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May 3, 20XX | Monday

  • Early morning, there was a hustle bustle buzzing energy in the air, especially among students of Asuka High School. This particular day was meant as a club recruitment day. Due to the importance that the school feels that clubs provide, half of the day was set aside for the students to thoroughly examine those set out.

    Television stations and radios would begin the hour with the latest reports as students began their morning commutes to school:

    Breaking News!

    Late last night, a bus crashed into the Akabane Train Station, blocking the exit for much of the night. Eye witnesses claim that the bus driver seemed to have lost control of the brakes, and the bus tipped and slid down the stairs. There were a couple fatalities and many people are in the hospital. Ono Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront of helping those affected by this tragic event. Delays may occur for the Keihin Tohoku Line.”

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One Time Luck
Kasai Ito stood in the middle of the campus, leaning against a pillar with his arms folded. He watched on to see the smiles of other students and whispers in his direction.


Kasai saw nothing but hypocrisy and mediocrity over a wave of overzealous students trying to be the next big thing. He understood clubs were just a way to keep them out of trouble and determined he may as well join the one that sounded like the least effort to engage in.

“Hm? ‘Breakfast Club’? Like that corny western movie from the 80’s?”

He thought to himself, “How much effort is there to sit around and not talk to people? ... seems good”

He unfolded his arms and took the pen with his bandaged left arm and jotted his name down. He looked over at the girl drawing at the table with a neutral expression and walked away.


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    ~ Asuka High School ~
    Keep Up || Shigeru's CS

    Club recruitment day. He hated it. With a sigh he walked to the school. Unlike the previous two years he wouldn’t be able to avoid getting into clubs. Student council was no longer being considered as a club and with how strict Asuka high was he doubted he could get away with none. He glanced to the side as two girls were obviously staring at him. His skin crawled but he kept it on lock as he gave them a soft smile. He couldn’t destroy his image of a model student much as he’d like to. Just one more year, then he could hide amongst the transfer students in TokyoU or Tohoku.

    He wasn’t expecting much but it was even worse when the announcements went off from the tvs in the old retro shop. Akabane station? He took his phone out glancing at his messages. That was on the line Toshiko took for her night classes. She was fine, if she wasn’t he’d have heard it. Actually, he’d probably still hear about it. Best to steer clear of her even more so today then. He was just glad the Namboku Line had yet to have any delays.

    He heard the beginnings of the usual school gossip. He was always rather entertained when the best they could come up to spite him was apparently being related to a delinquent. Oh how foolish. He was one hundred percent more violent than his soft hearted cousin ever could be. Jeez he hated how populated his train line was for once he just wanted a peaceful quiet trip into the school. Luckily Oji-kamiya wasn’t far at all as he saw the school as he wrapped around the corner.

    Classes were dreadfully dull as usual. Still anything was better than the near kidnapping he’d wind up enduring during lunch. Clubs of every type started calling him down, apparently being class rep just meant more people bothered him. He was hoping that they’d take the hint that he's a busy person and leave him be. Then again, when had high schoolers ever been known for their common sense? He heard the calls of the robotics club and pretended to not hear their pitch as he sauntered past tossing what was left of his lunch.

    He couldn’t do it. Being bothered by people and more obligations? This was cruel and unusual punishment. Him? Doing track? Hilarious. Being in a drama club? No way no how. He had one mood and that was fake. Plus he just straight up didn’t want to add more homework to his plate so all the academic ones were out. If he asked Amai-Sensei she’d understand right? He planned to try anyway. With a more one sided game of cat and mouse he’d managed to catch the sound of his homeroom teacher’s voice.

    “Surely, you could let them keep their club? They
    weren’t hurting anybody.”

    “Amai-Sensei-“ the principal’s voice was a gravelly, rough tone “-he was presumably spotted in the Red Light District. Our reputation rides on being
    successful. The Dance Club is removed. I expect the advisor to go tell him.” A scoff from a different voice could be heard before the principle continued, “Now, speaking of reputations… Amai-sensei, make sure that boy joins something. It’ll look great on his college resume. If he goes to a high end university, it’ll be good for the school. At this point, I don’t care what he joins.”

    A soft sigh as Amai-Sensei sounded like she conceded, “Yessir.”

    “Speaking of reputations… Coach, get that redhead… Hamamoto-kun to join some damn sports club. His age alone should give him an upper hand in wrestling. His height would be perfect for basketball. Something. That’ll be all.”

    The door clicked open, and first to leave was Amai-Sensei.

    He probably should have spoken before he’d literally had Amai-sensei walk into him. Hindsight was 20/20 after all. He knew his face was pale though, had he’d been causing trouble for Amai-sensei? He didn’t want to think of it, yet he still felt guilty for it. He’d been avoiding the clubs like the plague would any even take him now? Either way it seemed not even his sensei could help him now.

    “I’m guessing that being Class Rep isn’t going to get me out of a club this year huh?”

    Amai-Sensei sidestepped from the doorway, surprised to see Shigeru. She smiled gently, “Unfortunately not, Saari-san.” She waited for the other two people that had been in the office with her to leave, Principal Nomura staying within. She lowered her voice as the door clicked close behind her, “I do know there’s a club that doesn’t seem very busy. I can let the President of the club know if you’re interested? As far as I’m aware, there isn’t any work involved. If I recall correctly, it’s called The Breakfast Club. I know how busy you are with your studies.”

    He wondered just what a club called the breakfast club entailed. With any luck it wouldn’t expect him to cook. Other than that he didn’t know what to expect. He trusted his homeroom teacher wouldn’t expect him to join in and do something with great enthusiasm so maybe it was for the best? At the very least it was better than his current options so he might as well go for it.

    “I’ll bite. So what’s the Club President’s name? I might as well go introduce myself.”

    “Her name is Mei Ono. I can’t say for sure where she might have set up. I do wish you the best, Shigeru-san.” She kept her gentle expression as she referred to her student. She was like that with every student- always wanting the best for them.

    “No that’s more than enough thank you Amai-Sensei.”

    He’d recognized the name immediately. He may not care for gossip but that didn’t mean it never made it back to him. With a frown he headed back to the club floor. So he just needed to find someone who looked like a “glass doll” shouldn’t be too hard. As he passed by the tables he looked to a lone table with a rather quiet looking girl. The sign read ‘Breakfast Club’ so this should be Mei right?

    “Hey, uh you’re Ono-San right?”

    He glanced to the side as he spoke, another classmate had seemly been drawn to the table as well. He’d been so focused on getting this club thing over with he hadn’t realized.

    “Oh Sorry didn’t see you there. Ito-san right? I believe we’re in some of the same classes?”
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Colorless Spectrum

Always Blue

Aoi Mochizuki

Aoi played with her food while she ate breakfast. Her eyes were dull as she stared at the meal with little to no interest. "Aoi!" Her grandmother reprimanded, the older woman never liked it when one wasn't eating well in her household, a waste of food. "Eat breakfast properly." Akari, her grandmother, reminded her granddaughter in English as she tends to speak in a foreign language rather than their mother tongue.

"And I just lost my appetite." The young musician claimed as she got up from her seat, leaving her food behind. "Bye." She quickly walked away and blasted music in her ears, drowning out her grandmother's call for her.

She had only been in Japan for a few weeks now and it was almost as insufferable as America if not for the clean streets and beautiful scenery. Aoi didn’t bother with going to the train station that she usually took, knowing of the incident that had happened. Instead, she took a rather scenic route and walked to school.

She was late for class, she didn’t care about her academics. Missing homeroom and all that, she knew she could ace the classes if she wanted to but there was little that she cared for lately which is why her grandmother worries restlessly at home every day.

The moment Aoi opened the classroom door, all eyes were on her. She trudged inside, paying the attention no mind while the music still blasted to her ears. The teacher called out and asked her why she was late but the student merely shrugged and let the hours pass by, her teacher taking note of another late. Almost more than he can count on his fingers and absences from other classes.

The bell rings for the last class change before lunch, the young musician was the last to leave the room with her head directed down to the floor and on her way to the next subject. She stopped as a pair of elegant shoes were in her line of vision. The Principal of Asuka High School.

Mochizuki-san, follow me to my office. We have matters we must discuss,” Principal Nomura’s voice was gruff and gravelly, his hands laced behind his back as he looked down at the student.

Once at the office, he made sure the door was closed shut, and as he walked to his desk, his back facing her, he said with a shake of his head, “It’s been made apparent to me that you’ve been cutting more classes.” He slammed his hand on his wooden desk, papers shuffling from the wind accrued as he turned to face her, his features sharp, “Your future hangs in the balance and you’re on a slippery slope to being expelled from your absences. I’m not against throwing students out that harm the reputation of my school. Do I make myself clear, Mochizuki-san?

Aoi's jaw locked in place, her breathing had become slightly haggard at the thought of being expelled. "Yes." She said reluctantly and with a hint of anger, she can't get herself kicked out of school. Not when her father and mother can take the opportunity of her being expelled to take her back.

"I won't skip classes anymore." She said through gritted teeth. Despite the mediocre teaching techniques of some educators. Thinking that there was nothing more to talk about Aoi spun on her heels and headed for the door back to the hallways.

"We're not done yet, Mochizuki-san." Principal Nomura stated sternly, eyes squinted over to his student, his lips formed a thin line. His presence seemed to grow every second that passed. "You still need to make up for all those absences and late arrival to class. Join a club, any would be good but one that would make use of your talents is much more preferable."

The student's face contorted in disgust when the principal mentioned joining one of the school clubs. He knew which club he preferred her to join. Music Club, or something akin to it. No. She refuses to play for anyone but her own. "Sure, I'll join a club." She said quietly before she was dismissed by her principal, telling her to get to class and that he doesn't want to hear another spat of her absence or late arrival anymore.

As she opened the door, the Coach and two teachers seemed to have been waiting to enter the office, to which they did as soon as she left. Aoi looked back, wondering what the educators were doing there but it wasn't something she should concern herself with and so she let it roll off her shoulders.

Lunch has passed and Clubs have started to be annoying by having one of its members approach every fresh face that they see. "You! You look like you can run for a two hundred meter dash, what do you say? Join the Track and Field." Aoi merely gave the other student a pointed glare before leaving him where he stood.

"Excuse me, you seem like you have a-"

Left alone, once again. Every member that approached her always ended with nothing from the young musician. Except for one club. "Mochizuki-san? My name is Ichiko from the Music Club and I was wondering if-"


The female student blinked. She wasn't even done with her proposal and Aoi had the gal to interrupt her with a rejection. "But wait, it's music. We would love to have you play with u-"

"I don't play with amateurs." She said coldly, it was the only thing she knew to say that would make the student leave her alone, and that was what Ichiko did. Ran away after displaying sadness over what the transferee had said.

She walked once again, passing by various groups, looking for a club that would take the least amount of effort. One where she wouldn't be bothered and can do whatever she wanted. She almost bumped into a raven-haired student with scars on his head, her attention at the spot where he had just come from.

"Ono-san." She whispered, finding a familiar face sitting alone at a table with a sign-up sheet. Aoi was quick to come over, not noticing the blond that stood by, reading the label louder than she intended. "Breakfast Club." Her eyes flitted over to Mei's glassy eyes before looking over at the signup sheet. She wrote neatly under Kasai's name. Mochizuki, Aoi.

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You dare mock the son of a shepherd
Location: Breakfast Club table.
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Rubbing her eyes Aurora felt her stomach rumble as she continued down the sidewalk towards school. She had been walking for close to an hour, having left the house before her parents woke up to avoid any unwanted confrontations and situations. It was best to avoid them as much as possible, at least in her eyes. Despite leaving early however, she seemed to be lagging behind the normal pace she had, her body struggling to cover the distance today that it normally did. Feeling it rumble again she took a deep breath before sighing quite loudly, she wanted nothing more than to be rid of them, yet she knew that she had no place to go and running away would likely only end in pain and suffering… more than she knew now.

Coming up to the front of the school she pulled her loose fitting jacket tight as she trudged through the mass of students. Being shoved around like a leaf in the wind she did what she could to keep from tripping and being trampled by the horde piling into the school. Walking up to a vending machine Aurora spent some of the little money she had to buy a chocolate bar and a bottle of water. Taking the meager meal she went off to class, hoping that the day dragged as long as possible… she didn’t want to go back home. “She’s so little.” Going through the hallway her ears picked up chatter here and there but seemed to focus onto a specific person as she looked up to see them looking directly at her. “That’s the mouse, right?” Feeling increasingly uneasy she lowered her head and barged through the group of people to get through and onto the other side of them.

What a bitch! The person that spoke up was one that had been staring at her. “Can’t go around? Gotta push your way through? You should be careful.” She took a step toward Aurora, “I think I want that candy bar as an apology for being pushy. No ‘sorry’? No ‘excuse me’?”

Holding the candy bar close to her body Aurora finally looked up “Fick Dich Schweine” Aurora responded, her accent heavy as she refused to hand over her candy bar. “Es ist mein” She continued on, standing her ground but knowing pain was coming. Had Aurora been decently well fed and had some weight and meat on her bones she would have at least a small chance against the bully… but that wasn’t at all the situation.

Confusion flashed across the face of the bully, obviously not understanding a word she said, “What did you call me?” She looked at her two friends beside her, “Girls!” The two others moved on either side of Aurora, grasping at her shoulders to keep her from running. One whispered in her ear, “You shoulda just given over the chocolate.” The main bully cracked her knuckles and aimed her fist back, “Take it back

“F-Fine! Arschlock…” Aurora says barely audible before trying to pull her arms away from the other girls. Realizing she's actually in a terrible situation she starts to panic slightly, her body surging with adrenalin as her fight of flight suddenly went into freeze. Standing completely still the only movements she made was Aurora shaking lightly, internally begging to be let go but knowing she was at the mercy of those that wanted to hurt her. “I.. I take it back.. Let me go.. Im not worth your time.. Who even cares what I say… I don’t know anyone that does.”

“Release her,” came the satisfied sneer of the main bully, “So you can speak Japanese, Little Mouse. Get on your knees and beg to keep your candy then.” The two girls on either side of Aurora openly snickered.

Closing her eyes she knew that it was the only way out of the situation, but luckily for her she was used to begging to be left alone, something she knew sated her parents desires to harm her. Getting onto her knees Aurora looked up and into the bullies eyes “Please let me go.. And please let me keep my food.”

The main bully sighed happily, fanning her face with a hand, “Well. Alright. Since you begged so nicely.” Her expression quickly hardened as she stared down at Aurora, “Consider this a nice favor since I’m feeling good today. It won’t happen next time.” She toed at Aurora’s knee in front of her with her shoe before turning tail and laughing victoriously away down the hall, her minions following at her sides.

Quickly getting up and gathering whatever she dropped Aurora scuttled off trying to get as much distance as possible between her and her bullies. Going into her first class she put her head down after eating her snack and just drowned out whatever anyone was saying around her. The school day dragged for Aurora but soon she found herself walking through the halls before coming out in the area containing all the clubs. Looking around she saw people meet her gaze before quickly looking away. Feeling at ends with all the people she decided to head towards a club that didn’t seem to have nearly as many people… the breakfast club.

However, there were a few people standing around it as Aurora made her way up to it. Glancing at the others she heard the rumors about each of them but didn’t care at all, gossip to her was painful and almost always wrong and laced with distaste and hate. Slipping through the few people after they signed their names she quickly scribbled her name down before getting out of the grouping of people, feeling uneasy being surrounded by people she barely knew… especially after her morning encounter. Though, once she was away she looked at Ono-San “Do we get breakfast in the breakfast club…?”​

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Izumi Ando & Jirou Suzuki
(Collab with Taigakitt Taigakitt )​

Surprisingly, Izumi was going to be on time for school today. They had woken up at an early enough hour, had some breakfast, and then realized they didn’t have anything better to do so they headed to the nearby subway station. The one benefit, although many wouldn’t consider it so, of taking the train during rush hour was being able to be so close to someone. Izumi was able to push their way through the crowd to stand next to the cutest businessman they saw and took a spot next to him. Some of the others they pushed past let out a gasp or shot them a glare, but the seventeen year old didn’t acknowledge them. Instead, they happily stood chest to chest with the attractive man, staring at him with a smile the whole trip. He had, of course, tried to move away, but with the train cabin being packed like sardines that was near impossible. Having no other choice, the man then opted to simply avoid Izumi’s gaze, although the unwavering intensity of it proved to be too much and he often found himself meeting it with his own.

The train arrived at Izumi’s stop first, resulting in the high schooler giving the man a, “nice meeting you~” and stepped out of the car while leaving him red-faced. After reemerging above ground, Asuka High was only a five minute walk away. When they stepped through the academy gates and into the school building, they could overhear the morning conversations of other students walking by or standing around in front of their respective classrooms. While most of the talk was about something unrelated, as the blond walked by, some of the students stopped and stared. A few of those students even went on to make comments about the nonbinary individual, mentioning common rumors about them sleeping with a teacher, having nudes circulating, or posing for an adult magazine. In response, Izumi just turned and gave them a smile, which despite being completely unthreatening, was enough to shut them up.

The morning of the school day went by like any other, with Izumi either slacking off, staring at a particularly attractive teacher, or surprisingly, actually paying attention and doing the work for a subject they found interesting. During lunch, they pulled out a small lavender lunch box with a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich they had packed, making quick work of it. Normally, the afternoon would entail more of the same, but since today was club recruitment day, Izumi actually had some work (they wanted) to do. They followed some of their classmates into the gymnasium, noticing booths set up with signs and with students behind them. While many of those around them approached the booths from in front, Izumi stepped behind one of the empty ones, and pulled a sign from underneath that read, “Dance Club.” They went ahead and taped it to the front of the booth, before returning behind it and waiting for any students to approach with a smile. While other booths had two or three students manning them, along with being President, Izumi was also currently the only member of the Dance Club. They aimed to change that today, and in an effort to do so called out to random students passing by, saying things like, “damn! You look like you can back that ass up! Join Dance Club!” or “it’d be a shame if you didn’t know how to twerk with a booty that big! Come learn at Dance Club!”

When a particularly unfriendly looking guy with a bandaged arm passed by, Izumi called, “hey cutie! Why so glum? Come turn that frown upside down at Dance Club! I’d love to be your dance partner~!” Then there was another boy passing by, a blond who was a familiar face due to the fact that he was rather well known in school. “Oi, overachiever!” they called to Shigeru. “Why not add one more thing to your list of talents? Come join Dance Club! I’d love to teach you how to waltz, and have us be chest to chest with your hand on my waist~!”

Entering the gymnasium was a familiar counselor, Jirou Suzuki, the one whom Izumi had asked to be the advisor of the Dance Club. His expression was troubled as he approached the table that Izumi stood behind. “Ah, Ando-san. I… have some news you… may not enjoy hearing.

“Oh, Suzuki-san… always nice to see you,” Izumi said with a smirk. “We haven’t gotten any new members yet, but I’m sure we will soon. And then you can show off your sick moves! … Maybe we can even have a slow dance then~!” They let out a chuckle when the other mentioned bad news. “Oh c’mon, there’s nothing that I won’t enjoy hearing as long as it’s said in your voice, Jirou-chan~!”

The counselor rubbed the back of his head, ignoring the statement about the slow dance, a sad expression reaching his face, “Principal Nomura has dissolved the Dance Club. I’m sorry, Ando-San. I was just as excited.

For the first time, something coming from the counselor’s mouth was upsetting to Izumi. The smile they had faded and they stood quietly for a moment. “But why?” they asked with a confused expression. Suzuki had said the idea of starting a club was good, and it would give Izumi some responsibility and help them return to being a regularly functioning student. That was what the Principal as well as the rest of the faculty seemed to want, so why was this idea being shot down?

Suzuki sighed, placing his hands on the table in front of him. He didn’t like seeing a student of his being upset. He never liked being the bearer of bad news. Suzuki watched his words, “Principal Nomura is becoming more… particular about who runs what clubs, to expand on the school’s reputation.” He took a breath before continuing, “I, along with Amai-Sensei, tried our hardest to change his mind. He doesn’t usually do so once it’s made up.

Whaaaat!? But clearly I’m a model student!” Izumi joked with a bittersweet smile on their face. “Either way, thanks for standing up for me, Suzuki-san. I’m glad you’re on my side. I’ll have to thank Amai-sensei when I see her too.”

“Well, I guess I’d better go find another club to join then.”
They stepped out from behind the table and moved to stand face to face with Suzuki. “Although, I wouldn’t put away my dancing shoes just yet if I were you,” they said. “I have a way with people, and Principal Nomura just might end up changing his mind~!” They gave the man a grin before moving away from the table into the rest of the crowd, trying to find another club which would be worth spending their time in.

Izumi might have heard the hastened quip from the counselor as they walked away from him, “Stay out of trouble if you can!” Upon hearing the last statement, Izumi just turned around and gave the man a wink, letting him take that as he wanted.

Returning their attention forward, they saw the usual: sports clubs, music clubs, other cultural clubs, but none really interested them. The only sports and music related thing they were good at wanted to do was dancing, but obviously that wouldn’t be an option. One club in particular caught their eye though: The Breakfast Club. Izumi was quite fond of Western culture, and fairly well-versed in it as compared to their average Japanese classmate, so this of course brought up the movie from the 80s with the same title. They weren’t a huge fan of the movie, but couldn’t help but feel curious as to what this club would be doing, so the seventeen year old approached the booth and looked at the girl sitting on the other side.

“Hi!” they said with their ever-present smile. “What’s this club all about?” They noticed a few others standing nearby as well. There was Shigeru Saari, boy genius, the boy with the bandaged hand he had called out to earlier, a girl with a meek presence and light hair similar in color to Izumi’s, and another girl who was just finishing up putting her name down.

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Summer Storms
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Summers school day so far was a pretty average day so far. Same boring students whose only interest seems to be getting each other in trouble. Same boring classes that never really had her attention, but had no choice but to don't need mom and dad giving her a phone call again just because of a slightly lower score than usual. That would cut into her more questionable activities and she hardly had time for them as is with this annoying school in the way. Speaking of such activities how does the student population know about her after-school gambling. The only way for them to know is if someone had followed her into the redlight district to meet with her usual victims. Just who could have seen her well that's a problem for another day as long as it remains a rumor the school has no reason to act on it. Just gotta play cool and you know not stare daggers into someone like that one girl who shouted out this information earlier, that probably was not a good idea. Well at least Masakazu is here he's never boring just really tired wonder what he did last night.

That afternoon was club sign-ups apparently its a requirement to be apart of one now great another thing to get in her way. Looking up at Masakazu she could tell he's a bit out of it poor probably let the entire day pass him by and he didn't even know it. "Okay, Masaky we are being forced into this so let's try and find the one with the least amount of activities so nothing can cut into our free time got it!" She's pretty sure she just saw some drew come out of his moth hopefully that's her imagination. "Okay, let's get to work!" Summer says taking him by the arm and dragging him around. And then she saw it a sign call breakfast club just like that old movie dad brought from his country its perfect. "Bingo see that Masaky breakfast that means there must be less work than the others." Once again dragging Masakazu, she walks over to the table that now had a bit of a group forming "Hello!" She smiles waving at the others as she took the pen and writes her name down on the sign-up sheet.



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Matsuda, Jude
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“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna stop by the hospital after school…” Jude leaned over, peering under the bathroom door stalls. He straightened up again, pressing the phone further against his ear. “No, I’m not too busy....just some club recruitment stuff this afternoon...yeah, I’m practically caught up on my studies…” He paced past the urinals, turning his nose up at golden stains. “An hour or two with Dad won’t hurt my education...okay...alright, I’ll see you tonight…love you too…

Jude hung up. Really, his mother shouldn’t have been ringing him during school hours, but she had regressed to the worrisome mother who had just sent her little boy off to preschool for the first time. It wasn’t healthy to just let her coddle him, and she should have seen that herself, but he gave her a free pass nowadays where his father was concerned. It was how she was coping with the situation. He had his own methods of coping with it too.

Jude turned back to the mirror, patting down his hair. Staring into the mirror, he couldn’t help but note how naked he looked without all his piercings. He cut down on the ear piercings, and the eyebrow piercing he had loved best, for the sake of keeping up appearances. He already stood out like a red, honking zit on someone’s forehead, but the piercings just made him look even more foreign. Plus, it didn’t reflect well on the parents. Or the school, for that matter.

At least at night he could put them all back on again, else risk his yen shrivelling up like the holes in his body. Jude stepped back from the mirror, gathering his stuff, before leaving the bathroom and plunging into the jungle that would be club recruitment day.

Walking down the hallway to his next class, the same rumour about his supposed kidnapping from the States was doing the rounds again. He should have never encouraged it. When someone asked him about it in Junior High, he responded with a, “Yeah, I was kidnapped. They got away with it by dyeing my hair, forging some documents, and tipping off the airline staff to keep quiet about it. Saved me of being stuffed in the cargo hold.” Now it was all people ever seemed to talk about. Some people were stupid enough to believe it. Well...at least it was that they were focusing on and not any other personal family problems cropping up.

Classes went by. As usual in Jude’s day-to-day existence, there was very little excitement to note, other than the usual staring, the daydreaming about what kind of bread he could pick up for lunch, the bullshitting of answers he didn’t have for class questions. Within a blink, he was transported to a club table, listening to Kenji-kun try to convince him to sign up for Music Club. Jude stood with his hands in his pockets, staring straight down at the bespectacled second-year, though, his gaze move towards two other female students. One clearly trying to recruit a student he hadn’t seen before. Horrible, he knew, but he noticed a physical difference in them. Another transfer student?

“You should definitely join, Matsuda-senpai! The Music Club would love to have you!”

Jude glanced down at Kenji-kun, dumbfounded for a moment, before he sputtered, “...I only play bass guitar though.” He could already sense Kenji-kun’s accommodating words.

“Oh, we welcome anyone who plays an instrument, bass especially. And I’m pretty sure you’d attract all of the girls too…”

Jude watched Kenji-kun redden at the very thought of it, and he blinked. “All the girls…?” He had never really thought of that before and it was never really why he started playing bass in the first place. Before Kenji-kun could try and elaborate - what more was there to elaborate on? - Jude held up his hand. “Never mind. Listen, I’ll, uh...join up, if you really nee--”

“Ah, you’re the best, Matsuda-senpai!! Just sign your name here, and we’ll give you all the details you need!”

Jude felt, as he scribbled down kanji and letters that further highlighted difference from his peers, he was handing his soul over to some higher Music Club Satan. Not the club his parents would have picked for him, but a spread of interests was always nice to show in his opinion. Jude managed a smile at Kenji-kun, who once again expressed his deepest gratitude, and the older student left the table, wonder what in the hell he had done. When he looked around, the other student had disappeared. Not that he had an intention of going over and speaking to them, on the principle of them being a transfer student. He liked to leave others, and himself, very much alone.

After being goaded by people from the Sewing Club, the Debate Club, and the Languages Club (no doubt for him to teach everyone English), he paused at a corner, catching his breath. He was hoping no one would approach him for a few minutes, when he saw a table set up away from other tables gaining particular traction. Curious, he pushed himself from his corner rest spot and approached the crowd.

Jude lurked behind the small crowd that gathered, not really aiming to speak up or bring attention to himself. He was curious as to what had attracted so many people to this table, and he still found himself wondering even after he read The Breakfast Club on the table’s sign-up sheet. He smiled a little to himself at someone’s question of whether there would be breakfast at this club. It would have been false advertising if there wasn’t, right? Jude didn’t rush to sign his name anywhere, more curious as to see what this club actually did.

The Regal Rper

Mad Scientist


"Play the song."

The lights turned green, engines roared, and the two vehicles were off. Music blasting as windows rolled down and the roof collapsed backwards into the rear compartment of the cae. A biker and a chevrolet corvette holding four passengers took off down the street at reasonable speeds that would avoid all involved from getting stopped by the police, but, still allowed them the freedom to feel cool as they cruised at an easy 45 mph on empty roads.

The song blared and magnified all around them as they entered a tunnel, one of the young adults, a Japanese young man with a bowl hair cut howled into the wind, the response magnified by the biker hitting the throttle and the howl chased by the engine's roar.

"That was the coolest vocaloid concert I've been to in a while!" The only girl of the group shouted over the wind. "And it looks like you had fun to, isn't that right Shouko" grinned the girl at the one with the bowl hair.

"Hey Atsushi, raise the roof back--" the roof began rising and as it did Shouko readjusted himself, turning to- "Inami, I don't care what you say, I'm not saying it." He said with pseudo heat in his voice.

"Toshi," Inami prodded her boyfriend's shoulder with a finger. "Make him say it" she said sweetly, eyes wide and bottom lip pouting.

Toshiro rolled his eyes, rubbing his face as he kept his gaze firmly pointed away from his girlfriend and focused his eyes on the passing lights and buildings around them. Two pressures walking up his thigh made his lower jaw shift, and then he jerked, swatting with a laugh at Inami as she snickered at him.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Shouko shouted, grabbing the rear mirror and angling at the two dressed in vocaloid style. The Hatsune Miku clothes for Inami and the Crossgender version for Toshiro. "You kids better cool it or else your mom and I won't buy you that ice cream we promised!"

Under his breath Atsushi muttered something about being trapped in a car with idiots as he slowed down at the next stop light, a flicker from the intercom on his car gaining his attention. He muted the next song and let the call go through, glancing out his window as he did. "What's up cousin?"

"You guys look like you had fun." The amused accent heightened by the amused reply.

"Masaka!" Inami called from the back in giddy delight, rolling her window down and waving at the biker beside them. Lifting his visor up he winked and waved back. Voice echoing as he spoke.

"You said it is okay I stay at your-- the speaker, yeah, good. Okay, now that Atsushi is not deafening us--"

"Your fault." Was the instant reply.

"--are we still going to his place for the night? I have school tomorrow in like...what time is it?"

"It's 12:15 in the morning." Shouko replied.

"Yeah," he shook his head, eyes widening in surprise. "Time flew quickly. We need to hurry. I do not want you guys to wake me for class."

"You know I will anyway" Toshiro sneered over Inami's shoulder.

"And if you scare me, Inami will side with me when I slap you like last time."

Turning to Toshiro and giving him a look, she smiled, reached out, and bumped fists with Masakazu. "I will, and you'll deserve it."

"Light's green." Shouko called. They took a right, a sign saying Akabane Station wasn't far from where they would be detouring to take another few miles to where Atsushi lived. Very few cars passed on the opposite side of the median and there were no cars passing in the same route so things were taken at a somewhat steady pace.

"Wait," acceleration paused, drivers on standby, "do you guys hear that?"

They turned, they looked. And the honking of a damaged and battered bus drove at them. The thing screeched on its wheels as it turned, it shouted through its horn and police sirens screamed at it and the driver in the distance. Without thinking, instinct, Masakazu yelled: Floor it!

Engines roared to life, the chase was on.

Street lights zoomed by, surroundings blotted, blurred. Despite the fact it shouldn't have been able to keep up, the Bus stayed right on their tails. Masakazu shouted, pointing to the right as the station became the only thing that they could clearly see aside from themselves and the bus chasing after them.

Take a turn! he frantically signalled to the others.

Turn before we get to close the station!

"Turn! " He shouted. Atsushi swerved, the car slid to safety. Everyone inside screaming. Masakazu curved, but as he did he saw something that made him lose focus.

A man, purple eyes, gold tooth, brown hair. Eyes glowing red with his Cheshire grin as he peered at the redhead who had just escaped.

The name slipped out of his mouth as his eyes widened. Confused, disturbed, Masakazu said "Gen?"

Gen watched him eerily, and in the process of seeing this surprise and not paying attention, Masakazu lost control of the bike, fell off with it, and cracked the back of his head on the harsh asphalt road.

A satisfying wetness oozing from his skull.

Wake up covered in sweat. Brush teeth. Shower. Can't sleep. Go to school with the cousin driving.

Twice his attention wavered, twice he had apologized only to eventually zone out again. Notes became doodles, not that this was uncommon but even the doodles lacked direction. When the bell rang, the process of academics continued and he rose like a zombie from the grave- moving with his mind elsewhere while his body followed the rhythm.

The frequent excuse this time, was he was feeling ill. Excuses weren't uncommon with him, when it came to punctuality in class Masakazu tended to be late at times. When it came to homework that was another story- even if he seemed like the type that didn't do it. This excuse worked because of the lack of energy and calm he usually had wasn't present that much today. Responses were delayed, he doodled more in every class when usually he only did it for classes he felt he didn't need to devout every brain cell to understand the material. And, he didn't make any jokes or quips about any of the negative comments he heard throughout the day. Old or new ones. He ignored them, ignored pretty much anyone who made them and just moved on with his day. The only ones he didn't ignore today, were the friends.

At the end of the day, Masakazu had several notes on things he had to do for next week, all of which he didn't care to do. Not even the ones related to his favourite topics.

Meeting Summer, he tried to push it down. A half-hearted smile went her way but then the rest was more about following her and deciphering what the dream had meant. Why Gen had appeared. It was disturbing enough to have been a variable of last night's incident, but to dream of something entirely different also?

At Summer's behest however Hashimoto came back to his senses with her pull. The grim, concentrated expression he held, the distant apathy he projected when someone said something he didn't care for, the way he had stopped smiling as much today when he was well known for almost always smiling or joking that had conflicted with the attitude he showed today, it all evaporated as she yanked on the much taller guy. He looked at her, then around, then promptly smacked his forehead with a loud slap. The look of steely focus fading as he hissed in recollection.

"I forgot about club day completely." he whispered to himself. "I really have been out of it today have I not?" The question more to him than to his companion.

Upon being dragged to the group where the Breakfast Club was located that Summers was joining, he scrutinized it. Eyeing the notary and pondering it.

Looking at the others, when Summer said 'hello', he bowed to them respectfully. Chinese style: from the shoulders, not the core. Not feeling the upbeat mood to really bother smiling his usual way, Masakazu directed his natural sharp stare on Ono Mei, and with a raised brow as he grabbed a flyer asked her in his accent: "I assume you do not provide pancakes?" Tone in jest. "Kidding of course, but I would not say no if you did." He finished, a bit of that cheer coming back in as he cracked just a tiny smile.


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Mei Ono

Mei.jpgThe alarm blared, throwing Mei out of her dreamless sleep as she smacked the top of the clock with a groan, a certain quote running through her mind. “I was suddenly roused from slumber… by a loud, crackling, and terrific sound.

As she readied for the day, eating breakfast silently with her mother in the dining room, the news was sounded from the television in the living room, within eyeshot for Mei.

“There were a couple fatalities and many people are in the hospital. Ono Pharmaceuticals is at-” Click. Mei had gotten up and turned the television off.

Dear, I was listening to that,” her mother spoke up, nursing a cup of coffee, though her back had been facing the television.

Look it up online. You don’t take that line,” was Mei’s tired response. She decided to also grab a coffee, seeing as she felt exhausted. She had been up a lot of the night, drawing up a poster to tape to her table. Currently, it was rolled up and leaning against the front doorway.

Don’t be difficult, Mei, Dear. You know Daisuke takes that line.


Finishing her cup, she set it in the sink and grabbed her back, “Never mind, Mother. I’m going to school.” Just as she escaped out the door, she heard the television click back on. Who was Daisuke again? One of her current flings?

The walk to school was a short one. It normally took her about 15 minutes of walking before she reached the school gates. Adjusting her books in her arms, she yawned, covering her mouth with her free hand before making her way to homeroom.

Her school day was typical for her. She listened to the teachers drone on as she doodled on her notes. The theme of today was mostly flowers. Despite the sour mood of the morning, she was hopeful that this day would help get her club some recognition. It was hard to justify keeping the Breakfast Club around when it was just her. The advisor had told her that they wanted to advise a different club if she wasn’t going to get any members.

It didn’t take long for Mei to set up her small table after lunch was over. Simply taping the sign to the front was all she needed to do, along with a sign-up sheet near the edge, detailing when meet-ups usually took place. Mei had written down that it would be after classes end, until 6pm every day. Meeting is voluntary.

Not expecting much, she waited for people to approach her table as she doodled in her sketchbook. She’d barely registered the hushed whispers about her, but they were wrong. Skulls were not on her agenda today. She had been working on a sunflower field, though the corpse in the middle was barely worked on.

A sudden scratching of a pen to paper that wasn’t hers caught her attention. Looking up, she noticed the scars upon the boy’s face. No words were exchanged, but Mei had nodded her acknowledgment to him. (Kasai Phoenixsmasher5 Phoenixsmasher5 )

Another student had approached then. Moving her expression over to the newcomer, she noted his young features and his blonde hair. The boy who had just signed and him looked like total opposites. He seemed familiar? ( Shigeru BriiAngelic BriiAngelic )

Oh, right, he asked her a question. She closed her sketchbook as she nodded, “That is me.” A small smile reached her lips, “Were you interested in joining?

As she spoke with the young blonde, a familiar girl had come up and signed. This was becoming a lot of attention. She was surprised to see Aoi come up and sign. She didn’t recall seeing her this morning and thought she may have skipped. ( Aoi Colorless Spectrum Colorless Spectrum )

Yet another girl, a blonde girl, had asked if breakfast would be involved. Mei looked over at her, “Ah. Well, I can probably bring breakfast snacks on meeting days whenever possible?( Aurora Mook-LandStrider Mook-LandStrider )

Then another person… male… female… she wasn’t sure which, had approached the table, asking what the club was about. ( Izumi Anne Boolean Anne Boolean )

This is so much more attention that I thought I’d get.

Starting to become a little nervous, she chuckled, scratching the back of her head, “Well, I was thinking it would be just a place to hang out… Maybe make friends or-” she lowered her voice “-just to satisfy the club requirement.

Two more people then approached. Another blonde and a redhead. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, Mei stood up, her hand gently over her chest to keep it from hopping out of her throat. ( Masakazu The Regal Rper The Regal Rper and Summer Pikmin100xx Pikmin100xx )

Another breakfast question.

Did I choose a silly name?

To reiterate what she had said earlier, though her voice was a little more jumpy now, “I-I don’t know how well pancakes will keep throughout the day.

Pink started to stain her cheeks. She wasn’t used to attention. Her club hadn’t been at all popular last term, but it also hadn’t gone through a club recruitment day before.

I, um, I hope everyone still enjoys it regardless!” She rushed to say, bowing quickly.
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    ~ Club Floor ~
    We Can't Do This Without You || Toshiko’s CS File

    The night was awful. Her cram school was ruined as the trainline she usually took was closed down at her station. While usually she didn't mind the walk it was irritating to walk all the way there only to have to walk back to the other trainline to head home. She didn't much care for cram school, certainly wasn’t helping much with her grades, still not trying was not an option. After all, getting home three hours early just wound up getting her scolded and not questioned. She hated when her grandmother was over. She wanted her grandaunt, she was so much nicer.

    Luckily arriving early home meant she had plenty of time to log on to her gaming app. She entered a public roulette of servers of AmidThem. She was rather bad at the game but loved that idea of a good mystery. Discovering things by doing always seemed better to her than the usual method of teaching that her classes loved to give her. Puzzles would always be better though as she pulled out a copy of Instructor Standing.

    After a full night of gaming and maybe four hours of sleep she was not ready for the next day at all. Still she was running off the fuel of determination to find a club this year. While she had a good run in the volleyball club many still held her at arms length practically believing the rumors. Plus she didn’t even like volleyball! Still she’d miss Onihime-Senpai, but now that the elder graduated though nothing held her loyalty to the club. That meant she had to put lots of effort into finding a new club.

    She hadn’t even made it to school before the tvs went off as she left the station. Huh so that’s why the station was closed off. She clapped her hands together roughly and tinted her head forwards to the tv praying for the health of the survivors and the guidance of the souls lost. She heard the whispers behind her and decided to clear out before they said worse.

    Luckily the day went by rather quickly with her sleeping through two morning classes and only really starting to pay attention in civics. When the bell hit she was ready to gulp down lunch with a fury. She didn’t get far before she saw a group of people surrounding a smaller girl. She stomped her way around the people, easier for her than most, but by the time she got there the smaller girl scurried off.

    “Hey what the hell is your problem?”

    She had their attention but they quickly fell into a hushed lull in conversation as their giggles ceased. She took another step up and the main instigator took a step back with her face losing color. She drew her hand up to her chest like she was ready to block someone off.

    “Well? Are you going to answer evildoer? What type of lady of the court would dare treat a maiden that way?”

    She put her hands on her hips and leaned forwards with her face in a frown. Soon the followers scurried away whining back at her.

    “Geez what’s your problem Kogane? Is she your target now?”

    Without a care for how it seemed she slammed her hands down on the table in front of her. She now was leaning over the table that gladly read “Gamer Girlz Club” and shouting at the bullies who were just as keen to run away.


    Though with her screeching the words themselves slurred together into something more unintelligible. As they scurried away she leaned back on her heels and drew her arms into a cross at her chest. With the muffled ‘ahm’ from the gamer club leader she realized she had messed up their display.

    “AH I’m so sorry I was actually coming to sign up but then they-”

    “Apologies but we don’t accept yankees.”

    She instantly deflated. Oh okay that was one try ruined. She slunked off. She didn’t want to be stuck in another sports club that just wanted to use her reputation as an advantage. Luckily enough she spotted a familiar looking blond, her cousin. Plus he was in a group of other kids, even including the girl who got bullied earlier. She pointed at her without thinking and exclaimed

    “AH. IT’S YOU”


Colorless Spectrum

Always Blue

Aoi Mochizuki

Aoi moved away as more people started to filter into wherever she was. A groan escapes her lips as they come along one by one right after she just signed her name. Breakfast Club, the mere name and how people tended to shy away from Ono had made her join because of the idea that not many people would give attention to it.

She was wrong. Instead of a very small pool of members, the possibility was that there would be more than just five, though people weren't outright joining. If this was anything like the American Film they wouldn't be doing anything strenuous and she can always just say that she can't attend. Fuck. She shouldn't have signed her name so quickly because she was too angry that she got forced into joining a club.

The young musician watched from beside the table, watching and taking note of every student that comes close. There were more faces she wasn't familiar with but still, there was Ono who was sitting by the table, Kogane pointing at another blonde student, and Matsuda watching from afar. Classmates, just that. She never interacted with them unless needed. Her eyes narrowed over to Jude, ignoring the breakfast questions where she wanted to roll her eyes at give a snappy remarked if she was the one being asked.

"Are you here to stare or are you here to join?" Her bark was directed at her male classmate, Matsuda, but she could easily say the same to every other student that lingered. It wasn't like she cared for the club, in all actuality she hopes to make them go away with her dark stare and tightened lips.

She lacked sleep, and there was a restlessness in her body that she couldn't shake away. Maybe she should just leave? A growl vibrated in her throat at the realization it was too late for that now. "Well?" She impatiently asked, locking her jaw afterward with a peeved expression.

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One Espresso Depresso
Matsuda, Jude
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It seemed the humble Breakfast Club was hiving with interested students. Jude, dutifully playing the observer, let his eyes flit between a few of them. He quite liked being in the middle of such chaos, whilst not attracting loads of attention. It was probably why he gravitated towards bass in the first place. He got the occasional spotlight, but most of the time singers and lead guitarists were duking it out for the adoration of the crowd. Jude was content to let those people battle for it, and here, he didn't fight for the attention either. If anything, Kogane was doing a great job of holding attention.

Ono, the girl and classmate who was setting up this club, grew more flustered with each student that arrived. He didn't think that she necessarily hated it, though, perhaps hadn't expected so many people to be interested. Why set up a club and not be interested in the people that signed up for it, after all? Though, judging by the 'activities' that were mentioned, Jude had thought she hadn't put much thought into it, perhaps just setting up the club on a whim.

But that was the charm. And with few activities listed, it wasn't a strain on him or his time, not like the sports or hobby clubs would be. It was tempting, and again, it might look nice on any college applications, albeit vague. He could swing that in his favour though.

Jude looked towards the girl who barked at him, staring. It took a moment, and some squinting, but he recognised her. The girl who refused to join Music Club earlier...and his classmate...Aoi. That was the name. The face hadn't been engrained in his mind, probably because she hadn't been seen in classes for the past week or...two? More? He didn't count. He was much like her; he only reacted with his classmates when he needed to. The way he saw it, school was devoted to his studies and extracurriculars. He had a few friends outside school, of course. Delinquents, he had heard his mother call them on one such occassion. Poisoning their poor son with some piercings. Jude did find the thought amusing.

Though, reflecting on now was not the time. Instead, he considered Aoi's question, before he turned to the sign-up sheet silently. There, on a dotted line, he scribed the kanji of his name, surprisingly foreign to him still after all these years. He put the pen down, turning to Aoi...and he smiled at her. Though, it was a slight tug at his lips, if anything. "Thanks. That was the push I needed to actually join this club."

The Regal Rper

Mad Scientist


You can tell a lot about a person by studying them from the first second of contact on the very first interaction. All you have to do is watch, listen, and remember. Zhang had told him that a while ago. His cousin Hideki had said something similar as they had left that rather sterile meeting with Principal Nomura.

Most people aren't going to expect another person to analyze them from the moment the first meeting or first interaction starts. Not outside of specific events, like a job interview. That's where their guards are the weakest, even the distrustful sort don't keep their guards up 24/7, every hour, every day. There's mannerisms, movements, patterns, tics you can follow. That Nomura guy...heh, if you ask me, he's kind of a prude. Everything about him stinks of business elite, even the look in his eye.

In a lot of ways, Masakazu had agreed with his father's cousin.

Rumor flowed like a river through the school and people seemed to slurp it up. If word came from one class, it was inevitable another at the end of the school would hear it, which in turn meant every other class would hear it. Which meant the Principal and the teacher staff would hear it.

It was inevitable because, and this was just his own theory here, that was how the school was designed. It was a system designed to create an effective method to keep tabs on unruly sorts, especially when this place was obsessed with image.

When he'd joined the school it had been kept low profile about the incident and who was involved. Being related to a public figure in the business brought a spotlight with it whether you wanted it or not. Masakazu had followed the instructions he'd been given, lay low, keep cool, and wait the heat out. That's exactly what Nomura had advised once clued in on his...circumstances. And given the man liked to maintain an image, hr was willing to help. So he had.

His first year at the school was the previous year and Nomura had given him a list of options. The top one: clubs. Throw shade to the bad news, cover yourself in good vibes. So clubs, four of them. He recalled Nomura making the insistence he keep himself busy. Let the clubs he joined be ones that could reflect the better parts of his personality. And so he'd taken to that advice. Each one had different days that fit into his free schedule, only two met on weekends. The clubs could spin him in a different light and clubs that had a public activity would get him attention from the student body that would counter rumors that were being spread.

So he picked three sports, and one Dance Recital Club. The school's basketball team was average, the volleyball team was mediocre, and the soccer team was okay. But when Masakazu joined, well, he liked to make connections. Found the energy lacking so he'd kicked things up a notch. The friends he had made in those clubs were the lasting markers to this day. He'd never cared much about the fame or the image even if he was the best support liner in the volleyball team; or the better dribbler and dunker of the Asuka Basketball team; or the recent defender in the soccer team. What he had enjoyed was the connection, the friends.

What he disliked overtime was the superiority complex of the upperclassmen. The internal bickering that began as the year drew to its midterm.

Watching Mei, Masakazu didn't get the sense she was going to be commanding, uptight or forceful on schedules. From the description she gave, this would be pretty lax. No ludicrous intensive style drills for a sports club, just people and relaxed down time.

He smiled at the bow Mei presented, only for his attention to be taken by the musician's rough call. Turning his head to look at Aoi, thinking she was talking to him, Masakazu's smile was changed with the raise of a single brow. A tilt in his head and the genuine smile he offered Mei becoming lazy as he looked at the musician talking to the American. Maybe it was just their dynamic? He didn't know. Frankly, the growl was more cute to him than actually unnerving. Did she practice that? He was tempted to ask, but chose not to since it was clear she was not talking to him.

The exchange between them made Masakazu's relaxed smile become a grin as he chuckled at the American's response to the musician.

With a large hand and a gentle pat, he thwapped the American on the shoulder. "Your Japanese is better than mine friend, what is secret?" Masakazu laughed. Glancing past Jude to get insight at the names on the sheet. He took note of Jude's name and then took note of the first name, Aoi Mochizuki?

His eyes went to her as he grinned at her while his hand patted Jude on the shoulder. "Take it easy on him Miss Mochizuki" Masakazu's tone choked with humor in it. "That glare of yours may do more than give him a push next time haha" he finished, sticking his tongue out at her through his idiot smile. "And Ono-san," he moved easily past Jude to the shorter girl, patting her gently on the shoulder with his present smile shifting to less amusement and more genuine warmth, "I look forward to spending time with you haha, you three will be fun, is that not right Sumsum?" His question more rhetorical than serious. "And don't worry about pancakes, we'll work breakfast out" he gave her another pat with a wink and then stretched out long fingers to snag the pen and sloppily scribble his name in tight cursive on the sheet.

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You dare mock the son of a shepherd
Persona: Justice

Watching those coming and going around her Aurora took the time to just listen, attempting to keep herself out of the lime light and trying to focus on those she deemed as a threat. Seeing the girls that were toying with her before she watched a blonde girl walk up and slam her fists on the table. Barely hearing what was being said she couldn't take her eyes off the scene, taking some bit of joy in seeing the bullies get a doseage of their own medicine. This joy however was not long lasting at the girl who was wringing them out suddenly walked away and towards the breakfast club table.... towards her.

Alarm sirens went off in her head as she took a step back, then to the side to hide behind Masakazu, thought it was definitely not a smooth movement. Nearly tripping over her own two feet she stumbled for a second and came out on the other side of Masakazu and directly into the view of Toshi. Swallowing hard she froze up but it didn't seem to do any good as the taller blonde pointed at her and shouted. Eyes going wide Aurora ceased up, fear overtaking her as she struggled to find the resolve to flee. "Uhm... uhm..... why me...." Aurora murmured, unable to and accepting her fate. She knew the girls reputation and that alone was scary enough and now Toshi was shouting at her. Atleast this time she didn't have anything worth anything to anyone else. "I don't have anything you want." Aurora blurted out suddenly.

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Eyes following, body twisting, Masakazu prepped to grab, or in her case, catch the more different girl the blonde seemed to be rather rudely pointing at. But, it seemed unnecessary. The girl caught herself quickly enough and straightening out, Masakazu glanced at her with a visible relaxation in his body language, like he'd tensed seeing her trip briefly and was making ready to stop any unfortunate accidents.

Of course the sheer nervousness in the diffident one's voice and the clear unrest in her body language made Masakazu interact out of instinct. "Oi, oi," he came up to her side, glancing at her with a turn of his head. "Relaaaaaax kouhai", the word 'relax' drawn out even longer with the 're' slightly slurring in his accent; "the girl is excited to see you" Masakazu grinned, glancing in the blonde girl's direction. "Is that not right miss?" He said with a head tilt and smile. "No need to be nervousness, eh?" He said with a gentle pat on the diffident one's back.

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Forever A Wildcard
Summer Storms

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"Ah! She's so cute! See Masaky I knew this was the correct group to join, my intuition is never wrong." The young gambler says excitedly flapping her arms at her older friend. "Don't worry I'm sure where going to be the best of friends you adorable leader you." She lets out a giggle seeing Mei's pink face and gently pats her on the head in an attempt to calm her down. A few moments later a taller looking girl had approached the group yelling out and pointing towards the quite girl behind them. She would go and hide behind Masakazu saying things like why she and I don't have anything you want. Was this woman some sort of bully or is Masakazu right in thinking this is a miss understanding, taking the option C stepped in front of the girl gently placing a hand on her head to calm her down but still starting at the other women. "Is there any reason your pointing at her mam? That can be considered quite rude to some you know?"


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“Oh Sorry didn’t see you there. Ito-san right? I believe we’re in some of the same classes?”
Kasai stopped his momentum and looked over to Shigeru.

“Hmph…” He puffed as he continued to walk away.

He still needed to sign up for kendo practice to sharpen his skills with a blade. Looking around for a bit, Kasai caught the table he needed to reach for sign ups and headed in that direction.

“hey cutie! Why so glum? Come turn that frown upside down at Dance Club! I’d love to be your dance partner~!”

Midway through his walk he turned over to see a blonde haired person with lavender tips that had pointed in his direction. Kasai glared for a second but still proceeded to the kendo table without saying a word.

Eventually, he made his way to the table. A familiar man with dark blue hair was manning the table and looked up to Kasai.

“Ito-San. I was expecting you to be here sooner to sign up.” the man says in a friendly tone.

“Hey, Matsura. More colorful personalities this time around. How’s the roster?” Kasai replied with an actually more open tone.

“It’s looking good this year! I don’t think they’ll be a challenge to us but hopefully they can be so we can have a formidable team.”

Kasai scoffs and signed up “Hmph. We’ll see.”


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Matsuda, Jude
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Jude's attention shifted to the chuckling of Masakazu, who then approached him and hit him with a weak pat on the shoulder. He had seen Masakazu around the school, heard of his exploits in various sports clubs and the like, but never really interacted with him. Upon his question of what was the secret to speaking Japanese so well, and he couldn't help but smile, just a bit, and responded, "Live in Japan for around, uh..." He did the maths in his head. "Around thirteen years."

It wasn't the first time someone had been surprised or pointed out his proficiency with Japanese. He walked into most stores, where most people thought he was a tourist (hoodies and caps work splendidly for not being recognised). Once he got to the checkout, with them speaking broken English, Jude always made sure to hit them with the smooth flowing Japanese that had been drummed into him. The wide eyes and red cheeks were always amusing to see.

Masakazu soon moved on though, but not without raising an eyebrow at the comment. What...did he mean exactly by that? Either way, he diverted his attention to a frightened Aurora, and Toshiko somehow being in the centre of that.

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Aoi Mochizuki

"Tsk." She let out before her lips turned downward. It irritated her that Matsuda didn't leave, even more, he said that it was the push that he needed to join the club. So much for scaring people away. Aoi shifted in place, watching as her male classmate had written his name on the signup sheet.

Her gaze then moved over to the red-headed student, someone who only made her frown deepen and her eyes held a dangerous glint. She wouldn't mind kicking his shins, especially with his idiotic smile which only furthered her ire. She let out a huff as if it could help lessen her annoyance at what's happening.

Ignoring whatever it was that was happening with Toshiko, the duo, and the other frightened blonde, Aoi approached Jude with a question in mind. Her expression still contorted to an expression of anger. "Hey, what did that small-eyed goliath meant? 'Do more than give him a push next time.'" She repeated, opposite of how Masakazu spoke.

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    It wasn’t very long before his question was quickly answered by another yearmate, quickly confirmed by the girl herself. To Ono’s question he nodded but still hesitated to write his name. He wanted to say that this would be the easiest in the long run, with such an indescriptive name he could say the club did anything. Still he didn’t know how he felt about being a passive fill-in member. Though the boy who was there before him seemed fine with scurrying off.

    More importantly he thought as he saw the girl write her name under the sheet of names, Mochizuki huh, this yearmate would be his clubmate. He’d heard the name Mochizuki in passing, something about music? He knew a bit about music himself, not that he had any skills but he loved to listen. It was his favorite stress reliever.

    It wasn’t long before he was shuffled further into the mess of gathering people as another girl came up behind him going to place her name down. Klein-san huh? Or was it Aurora-san? He was unsure which way she wrote her name, both names were unfamiliar. If he had to guess he was fairly sure the girl was Klein-san. Either way the girl’s strained question did lead to him questioning what exactly the club did. Especially as the girl said she could Probably bring breakfast.

    And that is exactly what Ando-San did. He felt his face twitch as their voice came up behind him. He shuffled to the side doing his best to avoid them. He’d already felt enough secondhand embarrassment from them. He certainly already didn’t like the idea of dance club, performing wasn’t his thing and his great grandmother would never accept it, but Ando made the idea worse as they implied he’d be in a very close position to his partner. He eyed them from behind Jude who he was currently using as a wall.

    Luckily it wasn’t hard to hide as the group got denser. He did his best to memorize faces but so few were people he recognized so far. What’s worse is that his worry was basically confirmed as the girl stated that she’d made the club just to fulfill the requirement. Just as he was going to speak up with an idea or two for a proper club he heard a familiar yell. Oh lovely she was here.


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