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Characters: Realistic or Modern - The Last Days (CS)
In-game: Realistic or Modern - The Last Days (IC)
Game resources: Realistic or Modern - The Last Days (Resources)


How did things get like this? It is hard to imagine how the Reich (Germany) which had such tremendous success in the earlier years of the war (1939-1942) was facing such a terrible and seemingly unstoppable defeat. The Reich's capital (Berlin) is already in ruins due to the constant bombing from planes. People currently have the bare minimum to survive. Electricity and water are now a luxury

"No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Hermann Goering. You may call me Hermann Meyer." - Hermann Meyer, September 1939


Being attacked in the East by the Soviet Union, West by the USA, England, and their allies, the situation sure looks grim as Germany stands alone against all odds. Is there even a shred of hope? Enter... the Volkssturm!

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The Führer (Germany's leader), in all his wisdom, sought a way out to attain victory. Certainly, rallying every man, woman and child into taking arms would be the way to turn this grim scenario into a total victory. After all, the German people had shown their resilience before and will show it once again. Thus, the Volkssturm, squadrons just like your own, were created. But the new recruits would not simply be thrown to the wolves, no, as every squad had a veteran, a true tested leader which would lead them to victory and glory


You, and comrades, were assigned into a squad under the leadership of Captain Egon Geissler. Give it your best and victory will be yours! (Or at least you won't be captured by the Soviets)

Hello, everyone. I am Maxxob and this is my RP proposal. A warn in advance to those looking to join: because of the RP's very theme, player behavior (both in character and in the OOC chat) will be scrutinized severely by me, to the nth degree, to make sure every player (or most) have an enjoyable time. Players may be outright removed from the RP depending on how grave their misbehavior is considered by me.

The focus of the RP is not ideologies or anything of the sort, but a magnifying glass to a certain group of otherwise inexperienced civilians inserted into the context of a losing war. Their interaction with each other, the situation itself, dangers that derive from war and in a sense combat as well (albeit no dice will be used, this will be a purely descriptive, story driven RP).

This RP can also be enjoyed by those without deep or even any knowledge of World War 2, as everything will be breakdown by me, explaining the situation as directly and simplified as possible. Real events may be mentioned, but those will be explained in greater detail.

Players interested in this campaign need to be able to, at the very least, write a single solid paragraph with each post, once per week (with some allowance in need to basis). To register, PM me with the subject "Interest in The Last Days" with a character sheet similar to the following one, along with a drawn picture depicting your character's appearance (anime or not). After your character sheet is submitted, it will be analyzed and may be accepted, need to be modified by the changes suggested or outright refused. Questions should also be directed towards me by PM and not posted in this thread:

Name: Egon Geissler

Age: 42 (can range from 14 to 75)

Appearance: Geissler is a male sporting a height of 178 centimeters (5.83 feet) and weighing around 80 kilograms (176 pounds). Of average-build, Geissler has brown hair, green eyes and burnt, tanned skin from sun exposure

Personality: Ambitious and a go-getter, Egon has the drive to pursue even the most impossible of tasks. A patriot and almost-fanatical party member, the man truly believes that victory is just a matter of how hard the German army and people apply themselves to the war effort. While not the most forgiving and a stern leader, he genuinely cares of those under him, considering them his own responsibility

Background: The son of a well-to-do middle-class businessman, everything in life was easy for Geissler. That is, until the hyperinflation after the first world war, where his family possessions were, metaphorically, turned into dust. Joining the party at its very inception, Geissler rose to the rank of sergeant rather quickly. Most of his experience comes from his service in the lost campaign of North Africa. Narrowly escaping capture by the British troops, the man made his way back to the Reich and, after some service in the West Front, got promoted to captain, with all the bells and whistles. Now, a new task is in front of him and his eagerness is just as strong as it was in 1939

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