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The Means of An End: A Kingdom Hearts Story [DISCONTINUED]

Dice System
D&D 5e


Into Zanarkand
Desmond response was surprisingly fast and immediate. Being the only mage in the group he had a responsibility to keep them all healed up and safe, and that included their master.

“‘Master!” Desmond yelled as he sprinted over. He knew he’d already used too much mana, and wouldn’t be able to use a cure spell until he recovered a significant amount. One more shot couldn’t hurt, and they needed his thing done and dead. He poured a bit into his keyblade and felt the temperature drop telling him it was ready. Frost creeping up his fingers.

He shouted as the snowflake of ice fired from his blade and pounded into the chest of the unversed. He knew the attack was too weak to do any real damage, but he saw the monster flinch and knew this was the chance for the heavy hitters to take it down.

“Cmon guys! Finish him!” Desmond shouted to his classmates as he reached the unmoving metallic body of his master. “Cmon master, get up!” Desmond cursed, his voice echoing through his own metallic armor. “Get up!”


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With the unversed no longer effected by that weird spell that was causing her to miss Akari takes another two handed slash this time hitting and dealing some decent damage to the unversed. "Sweet we can finally start hitting it again!!" Akari casts block on herself to prepare for the creature's attack.

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Strangely, Hiro felt a great deal of relief as Queal was flung across the arena. If he'd gotten close himself as he usually did when fighting, he might've gotten caught up in one of those wires and been thrown too. That was part of why that relief swept over him anyway, the other part was the thought that maybe now, they could finally get their hits in. It was confirmed when Akari struck again and managed to actually hit the thing.

He looked down at Earthmover, that trusted weapon that had always kept him company, always kept him safe. He could focus on little else but the battle now. Grains of sand dripped down from Earthmover as the thing seemed to be starved for the chance to strike the Darkness. It always seemed to hunger for Darkness, or was that simply a mere reflection of its wielder?

Before the Unversed had a chance to react, Hiro was already racing towards it, a dark and malicious intent hiding behind his helmet. As he drew near, he dropped down to the ground, sliding between the Knightmare's powerful legs and taking a wide slash to strike both of them, sparks flying from both his armor dragging along the ground and from his Keyblade cutting through the Unversed's legs. The cuts and damage are readily apparent, though the beast is still standing. The creature tries to grab Hiro, but he's just a bit too quick for it to get its grubby hands on him.

After clearing the Unversed's legs, Hiro dragged his Keyblade along the ground to slow himself down, before quickly springing back up to his feet and facing down the Knightmare, ready for another attack.


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Dom bit back her urge to call out to their master. At least he was out of the danger zone and Desmond arrived at his side quickly. She couldn't focus on that though; she needed to help bring this thing down and stop making mistakes. She watched Akari and Hiro land their hits, feeling herself relax a little. She could do this.
Taking a deep breath, Dom charged in after Hiro, taking advantage of the Unversed's distraction. She swung Blitz up in a slashing motion, aiming for the creature's head. Dom was unsure if the Unversed moved or if the mistake lay with her, but either way, she missed. Again! What the hell was going on with her today? She was never this bad!
Feeling her face burn with embarrassment at yet another failure, Dom moved to retreat and hopefully get her shit together.


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The current string of successful attacks has left the Knightmare staggered, shaking and waving its arm around trying to push its assailants away. The monstrosity could be seen clearly enraged as it suddenly clasped the metal covering of the helmet over its face. Despite the students surrounding it, it suddenly charges at a spot no one would expect.

With a fist glowing a dark purple it begins to punch the ground, causing the arena to violently shake and the walls to crack, before charging at the exit, bashing and beating into the barrier with its arm and head. It's only been a few seconds and you can notice surprisingly, a crack has appeared in the barrier from its continuous pressure.


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As for Master Queal, well.

Desmond can notice the Master still unmoving and unresponsive to his callings, body clearly damaged heavily with how his limbs remain spread out as if he was on a display.

The armor is shown to be cracked and broken more as the visor is practically broken, shards of glass a few inches away from his face and head.


Into Zanarkand
Desmond grit his teeth. He was running low on mana and couldn’t heal the master, he want even sure if his basic cure could do anything with wounds like these. Instead, they needed to focus on taking out this unversed...

Desmond pulled mana from his reserves, feeling it run dry. There was barely enough for a basic spell.... it would have to do.

Blue electricity cracked at his fingertips weakly as he poured the last of it into his keyblade. “Lightening!” He shouted as he pointed his blade towards he unversed knightmare. The lightening burst forth and smashed into the knightmare. If Desmond didn’t know better he’d had thought the attack missed... he was panting now, sweat dripping into his eyes as the lack of mana ate at him.


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Seeing Desmond start panting gets Akari a little worried, but quickly shakes it off and focuses back to hitting the target. She takes a two-handed slash that this time manages to slice the unverse in half and causing it to disappear into a mist. "It's finally down!!!! Master what do we do now?" Akari sees nothing else to attack at the moment and is unsure what do to help with the aftermath of the surprise attack.


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As the Unversed Knightmare had been struck with one final blow, Akari's strike successfully splits the creature into two.

The mist and the darkness of the room dissipates back to the normal glow of white from the arena's lights, all of the evidence of its presence, fading away.

As Akari had asked the Master what to do next, it only took a few split seconds before all of the locks, and the separation barrier between to the exit all undo themselves.

HOWEVER, Master Queal, AND Master Seines for the matter, remain on the ground, and unresponsive.

[What will you do]
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Into Zanarkand
Exhausted, Desmond legs gave way beneath him, causing him to collapse into the ground with loud metallic clanks from his armor. His head pounded with a headache unlike anything he’d ever had before, but through it he pushed the button on his leg, retracting his armor. Fresh air flooded his lungs as he continued to pant, his muscles slowly relaxing into the floor, though only for a moment.

“Master!” He barked as he realized he needed to do something! Pushing himself up into his knees, he scooted over to his still motionless body and pushed the button to retract his armor. He looked bad..... really bad... he put his ear to his chest checking for a heartbeat.

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