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The sound of a large bell rang out over the distance of Christmas Rose Park, an amusement park that had opened sometime recently. It had all of the theme park and carnival classics, from a ferris wheel, a rollercoaster, and spinning teacups, to a haunted house, a mirror funhouse, and even a parade. Kids and adults of all ages would visit, families and couples and everything in between. Christmas Rose Park’s atmosphere was truly a most joyous one, day in and day out.

The bell’s purpose was to signal opening time to the staff, as well as to the guests waiting outside the park gates. A particular young man, seemingly in his very early twenties, took this cue per usual to finally don his red and white mask and hat, completing his look as one of the parks entertainers; a simple, but effective clown. Much like lots of the entertainers, he was pretty new here; he’d been working for a few weeks, maybe? Even though he was one of the newer employees, he’d already come to realize that he loved his job, and found that putting a smile on the faces of the people around him is what gave him the most joy ever.

The manβ€”his name, Attilio Cacciniβ€”took his usual position to watch guests begin filing into Christmas Rose Park, which is where his job truly began. He strode about, beginning his silly and harmless clown antics with the guests, mostly the youngsters, posing for goofy pictures when needed and poking fun here and there with a happy chuckle. He got quite the enjoyment out of what his job entailed, and it was like he wasn't working at all!

With time ticking, Attilio made his way around the amusement park. There was still a lot he hadn’t gotten a chance to do and some staff he still hadn’t met. Those he had met were all super nice, which consisted mostly of those he was positioned around in the parade. Knowing that one of the first parades of the day would be coming up soon enough, he turned on his heel to take a small break away from the guests before the time came.

However, he’d must have been a bit too hasty, for as he was walking, he crossed paths with a someone who bumped into him from behind with enough force to send him down to the ground. Shocked, he sat himself up, not too worried and ready to apologize for his actions, only to turn his head and be met with the person who he’d collided with... a young woman who was obviously playing the part of the princess, Princess Merry; the pretty makeup, the curled silver hair, the big yellow dress and white gloves, and the crown made it clearer than ever. He’d seen her quite a few times, but never so close up and personally before.

Behind his mask, Attilio gulped as his eyes widened dramatically. He found that he was glad the eyeholes in the mask were so small, for that way, no one could see the look in his vibrant blue eyes.

Oh no.
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