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Cheshire Cat
A world where newcomers find that all of the supernatural creatures we know about are real-- the commons, like a vampire, satyr, or shapeshifter, or the uncommons, like a kelpie or scorpion man. These creatures have separated them into the different lands, each that correspond with the creatures' abilities and alignments. These are the healing, heroic Eternal Province, the destructive and greedy the Puppets, the wiser magic Wonders and the independent Secret Shores. You can also hear word of the forming Dawns, who fight all of the countries within their borders so that everyone will be equal. There is only one part of their lives that all of the countries can agree on, the need to kill the rising Misfortunes that have appeared in all of the countries, making the people there cower from their destruction and bad luck that they brought.

At first their governments didn't do anything, but they couldn't be ignored when they grew more powerful with stronger magic and brought more violence. They then finally decided to gather people from each of the countries and put them together to use their different skills together to kill these Misfortunes.

This is a roleplay idea that I have that might be a lot of fun-- pretty much think of a videogame Isekai anime except take out the whole world teleportation thing and you've got this roleplay ^^. You can play as a character from any of these countries or the Dawns organization, but they will be gathered with people of the other countries to defeat the Misfortunes. They can have any species or personality no matter what country they live in (but if you want a character loyal to their home country that will have personal conflicts with their team partners, I would suggest their personality matches their country).

The roleplay would suggest that there are multiple teams that are killing Misfortunes, but really the roleplay would follow one new team, the Rose Battalion. They are put against the weaker of the Misfortunes until they can prove they are strong enough for the more powerful ones, starting with the Minotaur (unless anyone suggests another legendary creature that might be better). The characters would likely be focused on creating their relationships between each other and growing more powerful before going for these bosses, so this isn't actually a completely battle-based roleplay

And finally, I'm going to be looking for a co-mod for this that might be able to help me out creating this roleplay (modding, lore, and probably the writing in this post.......)


One wrong turn at Albuquerque and I'm in Chaos
I'm definitely interested! I wouldn't mind co-modding either since I have some experience.

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