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The Merchants of Death (Fantasy NRP Based on BeckonCall's Flight from the Muurdaan)


ゆうじん A
With BeckonCall's blessings, I've been thinking about creating a NRP that focuses not on the usual such as war and battles. Rather, I want this RP to focus more on the logistics and what it takes to keep Empires and armies marching.

Set in BeckonCall's world and successful RP, see here for more info, the Underlords of the Muurdaan Empire have launched a final campaign to purge the known world of wild beasts and horrid monsters with their iron-clad fist that they use to subjugate the lands. While heavy-handed, their tactics are effective at pacifying once chaotic and untamed regions. Although, perhaps this is little consolation to the hundreds of once sovereign nations and peoples... or the unknown numbers of races who may have been near decimated in the centuries of constant warfare that the Muurdaan has waged. One thing is clear, humans occupy a privileged seat in Muurdaan society with other race often being subservient due to being conquered peoples. Regardless, the Empire marches on and effectively crushes anything that threatens the stability that it has brought.

However, an army marches on its stomach. This RP will have the RPers being leaders of various businesses, merchant families, local caravan tribe, and etc. who are used by the Empire as suppliers and contractors in its never ending wars. The Empire (and others depending on your character and faction) will put up various contracts such as having 50 Wagons of Food being delivered to a remote outpost in the frontier lands to the southern deserts within 3 months. You as the cogs of the war engine, will ultimately decide the fate of the Empire and the world through these contracts as you may decide to not to accept certain contracts. But, be warned, as you may draw the ire of an Underlord. But, good business acumen and sense may bring you and your company great wealth and power.

This is just a quick interest check to see if I can get a few dedicated people to explore the internal economy, politics and intrigue of an aggressively expanding empire. If you want to get a head start, then PM me a details about what kind of Character and company you would like to RP. Once accepted, I'll PM you back some important info that's specific to your faction/group/character.


ゆうじん A
Note: If you want to apply, then just PM me the lore/background that you had for your character/group. I don't have a formal/structured application, so let your free form ideas go crazy. I'll then tone things down if it's too much and then crunch some numbers to finalize the application.

Edit: Also, if you have questions, then feel free to ask me here!
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ゆうじん A
I would say largely medieval, but with some freedom to follow tropes. For example, Dwarves are one of the few in the world who have things/know how to make things like steam ships, gunpowder weapons, and etc. So, at most, late medieval/early industrial for the vast majority of people with some exceptions.

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