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The Journey to Jerus


Professional Roaster
In the year 20XX, the age old worry of humanity using up all of our Earth’s resources and essentially murdering our planet has begun to come to pass. All life has begun to cease to exist, even in what was once the most plentiful and lively places. Disease runs rampant, and humanity has reached the critical point. Seeing no solution on our dying world we looked to the stars for an answer to our prayers. After years of searching every Solar System and Galaxy we eventually discovered our Salvation. A planet named Jigoku held the exact same conditions, plantlife, and oxygen, and gravity necessary for humanity to live peacefully there. However it isn’t unknown wether something else lurks on this lush planet. So a task force was created to make the first impression on the planet and scope the landscape to make the final decision on if Humanity has a chance to be saved. Many catches and drawbacks are to be had on the planet however, such as rapidly fluctuating weather, ungodly storms, and the terrifying feeling that you are being watched and Hunted...

((Right well hello there! I’m glad to see that you stumbled upon my little idea here. As you might be able to tell this is loosely based off the same idea as Lost in Space, so do what you will with that information. There are seven roles that need to be filled, six if you don’t count the one I’ll be taking. It’s first come first serve so get the role while you can!

Captain/Safety Personel: @Siren77
Medical Proffesional: @BlackOrchid02
Data Collecter:

If all the roles are filled and/or you have another idea for a role let me know! I’d love to hear your ideas! If you have any questions feel free to let me know!))
Note: I plan on this being a decently active group so please only join if you can write a post or two every day. Exceptions can be made if you talk it over with me.
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