her name was 487? Tamzin wondered as she looked at the young girl. Something within her clicked and it was almost as though she were looking at one of her students again. Carefully walking past the other experiments the brunette approached the young experiment and gave her a genuine smile and a wave. "Hi, I'm Tamzin." She introduced herself. "Do you mind if I come closer? I was hoping to find someone to talk with." She explained, not wanting to invade the young woman's space without permission.

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Asami: The Kitsune

Curled up in her pile of fluffy tails Asami was used to keeping herself warm in such a way. Her upper body was mostly covered by the thick white tails as she slept in the corner, still down from the drugs, but her face and ears were still visible as she kept them exposed so as not to get too hot. It is likely that Asami would have continued to sleep just a heartbeat longer if it weren't for the small poke to one of her furry white ears. The ear flicked ever so slightly as a reflex to being touched and an instant later dark brown eyes opened lazily as the young woman yawned. For a moment she seemed to forget her situation but it quickly registered when she noticed all the people around her. She hadn't been around others in so long that the sight of so many other beings was enough to cause her nine tails to puff out in surprise and her ears to flatten against her head. She couldn't help but feel a bit nervous seeing so many experiments around her but in the back of her mind, she reminded herself that it was better than being around the leering eyes of some of the more handsy scientists.

It took her a moment to register the girl standing between her and the others but once she did she felt her heartbeat slow and was able to release the breath she hadn't realized she was holding. Her ears perked up again and her tails smoothed to their usual well-groomed appearance as Asami managed to make her way to her feet. She moved her eyes up and down the back of the girl standing in front of her and took note of her scorpion tail and wings as well as the fact that the female was several inches taller than her. From where she was standing Asami couldn't see her face but could see how her arms turned to claws at the hands and for an instant Asami was tempted to reach out and take the clawed hand in her own, as though it would bring her more comfort to hold onto this girl rather than just hide behind her. "Uhhh..." Asami hesitated, uncertain if this girl really wanted anything to do with her despite her own feelings of wanting to be closer to her. "Do...do you know what is going on?" The young kitsune finally asked as she pushed a piece of hair out of her face and looked the back of the girls head, waiting for her to turn around so she could see who it was she was so drawn to.

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Dorian: The Basilisk

The laugh that sounded from his throat before his eyes had even opened was one of a man who was crazy enough to know no fear. Blue eyes shot open and in an instant, Dorain was on his feet looking around the room with the devil's smile painted upon his lips. Like an animal, he lept onto the back of a chair and perched on all fours as he took in the room. "So many playthings, it must be Christmas!" He chuckled as he looked at the other experiments like they were toys he couldn't wait to try and break. The pupils of his eyes went from normal human-like circles to predator-like slits as he blinked, his smile wide and mischievous.

Unlike all of the others who were in the room with him, Dorian had chosen to be here. Not just in the room but in this situation as a whole. When a shady government agent approached him about the experiments Dorian was on his way to being permanently locked up in the loony bin, a fate that did little to thrill him. So when he was promised to be made into some sort of creature who would be able to fight, kill, maim, and torture, well...that was an offer he couldn't refuse. It was as though someone had told him he won the lottery. This was everything he had ever wanted in life served to him on a silver platter. He was given abilities and allowed to fight and one day he hoped he would be allowed to wreak the havoc he truly desired to bring to this world. The scientists had loved him at first, or at least until they made the unpleasant discovery that along with other snake-like abilities Dorian was able to unhinge his jaw wide enough to swallow a full-grown man. After several of the lab techs and aids went missing they learned that this eager subject was far more sinister and uncontrollable than they originally believed.

Now as he perched on top of the chair the handsome young snake monstrosity kept his eyes fixed upon the two way mirror he saw a girl yelling at. "Ooooo I can sense the tasty morsels in there. Oh, how they would squirm if they found themselves on the other side of that glass!" He laughed and as his mouth opened his jaw unhinged and dropped to show rows of dripping fangs.

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Gavy: The Banshee

All of the noises around her felt like thunder in her ears as her heart pounded in her chest. Waking up leaning against the first real bit of furniture she had seen in ages Gavy was alarmed to see so many others in the room with her. Any sound she might have made to show her alarm was instantly caught in her throat as she remembered the danger she put others in each time she used her voice. This was probably the same thing the scientists thought before putting her in the room since her aching jaw drew her attention to the fact that she was gagged. The semi-soft sound-absorbing padding that made up the gag was shoved painfully into her mouth and had clearly been there the entire time she was asleep which left her mouth and jaw feeling incredibly sore. Reaching behind her head to where she hoped to find the clasp of the gag Gavy struggled for a moment before realizing she was unable to undo the straps. Tears of fear and discomfort rolled down her cheeks as she pressed herself against the chair she had woken up beside and pulled at the gag a few more times trying to get it loose.

Finally, after several heartbeats of messing with the gag Gavy gave up and instead focused on the room around her. She did her best to shrink against the furniture as she took in all the experiments who were awake and some who were asleep. It took everything in her to try and hold back the panic of being around so many people, she hadn't seen anyone except for scientists in well over two year or so. As her pale green eyes drifted across the room she felt the ground beneath her begin to move and looked down to see a floor made of millions of spiders. She whimpered almost soundlessly and closed her eyes as she did her best to fight back the hallucinations that had plagued her ever since the scientists began their experiments. In her mind, she focused on the lyrics to a song that had always brought her comfort as she did her best to ignore the tiny imaginary legs crawling up her body.

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word
And then that word grew louder and louder
'Til it was a battle cry
I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

With the lyrics drifting through her head like petals on a gentle stream, the young white-haired girl managed to push past the torturous illusions. Taking a breath she once again opened her eyes and hoped no one had taken notice of her internal struggle for fear that they might see it as weakness and attack. When her jade gaze opened the first thing she noticed was an almost elven-looking man glancing towards her. Her head ducked slightly in embarrassment as she met his gaze and couldn't help but be worried about what he must have thought of her. It was odd to worry about how one man would perceive her but Gavy found she couldn't help it and instantly hoped he had missed her struggle with the gag mere moments before.

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Ronan: The Balrog

Ronan had been awake for several minutes but had yet to actually open his eyes. Instead, the beast of a man remained where he was, arms crossed, head back against the wall, and ears open as he took in the world around him. He could hear the sound of many others shuffling around as they awoke, it had been easy to tell he wasn't alone when he had woken up several minutes earlier. The other experiments were quick to react in some way or another to their situation. One girl took to screaming threats at a source that did not respond, another man goaded her on, a third man began talking to any who would listen. It was all very interesting what could be picked up on without even seeing what was happening, but finally, Ronan's ruby gaze flickered open and his horned head turned from side to side as he saw the new situation he was in for the first time.

Like a good amount of the others the demonic-looking man remained silent as he took in all that he saw. After a heartbeat of observation, he got to his feet and stood at his whole height of 6'10", which gave him a pretty good visual range to see over those who were smaller than him. The former soldier did what he had been trained to do in a situation like this and went to work observing those around him as well as the situation and possible escape options. His mind powered through several ideas that only lead to dead ends as he continued to turn his head and body before his crimson gaze fell upon a beautiful woman with eyes that burned bright purple. For an instant, Ronan could have sworn his heart had stopped as he took in her features and felt himself unable to rip his gaze away. He considered perhaps approaching the young woman but thought better of it since he knew he would likely only frighten her. Still, he couldn't help but scour the large room for any possible dangers towards her and kept a close eye on them.

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Aman: The Scientist



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    At the voice behind her, Nadia turns around to see a gargantuan of a person with a tail sweeping the floor. Of course, she was aware there had been other experiments, but not like this. She can't help but feel bad for the guy, which is coupled with a strange attraction that seems to double when she looks into his eyes. His smell suddenly became all the more appealing, but not in the typical, I want to rip you apart and feast on your bones kind of way.

    As if she fears this new sensation, Nadia takes a step back, into the plastic-glass material of the mirror. However, her being uncomfortable with this new development does not quell her rage. "First of all, buddy" She spits the word with venom, though it seems to pain her to do so. "I'm not your sweetheart and never will be. Secondly, they put us in here for a reason. This isn't an upgrade. It's a test. And it won't end until they get what they want or I kill them all" She speaks with conviction, as if she has pictured this moment her entire life.

    As the next man to wake up speaks, Nadia can't help the smile that spreads across her face. This guy is a lot more fun than the other one. As his jaw drops open and some supernatural like fangs escape, her excitement yet grows. Whoever this guy is, he'll definitely be very helpful.

    "You seem like fun. I'm Nadia and I hope to commit murders with you soon"

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Two realms, one being
*** Summary if you don't want to read both posts. Altaira got overwhelmed and suddenly slammed into the mirrored wall, causing a very loud and abrupt sound that may startle anyone not expecting it. The starred section in Marcelo's post references everyone. Sorry for any and all grammatical errors. ***

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    The abrupt sound of cracking, vibrating stone resonated within Altaira's ears. She angled her neck back to observe what she initially believed to be a statue, except now, long splintering cracks were forming throughout the seemingly professionally sculpted stone. With a sudden explosive movement, the stone shell containing the awakening Terrance was sent flying throughout the room. Altaira flinched and raised a feathered arm, blocking an incoming projectile of stone. Her feathered crown puffed out, a clear sign of her discomfort and defensiveness. Despite him unexpectantly stoning Altaira, he hadn't seemed to notice her as he approached and conversed with the previously yelling woman now known as Nadia. In fact, as more people awakened, most of them completely overlooked her. One man even morphed into a snake, almost causing Altaira to instinctually swoop down and swallow him. "Unobservant or lacks critical thinking" Altaira mentally noted for the man called Tidus. Only a few caught her ever-watchful eyes, such as a woman with feathers growing from her scalp. "Of course," Altaira thought, " it was only natural for the more observant, avian creatures to notice each other". Although, she was noticed by some weird, clammy, blu-ish man lounging on the couch. However, ruled him out as a significant threat after mentally stating "he looks sick. I'll eat him when he dies".

    New voices began chiming in as each individual tried to find their place within their new environment. The hierarchy was already beginning to form, it was only a matter of time before people began fighting for their positions. Altaira mentally pinned the crazed, snake-eyed man and Nadia as the most significant threats at the moment. She felt hostility towards the sculpture man for flinging a stone at her but understood that he hadn't done it purposefully, placing him at the average level of danger. One individual caught her attention more than anyone else, a man with a thick Turkish accent. His accent brought back waves of painful nostalgia. Her old hometown in Greece was close to the Greece-Turkish border, so she was familiar with the accent. Memories of her family played within her mind, memories that had all but faded until now. She gasped softly, her predatory demeanor diminishing. She remembered the warm embrace of her mother, the rough calluses of her father's hands. She remembered her home, the smell of spices, and of food that wasn't raw and bloody or half decomposed. She remembered leaving in a hurry but didn't remember why. They traveled for a while, but her parent's never relinquished the reasoning behind their abrupt departure to their children. The trip was tough, but her parent's kept her relatively stress-free and happy during their travels. At least, they did until she was stolen.

    Uncomfortable, angry heat spread throughout Altaira's body as she pushed away from the memories. She stared, once again, at the mirrored wall, but not to watch Nadia. This time, Altaira stared at herself. It had been so long since she last saw herself. She knew she looked different, she experienced the physical torture of her slow transformation. She rarely felt physical pain anymore, but the emotional pain of recognizing herself for the first time felt like breaking half-healed bones all over again. She was hideous. She looked like a rabid animal, barely human. Her teeth were so many and so cramped that they pushed her cheeks out unnaturally. Her legs were half feather, half scale, and as thick as tree trunks. What did she even look like before this? No features were recognizable. She didn't even have hands, just three long black finger-like structures jutting out from wings that replaced her arms.

    She shook with emotion. Sorrow, despair, betrayal, grief, and confusion all melded together into incandescent, seething rage. All she wanted to do was rid herself of these emotions. It was just too much. It was all too much and it needed to stop. It needed to stop right now!

    Time moved slowly for her. She felt her crouching legs propel herself forward. She felt her strong wings slice through the air with intense force. However, it all happened quite quickly, and quite abruptly. Within the time it takes to utter two syllables, Altaira had flown off of the light fixture and slammed, talons open and extending, into the mirrored wall. The loud, forceful impact almost mimicked the sound of a shotgun fired at close range. It was a startling sound, and the dense reverberation of the mirrored wall vibrating followed after. Had her claws been uncapped, she would have scarred the mirrored wall with deep gashes. Instead, two wide but shallow indentations were left, marking exactly where her reflection had been. She landed immediately, rather ungracefully, as the force of her impact against the solid wall sent her backward and into the ground.

    The emotions she so desperately wanted to rid drained from her as she gathered herself up. Anxiety, disguised as defensive aggression manifested in its place. She was on the ground now, out of her element. She was also within close proximity to her two greatest identified threats, which only worsened her palpitating heart. However, an animal showing fear was as good as dead, so Altaira relaxed her demeanor, narrowed her eyes, and readied herself for an unexpected attack. She met the eyes of Ibrahim and spoke, acting as if what she had just done was common behavior, which, for her, it was. Despite emitting from a flesh-tearing, toothy maw, her voice was unexpectedly soft. It sounded as if she had the potential to speak silverly, but was so new to forming tangible speech that it came out almost robotic. Her first language was Greek, but she had taught herself English from listening to the scientists for so many years. She didn't think she could even hold a conversation in Greek anymore, but when she spoke, her English was accented.

    "My name is Altaira".

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Shadow Cursed

  • Tidus sighed as the girl yelling at the wall turned on someone that tried to stop her. "They're both idiots." He grumbled to himself. "The two of you are missing the picture here. They drugged us, put us together and now are keeping away from us. Nadia's threats are going to fall on deaf ears. They aren't going to be coming anywhere near us. Otherwise, there's too much risk. So, unless you two are going to start a damn brawl in here, just shut up and chill out." The male stood up, his 6'10 lithe frame suddenly turning bulky. And then out of nowhere a bird girl crashed into the wall. Did she really just? Tidus couldn't control himself and burst into a fit of laughter. "That was fucking hilarious." He cackled a bit before straightening himself up. The male finally regained his composure before turning to the Turkish man Ib.

    "Me? I would guess you say I was working in the business of doing things people wouldn't in exchange for money. A hometown mercenary." He chuckled. It was more like he worked for different small time gangs that needed muscle to keep themselves afloat. "A loner so to speak. Someone that they thought would be easy to bring in and easy to sweep under the rug. The latter ended up being true more than likely. Nobody misses someone that causes problems. But the former? Let's just say that had to bring a bit more than some goons with guns to bring me in." He laughed as he turned his attention to the angel. Damn this was annoying. What the hell is with this Xio girl? I can't take my eyes off her.

    "As for trusting each other here? Please. Once you all know the extent of my abilities, you'll trust me about as far as any of us can throw Terrance."
    Finally removing his shades he moved in close to Xio. His violet hues locked onto hers. "Sorry to do this to ya hun." As he continued to hold her gaze, the male's body began to waver and shift. Where once there was one person, there was now three. It looked like two men and a woman. To most of the group, they wouldn't recognize the individuals, but to Xio? She'd recognize them. This was her fear after all. It was likely her family: a brother and her parents. Aww. How sweet. Too bad for her this is going to be a nightmare. Then suddenly their bodies began to twist, and morph. Their voices crying out in agony as they succumbed to the very changes they all had done themselves. Before the finished products could be created Tidus broke his eye contact with Xio and returned to his original form. "Can you trust a stranger that knows your greatest fear?" He asked the group while sliding his sunglasses back on. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see what our new domicile looks like." His words were cold as he slipped out of the room and into one of the many bedrooms. "One bed? How many rooms were there?" He started to mumble while looking back out into the hall.
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It's lonely in the deep
Merrit Anderson
Test Subject 007

Merrit was more familiar with the sensation of waking up from anesthesia than he’d like. It was one of those things that he’d become grudgingly accustomed to, even if the thought of being ‘accustomed’ to anything in this facility scared the shit out of him. Familiarity was a dangerous thing.

His senses are slow to return and his head feels like it’s stuck in a cloud. He must still be straddling the line between consciousness, because instead of silence or the hum of machinery, he’s hearing actual human voices. For the first several minutes, his surroundings are a blur of grey and white. He follows the voices between the figures scattered around the room, eyes squinting at the silhouettes of wings and horns, and a figure that flickers between shapes faster than his groggy brain can keep up with. Merrit's not sure how long he waits for his vision to clear, but he lets out a relieved sigh when it finally does. He might be a fan of Salvador Dali, but he’d rather not have the entire world be one of his paintings.

Alright, I think it’s time to try this. Merrit’s body is stiff and uncooperative, but he eventually manages to prop himself up against one of the two couches. He feels better with the ability to see the rest of the room, which is different from his own setup or the testing centers he’s been in before. Because that’s what this is. That’s what it always is; another test to complete, for reasons that no one has ever bothered to explain. The room is different, but he’s still wearing the same grey jumpsuit and cuffs as usual. More out of habit than anything, Merrit checks the cuffs for any signs of weakness. Nope, still perfect. Seeing as they’ve survived months of tests and his own attempts to break them, he’s beginning to wonder if damaging them is at all possible.

Regardless, everyone seems to be in various states of confusion. Merrit doesn’t really know what’s going on himself, so for the most part he just listens. His golden eyes follow along with the various statements. He must have been one of the last to wake up, because the introductions seem to be well under way. When there comes a moment of silence, he leans his head back on the couch, momentarily closing his eyes against the bright lights. “Don’t—”Merrit cringes at the sound of his own voice, which comes out raspier than usual. “—think anyone’s called me anything other than Subject Seven for a while.” Either he’s been out long enough for dehydration to set in, or the long stretches of isolation have affected more than just his sanity. “My name’s Merrit, I'm from Canada. For what it’s worth, it’s nice to meet you all.”

He should probably feel bad, but it’s a relief to see that the other people in the room are more or less like himself. However, he’s not sure if it’s better that whatever happens next he’s not alone, or if he should be afraid that the scientists have escalated their testing to include group assessments. Gathering them together in a Big Brother type stage seems innocent enough, but give it time and they might start exploring other genres. Hopefully there aren't any horror fans in the science department. I’ll take mad scientists over Jigsaw or President Snow, any day.

Merrit's gaze flickers between individuals, trying to guess what kind of experiments they might all be. His attention is particularly drawn by the man on the other couch, who introduced himself as 'Marcelo' and made sure to alert everyone to the fact that he's from a prominent wealthy family. He’s can't be completely sure what kind of tests they’ve done to him, but based on his earlier description, they probably shared a similar power set and the same limit when it came to transforming. Although, the webbed fingers made it likely that they were designed with entirely different domains in mind. Merrit considers mentioning his hypothesis, but he's not particularly interested in engaging in the pissing contest that seems to have started.

He checks to see if anyone else is wearing similar restraints, which he does eventually spot around the neck of a woman who doesn't have any other features to mark her as an experiment. The rest, with their vastly different powers must have some other type of restriction that isn't as visible.

Merrit turns his attention back to one of the ongoing conversations, finding himself nodding along in agreement that they should be working together escape, although he's certain that it won't be so simple to actually accomplish the feat. He looks at Tiana, “Most of what they do is confusing — ” Half the time he thinks the scientists must be pulling ideas out of a hat based on the randomness of some of their requests. The tip of his tail twitches irritably as unwanted memories threaten to resurface. “ — but thankfully, this doesn’t look like an arena or combat testing center, so I don't think that they've got a battle royal in mind.” He smiles a bit ruefully, but his words take on a bit of exasperating playfulness as he continues. “Not unless their master plan is selling indestructible furniture that’s been tested against top of the line military secret weapons.” The place was so perfect, like it was ripped straight out of one of those old fashioned design magazines his mother loved.

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It's lonely in the deep
❖ WARNINGS: Car Accident and Potentially Disturbing Imagery ❖
Verity Meer


Their eyes are closed as their body sleeps, sedated and limp on the floor. Without them, the world is dark and uninteresting. They are not cold, but they are orientated on their side and what parts of their body touch the ground are cooler than the rest. For a while, they find this variation of temperature to be be interesting. When they are not searching for The Exit, they are in The Tank. It is a rare occurrence that they have the opportunity to experience the sense of touch.

It continues to be dark and for a while they are content to let the body rest, turning their attention to repairs. Although their eyes have still not opened, they become aware that visual feedback is occurring regardless —

They see themselves seated with their feet propped up on a desk, while their fingers are tangled in hot pink yarn.....they'd wanted red to make the evidence board look more professional for when they presented their findings to their partner, but the arts and crafts store wouldn't be restocking it until Tuesday and there wasn't enough time....

Then they're in a driver's seat of green Honda Civic, surrounded by the green blur of a forest through the windows and the empty road ahead. It's a peaceful day. There's no warning. The dark green SUV that emerges from a hidden back road is suddenly all they can see and even that disappears when the civics' hood folds under the impact and they close their eyes as glass shatters around them....

Keeping their eyes open is suddenly the most important thing in the world. Darkness lurks at the edges of their vision as they try to crawl from the wreckage of the car; something holds on to their limbs, threatening to drag them down until it swallows them whole. Looking back, pink yarn pools from the car and wraps around their feet; trying to pull it off gets in stuck in their fingers.

— Meanwhile in an uncharacteristic lapse of attention, the sudden surge in unknown voices and thudding vibrations of movement nearby takes them by surprise, too distracted by the fake sequences to react in time to the coinciding crash of an object in reality. Their safety threatened, they use their limited influence to to trigger a flush of adrenaline.

They awake gasping for air and clutching the pain in their chest. This was expected. They have done this many times. Enough to know that the pain will mitigate and that damage will be gone momentarily. They will survive.

Fingers sink into their arms. First a small pressure, then it grows sharp until it threatens to break past their weak dermal armor. There is an invader in their body. Something that does not belong. They cannot seem to find it, but they search relentlessly for the enemy that lurks under their skin. If only they would dig deep enough, surely they might reach them.

They have tried many times to locate that which is hidden. They have tried many things to improve their external defenses. They can neither locate the objective of their search, nor have they been able to alter the shape of their body since acquiring the restraint around their neck. The slow death creeps through their body. The metal collar is not a living creature. It has no heat, takes no breath, and does not shudder with the pulse of a heart pumping precious life-blood. It cannot be killed. It is all that they can do to mitigate the damage and keep reproducing in order to combat the constant attack.


Her chest is too tight. Her heart is going to explode. She can feel it pounding against her ribcage, against the hand pressed into her chest; trying to keep it from escaping even as she fights to let more air into her lungs. This isn't the first time she's woken up in a panic, but every time is unexpected. She will survive.

She feels her lips peel from her teeth, like a wolf that finds itself cornered. Her nails dig into her skin. She can't shake the feeling that something is wrong with her. They tell her that she's stabilized, that she's progressing as well as can be expected. I'd like to call bullshit, she thinks. It's not like she can trust them anyways. Eventually, she'll find out exactly what the experiments did to her. She's good at finding secrets; willing to dig as deep as needed to claw them free.

Her ears are ringing, but she doesn't know why. Her heart is still pounding, the sound of blood a steady drum joining in with the ringing to create a kind of twisted duet. She rolls onto the balls of her feet until she's standing, like propelling herself forward will somehow let her escape her own head, She knows that she must be careful and that technically it would be smarter to stay put and unnoticed, but her body vibrates with the excess adrenaline. Besides, her intuition tells her that these people are probably not her enemies.

She listens to the other experiments introduce themselves, careful to memorize names and file away important information like where they're from and what skills they have. Her investigation had revealed a multitude of missing persons that had likely been kidnapped by the same organization, but she hadn't realized just how far across the globe that influence reached. The chief had let them take from the homeless and the criminals in his jurisdiction, but had he truly known what sort of monster he was letting into his city?

"My name is Verity Meer." She wants to question everyone in the room, but especially Nadia and 487; the former for seeming to be the most familiar with what's going on and the latter for the possibility that she was created as an experiment going by her numerical name. However, it's the woman with birdlike features, Altaira, that commands her the majority of her focus. She can't pinpoint what it is about her, but there must be something important that she seems to be forgetting. "Have we met before? "

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