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Fandom The Maze Runner: Group C

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You were brought up in the cage like the rest of us, forced to find your role in our society. Were you fast? Were you skilled with a blade? Perhaps your calling was food, either way, you fit in somewhere. We all do.
We live in a labyrinth. In the center there is a huge field, this is where we live. The maze opens every morning and closes every night, most of our runners are getting skilled enough to know when to return, but those who stay inside after the nightly closing are never seen again...

Inside the maze is the Grievers, they are mechanical beasts that no one has ever seen and lived to tell the tale, they shriek outside the maze gate in the night, as if laughing or taunting us that are inside.

Those who do make it back inside the gate after witnessing a Griever are stung or scratched, the infection works incredibly quickly to make the host go insane. The signs are these in order: Fever, blackening veins, the whites of the eyes turn reddish black, the skin becomes pale and cold to the touch, the victim begins to cough or throw up black mucus, the victim will begin to attack people in an attempt to kill or harm them gravely. Those who are infected belong to the maze and should be forced out during the night.

The Rules

• No power playing, no character is perfect nor invincible.
• If you are stung or scratched you will turn without the cure.
• Do not force this role play to move quickly to get to the Scorch Trials.
• I expect at least 1-2 paragraphs per post, give or take I do not want any one-liners.
• No fighting unless both users agree.
• Do not create real drama, be respectful and have fun.
• I will only be accepting two characters to be the “newest” glader, this will be the one who arrives in the cage with the supplies. The rest of the characters will have to be ones who have already been here for a time, however long you decide.

The Roles

First in Command :: Myself
Second in Command ::
Runners ::
Bricknick (builders) ::
Bagger ::
Medical ::
Track-hoe ::
Map-makers ::
Cooks ::
New Member ::
Keepers ::

In Depth of the Roles

• First and second in command are the two highest ranks in the glade, they make a lot of the tough choices and ensure safety for the others in the glade.
• Runners are the only ones allowed to go out into the maze. They are defined as the strongest, fasted and best of the Gladers. Runners run the maze each day, always looking for a new way out of the maze. They leave when the maze opens and return just before the maze closes.
• Bricknick and Builders are the ones who build most of the things around the maze. such as structures and other simple items that would help with carrying and moving things around. They also upgrade the structures and buildings.
• Baggers are the ones who take care of the dead bodies of the Gladers who have died. They also act as guards and police around the glade.
• Medical are specialized gladers who are the equivalent to doctors in the glade.
• Track-hoe work and tend to the Gardens in The Glade. They "do all the heavy stuff" for the Garden; weeding, trenching, pruning, planting seeds, and harvesting veggies are examples of the things they do.
• Map-Makers are the ones who make the map based off the runners.
• Cooks are responsible for preparing meals for the Gladers, and ensuring quality food and preparing enough food for everyone.

We will begin with character development. After approx. 5 IC days, we will get started with the action.


I am so excited! Cannot wait and are we going to do the scorched trials thing eventually? Or will we just stay in the Glades
So, what I have planned currently as a draft is this.

Group C will complete the Maze Trials, then get "rescued" by WICKED, and after about a month IC (1-2 weeks IRL), they will be sent into the Scorch.

I also have an idea where every week IRL we hold a major event IC in the glade up until the end of the Maze Trials.

Maze Trials - 3.5 Weeks IRL

"Grace" Period (WICKED 'rescue') - 1 IRL week (Escape would be the major event)

Scorch Trials - 1 month IRL

Right Arm involvement (maybe) will be planned for the future if we end up going into the Death Cure.

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