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Story The Lore of Onessa Online: The Continent known as The Sunburst

The Explorer

Philippians 4:13
The Sunburst. A Continent rife with Desert land that spans the entirety thereof, and is inhospitable to all life on it's arid surface. One century before the story of the game takes place a ship of colonists consisting of over ten-thousand brave and skilled adventurers and explorers sailed the Onessian Sea in order to conquer the Desert Lands of the Sunburst. Only ten survived, and they did so by discovering an underwater cavern system underneath a layer of soft sand-like material. In these caverns were underground lakes and flowing rivers of pure water purified by the minerals the caverns were made of. There also existed an abundance of herbs of many different and unique types. However, it was pitch dark so over the years that the Colonists took refuge there, their bodies and senses had adapted to their new home. Without sunlight their future generations grew to have no pigment to color their hair, and they became highly sensitive to light, so much so that their eyes became useless and thus future generations became blind, and with almost translucent skin from their lack of vitamins from the sun, they had to eat the proper plants to supplement their lack of vitamins from meat and sunlight. Thus they as a people are mainly vegetarians, and only eat fruits and herbs found in the caverns they call home.

The current generation of Sunburst Colonials are led by their Queen, Liahara Munic, and are usually very friendly to strangers that find their way into the cavern systems they call home. They send those among them who commit crimes that are severe in exile to the surface of the continent. These Sunburst Exiles are given a specially made Blindfold made from herbs and twined together, and dyed black by pigments found in fruits that are combined together. Those who are not exiled wear a similar blindfold that is dyed any color they wish other than black. Colonials are agile but weak, and are mainly very tall. They can survive in harsh and extremely cold environments and handle plants with ease.

Upon the surface there is no life whatsoever. Those who are not exiled and wish to leave do so through underground caves leading through to the ocean and swimming upwards. These are known as Sunburst Advants. They are those who will risk their lives for the sake of adventure.

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