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Realistic or Modern [The Last of Us 1&2 // Long-term // Adv lit // MxF, then MxM] ❝No matter what happens, you keep findin' something to fight for.❞

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Hey there!
I'll get down to the nitty-gritty of this mostly-depressing plot.


This plot is inspired by and based on the world of The Last of Us (1&2), so please make sure you have played both of these games, and have full understanding of the storyline from start to end before you continue reading this thread.
Essentially, it will be a fairly cinematic and realistic story of our two protagonists surviving together.

I expect there to be a constant effort to survive the dead, the people, the circumstances. Sometimes they'll join a group and have minor and/or major conflicts with some of the members, sometimes they'll struggle to find supplies and food and they'll get grumpy at each other for the smallest things and have arguments, and at other times they'll try to be romantic with what they can afford, they'll get injured fatally or not, etc... basically anything and everything that can happen in a real post-apocalyptic world. We'll go with the flow, wherever it may take us.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect?​

It will principally be of serious and nostalgic (of the pre-apocalyptic world) atmosphere but with that being said, what I truly desire to see in this plot is everything painfully human: sadness, anger, misunderstandings, bloodlust, hostility, altruism, selfishness, desperation, revenge, hope, forgiveness, compassion, brutality, possible subhuman motives (e.g., cannibalism - but not necessarily involving our characters) and joy and silliness where appropriate. Things that would happen if the outbreak were to happen in real life. Not always being kind to one another, or cruel, but being humans with one another.

Ultimately, I reckon the main theme would be our characters holding onto their last frail pieces of humanity as they continue to survive for as long as they can without losing each other.

Relationship between our characters?

*Note: the specific pre-established set-up that's described below is non-negotiable. This is something I'd absolutely love to do, and this is the only set-up I want to do for this rp. I would be so grateful if you happened to feel enthusiastic about this as much as I do.

Simply put, ex-boyfriend (MC) x ex-girlfriend's (younger/older) brother (YC). To elaborate on how this will come to be:

At the onset of the CBI outbreak, MC and YC's sister have already dated for several years; in fact, they recently got engaged, and the outbreak occurs a day prior to their important pre-wedding event they'd excitedly planned together. That event is a coast-to-coast road trip around the whole country, and MC would've driven for hours over to where YC's sister lives to pick her up for the trip (the two live in different states.) But that never happens, as the abrupt frenzy takes the entire state of California (where MC is in) off guard, and MC finds himself in the middle of the chaos trying to get out of there alive first, so that he would be able to somehow reach YC's sister again. Eventually, this outbreak engulfs the entire country and ravages everything in sight.​
Had the outbreak never occurred, MC and YC's sister would've driven to Seattle first, as one of their initial destinations. Hence, MC and YC's sister (for her, with YC in tow) each separately make their way to Seattle in the hopes of finding each other alive.​
Several months later, by some miracle, MC runs into YC and YC's sister while running away from a horde of runners. The three of them escape together, and find shelter. It takes them about half a day of continuous walking to finally get to Seattle. Needless to say from that point on, they'll stick together as a group.​
Not everyone gets lucky for too long, though. At some point, for whatever reason/s, YC's sister dies. Both MC and YC are devastated, as she was the most kind and loving girlfriend/sister they could've ever asked for. This puts immense strain on the relationship between MC and YC: sure, they've known each other ever since MC and YC's sister started dating ages ago, and even though they weren't that close they were comfortable enough as soon-to-be-brothers-in-law. But surviving without her has such a huge emotional impact on them both that it becomes difficult to tolerate each other without thinking back to her, and how she used to be there with them. It's not necessarily that they hate each other. It's just that they remind each other too much of her.​
But at some point, their uncomfortable partnership begins to change again as they struggle, together, against surviving and making it one day after another: full-blown, definitely-not-temporary emotional and physical attractions towards each other. This induces a truckload of guilt and confusion in both MC and YC. For MC, he feels disappointed and disgusted at himself that he can even see his dead girlfriend's brother that way, because it feels like cheating. Perhaps this might be felt to a lesser degree, if it's even felt, by YC because he's not in a position of a grieving boyfriend, but a grieving brother.​
Either way, they keep experiencing these tumultuous emotional changes until they, at last, come to terms with the fact that at some point you've got to move on and allow themselves to accept and express those feelings to each other.​

In terms of the actual nature of their relationship, I want it to be a somewhat rough (in the traditional/stereotypical way straight men act around each other) but genuine, strong romantic bond between the two. Main reason for this is because I feel like this isn't how gay relationships are typically presented in an apocalyptic context and I'd be very keen to write a kind of dynamics that, from outside perspective, may not even look like a romantic relationship because of just how starkly it goes against the whole stereotypical gay-men-in-love images.

What kind of roleplayer are you?

➤ Extremely selective​
➤ Length ranges from 500-2500+​
➤ Open-minded​
➤ Flexible​
➤ Habitual idea-thinker who tends to share many ideas​
*Note: I usually take a while to respond - as I never quite find myself completely free most of the time. I'm really sorry, but sometimes I might even need a whole month to work on a reply, at the very latest (but I'm working on it, and I've gotten faster at replying). But I reply OOC pretty often to keep the conversation flowing, whether that be just to give a brief update on my life (but most importantly the progress of my replies), to passionately ship our characters, offer scenario/plot ideas, etc. Rest assured, I've never ghosted my partners and don't ever plan to. Needless to say, I'll be expecting the same level of communication from you.

What will your character be like?

I am very versatile and open to playing pretty much any sort of character. I will be making a character exclusively for this plot and I expect you to do the same. Although one commonality that can always be found between all my characters, irrespective of their sex and sexual/gender orientation, is the fact that they're all somewhere (emphasis on somewhere) on the masculine end of the spectrum. This is non-negotiable. Some of the traits that I am currently thinking of giving to my character (although, these are all subject to change) are:
➤ A cruel survivor type​
➤ Difficult to get to open up​
➤ Questionable morality?​
➤ Selectively loyal​

*Note:my character is unswitchably dominant in a N/SFW sense, strictly for the purposes of shipping. This too will not be negotiable, sorry.

What kind of roleplayer are you looking for?

Someone who:
➤ Is passionate about discussing possible ideas and scenarios and will try to come up with these throughout the story, not just during pre-RP discussion​
➤ Is passionate about sharing music (which befit the RP) and personalised aesthetics/moodboards and other creative modes of enhancing this experience for both of us​
➤ Can invest time and energy PROPERLY into our story by doing necessary research and ensuring there are no discrepancies between every major detail; I always do research on things I am not sure about, and am constantly trying to come up with ideas, things to tweak, suggest, enhance... and I expect you to do the same in return​
➤ Writes with proper grammar/spelling and describes things in a lovely depth​
➤ Can establish (or open to the idea of establishing) their own side characters to play whenever necessary​
➤ Is open to the inevitable dark/triggering themes​

What kind of character are you looking for?

The main male character:
➤ CIS-GENDER male (his sexuality is entirely up to you)​
➤ Mainly AMERICAN - though I absolutely do not mind if he is, say, half-American and half-German but please make him American one way or another. Because Ellie and Joel are both Americans, I just have a strong preference in this regard. I feel that this would really help replicate and build on the highly atmospheric and US-specific world of TLoU 1&2. I do want it to feel authentic in that sense, if I'm making any sense.​
➤ Submissive in a N/SFW sense (mature themes are optional; but it would be great to incorporate it) - in other words, only for the purposes of shipping; otherwise a completely self-reliant and capable survivor​
MUSCULAR physique is required, as it would be reasonable to expect such from any long-time survivor. Having said that, steroid-induced muscular body or bodybuilder-like physique is not at all what I am looking for​
➤ Faceclaim MUST BE REALISTIC, however not of anyone too famous and well-known​
➤ Made exclusively for this plot - i.e. single-shipped​
His sister:
➤ CIS-GENDER female (her sexuality is entirely up to you)​
➤ Mainly AMERICAN - for the same reason above.​
➤ Submissive in a N/SFW sense (mature themes are optional; but it would be great to incorporate it) - in other words, only for the purposes of shipping; otherwise a completely self-reliant and capable survivor​
LEAN/TONED physique is required, any prominent muscles are optional (i.e. even if she doesn't seem muscly, she should still be able to exert force and use her strength where necessary to survive). Same deal here, please do not give her an over-exaggeratedly frail body.​
➤ Faceclaim MUST BE REALISTIC, however not of anyone too famous and well-known​
➤ Made exclusively for this plot - i.e. single-shipped​

Final comments​

If you've read this far, thank you for taking the time to read my post. One thing I'd like to let you know is that I'm not as pedantic as my post might suggest - I'm quite friendly once you get to know me a bit. So if you're interested please don't hesitate to hit me up, we'll see how things go from there. =)

P.S. I'd prefer to do this on Discord, but let's first discuss the details and all that first in DM before we move there.
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Hey there! This setting sounds intriguing, and I'm a huge fan of the TLOU games and the WWZ book - basically, any series that focuses more on the struggle for humanity rather than mindless zombie gore.

I'd be interested in playing a character who is the opposite of yours - someone who leans towards optimism and trust. He would still be cautious and a keen survivor but he'd be less likely to write off other humans and more willing to collaborate with others. Maybe he just hasn't had an encounter with other survivor groups that is bad enough for him to turn cynical.

My discord is pupperino#3485. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate there.

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