The Modern Knights (spy thriller/ group rp)

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  1. Course! Though it's it's not to much trouble a senior agent would be best
  2. Awesome! I was actually hoping to be a senior agent so I'll get working on them. Do the senior agents have to be over a certain age?
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  3. I would say older than 28
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  4. most of them in the rp are in their 30s
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  5. Any spots left? I took a brief look and it appears you are almost out of spots. But I don't know for sure if there were any spots left.
  6. I mean we're always accepting, but depending on the role you want to play it will be uneven and you may not get a partner
  7. Ok so what roles are open currently? I don't want to go creating a character blindly not knowing what is supppsosed to be open and what's not.
  8. I would say be a senior member. The recruits were what most people were intrested in, so if we happen to have another member there's a good change on them being a recruit
  9. @The Omen of Death Are you still intrested? I have someone who wants to be a recruit and i'm counting on you to make a senior member
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  10. Yeah I am, I am considering ideas for a senior member.
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  11. Ill be joining this for sure.
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  12. @ReverseWells Are there still spots available and any roles that need filling?
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  13. Alrighty, I can play a mentor!

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