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Alive? Alive.
"Woah." Imminent danger or not, the armoury was impressive. Georgia would've whistled had she knew how. Some of her teammates looked like children in a play-store, whilst other took their time around the weapons, trying them as they went.

Now the important question: What would Hulk do? "Ok, no way I will not break half of those things, so" she went carefully to the other side of the room, where sturdier things could be seen. A hammer may be overkill, and is a short-range weapon all the same. The most useful thing would be something she could throw; but, again, it could break and high-tech frisbees couldn't have been a priority at this point. She figured she should rather fight herself, so she sighed and made her way to the armour wall.

She took a heavy looking helmet, chest and back plate and knee caps. There weren't exactly mirrors, but she knew she probably looked like a knight. She chuckled. "Never thought I'll actually get to wear this." On a far side of the wall (behind what could just be a laser sable, mind you) were some non-lethal looking weapons. She toyed with something that looked like a radar. Finally she settled for a long-range sound emmiter: A paralyser. Hopefully those things have ears... Or a brain, for that matter.

Something caught her eye, and she turned around to the others. "Hey, there are portable radios here! May be useful if we split up."


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Leslie was hoping to get the chance for a group bonding experience but immediately entering the fray was not what he had in mind. It was abrupt for sure. It wasn't as if he had any food left to eat, yet he wished they could have hung around a bit more. Instead they were quickly brought to what seemed to be a debriefing room. It was impressive if not equally as intimidating. In a way it was a reminder that things were going to get serious. Instead of taking a seat he chose to hover by the exit, standing behind the chair closest to it. Cold air sneaked between his teeth as he inhaled. Intense training or not, there was only so much one could prepare for something like this. What made this virus so dangerous was how unpredictable it was. The diverse group of people in this group was evidence of that. The infected humans were one thing, but the unknown furred being was another. A drop of 6% in integrity was nothing to scoff at. Leslie's own body would likely not amount to even a single percent in comparison to the doors of this place. "Heh," a nervous chuckle escaped him.

Then there was the arsenal. It was an indecisive person's worse nightmare. There seemed to be no end to the choices of weapons, tools, and equipment. Many of which Leslie had trained with during his 30 years on ice, but that all felt somewhat surreal. What was being asked of them right now was very real, frighteningly real. The others seemed to be doing fine, at least on the surface. He wasn't about to be the one to get cold feet. He just needed to find something that was up his alley. His ability was best suited for close to mid ranged combat, though he wasn't too keen on using it offensively. For now he would stick to man-made weapons, not virus-induced ones. The team had plenty enough heavy hitters. It wouldn't hurt for him to support from back.

Before he could come to a decision someone had thrown out the idea of radios. "Good thinking," After a brief moment of thought he muttered, "though maybe not the splitting up part."

It was a momentary distraction, but the main issue remained at hand. At the very least he would take a handgun—two even. The fancy bulky ones. They shot some rather impressive rounds. Not any good for long distance, but they had a wide range. Should be useful if he ever got cornered. Only downside was the rather big power cell they took, but he didn't plan on using them too much anyway. A weapon he would use a lot was still a matter for consideration. Something big could be nice, though he didn't really want to have to lug something like that around.

It didn't seem like he was making any progress on that front, so he took to a different section. He was mildly tempted to bring a fire extinguisher, but shook off the thought. A knife on the other hand would prove valuable when all else had failed. His hand reached out a few times before retracting back near his chest. It was the logical choice. He ended up compromising by picking one of the smallest ones available. It didn't need to be all that big. It wasn't intended for the enemy.

The thought made him shudder.


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What the hell was going on? Corentin didn’t even know himself, everything seemed to be going by too fast and was extremely hard to process. Tension was high, and his vision started to blur as adrenaline was dumped into his bloodstream. He could feel his stomach constricting and twisting, as if his meal he just consumed would be coming out of his mouth quite soon.

The northerner couldn’t understand the glee of some of his other fellow Deltas once they had caught sight of the armory that was available. Watching the warped and mutated former humans on the screen provided by Frank simply made him feel worse. This wasn’t a game, or enjoyable at all to him. The thought of slaughtering mass amounts of humans, humans who once had families and lives of their own, it sickened him. But they couldn’t reform to their prior ways, or be the same as they were before. Part of him hoped purging the mutants would relieve the suffering they were in.

Corentin reluctantly reached for a sniper equipped with a thermal seeking scope and a pistol, feeling the edges of his mind slowly unhinging. “Please let this be quick...” He muttered to himself, squeezing his eyes tightly for a couple moments. Corentin could feel the familiar surge of telekinetic energy close by, manifested as what he believed to be an female humanoid, despite being invisible. And ‘she’ was a wrathful entity.​


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Once each of the Delta's had armed themselves the weapons room seemed to emit a low humming sound before a pannel of wall in the back of the room opened to reveal an elevator for the eight of them. Inside a hologram of Frank began to speak to them again. "Infected moss has damaged most of my outer parameter surveillance, so i cannot offer very much assistance, however i will offer logistics and strategy where i can. I ask that each of you take these before you go." as he spoke his hand extended to reveal several pairs of what looked like safety glasses but with a more streamlined design. "These will act as camera's and will allow me to analyze the recordings of all you see. Best of luck delta's always remember you trained for this, you arent just a soldier, you are pioneers, heroes, the saviors of humanity. You trained for this, you are ready, and you can handle what lies beyond those gates." the most surprising thing was that frank actually beleived this, he had seen their combat datalogs, each of them alone was powerful but together they were an unstoppable force. He disengaged the hologram amd the real frank rode the hallway elevator back down to the cryopod room to see what he could do about delta 8's malfunctions.
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Dorian simply cocked his head to the side and pointed at his face, referencing that he had no way to wear them due to the chitin making his face a smooth surface. "Not gonna work for me." He simply said, picking up a few grenades, that seemed to merge with his carapace. Hefting his particle rifle, he made his way towards the Elevator. He was looking forward to putting his skills to the test. And getting a larger meal. MRE's were just not enough.
"Alright people, once we exit the Elevator and get to the surface, i want us to be split into two teams. Red and Blue. Red Team, consisting of Myself, Abigail, and Corentin. We will act as overwatch, and take the higher ground, covering Blue team as they make their way towards the objective. We'll reconvene on the 3rd floor then make our way to the airpad." He said looking over the assembled, and now heavily armed misfits. "Unless, somebody has a better idea?"
Otto looked at the glasses handed to him “These things are kinda dorky, could be worse, could been aviators though” he thought before putting them on. Dorian then adressed the group about the plan of attack. Otto didn’t really have an opinion for an alternative plan, though he wasn’t pleased about splitting up, some overwatch s welcoming. As they rode up Otto did have a thought “So what about the security cameras? Sure we gotta clear out the front of the bunker, couldn’t we also clear out the vines as well?” With two teams he figured they could easily clear away whatever was around the bunker and kill of the vines covering their surveillance systems, that way if some were damaged they could be cleared for whenever they would be replaced.

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Eva gingerly took the glasses and put them on, "cool."

Evalyn would be lying if she said she wasn't scared. This was not a virtual enemy, it was real life monsters they would be dealing with. Even with Frank's attempt to set everyone's mind at ease, Evalyn was still slightly worried that she might hinder the progression of the group. Not to mention that this would be the first time she would see the outside world in apparently thirty years. She wondered to herself just how desolate the world looked now after so much has happened in such a short time compared to the thousands, maybe millions of years nothing severe such as this has happened to life on earth since the extinction of dinosaurs.

She looked over to the rest of the group to see a couple of the others were starting to make their way to the elevator. Dorian went to explain his plan with everyone and at the end of it Evalyn found it simple enough to go along with it. She shook her head saying, "No sir."


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"Glasses huh," Leslie slid them on, "not as comfy as my old ones."

After that Mr. Black begun calling out orders. It looked like splitting up was the plan, and Leslie wound up on the blue team. In a way he felt even more out of it than he had immediately after leaving the cryopod. They were about to go out and kill some infected. He was about to go out and kill some infected. It felt wrong to refer to them as if they weren't human at one point. It was just a way of coping with that fact he supposed. Apart from the gear, the group of people standing before him really didn't seem like trained killers. He had to stop thinking about it.

Instead, he finally grabbed a nearby weapon—some sort of shotgun. It wouldn't have been his first pick, but the room was beginning to feel cramped. He needed some air; even if that air likely wouldn't be much better. In the end it really didn't matter. He made his way by the elevator and awaited further instructions.

"We got this no problem." He hoped the words could offer comfort to someone. Even if that someone was himself.
"Hm... Need to keep an eye out for a few of them." Misha muttered to herself, leaning against the few empty spots on the wall to once again watch her fellow Deltas pick their weapons. If the AI in her weapons training simulator was correct, a person's choice of weapon is an almost accurate way to reflect themselves. And boy were their choices varied. Their squad leader, Dorian, picked out what seems to be grenade launcher and a laser rifle of some sort. Next was Evalyn, a sniper rifle and backup, someone who probably likes to play it safe. Next was Otto, the loud one, and his choice was... a glaive like weapon? Clearly nuts. Looking away from Otto, her eyes laid on Georgia, the amazon.

".... Can't say I'm surprised...." Misha could only mutter as she noticed that she only donned on some armour instead of picking a weapon. It was more or less obvious that she is more at home with punching any potential threat to death. That left Corentin and Leslie, the "few" that Misha was referring to. Their discomfort about the whole thing was obvious but Misha wouldn't know why they felt uncomfortable until she talked to them and now didn't seem like a good time. Not with Frank activating the elevator for them and giving them a worrying update on the situation. Seems the infected mass was starting to grow into their electrical grid and its messing with the external sensors but Frank did offer an alternative in the form of camera glasses along with some words of encouragement.

"Thanks, Frank." Misha politely thanked the AI before picking up a pair and slipping them on. A small smile slowly formed as she adjusted them, thinking back to her days when she would wear PC glasses out of habit. Happier days. And now its all gone and replaced with a harsh new world. Misha pulled herself out of that thought in time to hear Dorian give out his orders. It was a standard squad tactic, an overwatch element, Red Team, covering a mobile group, Blue Team. And it seems that she was in Blue Team.

"No issues with that, Sir." Misha quietly said along with a few other words of acknowledgement from the others. With everything more or less settled, she stepped into the elevator and leaned back against one side. She was quietly waiting for the others when a soft, almost inaudible clatter can be heard. Misha wondered what that noise was when she looked down and realized her laser SMG was tapping against one of the magazine pouches as it shook in her hands. Or rather, her hands were shaking.

"...... I-I'm... scared...?"


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The elevator doors closed almost silently behind the Last of the delta's as they loaded into the chamber. Frank listened to the crew interact but had already stepped back into the long Hallway elevator and lowered himself to the cryobay yet again. Already the smaller repair drones were at work rebuilding the important systems. Yet he repurposed them to focus only on the thawing systems, elevation hydraulics, and the Door opening mechanisms. It would likely take a few minutes but he would need the final delta up and running to complete his plan to support the Others.

When the elevator finally dinged the doors opened along with a panel of wall to reveal a boiler room in the basement. It was pitch black and any sound in the room had long since died down. However with her enhanced eyes Evalyn would see that they were alone in the basement, dust and rubble lie everywhere but at the opposite end of the absurdly large room was a stairwell, obstructed by a large fully loaded metal shelf. However her ears would detect slow shuffling footsteps in the floor above. Loads of them, surely a dozen at least. Franks voice would emanate from a tiny speaker on the side of the glasses. "There should be a generator on the western facing wall. My last scan showed it was operational and sufficient to bring auxiliary power back to the tower. However it may attract the Infected with its noise. Your decision Delta's." his tone was similar to the tone a teacher would take when attempting to test a students knowledge.
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Dorian reached out and placed a chitinous hand on Misha's shoulder as a sign of comfort. "Take a deep breath, and focus on the objective. You'll be fine. You're gonna have us watching your back. Like it or not, we're family now. Plus it could be worse. You could look like me" He said, his voice having an echoing effect, due to the natural armour. Upon hearing Otto's concern about the cameras, he carefully removed his hand from the woman's shoulder and turned to face the anarchist. "The cameras are a secondary object. Once we have the area secured, we can focus on getting our security and and defenses. Don't want anything trying to eat ya while you're not looking." Dorian said the last part jovially, slapping a power cell into his rifle, it's advanced reflex sight popping up from above the receiver.

As soon as the elevator began to rise, Dorian looked at the others, taking in each of their faces. "Remember your training, and we will survive. And Otto... No lone wolf shit, got it?"

As he was waiting on a response, Frank's voice came on over the intercom. "Alright, Addendum. Once we reach the generator, form defensive position. Hell, dig in, barricade if we can; then hold the line."
Now in the elevator, Georgia was relatively calm. As much as letting go of her old glasses was an awful feeling, thinking that they just had to survive to see them again was even worse, so she settled on worrying about it later. Now, they had to go there, fight, and nothing else. "We'll be alright." She said, echoing the words of one of the boys on the group, and had to remember to steady her breath. Everything was going to go just fine.

She agreed with the plan: She'll fight on the front. It was the logical thing to go for. As much as she did remember some of her teammates powers, she was sure some of them would take her by surprise, and acknowledged it for the fight coming.

The sight of the dark room was... unexpected. Unnerving. Georgia shook these thoughts away and focused on her leader's words. Once on the generator, hold the barricade line. She nodded along and put all her hopes on her training and muscle memory to kick in when needed, and promptly stopped thinking about the subject.

Everything was going to go just fine.
The elevator was smoother than expected as it began its way up. Otto stood front right and looked back at the others for a bit, looking over each one. “I wonder if any of them consider them to still be human?” He wondered, internally scoffing at the thought. Otto kept his composure as he felt his repressed anger start to break into his concious. Otto agreed with the plan about the cameras, he wasn’t going the mess with them until he had his fare share of the slaughter. Dorian mention to the group about remembering their training, “Well duh, hadn’t trained to cook ya know” Dorian also paused before telling him to stay put with his team “Ayyye, you got boss” Otto said smartly, snapped and gave Dorian a finger gun with a cocking sound.

The elevator soon stopped, opening revealing the generator room Dorian had mentioned, it was very dark and smelled of must. Otto touched his hands togther and brought his palms out before moving his fingertips away from each other. He had created a physical ball of electricity which he controlled with his left hand, not only did he make this as a preemptive measure, but also as a light source. “I’ll take point” Otto said grabbing his weapon before he caustiously stepped out...
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The elevator ride felt extremely awkward for Corentin, flashing his teammates an awkward and sheepish smile. When really his soul was shriveling up and dying on the inside. “Understood, sir.” He softly replied to Dorian’s command, the Canadian would be damn sure not to go out of line. Not that he had the courage to. His cold and sweaty fingers curled tightly around his weapon.

The young man was jumped a little when the elevator doors parted, as if expecting something to jump at them. The dust clouding the room caused a choking feeling to rise up in Corentin’s throat, biting his tongue and forcing himself not to cough. Even the smallest sound could alert the enemy. Hell, those things could probably smell them as soon as they entered the room. He thought about putting the strap of his rifle over his shoulder and flashing some sign language as to ask who should step out first, but it was so dim in the area it probably wouldn’t be much use.​

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Evalyn's reflective eyes scanned the room that had opened up to them. Everything seemed safe so far, but precautionary measures aren't decided by sight alone. Evalyn momentarily closed her eyes taking in all that she was sensing: the rising heartbeats of her comrades, the vibration from the floor of the elevator as Otto stepped off, the overwhelmingly desolate smell of dust in the air. She determined the room was safe, but there was something else past the room that disturbed her. She heard movement from the floor above them so she used her night-vision eyes trying to find where they would come and immediately they landed on the blockade across the room.

Once she assessed the room, Evalyn casually walked pass Corentin who was treading lightly and behind Otto who ready for the worst to jump out. "We can relax for now, I'm not sensing anything in here. It's upstairs we need to worry about. That shelf on the other side of the room at the top of those stairs is the only thing that will get in between them from us. In short, this is only more reason to stick with your plan, Dorian, of taking the defensive position as soon as the generator comes on. And I gotta say, with the amount of infected up there, there shouldn't be a single one of us that won't get a kill point."
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