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  • The Manor on Prescott Lane

coded by weldherwings.

San Francisco is already a bustling and busy metropolitan city. The skyscrapers and vintage homes are a huge staple of the city. There is one home in one of the san Francisco districts that have been standing for years. This home is on Prescott lane but it isn't just a regular home, legends are told that there are supernatural beings that live in the house.

People have witnessed seeing a blood consumer, a fury beastlike creature with sharp claws howling at a full moon or light emitting from the attic. People tend to steer clear of the home, in reality, the rumors are true. The house is housed by six supernatural beings. They have been staying in the home for nearly three years and live their lives as normal as they can trying to blend in with the humans.

They have taken a liking to their lives in San Francisco but don't know if it is the right time to expose their true selves to the public. Stop by and meet the supernatural who live at the manor on Prescott Lane. They don't bite...well...some of them don't~~~

Hello everyone and welcome to my roleplay. This is a roleplay about six supernatural beings living "normal" lives in San Francisco. They have lived in the house together for nearly three years down and attend the University of California San Francisco. The six of them have developed friendships with some of the mortals and have been struggling with the question do they reveal who they truly are to the public or not. And on top of that, they are balancing the inevitable chapters of their lives know as adulthood.

There are six supernatural roles and four human roles for this roleplay. Three females and three males for the supernatural, two males and two female human roles, you will be able to apply for more than one supernatural as long as they are the opposite sex, the same goes for the human roles. There will be more supernatural roles in the future if this survives. This is not a first come first serve roleplay so please do not ask me to reserve you a slot. What I'm aiming for with roleplay is more near the casual roleplay that people can express their suggestions and ideas for new chapters. I also would love to meet new people to roleplay along with seeing some familiar faces join.

There will be small lore for this roleplay. Realistic face claims will be mandatory for my roleplay and there will be a discord for the accepted people to join so be on the lookout for that.

I can't think of anything else to talk about so have fun applying and I can't wait to roleplay with you!

Rules and Roles
Rule 1| Please remember this is not a first come first serve roleplay. Which means no reservations. Each person who has expressed interest will have to submit an application and yes there will be multiple people applying for a role. Please know that you can apply for more than one supernatural or human role just make sure it is of the opposite sex.

Rule 2| I myself enjoy seeing applications that have BBcode on them but they are not required. Realistic face claims are mandatory in each application that is submitted with no exceptions. Cosplay images are not allowed either and neither are realistic hand drawings. Please do not use face claims of deceased celebrities. There are some face claims that I myself will find repetitive and if one is used I will as said person to change their face claim. Please be diverse with your characters too.

Rule 3|Please respect me and others in this roleplay and do not bring any conflict into the ic and discord chat. If there are any issues between members I will handle it the most logical way. If I am getting multiple complaints about a person in my roleplay I will be asking you to leave. I only give out two warnings, after the second warning you will be removed from my roleplay.

Rule 4|This is a detailed roleplay so I suggest members commit to typing at least 2-3 paragraphs each post. If there isn't much information to use to play off of a character do your best. One-liners are not accepted in this roleplay, try not to make a lot of grammatical errors. I would also like posting to be around two posts a week. Please let me know if you are unable to meet the requirements and we will come up with something.

Rule 5|As GM I do have the right to deny character sheets that do not meet my requirements.

Rule 6|Do your best :3

The vampire by: irenic
Her blood lust is nearly insatiable. She doesn't need food or water to survive, doesn't even need to exercise to stay fit, but without blood, she's as good as dead. She's experienced multiple events in world history and in her own life and she's adding more onto the list. No, she's not those stupid Cullen type of vampires. Cause real vampires don't sparkle hun.

The werewolf by:
When the full moon rises, he turns into a beastly wolf. He has heightened senses of smell, sight, and hearing, and once turned his only instinct is to hunt. He doesn't know who he is while he's a wolf but can remember everything when he turns back into a human the following morning. This is one trick he needs to master quickly. Toss around a ball every so often he'll like it for sure.

The shapeshifter by:
She can take on the form of any person or animal she chooses and often uses this unique ability to her advantage. The roommates have forbidden her from shifting into any of them, their close friends, family, or significant others. Need someone to be you for your exam she'll have to charge a large penny for that.

The siren by:
When he enters the water, an iridescent tail replaces his legs and gills sprout on his neck. In addition to his aquatic condition, he frequently lures poor victims to a watery grave. He can't help it it's a family tradition but, he chooses to punish the guilty with his melodic voice. But is that an even worse decision. He has very pretty scales though. Maybe his roommates' ex-lover could change the traditional views thrust upon him. Yes, he can communicate with aquatic life quit asking.

The grim reaper by:
He sees dead people like the kid in sixth sense. Or, people who are about to die. It's his unpleasant duty to collect the souls of the soon-to-be-deceased and pass them onto purgatory. He's really annoyed with the image humans used described him as it was a different time and he regrets even showing up to humans wearing a long black robe and a large scythe. He doesn't have to live in the human world but it's not like he has anything better to do. He's taken a liking to the vampire for a while.

The witch by:
Ah yes! She is the granddaughter of the youngest Halliwell sister and her along with her supernatural companions are living in the Halliwell manor. She's still learning her craft and only knows a handful of spells but don't fret, of course, her grandmother Phoebe bestowed upon her the Book of Shadows. As of lately, she's been trying out new potion recipes, much to the annoyance of her roommates. She's your friendly Halliwell witch. She has a crush on human #3 but doesn't know how to come out to her as a witch.

The invisible man by:
Now you see him...now you don’t. The invisible man of course is not able to be see via the naked eye. An experiment gone wrong due to his shitty scientist father, he wanted to be invisible to the public but not this way. While he is invisible, his clothes and any objects that he touches are visible. So you know that it’ll freak humans out to see a mug floating in the air.

Human #1 by:
She has been best friends with the supernaturals since freshman year college. She's never really believed in superstitions and thought vampires and witches were just made up characters to scare kids into being good but boy was she wrong. She is a very trustworthy and reliable friend to them. She thinks of them as your second family and wouldn't change anything for the world.

Human #2 by:
He's the ex-lover of the shapeshifter (without knowing who she truly is) and ended his relationship with her on pretty bad terms. Now he feels like there is a strain on his friendship with the others. He's been spending more time with the siren in hopes of keeping some part of his life with the supernatural beings alive but has developed a bond with him.

Human #3 by:
She's developed a friendship with the witch and has always been close to her. She gravitates towards her than the other supernatural beings in the house. She doesn't know who they truly are either but she just can't seem to avoid them.

Human #4 by:
He isn't even friends with the supernaturals, instead, he has been tracking their moves and has been obsessed with finding out who they truly are. He started becoming acquaintances with two of the supernaturals hoping to catch them in the act but you're always a minute too late. He hopes this is the year that he finally finds out who the people who live on Prescott Lane truly are.
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Hello everyone! I just wanted you guys to know that this is the ooc. So any questions or concerns please ask them here! If you don't feel comfortable asking me here, please don't hesitate to pm me. Also! I wanted to make sure that everyone was ok with the deadline being a week from yesterday. If you guys don't want it to be a week from yesterday please like this post and I will extend it an extra four days. I look forward to seeing all of your characters!!!!
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hoping i can get my girlie finished this weekend, bc i'm going to be busy during thanksgiving break
this is totally a stupid question but for the cs info, do we have to have our character answer the questions?
Characters are looking great everyone! Loving the diversity! I will work and try to complete Avice today!
Ok after reviewing the current character sheets I have accepted some applications earlier so I will post the accepted people in the roles section on here.
Ok I updated the list and hopefully you guys are still interested in participating in my roleplay. There are still some roles that need to be filled but if you feel like we don't need them please let me know!
here is the link to the
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First of all, my character is almost finished. Second, when I click the link, I'm simply being directed to the character sheet page. Is it just me?
yo! forgot to watch this thread, totes still down. i'm currently working on some things for another roleplay but will hop on the discord to chat as soon as i can. so excited for this!
I did is there something wrong with my form? I can fix it if need be!

Edit: I think I can see the confusion i created, apologies. I was trying to leave it open to do whichever role and tailor the application for one of the two roles, and leave which ever one someone else wanted over the other.
If you're interested in either role number 2 or 4, look over them and create your character around the description :3

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