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Fantasy The Little Rider and the Fearsome Dragon (dragon needed, adv lit. platonic)

Sub Genres
Adventure, Magical, Platonic
In the kingdom of Aisling, there live many beings. Humans, orcs, trolls, dragons, druids, and many others share the kingdom. Aisling is ruled over by a human king and is mostly dominated by humans who have an unsteady peace with the other beings who live in the kingdom. That peace is about to be shattered by a creature known as the Lich. Nobody has seen the Lich but he has managed to recruit the orcs and trolls to his side and necromancy to create armies of dead soldiers from the bodies of those his minions kill. This is all happening outside of Aisling and the Lich is nothing more than a rumor.

Among the humans in Aisling, live druids. Druids keep to themselves in the woods, often using their magic to heal forests. Druids are also the only beings who have managed to befriend dragons. The Druid warriors will only ride one dragon in his whole lifetime as once the dragon and rider have chosen each other, they perform the “soul binding” ceremony where their souls become one. This allows both the dragon’s magic and the Druid’s magic

Lark (my character) is an 11 year old half Druid girl. Her mother left the Druid tribe when she fell in love with a human man. They moved to the outskirts of Aisling where Lark was born. 2 years ago, her village was attacked by orcs and trolls and they were all singing the Lich’s praise. Her father was killed and her mother was injured, she brought Lark to the tribe but died from her injuries upon arrival. Nobody believed her claims about the Lich and she is treated as an outcast by the tribe. Her magic isn’t as strong and Druids despise humans, seeing them as threats to nature.

Lark comes up with a plan, she will become a dragon rider as they are highly respected and the magic that she will get from the dragon should boost her own powers. She is too young to actually start the training as druids start training with their dragons at 14. She won’t be able to get close to any of the dragons in the village. Well, except one.

Y/C is a dragon who lives in a cavern on a mountain that the Druids have made their village at. He can see them on the edge of the cliff and they have seen him. He sees himself as above the druids and the dragons who devote their lives to them. He thinks highly of himself and is known for not being very pleasant to be around. The Druids call him “Lord of the Mountain” as he is said to be a warrior among dragons. Many have tried to be his rider and many have been sent away because they were not worthy. He enjoys being feared by the little druids but there is a small part of him that hears their laughter and music from his cave, a small part of him that craves join them. His stubbornness and his ego will not allow him though.

Both of these beings are outcasts among their world but by partnering up can they save it?

Name: Lark
Age: 11
Personality: Lark has an ever present smile and is quite the talker. She can go on and on until someone stops her. She is friendly and kind though most find her perkiness annoying. She is reckless and often does things without thinking. She loves magic and works hard to be as good as the other Druid children even though she is only half. An outcast and victim of bullying, the young girl is extremely lonely though she tends to simply hide her pain with a smile. She is stubborn and it’s hard to get her to change her mind when it’s set on something.

Background: Lark’s mother was a Druid who fell in love with a human. She left her people to be with him and soon Lark was born. They loved their daughter and the first 5 years of her life, Lark was loved and happy with her mother teaching her magic. Soon, a plague hit their village and her father died. A plague sent by the Lich King. Her mother took I’ll as well but managed to travel to the village where the druids lived. The Druids took in Lark after her mother passed but they treated her as an outcast with Lark constantly seeking their approval. Her most recent plan to gain acceptance? Become a dragon rider.

  1. This is advance lit. That means 2+ paragraphs with decent spelling and grammar along with character development
  2. Please be able to plot with me. Do not be afraid to add something to the plot
  3. This is a fantasy roleplay but characters are more important to me than battle scenes. This is mostly a story about two lonely creatures who find that family does not care about what species or whose blood you have.
  4. Please be able to play side characters with me.
  5. If you have read all of this then please tell me what your favorite color is when you PM me. Please PM me, if you reply here then I will tell you to PM me.
  6. Lastly? have fun! I care about this plot a lot and am looking for someone long term!

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