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Multiple Settings The Lightbulb Moment (OPEN)

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i'm on top of the world hey! (he / she / they)

  • Hello!
    Well hello there! It's nice to meetcha, and welcome to my comfortable little corner of this lovely site. Although, not as lovely as you of course! I'm loving the look you have today you magnificent specimen of Royalty! (;

    My name's Mediae {Med-ee-Ay} and I go by He/She/They pronouns. In terms of age, I'm on the cusp of 16, so still a minor, but if it's writing maturity you're looking for, I enjoy writing darker topics and can handle them as I have no triggers of my own. I often get mistaken online for someone much older! I can reply often, usually daily or multiple daily, but at least a few times a week. I don't ghost, and will be honest if I'm struggling with a roleplay so we can wiggle some stuff around to see if it makes a difference! Although I prefer quality over quantity, I can produce 2-4 paragraphs of normal posts, ranging from 4-5 for starters and 4-7 for bits I am obsessing over. I love talking OOC!

    My current themes of interest are; hurt/comfort, platonic relationships, found family, fluff, angst, slice of life and LGBTQ+!

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i'm on top of the world hey! (he / she / they)

Kipo Oak

What We Have Is You

You don't need the sun to keep you warm when you've got arms. Wishes come from you, not a random shooting star.

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