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Realistic or Modern the Losers

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as. if.
— the LOSERS !
superpowered epic quest.
01. introduction.
The age of civility has come to a knives point. The Heroes of old have diminished with the age of technology and the masses of the entire planet sit, unaware of the fact that they are on the precipice of a new world--or the end of the world completely. The beings that are at the head of what is known as the Truth Corpation has been keeping secrets and erasing the way of the Hero. Their leader, backed by a fierce being with powers unlike any that have been seen before, stands as the harbringer of the end.

This is where you come in.

An unknown patron with ties to the defunded RE+COVER Institution for Heroic Acts has bankrolled you into a suicide mission. You name it, they have the means to make it happen. You find yourself in a facility, optimized to train you and your powers. Whether you're an anti-hero who "doesn't work with others", a villain whose in it for the money, or a pureblood Hero whose as snobby as the rest of them one thing is clear: You're the last bastion of hope for everyone. And if you hit the King, you'd better kill the King.

All hail the Losers.

02. rules.
RULE 1. As always, please follow all RPN rules. Be kind to fellow RPers. No fighting of any kind will be tolerated. Come to me or my co-gm with an issue before anything gets hairy. Thanks.

RULE 2. Literacy is expected. This is an advanced RP, so I expect multi-paragraph responses each time. Even though sometimes you can only push out a paragraph( which is fine), one-lined replies are an absolute no go.

RULE 4. Please be able to post once a week. Life goes on and I'll understand that, but if you are not gonna go through with the commitment of being active don't even apply.

RULE 5. There will be an application process. You will not automatically get a spot, so creativity is a must. OP powers are allowed if your character can grow into them. More information on characters will be posted if enough interest is expressed.

RULE 6. Discord will be a mandatory. If you aren't active at ALL on Discord and don't think this one RP server will make you more active, please do not apply.

03. right...so...
Okay, I'm outsider--resident fanboy and one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. This rp is inspired by the Suicide Squad comics, the X-Men comics, and a little bit of Fable(The good parts, anyway...) I hope you like this one. I am looking for a Co-GM, so don't hesitate to message me for that. The CS page and discord server will be up with interest. Any questions about your character and their powers can be PMed to me personally. Thanks and have a swagtastic day.

EDIT: Kassandra Kassandra has been chosen as my co-GM. Her word is law, only to be challenged by me. No pressure:)

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