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Realistic or Modern The Lead industry


Feet First into hell
The lead industry
Devil Dogs incorporated

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The weapons trade, a lucrative business, if you survive long enough to make it to the big leagues. DD Inc is mainly a weapons trading company selling arms to the highest bidders. DD Inc is one of the small but known companies, or organization, whichever one fits.
The company sells weapons to anyone really, rebels, dictators, private armies, you name it. The company consists of ex soldiers and law enforcement world wide, many of whom are personal body guards for the head. Sarah Franklin
Sarah is the youngest arms trader in the world, sitting at 20, she is both beloved and feared by many people around the world, she can have someone disappear with the a simple call to any of her contacts. Inheriting the company from her parents who have recently retired. Hiding on an island in an unknown part of the world. The year is 2020, technology has advanced and so have the weapons and military equipment. Revolutions are alive and well, dictators need to arm their armies, and criminal organizations need tools for work.

DD Inc is looking for more skilled employees, preferably in the combat and technological department. Among drivers and pilots, people with weak stomachs and wannabe badasses need not apply

Shall we be the suppliers?

Money is money, guns are guns, and boy oh boy, do guns make money...

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