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Fandom The Kanto League Tournament.

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, Pokemon


For many years a trainer after gathering eight badges would be allowed to take on the elite 4 and champion no questions asked.

Do to this most champions would be defeated only after a couple of victories making the title virtual worthless. As such the Pokemon League Cooperation (PLC) had ruled that tournaments would be held every six months to dictate who would be allowed to take on the elite four and Champion of that league.

While the trainers battle to see who the best is an organization in the shadows plots for world conquest


Praise the sun
I actually thought of a few questions I’d like to ask because I’ve been brainstorming a character.

1. Are Johto, or other regions Pokémon allowed. I understand if you want this RP to stick with Kanto looking at it’s title but Johto is right next to Kanto and gen 2 even adds a few new Pokémon that can only be found in Kanto. (Houndoom, Tyranitar etc.)

2. Are Megas allowed and if so to what extent.

3. Are legendaries allowed on a team.

4. Can our characters have more then just six Pokémon so they can switch their teams around for battles or are we stuck with six.
Jagson Jagson


1. For now only Kanto Pokemon. If you have say a seadra or other Pokemon that can evolve in later generations they are allowed to evolve in this.
2. Megas are allowed. Though only one per person.
3. Legendaries are not allowed on teams. That being said they will be involved in the side plot.
4. Yes you can have a total of nine Pokemon. Your main six and three substitutes.

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