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The Land Of Lirin

Kingdom Name;
Lirin; Enviorment; It's a cold place, where the water is always iced over. The people here don't take kindly to creatures who aren't human. They despise them, but few humans enjoy these creaturs. The most common you'll find is the Elf. Then, there's the Bakeneko; a cat that talks, and acts like a human. They have mighty claws, and a thick accent. Then, there's the orc, quick to anger and green in the skin they stay away from villages, they are exelent fighters and will attack anything that threatens their homeland.
Gerarak (A sloth like creature, slow in movement but has a dangerous strike. They leave a sticky path where ever they tread, making it easy to tell when one's nearby. But, they use this to their advantage, one prey steps into the sticky liquid, they can't move, no matter how hard they try. Only when the monster is dead they are finally allowed to move.)
sleepsoth; (A horse sized beast, dwells in the shadows of large cities. It uses it's claws as a major weapon, and elemental magic, able to drain. It lures it's pray into dark places where it has no escape, it's weakness is light, and they are better fit for cold weather with the large coat of fur they have.
Rabeen; A War animal, very smart.
Coyybara; This diminutive furred creature makes its home in deep lakes. It stalks its prey, which includes magical beasts, large creatures, mundane beasts, and small creatures. It attacks with a tail striker and grasping tentacles.
deorodo; This enormous, reptilian, bat-like creature can be found in bogs. It attacks with crushing blows, piercing shrieks and electricity. Myths suggest that they seek out and attack a particular kind of person.
Spidelope; This tiny, slimy, unnatural creature lives in mountain passages. It attacks with strangling grabs, a hypnotic gaze and a hypnotic song.
So, basically, everyone in the land has magic. Everyone is also born under a certain star and thus born under one of 7 deities. I'll come up with bullshit names later. Magic rests in one's blood, and the more they bleed, the weaker they are with magic. Every deity or family under that deity experiences times where they and their families are weaker or stronger. Every few centuries, a king is born who is the strongest in the land, and is so at every high/low point of every deity. Also, each spell you cast(depending on how powerful it is) draws from one's soul. However, the soul is renewable as you gain soul by smiling, laughing, or just being a person in general. If one uses too much of their soul, they become a husk of a person, their body becoming a feral beast.
The more people use this magic, the likelier they are to be taken over by a demon, be it greed, lust or whatever. But, people who use it to heal will have a lesser chance.

Healing; Heals the person the caster wishes, but instead hurts the castor, if they do it too much, there is a chance that they will die.
Revival; 50/50 chance this will work, but you'll need high leveling. Will imobilize you for awhile..
Fire ball; Leaves a burn on the user for a small period of time.
Ice; Collects the snow from around and impales it into the enemy
Duel weilding; Very important, deals more damage.
Sneak; Only a few amount can do this without catching the attention of people around them.

Gods; umir, God of Winter, here's one (female because she's cold as ice lol) rabum, the maker of everything around
They are loved everywhere, and are very high in cunning. They can influence people to do what they want. Most are very rude towards other creatures, like the elf.
Their home taken away from them, they lived under the rule of humans for years, they lost their tradition after years of living under the rule of humans for so long. Many are too afraid to stand up,thinking that they'll be struck down by the humans. They hide in their alienages, lost to the world and their traditions they used to follow. They are skilled with bows, and magic.
Very aggresive creatures, they live in the trees and often fued over land and demand any gold from travelers. They have been in war with the dalish elves for awhile now, and nothing can stop them. They are skilled fighter, and their bite is worse than their bark.
Bakeneko; They are very stealthy creatures, they can sweet talk their way out of any situation. They are often the root of trouble in large cities. They have sharp claws, which most that live in the city use for cutting off purses off of women for their gold. It is rare to see any of their children out. They stick close to the alienage. They are mostly found as clerks selling whatever they can find.
Dwarf; Despite their size, they can be very strong. They use their anger as a fighting choice, channeling it and using it in brute strength. They live underground, avoiding humans. They are very good at crafting weapons. They find their nobles by the important things that they have done in their lifetime, and they are forever remembered for it. These people don't believe in any gods, instead they worship their own, who they know are very much real.

The penalty for illegaly trafficking alchemical ingredients is hanging.
The penalty for comitting acts of public indecency is a few years' imprisonment.
The penalty for accepting bribes is a long imprisonment.
The penalty for a tradesman stealing a hunting dog is public humiliation.
Human Motto(s);
Cunning is Courage
War, Honor, Happiness

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