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    Shawn Matthew Dawson

    "Oh, I can do more than that." He said, taking the invitation to come in, closing the door behind him. He concluded since his vehicle was back in his garage, he would have to rely on Darryl for a quick transport to the mansion. While he waited he decided to put himself into good use. Shawn settled himself on the couch and pulled out his laptop from the bag. He opened it and started to get to work. One of shawn's notable abilities was in technology, primarily hacking. It wasn't hard for him to identify everyone's location through their phones, all it took was a few computer codes... He suddenly considered putting up more firewalls on everyone's phone after it was all said and done. He didn't need to search for the Drogas manor since he visited it from time to time. He wrote down the address on a blank sheet of paper.

    "No one has left the Manor, it seems like the gang is all there right now. But, I would expect them to start scavenging soon." He called out whilst doing more observation. "I could use that tracking app that she downloaded, see if that can help me."

    Shawn proceed to look through the app and just in case through her Porsche GPS, identifying the last locations she was spotted before sending it to everyone. Suddenly, it started to dong in his head. If there was someone out for Vi, no doubt that they would look for the rest of the family, leaving them vulnerable especially if their adversary had another computer nerd in their midst.

    I sent you where the boss has last been spotted, hope it helps.
    I am going to put false locations on the trackers. so, it won't be reliable anymore.
    If there's someone who's going after Viviane can hack through the app, it'll leave everyone at risk.

    Shawn then began to get to work, each phone would soon have various locations attached to it, making it difficult to identify where the members truly were for any outsiders. It could be fixed by an experienced hacker, but at least it would give the more time to prepare for it.

    Placing him laptop back into his bag, he swung it into it's usually place, strapped behind him. He took the note and handed it to Darryl. "That's the address. Jasmine said it's critical that we get there immediately."
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    Darryl Marks

    Having thrown on a grey t-shirt, jeans, and slipped on some generic sneakers in the short time it took for Dawson make himself comfortable on a the couch a few feet away and boot up his laptop before opening a storage chest that was sitting in the corner of his apartment. Darryl listened intently to Dawson ramble on and picked out the important bits while strapping on his ballistic vest. About the time the nerdling was done with his info gathering, Darryl had thrown on a light hoodie to conceal the vest and had taken out the shoulder holster from the chest. Jamming the piece of paper that Dawson had handed him into his pocket, and though he wanted to ask why the matriarch of a crime syndicate had a tracking app on her phone, he decided now wasn't the time to question it.

    Instead Darryl asked "Since you're still here, I'll assume you walked your happy ass here. I guess that means you need a ride." The tone of the question was clearly rhetorical and Darryl didn't wait for a reply while he pocketed his phones and holstered the P226 in the rig he put on whilst speaking. Taking one last look around before he headed to the door, grabbed the keys to his Audi S8 from the hooks near the door, walked out the said door, and headed to stairs that led to the garage.

    Assuming that Dawson was following suit, he took the address that the nerdling had given him out and glanced at it to confirm the destination as he made his way down the 3 flights of stairs to the apartment's underground parking garage. Darryl's pace picked up while he crossed the garage to his S8. To his mild surprise, the nerdling wasn't lagging behind. Much. The moment they were seated in the car, Darryl pulled a pack of cigarettes out the middle console and preceded to light one in quick fashion. "They won't let me smoke in my apartment. Fuckers." Darryl says aloud as he pulls out of the parking space.

    @Spacing Out
    ((I kinda dragged your character along since you were hitching a ride. But you can take the same liberties for the arrival. Darryl likes to use sidewalks when in a hurry. Have fun.))
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  3. RK
    "Lucas, Xavier, Javier, Wolf, KIA." Came the deep voice of his subordinate, "Bastard." A growl came from the darkness, the only lights were emitted from the large screens he used for surveillance over the city. That's how he knew where Vi was and when to send his men. He watched the girl through his monitor, his men had failed him once more. Yet they successfully slowed her down, giving him a chance to continue planning.
    "Sir." Came the deep voice of one of his subordinates, "what could you possibly want now?" The man dressed in black straightens up, facing his leader eithba calm face. "The trackers have been disabled and show false locations." "Mother fucker!" The leader snaps, rolling his shoulders. "Hold back, we will see what we have to do once they find their precious boss." He growls, dismissing his subordinates with a flick of his wrist.
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  4. Kypher Drogas

    Well, things seemed to be carrying on as usual then. Kypher nodded to Jasmine absentmindedly as she greeted him, murmuring a, "Morning," back at her as he took another sip of his ice tea. He was distracted because he was watching Viviane: she was currently blowing up about her role again. Keyword being 'again'. In some ways, Kypher was glad he wasn't the eldest Drogas sibling, he didn't have to deal with the pressure that Viviane did. Well, not as much of it anyway, he always had to participate in more than his fair share of 'bad guy' activities as of lately, all voluntarily of course. He could never refuse a request from his sisters.

    Of course he had expected her to storm out the way she did. She was startled, caught off-guard, perhaps even a little worried about what she had done. Kypher could tell from reading her, but also from what had happened last night. Killing Bradley and his henchmen was a routine thing, that wasn't a concern, but it was the men that had tried to remove their lifeless bodies that had irked the 23 year old Drogas. Were they from the same gang? How had they discovered Viviane's murders so quickly? And, unless they had been give specific orders from some bigger boss so quickly, why did they immediately move to recover the bodies? What strange game was being played here that was pulling the Drogas family so out of their comfort zone? He took another sip as he considered this, still resting his face on one hand as he stared off into the distance as he sometimes did when thinking. He didn't notice that Liliana had also left until Jasmine started panicking on the phone.

    His head instantly perked up at the mention of Viviane in danger and his hand went to his pocket in the same movement, pulling out his phone. The tracker currently said that Viviane was halfway downtown, uptown, in a strip club nearby and at Liliana's nude party. He almost snorted in laughter at that, his eyebrow quirking slightly as he suppressed it. Tapping away, he put in a very long and complicated passcode unlock a hidden app in his lock screen. It opened to reveal the security controls of the mansion, all at his literal fingertips. He tapped the electric fencing on, the autoturrent perimeter defence system on and the land mine deployment option on, also automatically locking the doors with large heavy steel bolts. Kypher could open the doors individually too and so could any of the other Drogas siblings, who also possessed the secret app. That Dawson guy also possessed it, but only because he made for Kypher because he asked.

    With that done, Kypher got up from the counter, phone and ice tea still in hand, and turned to Jasmine with a cool sense of urgency, "I'll go get Liliana and send her back. Then I'll go and rescue Viviane from whatever she's gotten herself into now, alone. It'll be safer if you both stay here together." He stayed for a moment longer to ensure Jasmine understood before briefly nodding a 'hello' to Akina and briskly walking away to the front door, unlocking and relocking it with a tap. As he left for the garage, he tapped into the mansion's cameras from his phone to check which way Liliana had gone before hopping onto his custom motorcycle and following where he thought she was. He knew his sisters and he knew Liliana, she was probably going to the mall for shopping and girl purposes. She always took the same route too, something that was very helpful for aspiring assassins trying to take out a target. He took off at high speed with a skilful skidding turn around the tight corner of the mansion's large gates and belted it down the road after his youngest sibling.

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  5. GK
    "I'm not in danger, I am the danger."

    "Sir, two other Drogas have been spotted outside their mansion." Came a females voice, Gk sighs heavily. "Send out Fox, Dimitri, Sasha, and Lip." Gk replies sternly, his thoughts wandering onto his elite gunners. "I want Hunter on Viviane's location." The woman looks taken back, "Sir-" "Now!" Gk snaps, causing the young woman to jump slightly.
    He shakes his head when his subordinates exit his chambers, he watches the surveillance videos closely. "You'll pay, bitch."

    Two Silver Audi r8s travel through the underpass, until they receive their orders. They flash their brights in response, before speeding through the tunnel. Once they exit the tunnel, they part ways with elegance.
    One of the vehicles eventually takes a sharp turn and positions itself incredibly close to Kypher's motorcycle. It's engine roars as it gets thrrateningly close, as if it is teasing the only Drogas son.
    The other Audi eventually rolls onto Liliana, it pulls up beside her pink Audi silently. In the driver seat was Dimitri, a rather handsome young man. He looks like danger, with his neck and hand tattoos. He looks towards Lili, flashing her a handsome smile.

    A blacked out Range Rover exits a large car garage, before taking to the highway. After a few miles, the range rover eventually takes an exit, before slowly approaching the last area Vivi was seen.

    Viviane Gray Drogas
    2017-04-13 12.08.39 1.jpg
    "Like a kiss from a rose, I can seal your whole fate."

    A curse emits from Viviane, as she clutches her stomach for a moment. The young man had attempted to shoot her, in response she had blown his head straight off his shoulders. She lifts up her shirt, revealing the black vest that she had happened to put on earlier. The bullet wss lodged in the fabric, cutting it incredibly close. She curses, regaining her breath.
    Viviane slowly picks up the corpse, sliding it back into the back seat of the truck. She shakes her head, walking back to her car. She was typically prepared for these situations, so she receaches into her wrecked Porsche. She takes out a bottle of an unknown substance, and matches.
    She sighs as she dosed the inside of her Porsche, before reluctantly tossing a lit match inside. The formally beautiful car quickly becomes engulfed in flames, causing her to shake her head and make her way towards the truck.
    She dosed down the corpses inside the truck, before tossing in two matches. One in the front seat, the other landing in the backseat. She watches as both cars burn like massive explosives, before she takes out her phone again.
    She rounds the corner, preparing to dial one of her siblings. Until she noticed the Range Rover cruising towards her, at first she thought it was one of siblings. Until upon further inspection, she notices there was actually a license plate on the vehicle.
    She curses under her breath, before quickly hurrying into an alley way the car couldn't fit into. She takes her handgun off her hip, before she dials Jasmine again. She remains hidden inside the alley way, her heart beating incredibly quick. Once her sibling answers, Viviane smiles. "All evidence is burned, but there is another car. I'm currently trapped in an alley, do we have any idea who these people are?" She asks her younger sibling, peaking out of the alley just to see the Range Rover reverse and back up towards where she was. "I think it's time to call in the other families, because these bastards won't give in." She mutters softly, leaning her head back against the concrete wall. She was exhausted and in pain, her ankle was swollen and turning purple, she felt light headed as her cut hadn't truly stopped bleeding. "I'm so tired.." She admits, which is quite unlike the oldest.

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  6. Jasmine Rose Drogas

    Location :: Lounge
    Feeling :: Worried - Angry - Determined
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    Jasmine nodded to Akina's question. "I don't care who comes near this house. Unless it's one of my sisters or the boys, they're not getting anywhere near," she said, checking her handguns were both fully loaded. She raised an eyebrow when her friend drank some vodka. Everyone had their ways of dealing, she figured. "Just don't drink too much. I need you alert," she suggested. When Kypher said he'd find Liliana to send her back and then find Viviane, Jasmine reluctantly nodded her head. She hoped he wouldn't spend too long seeking their youngest sibling as right now Viviane seemed to be in the most danger.

    When her eldest sister called again, Jasmine wasted no time in answering. "Vivi, where are you?" she worriedly asked. "I don't know who's behind this, yet, but we'll find out. I'll personally rip their heads off," she angrily threatened. "Okay, I'll call the other families," she reassured her. She then put Viviane on speakerphone again so she could type out a text as the call continued. When her sister said she was tired, Jasmine looked to Akina with worry in her eyes. "You'll be okay. Just keep talking to me. Where are you?" she asked again. At the same time, she sent Shawn another text message: She worried Kypher might get caught up helping Liliana and not get to Viviane soon.

    Nerd =)
    Don't come to the mansion yet. Find Vivi, she needs help & fast. Can you track her?
    I'm home with Akina. We'll be fine. Get Vivi.


  7. Akina​

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    Akina set down the bottle, and reached into her bag. She pulled out a small handgun and walked over to the window. "I'm going to call Cecil, he needs to help us." she called out to Rosie. She unlocked her phone, and typed a sentence to Cecil. She dialed a number quickly and spoke. "Hey! Cecil. We need you to help us. So Viviane is in trouble. Shawn and Darryl should be heading to her now, but any extra backup is useful. Liliana is also outside, but Kypher is already chasing after her. Can you please help? Thanks. I'll explain more later, just go now!" She looked outside the window to see a black sedan roll up to the front of the mansion. "Shit. I've got to go, I'll give you more information later. Bye." She shut off her phone, and looked towards Rosie with a concerned expression. "Hey, Rosie. We've got company." She took out her handgun, and unlocked it from the safety position. She sat on the windowsill of the window, and watched the man exit the vehicle.
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    Location||Home - Outside the Drogas Mansion
    Feeling||Excited - Cautious (but also excited)
    Tags||@Mystiquettic @Misty Gray

    The text from Rosie was a bit of a surprise. Cecil had planned to spend the day watching television and maybe a trip to the grocery store if he was feeling productive enough. The last few days have been painstakingly uneventful and Cecil couldn't help but feel a little excited that the Dorgas gang was finally back in the business. He changed out of his pajamas and into something more suitable, then grabbed everything he needed for a potential mission. Bidding goodbye to his three cats, who promptly ignored him, Cecil made his way to the garage, where all his weapons and drugs were hidden.

    Everything too big to be hand-carried was put in the backseat, while Cecil put his foot on the gas and sped off towards the Drogas mansion. It took a few minutes, driving just below the speed limit and narrowly avoiding a red light. Akina called him as he pulled into the driveway behind the estate, he could hear the worry behind her hurried tone. "Yeah, I'm just outs-" The line went dead before he could finish, he frowned and got out the car. He slung the duffel bag of weapons over his shoulder and pulled out a hand gun, just in case. Waving at a hidden camera on the fence, Cecil made his way to the backdoor and knocked thrice, oblivious to the black Sudan pulling up the front.


  9. Jasmine Rose Drogas

    Location :: Downstairs, home.
    Feeling :: Worried - Angry - Determined
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    Jasmine didn't end the call with Viviane, instead keeping it on loudspeaker and placing the handset into her pocket. "Keep talking to me, Vivi," she told her sister. "You don't get tired, and if you do, you fight it," she sternly ordered her sister, though she was worried about the older woman. "Ky is on his way to get you, as is Marks and our sweet Nerd," she fondly assured her.

    When Akina announced they had company, Jasmine glanced out of the window and saw the black Sedan. At the same time, she heard the knocking at the back door. "Stay by the window," she told Akina, seeing her friend was armed. Jasmine looked at the security feed to see Cecil at the door and nobody was close to him. Satisfied, she unlocked the front door, still holding a gun in one hand. "Am I glad to see you," she said, managing a smile before ushering him inside the house and quickly locking the door behind them. "Darling, we have company," she remarked, pointing towards the window where they could see the black Sedan. "Assholes are going to regret turning up here," she hissed.


  10. Akina​

    TAGS: @Lethal Charges @Misty Gray @Garnet | EMOTION: Worried / Mad | LOCATION: Windowsill​

    Akina kept watching the sedan, occasionally diverting her attention to what Rosie was doing. When Cecil entered, Akina gave him a quick glance and a nod to greet. The windows were very darkly tinted, and Akina could barely see the silhouette of the man in the car. He lit a cigarette, and leaned back into the chair for all Akina knew. He looked like he was either waiting for one of the members of the Drogas to come out, or for one of them to come back. "Rosie, he's staying there. I'm going to keep watching him to make sure nothing happens, but keep alert. He may be waiting for more of his... little crime group." She watched the man. Thoughts ran through her head: Why were these people going after them? Perhaps they were Bradley's crime friends? To get revenge of the many things the Drogas family has done before? She thought for a bit before she yelled to Rosie's phone. "Viviane, can you give me a description of what the men looked like? Classic criminal look? I need to know, and if they had any special armour on. Plus, I hope you're okay." Akina gave a look of remorse as to not thinking about the consequences of some of the Drogas family's decisions. Still, she was glad that she came to help Viviane and Rosie. The man's attention seemed to be watching the mansion only, waiting for some activity to happen.
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  11. Liliana Drogas


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    outfit ;; xx

    Liliana hummed to herself stopping at a stop light while looking at herself in the mirror. It was such a shame that she wasn't going to the party. Maybe she can convince her older sister once more? Noticing a car next to her pulling up, she looked over at it cautiously. Hand in her purse ready. Seeing that it was a handsome man, she blinked over in surprise to wave cutely before giving him a wink. "Hiiiii!" She sounded out before hearing police sirens in the distance. What the hell?

    Suddenly, police cars zoomed the opposite direction Liliana was going however she was curious. Moving her gun to the side to pick up her phone, she dials up Jasmine. When her sister answers the phone, she stares for the light to turn green. "Uhh please tell me those police sirens weren't for us." Turning to the male once again, she mouths 'call me' to him before making a hard left to turn around.

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  12. Viviane Gray Drogas. 2017-04-13 12.08.39 1.jpg
    "Like a kiss from a rose, I can seal your whole fate."

    A curse emits from her mouth when she heard a car door close, she didn't dare to peek around the corner. She presses her handgun tightly to her chest, she is about to answer Akina when her phone flashes 'on hold'.
    She looks around, she can hear the police sirens getting closer. She slowly makes her way towards the other exit of the alley way, as she turns the corner she can hear the heavy footsteps of the man.

    She was exhausted, and she didn't know if she could continue fighting. Her head ached and she was beginning to feel clamy.
    She peaks out to see the police turn the corner and out of her sight. She was preparing to make a run for it, until she feels searing pain through her thigh. In agony, the oldest collapses. Blood oozes from her thigh, as she wraps her hands around the wound. She looks up, a man dressed in black standing over her.
    She grits her teeth, before she reaches for her handgun. Pain surges through her as the man delivers a powerful kick to her chest. The sickening sound of bones cracking, vivi falls onto her back with a heavy thud.
    A guttural laughter erupts from the man, "How pitiful you look, Viviane." He growls, unsheathing a sharpened blade. She watches him through foggy eyes, her world spinning.
    The man steps over her, leaning down as he presses the blade to her throat. The cold metal gives her chills, as she looks up into his dark eyes. "If it was up to me, id kill you on the spot. Bosses orders, you're needed alive." With that, he withdrawals his blade. Viviane sighs heavily, reaching for her phone that has now landed a foot away.
    The man laughs once more, before stomping the device into shards. Viviane growls under her breath, feeling helpless. The man grabs her by her arm, hoisting her up. Viviane doesn't attempt to gather her footing, making the man drag her.
    In one final attempt, Viviane reaches down the heeled boot, grasping her hunting blade.
    With one fluid motion, she reaches her arm back and plunges the blade into the man's ribs. He gasps in shock, dropping Viviane. Having not removed the blade from his skin, it carves down his ribcage with a sickening sound.
    She weakly crawls away from him, his blood soaking the concrete alley flooring. He collapses beside her, struggling to breathe. With the last of her energy, the plunges the blade into his throat.
    Silence engulfs her, and she sighs. She was losing blood, and quickly. She leans her head against the concrete building that made up the alley, merely hoping her family would get to her in time.

    Bg= #000000]
    "I'm not in danger, I am the danger."

    Dimitri quickly makes an illegal lane change and falls into pace behind Liliana. He edges his vehicle closer to hers, nearly rear ending her several times.
    His windows were too dark to be seen through, yet he was motioning for the other man in his vehicle to load up the two Aks.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Shawn Matthew Dawson

    "Yep." Shawn said as he followed his comrade out the door. He wasn't that far behind him but then again he was attempting to keep up. After proceeding to enter the car, placing himself in the passenger seat, his phone began to ring. He pulled out to see who the text was phone.

    Don't come to the mansion yet. Find Vivi, she needs help & fast. Can you track her?
    I'm home with Akina. We'll be fine. Get Vivi.
    Of course I can find her. I'm a computer nerd, Remember?
    Darryl and I are leaving right now. Oh and tell Akina I said hi.

    "Change of plan, we have to pick up vi. I'm searching for her location right now." He withdrew his laptop from his backpack, beginning to track Vi with caution. It didn't take long for him to find her location from her phone. He then transferred the information to Darryl's GPS using his hacking abilities. "Go here, she should be only a couple of minutes away. Maybe even faster if you speed." He couldn't help but feel worried about his boss. She was the person that made him feel like he had some purpose in life. His head rest on the door as he started to text.

    Boss Lady
    Vi I'm on my way to get you right now.
    stay strong until I get there.
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    Jasmine Rose Drogas

    Location :: Downstairs, home.
    Feeling :: Worried - Angry - Determined
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    When Akina noted that their unwelcome guest in the Sedan was staying put, Jasmine walked closer to the window, placing the phone down on the coffee table so they could still communicate with Viviane. As she stood with her eyes fixed on the stranger's vehicle, she continuously ran her finger along the trigger of her gun. The more she thought about hearing Viviane's worry, the more she wanted to just march outside and put bullets in the heads of whoever was now daring to challenge their home. She was out for Jared's blood, but right now these people would prove a sufficient substitute.

    "How pitiful you look, Viviane." Jasmine heard the man's voice at the other end of the phone. "Who the fuck is that?" she snapped and muttered to herself, grabbing the phone so she could properly listen to what was happening. Whoever it was, he said his boss needed Viviane alive. This was good for the short-term as it meant they weren't going to kill her sister on the spot, but also bad that they could take her and cause her more suffering. Suddenly, the line went dead. Jasmine frantically tried to call Viviane back, but the call kept going straight to the answering machine. "Damn it!" Jasmine hissed, pressing the grip of the gun against her forehead and tightly closing her eyes as she struggled to think of what to do next. She took a deep breath and lowered her hand, along with the gun. She then looked at Shawn's reply text, saying he and Darryl were on their way to find Viviane. Shawn and Darryl were good, hardworking guys and she cared for both of them. The fact they were on their way to her eldest sister gave her a little hope, but not enough to stop her hand from shaking as she held her phone.

    Jasmine's phone began to ring again and this time it was Liliana. Thank God she was still okay and was getting in touch. "Lily..." she began, before her sister began speaking. "Police sirens? I don't know, I..." she began, deciding to ignore the mention of cops. "Are you on your way home? Did Ky find you?! Some assholes have been chasing Viviane and she's hurt... Look, it's not safe, they could be after you too. Someone is also hanging around outside the house. You and Ky need to be careful when you come back home. These bastards mean business."

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    Darryl Smoking.jpg
    Darryl Marks

    Darryl chuckled a little at Dawson's last statement. "Well, shit. And here I was planning on going 35 the whole way." He retorted with a bit of smirk on his face. Fortune favored the two as the traffic lights allowed them to stay mostly on the right side of the road, with exception of having to take an alley due to a crashed Charger backing up traffic. This resulted in arriving at the chaotic scene that screamed Viviane's handiwork. "Jeez, looks like we're late for the party." Darryl mumbled as he pulled his S8 up behind a black Range Rover.

    'Fuck me. What a mess.' Was Darryl's internal assessment of the area as he scanned the area before putting out what little of his cigarette out in the ashtray and stepped out his car. While he saw the slumped form of Viviane not far into the nearby alleyway, Darryl leaned over and pushed the button to pop the trunk as he drew his Sig. "There's a first aid kit in the trunk. Grab it while I check it out." Darryl said to his cohort while he was exiting the vehicle.

    Darryl could hear in the sirens as he quickly approached Viviane with his gun trained on the body that laid near her. While checking the pulse of the man, Darryl could see she wasn't looking good. The part of her face that wasn't covered in blood was pale from the lack of it. "Ms. Viviane, It's me, Marks, and Dawson is here too. We're going to get you out of here." He called out to her as he did a final scan of the area before holstering his gun and squatting next to Viviane to assess her wounds.

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    Kypher Drogas

    Kypher glanced back in mild surprise at the car that had decided it wanted to follow him. Generally people who tried to threaten Kypher died. Very suddenly and quickly. This would also prove the case as Kypher flicked his motorcycle into autopilot mode and took a cylindrical object from a holster beneath his leg. It was a smoke grenade, which he popped and placed on the dashboard of the bike. A thick plume of solid grey gas spewed from the device, pouring over and past Kypher and directly into the view of the car behind him.

    The pursuing car tried to swerve out of the smoke's trail but Kypher's bike turned with it each time. Pulling dual berettas from a gun slot in the sides of the motorbike, Kypher promptly flipped from the back of his vehicle without a second thought, travelling obscured through the smoke as he began firing at the windscreen of his opponent. The glass cracked and broke in places as the driver and passenger was riddled with holes. Kypher smashed through the windscreen feet first, the glass having been weakened by his onslaught, landed in the middle of the back seats and placed a bullet in the heads of the two men sitting in the back as well. Having done that and wasting no time, Kypher opened the side door and leaped out into the road.

    And directly onto his motorbike, which had slowed down to come alongside the now driverless vehicle. The smokescreen had ended by now and Kypher gripped the handles tightly as he sped ahead, the car veering off to the right and colliding with a nearby tree with a loud crash. Kypher rocketed down the road with great speed, way more than the law allowed, and soon saw Liliana's car and another car chasing hers. Frowning, Kypher caught up with car and once again, leaped from his own transportation and onto the enemy's. Hitting the roof of the car and grappling for a hold, Kypher worked his way to the front when he heard gunshots. And then he saw the holes behind him: they were trying to shoot him off. Deciding it was too much trouble trying to kill them all, Kypher leaned to the side and shot the front steering wheel of the car out. Immediately he jumped from the car and onto his sister's as the other car skidding and rolled over in the road, clearly having been put out of action.

    Opening the side door, the young man slid into the seat next to his sister and closed the door again, briefly greeting her with an underwhelming "Hi." considering the incredible feats he had just achieved. There was a reason he was so highly feared by many criminals and law officials alike; no one was safe from the expert Drogas Assassin. Pulling up his phone, Kypher checked the security footage of the mansion: everything seemed to be okay for now. He then noticed Lili was on the phone to Jasmine and he leaned over to speak, "I'm here. We had some trouble but it's been taken care of. We're coming home now." The second oldest Drogas then looked at Lili with his usual dull look at pointed a thumb backwards, "We need to go home: there has been an emergency. Viviane has been attacked and we think someone is trying to wage war on the Drogas, which means you are not safe here. So turn around, please." Kypher's tone didn't change as he spoke, it didn't hint at fear, worry, excitement, anger or any emotion really. He loved his family of course and he would do anything for them, but he was a man of actions, not words. And his upbringing had been rather different to the other Drogas siblings, and it had messed him up slightly - although he wasn't sure if the others knew or if they just thought he was weird. Men his age were not normally as quiet, secluded or deadly as him. They didn't forgo sleep because they dreaded what would happen in their dreams. They weren't scared of what might happen to those they care about if they lost it and went crazy. Kypher leaned back into his seat and closed his eyes, not out of fatigue but because he didn't want to see himself in the wing or rear-view mirror. He didn't want to see the face of so many deaths.

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    Location||The Drogas Mansion, by the window
    Feeling||Vigilant and Tense
    Tags||@Mystiquettic @Misty Gray

    Cecil shot Rosie his razor sharp smile and moved to the side so she could lock the door. "Ditto." He replied and fell into step behind her. Akina mentioned something about unwanted company that wiped the grin off his face. He leaned forward to take a look at the car and the man in it, while the girls were on the phone with Viviane. He dumped his duffel bag on the floor, took out a rifle and began loading it, all while listening in on the conversation.

    What Cecil heard certainly had him concerned for his own safety, someone was out for the Drogas gang and they've been already successful in taking down his boss. Quite the achievement indeed. He wondered if this had anything to do with the shooting at Jefferson today, perhaps Viviane did kill him and was facing the consequences. For a second, he considered disappearing from the gang before the situation could get any more heated. Cecil knew a few gangs who would be happy to allow a marksman of his caliber into their ranks, but he concluded it was probably too early to make that decision.

    "I'll watch the car." Cecil turned to Akina, holding his rifle in place, but his finger off the trigger. When the rest of the gang come back, with or without Viviane, the black Sedan out the front would be a bit of an issue. "Have you called Marks and Shawn? Are they with Viviane yet? Could you warn the rest about..." He tilted his head towards the window. "...that?" Cecil asked both the girls, his eyes flickered between them before landing on Akina once again. "The boss is gonna be hurt when she comes back. Would you get the med kit, please?"

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  18. Jasmine Rose Drogas

    Location :: Downstairs, home.
    Feeling :: Worried
    Tags :: @Garnet @Destructus Kloud @Spacing Out @Galain Fletchawk


    Jasmine was relieved to hear Kypher's voice at the other end of the phone, along with confirmation both he and Liliana were okay. "Be careful when you get back, someone's parked outside the house and they're not moving. They could be waiting for someone to return home." Jasmine ended the call and stared off into the distance for a short time. She was worried about Viviane since her line seemed to have gone dead. She was snapped out of her thoughts when Cecil spoke up and started getting his rifle ready. She shook her head when he asked if she'd called Marks and Shawn. "No, I haven't called them since they left to find her. I'll call Shawn now." Her head was spinning with making so many calls and trying to keep tabs on everyone, but that didn't mean she couldn't handle it. She just hoped the two men had got to Viviane in time.

    Jasmine looked back to her phone and called Shawn. "Shawn, sweety? Did you guys find Viviane yet? Someone was with her - threatening her - and her line went dead..." she began. "You guys need to bring her back safe and when you do come home, you need to be careful. We have company here too and I think they're waiting in case Vivi comes back..."

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  19. Akina​

    TAGS: @Lethal Charges @Misty Gray @Garnet | EMOTION: Worried | LOCATION: Drogas Mansion, Supply Cabinet​

    Akina nodded quietly to Cecil's command, and went towards the supply cabinet. Inside, she found the small med kit, a variety of pills (mostly painkillers) and some bandages. She reached for all of them, and grabbed them. She brought them out to the front coffee table, and put all of it down. She reached in, and took out some of the painkillers, bandages, and some more medical supplies. She also got out some Advil, just in case. Akina looked at Cecil, and then glanced at Jasmine. The worried looks on their faces made her more even more worried. "Don't worry, guys, Viviane can take care of herself. We just need to help her out in this case, but you know she's capable." She said this with confidence in her voice, even though inside she was shaking.
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    Shawn Matthew Dawson

    Shawn eyes widened as the approached the scene. He pulled out his handgun from his belt holder, He didn't want to enter the scene with little caution. The blood scattered on the concrete would be traumatizing to observe from an onlookers point of view, luckily for him it wasn't anything new to him, his boss wasn't known for her cleaniness.

    "OK." He said hastily as he headed for the trunk. He was no doctor but from what he saw, Vi needed to be treated immediately or else she would lose too much blood. He rushed over to Darryl before handing him the kit. He wished there was something he could do regarding his injured leader but in this field there was nothing he could do.

    His phone began to ring, he didn't need to look at the caller ID to know who it was. He cursed softly to himself before answering. "Hey Red... We found Vivienne but she's not in the best conditions." He paused for a moment, if there was company at home, perhaps he could find another alternative. "Maybe it will be best if we took her elsewhere? She would be safer and undetected. That can give you time to deal with whatever is outside the mansion's door. When it's all said and done, we'll come to the mansion. I promise I will keep you posted." He sighed before continuing you on. "You gotta trust me on this."
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  21. Darryl.jpg
    Darryl Marks
    Darryl snapped his fingers twice in front of Vivianne's face, testing her reaction. "Great..." He mumbled. The terror that was the Matriarch of the Drogas Family was barely conscious and was probably going to go into shock if he didn't dress her wounds now. "Thanks, Dawson. Keep a lookout by the car would ya? I'll make this quick." Darryl said as he took the first aid kit from Dawson.

    The patch job on the head and leg would keep her bleeding out for the time being as Darryl moved to check her for any more life threatening injuries. 'I hope she doesn't remember this.' He hoped as he noticed and removed her ballistic vest to prevent it from affecting her breathing. Not seeing any other critical injuries, Darryl carefully picked up the crime boss and carried her towards his still idling car. He was a little surprised that such powerful and destructive embodiment of lawlessness could weigh so little and look so fragile in his arms. Darryl took care as he laid her down in the back seat of the S8 after Dawson opened the door for them. "Dawson, the boss is going to need actual medical attention. I say we take her to an ER and tell them she was in a car accident with no ID. That'll buy us some time from whomever is hunting her."

    However, their time ran out. The muffled sirens became crystal clear as a police car came around the corner. Darryl's brain went into overdrive as he weighed the options they had. "Uuugghh" A disdainful grunt escaped from Darryl when he quickly realized that there was only option that had a high chance of Vivianne escaping and he was the one that was best equipped for it. "Get her out of here!" Darryl yelled loudly, making sure he was heard over the oncoming sirens. He started to walk towards the slowing police car, making sure to draw attention by flagrantly drawing his trusty P226. The police car came to a screeching halt as he rhythmically pumped round after round into the car.

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  22. Jasmine Rose Drogas

    Location :: Downstairs, home.
    Feeling :: Worried
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    Jasmine nervously fidgeted with her hair as she listened to Shawn speak. "What do you mean? What have they done to Vivi?" she anxiously questioned. When he suggested they took Viviane elsewhere, rather than home, Jasmine quickly shook her head. "We're supposed to stick together," she firmly stated. She knew he was right, she was just venting because of how useless she was feeling right now. She should be out there with them. She then sighed, feeling bad for questioning her friend. "Okay... Make sure it is somewhere safe you're taking her and keep us updated, please." She relaxed a little and wanted him to know she trusted him. "Of course I trust you, sweety. You know I'll steal your comics and spoil every Doctor Who episode forevermore, if you disappoint me," she joked, her voice trembling a little. She found the geeky side of him refreshing and enjoyed it when he spilled out about his nerd interests to her.

    After ending the call, Jasmine updated the others on the situation as she stood next to Cecil watching their unwelcomed guests.

  23. Viviane Gray Drogas 2017-04-13 12.08.39 1.jpg
    Her vision was starting to blur together, just as two familiar figures come up to her body. At first, she gripped her knife tightly, until she faintly heard the familiar voices. She drops her bloody knife, her vision fading to black rhythmically. The feeling of her shirt being ripped open causes lught color to flush to her cheeks, and she whines quietly. She squirms weakly when she feels muscular arms around her body, and she raises her bloody hands to gently brush against Darryl's rough cheeks. Her face was pale, her eyes were unfocused and weak. "Looking good, Darryl." She purrs quietly, yet she sighs when he places her in the back seat of the car. She weakly attempts to sit up, watching as Darryl begins to shoot at a cop car, ordering Shawn to get her to a hospital.
    She shakes her head weakly, "we can't leave Darryl." She whimpers, her voice was scratchy and sore. Viviane weakly looks toward Shawn, "If we leave him, he will die." Her words were slurred and she leans back again. Her head was pounding roughly, making her whimper in pain. Her jeans were soaked with blood, and she was smearing the seats with the crimson liquid.
    "Holy fuck, this fucking hurts." She growls, placing her hands over her bleeding thigh. "You do know that they will know right? Doctors aren't ducking dumb." She hisses, a light smile curling on her pale lips.

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    Shawn Matthew Dawson

    Shane nodded before hovering towards the motionless vehicle, his phone still placed by his ear. He couldn't help but let out a small grin when she brought up his geek interests. "Oh no, not the comics!"he said jokingly, hoping to ease her a bit. "That puts this mission on top priority then. I promise I will keep you posted no matter what happens." He paused for a moment looking back at his two gangmembers on the sidewalk, seeing the two in such a state was unnerving. "I'm going to keep everyone safe to the best of my ability. We will be back at the mansion before you know it... Just kick some ass for me while you wait. I'll message you when I can." He said prior to ending the call.

    He opened the door for 'Darryl the medic' to place their leader the back. Shawn agreed with Marks' plan, It wasn't fool proof however it was worth a shot. A doctor's first priority was caring for a patient, the information would have to follow afterwards. He didn't have much time to react before the sirens amplitude began to increase. Great. Dawson's heartbeat rose rapidly, his mind was running amok. Darryl seemed to be handling the situation in a different light than what he expected. Darryl, however, did have a point. Vi was losing blood and she didn't have much time. Shawn raced to the driver seat and closed the door, he was about to drive off until he heard a soft whisper. He looked back at his boss. "If you stay, you will day too. I vowed to Jasmine that I will keep you safe... " he informed her,
    cranking the ignition. Was he really going to leave Darryl there? His idea was a sucide mission all on it's own and he was an essential part of the the gang... Fuck.

    "But, I have to follow orders... Hold on tight Vi. " He honestly didn't have a plan how to handle it, yet it wasn't surprising, he never did. All he knew was the main objective: get out alive. He stepped on the accelerator and cut in between darryl and the police. He hoped that the car (or at least the windows) would be bullet proof. He popped his head out of the window. "Get in the car! Are you insane? they're cops! A thing I know about cops is that when you kill one, they'll be stuck on your ass like glue until you're in jail or dead." He opened the door and yanked him in. Pulling out his handgun, shawn moved over to the passenger seat, and commenced in shooting the cop car. He expected them to call for backup, not leaving them much time to remain in one place. "Drive to the nearest hospital!" He commanded. He wasn't use to barking orders though he had to admit, it felt pretty damn good.
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  25. Darryl Smoking.jpg
    Darryl Marks

    While he didn't have time to flesh out the minor details, Darryl's idea was to keep the police's attention on him for a few minutes while Dawson and the Boss escaped before trying to do so himself. The plan was fairly simple in theory, but in truth Darryl knew it would be difficult to pull off. Not the distraction part, but the escaping before the police set up a perimeter or got a helicopter in the air. Though Darryl was muttering a rather extended vocabulary of foul language, he knew that this was the best option for everyone else involved. Not for him really, but he was thinking he had a good chance of escaping if he timed it right.

    This plan of Darryls had not counted on a nerd deciding to try and save the man that was currently shooting at police officers though. So, when he saw the white Audi pull between him and the police officers that were without a doubt going to return fire when given the chance, Darryl was stupefied. He didn't quite snap out of it until he found himself dragged into the driver's seat. Holstering his Sig before stepping on the gas pedal, Darryl started to berate Dawson. "I wasn't trying to kill them! I was trying to cover your escape! Now I have worry about them being not only being 'glued' to my ass but yours and hers as well!" He his voice was louder than it intended it due to his ears still ringing from the rounds he fired into the police car only a moment ago. "FUCK!" Darryl cursed repeatedly, as he tried to flush the frustration out his head so he can think clearly.

    "Damn it, Dawson! I hope you have a plan, because the only ideas I have are not good ones!" Darryl said as took a cigarette out of the pack in the the middle console and lit it before scanning this mirrors for pursuit, hoping that they did enough damage to that patrol car.

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