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Fantasy The Jewels of Sins - Main Thread

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Deer Lord

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The day started earlier than expected. Gallien woke up from his bedroom in the Pickaxe, which resided in Brellunia, the Hammer of the East. Usually he’s woken up by the sounds of the employees milling about, starting their daily obligations. However, this time he woke up from a street vendor passing right under his window, selling some greasy delicacy. Sighing heavily, the Eagle slowly got up from his bed and got dressed, ready to start the day.

The Eagle’s office was well lit, the windows on the west side of the place caught the fair light of sunrise. The place had trinkets and artifacts from all the realm, carefully placed and maintained by the cleaners of the place. A tall bookshelf on the other side of the office held countless books about the Being and its powers, including manuscripts from remote areas of the continent, research and development and several books about tactics and strategy. The mahogany table had the crest of the Miners etched into it, and a neat pile of papers on the sides of it.

As if by destiny, as soon as he sat at his table, still drowsy from the rude awakening, one of his subordinates knocked on the door. “Excuse me, Lord Haylock? I have today’s orders from the Court.” Gallien nodded, allowing the young man to enter the office and hand him the papers. The Eagle had the burden of dealing with the security of the cities the Miners had jurisdiction, working in tandem with the kingdom's plice to detain and handle criminals. It was a joint effort with the Thunderbird, Leiptr, as he dealt with any offenders from outside of the gates. After some time, Gallien grabbed some papers, emblazoned with the guild’s logo, and signed up the orders for the wardens. “Here, can you please deliver this to the warden? The prisoner on the cell 3A is to be released, and the one on 12F is to be handed to the Court’s men for trial later today. The man nodded and hurried out of the office, leaving Gallien alone again. He took some time to gather his strength, having just woken up, and left the office towards the common areas.

He stopped on the small mess hall on the first floor of the place to eat breakfast, making a rather rowdy group of Miners stiffen up as soon as he walked through the door. Gallien liked to eat with everyone, in part because it was an excuse to leave the office, but mostly because he liked to mingle with his subordinates. Lots of people on the branches of the Miners on other realms think of Gallien as a ruthless, merciless Canary, but he cared about the well being of his subordinates more than any other commander on the organization. After making small talk with the members eating on the mess hall, making the men and women way more relaxed, he left, ready to leave the headquarters. Before he had the chance to leave, the receptionist hailed him over.

“Lord Haylock, this ma-” Gallien raised a hand, making the receptionist stutter to a stop. “Amélie, I told you I didn’t want you to call me that, did I?” The receptionist blushed, nodding. Gallien nodded as well, smiling. “Let’s try that again.” He took a deep breath, and acted as if nothing happened. “Good morning, Amélie. How are you?” The receptionist stood there for a second, making Gallien stare at her, motioning her to answer. “Oh, uh, g-good morning Lord Hay- I mean, Gallien. I got this week’s reports from the branches, sir.” She handed him a thick set of papers. Gallien took them over, ready to go over them with his fellow Canaries. "Thank you, Amélie. And do take a rest, you look like you haven't got a nudge of sleep." Amélie nodded, an embarassed smile on her face.

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Emily Swrin

Emily woke up rather early, usually being the first of the leaders to wake up. This was mostly because of the work she did during the day, and her own body, that she'd get tired easily, and at around 8 P.M would be when she falls asleep. She threw off her blanket, which was a bit too big for her, and got up from her bed. The Phoenix got dressed and put on her lab coat as she went off to her alchemy lab, The Phoenix's nest.

Emily walked up a flight of stairs into her office, which was inside the lab. From there she could work on her own potions and at the time oversee all her subordinates. Emily's gaze was turned to the balcony, which was on the left side of her office. She grimaced slightly, unconsciously running her hand on her elbow, the memories of a blind rage against a newcomer calling her a child - and the consequences of it - still fresh in her mind. The nurses of the Pickaxe berated her for hours on end while patching her up from the cuts and bruises of the fall.

As it was still the early morning, most of her subordinates were either still asleep or eating breakfast, so she just wanted to check up on a potion she was working on since a few weeks ago. She had wanted to make an even greater version of the standard healing potion, which could only heal minor injuries and a few sicknesses. Emily went over to her cauldron and grabbed the flasks she had left out overnight to ferment. Slowly, she poured each of the flask's contents into the cauldron, stirring the pot slowly. "Plllleeasssee wooorrrk....." Emily whispered, pouring in the last ingredient. Suddenly, a small explosion caused a red puff of smoke to come from the cauldron, splashing Emily with the dark red liquid, as the liquid slowly began sparkling.

Emily's eyes lit up, as a smile quickly grew on her face and she squealed with glee. She got a recently cleaned and empty flask and filled it up with some of the new and improved healing potion and rushed down the steps to her office, heading straight to Gallien's office. One of his subordinates was outside, Gallien's door appears to be closed. "Hey! Is Gallien there???" She yelled over to the subordinate. "Uh no, he went down a few minutes ago to eat breakfas-" He stopped midsentence as he looked at Emily with a bit of confusion in his eyes. "Tch, thanks!" Emily proceeded to run down the hall and the flights of stairs to the first floor, heading straight to the mess hall.

However, the receptionist's desk was in her path to the mess hall and there she spotted Gallien. "Gaallliieeen!!!!" The Phoenix yelled at him as she charged towards him, her arm outstretched with a flask in her hand. "I-" She stopped in front of him, panting and attempted to catch her breath. "I-I did it! I made the healing potion more potent! I-I did it!" She looked up at him with a smile on her face. Although, once the receptionist and Gallien saw her, they saw what Gallien's subordinate saw. A little girl covered in a dark red liquid, resembling blood, with a huge smile on her face.

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Leiptr had been up for hours by this point, he saw the sun come up and grace his face with its warmth. He wasn't awake because he woke up early, in actuality, he probably slept the latest out of all of the Canaries. He was up because he felt worried of some of the design on the front gate latches weren't secured enough incase of a bandit attack. He had been feeling it was a bit too quiet they hadn't had attack or even movement around the base in a while. He didn't like it at all, it felt like they had a plan but he didn't want to stir up people so he'd wait until the late of the night to finish his work and improve them.

Yawning he tossed his hair up out of his face as he worked on a new design for the side garrison on the east wall. This new design had a reinforced iron studded wall to help against larger.... "threats". He smiled at his new plans as he thought that they were needed. That garrison wall was the only one left to be upgraded., but he knew soon as has he finished this, he had more projects to be completed, more surveys to be took from the people so they feel as safe as he could make them feel. Then after all this he still had to start on the orders from the Court to help in some of the cases on the people they caught on the outside causing trouble.

Rolling up the parchment paper with the new design. He had to run it by the Eagle since the garrisons are a part of his area. Walking away towards his office a few of the people that helped him with the designs and with the building aspects of it. One man alone couldn't get it done. "Thunderbird! " They practically yelled at him. Leiptr smiled as he saw the bunch of them. He was the leader of them but he didn't want them to ever feel like he was in control of them. They all had equal opinions, but he had final say since he was a Canary. "Alright guys, we have a bit of work today. Fred, Alex, and Tarble, you guys have some rusted locks and hinges on east side. Sam, Summer, Brock, and Leslie, you guys have maintenance duty." The maintenance people groaned as they knew it was going to be a all day thing. " I know, I know. But orders are orders, I'll be by Eagle's office for a bit and then I'll be my office getting documents together. Meet me at any of those locations when needed." They agreed with him as they broke off to go do their parts of duty. Leiptr on the other hand went to go see Eagle in his nest.


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Xavier Falestine
A darkened room surrounded the person as they stared into the red glow of an artifact. The silence from outside and inside the room only broken up by the pounding of the person's heart as they stared at the door. Would their pursuer find them? Would they get away with the precious stone? Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into an hour and nobody entered the room. The finally the person let out a sigh of relief as they pressed the red gem to their chest and began to chuckle. That's when the door opened. In walked a person with eyes that look deprived of sleep for countless hours. "Found you." The person spoke and lunged forward. Cold hands wrapped of the stranger wrapped around the person's throat and within moments the world went dark.

Xavier woke up to find himself sitting at his desk and let out a heavy sigh. "Yet another memory." He grumbled to himself. It was yet another dream that had been overwritten by a memory from his "trace" ability. It was a side-effect that he would've preferred to not have, but now there was nothing he could do. Removing the artifact in his chest would mean his death and the death of his shadow. Speaking of the shadow, Xavier looked down and watched as his shadow seemed to spring to life, before it quickly gathered up Xavier's books and documents he'd gathered over the years. The Vulture's collection had grown so large since he was made a Canary that it honestly, it was difficult to keep track of it all. "Maybe I'll have shadow organize these again." Xavier contemplated as he stood up and stretched out, every one of his joints popping.

After finally waking himself up, Xavier walked down the spiral staircase from his collection into the Miner's library where he nodded to the librarian. She merely rolled her eyes in disbelief. She'd told Xavier multiple times not to sleep up there, but it always fell on deaf ears. He knew his house was safe with Faila guarding it and all the important artifacts he discovered were either in the possesion of the Canaries that could use them or locked away in Xavier's vault. Although none of them had anywhere near the power of the gemstone buried within his chest. Walking outside Xavier was headed toward the mess hall when he saw a small girl coated in red running off towards Gallien's office, which was on the way. I wonder what concoction she brewed up this time? He mumbled, contemplating whether or not to follow her. Would it seem stalkerish to do that? No. She looks like she's covered in blood, naturally as a friend I'd be worried. That'll clear any suspicions in that regard. Yeah. Plus, I have the back up plan of going to the mess hall if necessary.

With that line of thinking Xavier followed behind the woman and finally caught up with her and heard her cry out to Gallien about an improvement on healing potions. He walked up behind her and lightly flicked her ear. "I can understand the excitement of completing a new project Emily, but you may wish to wipe the red muck off yourself before running across the building. It looks like you just left a bloody war zone." With a quick flick of his head, Xavier's shadow disappeared down a hall returning with a towel shortly after. "Here." To most people, it would've been abnormally crazy to see a towel floating in the air, but the Canary's and many of the staff had gotten used to how Xavier's shadow worked. It was like a part of nature at that point. "Moorrnin' Gallien." Xavier finally greeted his fellow Canary through a yawn. The archaeologist scratched his chin while looking about. "Already finished with breakfast?"

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“Where did you get this?”
Heather asked sternly to the snoozing faerie dragon, whom was perching on a high shelf, laid upon a feather pillow that Tilly used as a day bed. The morning light that filtered into the room between the curtains was warm, making the room cozy and perfect for naps. But Heather was not in the mood for naps.

The faerie dragon snaked her head over the edge of the shelf to look down, bleary-eyed, at the tangled glob of gold chains and rings in her human’s hand. It took a moment for the image to register before the small dragon trilled in surprise and shot up to her feet, butterfly-like wings opened in a defensive position.

“Oh, so you do recognize this?”
“Hm? What was that? That sounded like a confession, you little thief!”
Tilly grumbled indignantly at that statement.
“I haven’t stolen anything in a very long time and you know that!”
“Where did you get this? And why do you keep piling jewelry under my bed?”
“... ugh, well... I’m keeping this-“
“No complaining! You did this! Accept the consequences! ... and I’m going to keep this till I can figure out what to do with it. You’re just gonna have to deal with it!”
The faerie dragon growled and huffed, swung her tail around, before laying back down on her pillow with a pout.
“Oh hush, come on!” Heather grabbed up the dragon and made her way out and about her day.

When the call went out for the Canaries to gather, Heather was in the middle of trying to hunt down the owner of the clump of jewelry. Heather took that as a good excuse to ask if any of the jewelry belonged to her fellow Canaries.

Hurriedly the woman made her way towards where she assumed she would find Gallien (his office, but instead stumbled across him at the front with Amélie the receptionist. Nice young lady, Amélie. The faerie dragon perched on her shoulder whistled somebody kind of greeting to the group as Heather approached, “Soooo Boss, what’s the news of the day?”

She quickly found herself surrounded by Emily (the kid-that’s-apparently-not-a-kid), and Xavier. Emily was covered in red ooze, and Xavier looked rather tired. Tilly, ever curious, craned her neck towards Emily and sniffed the red goop. Oh, and Gallien was standing at the reception desk, of course.

“... what uhh... what ya got there, Em? I’m assuming it isn’t blood because nobody is running around trying to patch you up.”

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The first thing that Gallien thought when he saw Emily was "Oh it's Emily."

The second thing was a mix of "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" and "SHE'S BLEEDING". His eyes went as wide as they could when she came running, screaming his name. He froze for a second, but the adrenaline was cut short when she mentioned the potion. The girl indeed smelled like an explosion of chemicals. His shoulders dropped and he deflated, exhaling heavily. "By the Light, Emily... Do you realize the scenario you're portraying? A Canary screaming in the middle of the Pickaxe covered with seemingly blood? I wondered why nobody screamed an alert by now." He chuckled, then straightened himself out again. "That's great! Is it stable or you need some time to get the formula straight? The Merchant's Guild was already harrying me over the new product." Before she could answer, however, the other Canaries showed up, right on time for the morning briefing. First was Xavier, the concerns that Gallien had were reaffirmed by the Vulture, Xavier flicking Emily's ear to make a point. "Good morning, Xavier. Yes, I've already finished breakfast, I'm doing the rounds until it's time for the Court's people to arrive. What about you? Any news?" Then Leiptr, the Thunderbird almost missing Gallien in the reception when he made a beeline for the Eagle's office. Gallien shouted at him to come over and join them. Finally, the Barred Owl arrived, her dragon as active as ever.

Everyone was here, every Canary currently stationed in Brellunia. He raised the papers in front of him. "They're today's missives, Heather. I was going to read them but then..." He pointed at Emily. "She arrived, looking like she just murdered something. Anyway, let's see..." Gallien stared at the first paper, then dismissed it with a whisper of "Budget report, already taken care of..." Another paper went to the back with a mutter of "Request of vacation, already granted..." He finally stopped at an important one, clearing his throat. "There's an increase of bandit activity in Giant's Pass, the merchant route between Akken and Brellunia. Lieutenant Galsho requested a support from the Pickaxe. There's been talks of carriages being stripped bare, anything of value gone: Jewerly, artifacts, trade goods... There's also reports of... what the hell..." His demeanor went from serious to worried as he kept reading. "Strange entities made of green light on the mountains?" He sighed, worried. "It is good to see that we're all here, since I would need to gather you all for this anyway: This is uncommon enough for us to investigate, what do you say?"


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Leiptr was walking towards the Eagle's nest his mind in a jumble like normal, always ninty to nothing. He passed the reception off if before he heard Gallien about his name "Huh?" He thought as looked that way before running into some poor worker knocking their equipment down on accident.

His eyes wide as his reflexes kicked in catching the woman before she fell along with her things. Blushing madly Leiptr apologized to the woman several times as he knealt to pick up her things. He hoped that his blush was not noticed for liking the girl, she was attractive enough, but he had more important things to focus on then girls at this time. The blush was out of pure embarrassment as he hastily picked her items. "I'm so sorry madam. I should've watched where I was going more. " She giggled telling him that it was fine.

Leiptr smiled at her as he quickly backtracked going to see the other Canaries. Walking into the group he smiled nodding his head at all of them. "Gallien, Heather, Xavier, Emily, nice to see you all here again." He said it as if they didn't do this every morning. He listened to Gallien give the announcements hearing about the bandit movement he perked up alittle bit thinking of what they could do to make it safer for those passing through. But he then heard "Green entities " which made him also worried as he saw Galliens face, but Leiptr always liked these kinds of things because it gave the Canaries a bit more purpose, since anyone could really do these basic day to day jobs but, they were put together to deal with these unknown jobs. "I'm game." He told Gallien leaning on the back of the wall.

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"O-Oh, Forgive me. I-" She felt a soft flick on her ear, turning head her to see Xavier. As the towel got carried over to her by Xavier's shadow, she thanked him and wiped off what she could, only being unable to clean her jacket as it got stained by the red juice. She took it off and tied it around her waist.

The girl turned to Heather once Gallien began speaking to Xavier. "Hehehe, you see, I just managed to make a more potent version of the normal healing potion! With this we could save lives, seal grave injuries, it-" She glanced over at Gallien and paused when he raised some papers in front of him.

"Entities of green light? I don't think there's a potion that makes someone give off a green light..." She rubbed her chin but when Gallien mentioned they could all go investigate, her eyes lit up. "Of course! Let's go!" Silence filled the room for a moment and she realized she sounded a bit too excited for it. "-So I can study what they are, of course, and maybe make some new findings."

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“Weird green lights, huh?”

Heather walked forward as she listened to everyone, leaning against the desk as Tilly jumped down from her shoulder and began to paw at the assorted things on the desk, seemingly looking for entertainment.

“Hmmm... I’ve seen some strange things while out in the woods alone, but that doesn’t sound rather interesting.” The woman stroked her chin thoughtfully while she reached around behind her to grab Tilly before she could truly displaced anything.
“I think there’s quite the adventure to be had. Right, Tilly?”

The blue dragon head popped up over Heather’s shoulder, with a quill in her jaws, looking quite proud of her find.
“Oh, that’s.. great honey. You’ve found a quill. On a desk. You’re so good... at... finding things.”

The faerie dragon curled her “lips” up in a mock dragon smile and dove back over to continue making mischief on the desk. Soon accompanied by a crash and scattering of paper. The blonde woman brought her shoulders up to her ears as she cringed from the sound.

“... I’ll apologize to Amélie later.” She said towards everyone, grabbing Tilly by shoulders and picking her up, just to get her away from the desk. It appears the dragon now has some kind of paper weight rock in her mouth. Which Heather quickly retrieved and began to wipe saliva off of on her pants.

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Xavier Falestine
Xavier watched with a small smile as Emily wiped the red material from her person. "You're welcome." He turned his attention quickly back to Gallien as he started up. "Nothing new to report, though I may have found an artifact that can produce a light without having a fuel source. Not exactly the greatest of tools, but it is kept in my personal collection with Vala guarding it. I just haven't had time to trace its origins." Xavier immediately turned his eyes towards the other two canaries as they arrived. It seemed that their meeting would begin before Xavier could even have a morsel of food to sustain him. It's not like I haven't skipped breakfast before. Xavier thought to himself as Gallien continued over the reports until he started going into detail about some bandit activity. The only interesting part about it was the green glowing entities that were a part of this.

"Green entities? Sounds like magic or artifacts from ancient times." Xavier sighed as he adjusted his gloves while his shadow swarmed about the group excitedly. The shadow seemed to love the face that Xavier collected more knowledge more than any one else did. "I guess this means that I have very little choice, but to come. Can I at least get something to eat first though? I've barely been awake for several minutes and going into the Giant's Pass will mean I need to have as much energy as possible." Xavier let out a yawn while looking down to Emily and the other two. "Care to join? We can celebrate Emily's success and talk strategy at the same time." Though I more so would prefer just celebrating with Emily. Xavier looked down at his person of affection and his shadow pulled his head back towards the group. If there was one thing the shadow seemed to dislike about Xavier it was his affection towards the Phoenix. It likely sensed a threat to its own preservation.

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Morning light streamed through tinted windows, bathing the cluttered office in a rich amber. The room was an absolute mess, with tools and parts scattered about, though Ava insisted that there was a system and that everything was in its proper place. It looked as though something mechanical had exploded, sending pieces of metal and wood everywhere. In fact, something mechanical had exploded, more than once, as one could tell by the black marks across the walls and ever present smell of gunpowder and sulfur. Someone had offered to clean it for her once, but soon found that to be a mistake.
The Hummingbird's small sleeping form seemed lost within the mess, curled over her latest invention, her short blonde hair tied back by a red ribbon, a wrench still in her hand. She looked rather cute, like a child that had fallen asleep playing in her father's workshop, not that anyone would say that out loud, especially to the Hummingbird herself.
This was not the first time for her to fall asleep after staying up late to work on her inventions, and it would not be the last, either. It was a wonder Gallien hadn't dragged her to bed hours ago.
As she dozed, her fingers slowly released their grip on her wrench. It clattered loudly to the ground, startling her awake. Her wide green eyes snapped open as she jumped to her feet, blades already in her hands ready for a fight. When she realized that there was not one, her blades retracted back under her sleeves as she gave a loud sigh and picked up her fallen wrench. Tossing her wrench onto her worktable, she removed her apron and hung it on its peg by the door. She blew out what was left of the stump of a candle, and left her workshop to clean up and change, locking the door securely behind her.
After a quick bath and a change into fresh clothes, Ava went to find Gallien with reports in hand, hoping that she was not too late to catch him alone before the morning meeting of the Canaries. However, before she could reach his office, she found a crowd gathered around his receptionist's desk, the Eagle in the middle. Her right eye twitched.
Without so much as a nod of greeting to the others, the small girl slipped through the group, bumping shoulders with Emily before she took her place at Gallien's side.
"I have those reports regarding the available prototypes, as requested, Gallien," she said flatly, ignoring the others as she looked up to the man that towered over her. "I apologize for not getting them to you sooner."


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Devi had woken up earlier than normal because of the nightmare she had. Having nightmares wasn’t a frequent thing, but it happened. Rubbing her head, Devi looked over to Kanina, who was sleeping on her nest by the window. Devi got herself cleaned up and dressed, before leaving for a night-almost about to be morning- walk. During her walk, she made her way to a tree she liked to lay on and sat, just in time to see the sunrise. She must’ve fallen asleep because by the time she came to, it was already morning. The others would think she snuck out again, not that she cared. They were kind of holding her against her will by providing the option to join them as a way to redeem herself. Then again, there would be little to no freedom in prison and it wasn’t easy to sneak out in prison and get away with it. The Hawk sighed and made her way back to the Pickaxe. She was going to be late for the morning meeting if she didn’t hurry but she was also a bit hungry. Hopefully she didn’t miss breakfast.

After grabbing a bit to bite, Devi was making her way to Gallien’s office, she saw another Miner.

“Hey, you”

The female looked at her, eyebrow raised

“Is Gallien in his office?”

The other shook her head

“He went to have breakfast, but I saw him at the receptionist desk. Most of the other Canaries are with him”

Devi nodded at the woman in thanks and quickly made her way there, to find the other canaries. Xavier looked like he didn’t sleep. What he was doing instead of sleeping, Devi had no idea. Probably went on a mysterious artifact hunt. Emily had a dried red liquid on her jacket that was either blood or something else, not like she cared. Emily reminded her of Whina. They both had seemingly boundless energy. Heather and her dragon(?) were not causing a ruckus chasing each other , a bit surprising. Kanina enjoyed having the dragon as a play mate every once in a while. Finally, there was Gallien and Ava. Gallien was a pretty chill guy, and she had nothing against him. Ava was the one that never smiled. Funny how people call her the emo.

Devi was at the back of the crowd and her entrance had been silent, not really bothering to be seen.

“So.. What did I miss?”


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Gallien shook his head at Xavier. "No, thank you, Xavier. I have to deal with the travel arrangements so we can move out as soon as possible, in fact-" Gallien was interrupted by the Hummingbird, Ava, bumping herself in the group and knocking Emily's vial on the ground. The bright red potion crashed down, splashing everyone's feet with the concoction. The ones who took the brunt of the liquid was Emily and the one closest to her, Ava herself. Gallien looked at the two girls, Emily's face already displaying her signature short-tempered anger. "Oh crap." Gallien stepped forward, standing between Ava and Emily, while he addressed the rest of the group. "Alright, I'll meet you guys in a few hours. Devi and Ava, let's go to my office so I can explain it to you what's going on." He said, trying to defuse a fight as hard as possible.


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Emily turned to Xavier "Sure, sounds good!" She smiled before someone bumped her shoulder rather unexpectedly, knocking her flask down. It hit the ground and splashed everyone around it, with most of the liquid hitting Ava and Emily. Once the liquid soaked through the clothes of everyone and came into contact with bare skin, it gave out a pleasant, tingling sensation. They felt a surge of restorative energy, spreading lightly throughout the affected area, and fading quickly. Emily would have been pleased and excited to feel the effects first-hand, but she was more focused on the broken flask on the ground.

"No, My potion!!!" She fell onto her knees, her hands hitting the ground. Each new potion she would create was special. She felt a sort of attachment to them, as she was the first to create them. And here was the first sample of the new potent healing potion: on the ground with shards of glass mixed in with the liquid. She glared up at the person who had bumped into her, which was Ava. Her hand instinctively moved towards her baton, but Gallien got in between them before Emily could say or do anything.

The small girl looked up briefly at Gallien, the giant man being able to see tears forming in her eyes, before looking back down at the red liquid. She sighed "I...I guess I have...more... back in the lab..." She stood up slowly, dusting off her knees. With one final sigh, the Phoenix turned around and began slowly walking back to her laboratory.

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Hati was slowly and painfully tightened from the tension that formed in his back while he slept while sitting in his chair, the top half of his body slumped over his desk, in his office. It seemed he’d left his curtains drawn, studying the stars. Pointless work. Something to do after he’d finally made a breakthrough on new magic he was practicing. He smiled to himself at the thought. His eyes shot open, filled with adrenaline from the realization of his mistake. He stayed up, a few hours before dawn, to master the new spell he had been working on. He sat up and looked down at himself. and undershirt and his pants. He quickly gathered himself and quickly dressed himself.

“No no no no...” Hati looked out his window, the sun was in such a position that he knew he was either terribly late to the meeting or had already missed it. He scrambled, looking around for the notes he needed to present to The Eagle, in order to have it approved for magical training routines for recruits who opt to participate. He’d gathered all of his pages and looked around his office. As neat and organized as his notes were, his office was a poor representation of it. He sighed heavily and opened his office door, leading into the Ravens Loft, a central hub that splits off into several different hubs, all used for separate tasks.

A few of his disciples were gathered there, all mingling with each other before starting their assigned duties. He looked around to see his four prodigy pupils, all of which had the potential to make a good replacement for Hati when the day came. “Lyfa, Tusden, Mariel, Braddock, before you begin your assigned duties, I have a favor to ask of you all, I trust you the most, thats why I’m giving you this job. You’ll be working closely with sensitive information that is dangerous to work with when not trained on how to use it properly. I just need you four to reorganize my office, and I’ll familiarize myself with it later. I’ve got to go, I’m counting on you four!” Before they could answer, Hati took off, conjuring an ethereal Raven. “Find Gallien.” He whispered to his conjured beast. It cried out, dissipating into an other worldly mist and soon completely disappearing from the realm. Hati grunted in frustration. His mastery of the Illusion school of magic has been a tricky one so far, more tricky than Hati would like to admit. He made his way to The Eagles Nest, figuring he’d see him there sooner or later.

Once Hati arrived, he’d learned that Gallien left quite a while ago, just around the same time breakfast was being served. He was let into his office by an underling, and sat himself in one of the guests chairs placed in front of Gallien’s desk, waiting for him to arrive. He looked over his notes while trying to predict how he’d be reprimanded for missing a meeting.

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Dark red liquid splashed across the front of Ava's dress as the flask shattered on the ground. The alchemist's glare was met with a blank look of indifference as Emily reached for her baton and Ava's concealed blades appeared in her hands, ready to defend. Gallien quickly broke the eye contact of the two childlike creators by sliding slyly in between them and just like that, a potential fight was put to an end before it could begin.
As the Phoenix sulked away, Ava retracted her blades, almost feeling sorry for the girl. She really had not meant to bump her so hard.
"Perhaps your next potion would be best held in a canteen instead of a glass container? I have a few to spare if you do not have any," Ava called to the girl around the body of the large man that separated them. While her words were meant to be sincere and as apologetic as Ava could get, they sounded rather sarcastic instead in her flat tone.
The Hummingbird crouched down and she could see Emily slip away in dramatic fashion. Ava could almost imagine a rain cloud hanging over the girl. How could someone so controlled by their emotions be a Canary? The Phoenix would be much more agreeable company if she thought things through and did not get so riled up.
Tearing her eyes away from the alchemist, Ava tied back her hair with the ribbon she kept at her waist and produced a cloth from seemingly nowhere. While Gallien moved to enter his office, she began to pick up the glass remnants of the flask and wipe up what little liquid had reached the ground instead of someone's clothes. It was partially (mostly) her fault that this mess was created so she thought she should clean it up.
Once she disposed of the glass and had cleaned up as much of the red goo as she could, she slipped into Gallien's office to find him and some other Canaries already inside. She stayed standing by the door, her arms folded across her chest, so as to not interrupt anything or distract anyone. Though, really, she looked rather condescending, leaning by the doorway, watching them all with her expressionless eyes.
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Xavier Falestine
Xavier did well to contain his joy as Emily agreed to share in breakfast with him. However, his join was disrupted as much as the Phoenix's by the sound of shattering glass and the appearance of the least.....approachable canary. If it wasn't for the fact that her curt behavior made dealing with her easy, Xavier would positively despise the woman. She was so damn analytical and focused on results that she lost the heart and soul that went into getting there. To put it simply, the woman was as cold as the machines she spent her life tinkering away at. To say that Emily was distraught was an understatement as the Phoenix readied herself to attack the hummingbird and before the two could attack or Xavier could have the shadow hold them back, Gallien got in the way and stifled the fight from even starting. It didn't change the damage that had been done.

With her excitement and joy destroyed, Xavier watched Emily disappearing and Ava merely seemed to harass the girl. Xavier took a deep breath as he watched the hummingbird clean up the mess and dispose of the glass. "Shadow." He muttered before the creature went and collected the shards of glass from the bin. Taking off one glove, Xavier grasped the vial in his hand. The shimmer of energy around his hand as he witnessed the glass vial's journey through the world, ignoring much of its earlier life until it wound up in Emily's possession and specifically how she handled the precious liquid she had finished that morning. He then watched it as it shattered once again, but this time observing the glass as closely as possible, watching how each shard broke and spread about the room. I can fix this with a little work. He thought to himself as he put the shards back into his pouch before giving Ava a cold look much like her own before following after the Phoenix while putting his glove back on. "You'll know where to find me when it's time to go Gallien." He called out over his shoulder without looking back.

"Emily." He reached out to put a hand on her shoulder as he caught up, unsure whether or not she'd accept his condolences. He decided to go for it anyway, gently placing his hand on her shoulder. "I know that first vial meant a lot to you." Xavier wasn't exactly the best at comforting people. When you could literally see someone's life by the simplest of handshake, it meant human interaction needed to be minimal. "And I know it won't replace the value it held to you, but if you can give me some time, I'm positive I can repair the vial. Though you won't be able to use it anymore." Xavier tried putting on a smile while he scratched at his beard. "And if you want an ear to listen, the door to my office is always open." He knelt down trying to get a look at the girl's face to get an idea if what he was saying was helping.
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Ava's entrance maybe caused some trouble. She shoulder bumped Emily too hard and splashed the red liquid on them, and her boots.. Devi raised a brow and watched as Gallien stopped both girls from killing each other. The Hawk shook her head and made her way to Gallien's office, which was occupied by another Canary, Hati. Devi put her hands in her pockets.

"Missed the morning meeting, huh?"

She took out one of her daggers and began playing with it, tossing it in the air and catching it with the blade repeatedly.

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Gallien rose back to his nest with Devi and Ava in tow, making small talk until the reached the office. He was startled when he saw the warlock already inside of it. Hati always had this uncanny aura around him, as if his presence wasn't truly there. The fact that he often talked to himself didn't help on this notion, either. "Oh, Hati. Good timing, I was was going to fetch you. There's something going on in the west." He sat down and got over the report once again, making sure to give out any detail as possible. "So, the plan is to visit the city and investigate these weird occurrences. Akken has probably sent a missive already, the trade route to Brellunia blocked because of something so trivial. Hati, I'll need you to help Xavier identify these 'green entities'. We don't know if the source of it is relicary or magical. Devi, I was thinking of having you go over ahead and report the preliminary findings, so that our presence there doesn't disturb the anomalies. I don't want them to disappear right after we arrive in the city. Think you can do that?" He set his eyes on Ava, who was always as far away from the others as possible. "Ava, I want you to get some of your prototypes ready. It would be a good way to test them on the field, and we might need any new firepower you can muster." He sighed, leaning back on his chair. "Any questions?"


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Hati took in all he could from The Eagles briefing, racking his brain for anything that seemed remotely familiar to what he described.

“It could be a variety of different things. They could be spectral beings from another plane from a rift that was opened. Or they could be the result of any sort of Necromancy or Illusion magic. It’d be easier to for me to tell if these entities attacked someone or were doing something of note. We’ll be going in blind on this one I’m afraid.” Hati began rubbing his notes, noticing this, his eyes lightened and his demeanor seemed to change.

“On another note,” he held the papers in his hand up for Gallien to see, placing them on his desk.”I’ve finally mastered the teleportation spell. It’s very complex, only those with an excess of mana and an understanding of the necessary magic circles can cast it though. We’d only have a handful of trainees at a time who could possibly cast this spell, but it’d definitely be a big help for the farther missions and making back to The Pickaxe in one piece. The only issue is if something, say an enemy or something of the sort, makes its way onto a magic circle cast on the ground, it could end up...morphing into someone else who was meant to be teleported. Theres no exact result, but test subjects seemed to have altering limps and died on the spot. Only advanced trainees would be allowed to practice of course.” Hati stood, now less excited, back to his normal self now that he’d finally shared his findings with someone.

“Should I go ahead and have the ritual set up, or will we be leaving by normal means?”


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Devi listened to Gallien's briefing with interest and raised her brow at his request, a smirk adorning her face.

"Think? Gallien, do you have that small faith in me?"

Getting a preliminary view as a passerby would work and let her see if these entities were some sort ood joke or not. But then again, there were huge chances that the trade route was being disturbed by the bandits. After all, trickery was still a thing among them.

"With all due respect, Gallien, I honestly think that we should be focusingon the bandits that the green people, it's only logical"

Devi flicked her knife to the air and caught it with a flick of her hand.

"If we don't take care of them, there's a chance we'll be dealing with lots of them during whatever we're going to do to find those green people"

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As Ava called out to Emily about containing her potions in a canteen instead of a vial, Emily visibly flinched. She wanted to say something back at Ava but couldn't, and continued to walk towards her laboratory.

A few meters from her laboratory, she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned her head to see Xavier, who explained that he could attempt to fix the vial that was broken. The small girl looked up at him with a melancholic smile on her face. "T-....That'd be nice...Thanks, Xavier." She used the sleeves of her lab coat to wipe the few tears on her face. "I-I'll be in my lab. My subordinates should be there already and they need someone to instruct them...haha." Emily looked up at him once more, with a happier smile on her face. Both the vial and the first sample of the potion were important to her, but if she could at least get the vial back, it'd make her feel a whole lot better.

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Ava's bright green eyes flicked from Gallien to Devi to Hati. Not that she would ever admit it, magic was a little outside of her realm of expertise. Sure, she knew of magic in theory, but in practice, she was a novice. Magic had a tendency to be a tad unpredictable and volatile. Science followed rules. Machines followed orders. Magic took suggestions and kindly filed them away in File 13. She tried to avoid it when she could, as subtly as possible. Yet here was this Canary suggesting they use new teleporting spell that even he said could only be used by advanced trainees and had more than unsettling results.
"If I may," she said in a voice that indicated that she did may and on her terms, "perhaps we should consider traditional transport until The Rook can improve the mortality rate of the spell. Or, in the very least, can ensure that all body parts remain with whom they belong."
Ava's eyes returned to Gallien.
"Of course, the decision is yours. I will ready the prototypes for departure. Is there anything else I can assist with?"

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Xavier Falestine
Xavier, despite the heavy atmosphere, was over the moon. He could actually do something for Emily. He had to control himself to not burst into an excited smile and hug the girl as she thanked him. He watched her wipe her tears with her lab coat, which left some small red stains on her cheek. "Here." He muttered, squatting down and pulling out one of the many rags he carried around with him. They were often used to wipe away dirt from surfaces he was going to touch as a preventative measure. He didn't need to see the history of a dirt spec after all. But now he wiped away the traces of potion from Emily's face along with her tears. "That's more like the Emily I know." He smiled softly as she spoke about her subordinates being in the lab. "Mind if I stick around? I'll work on repairing the vial in there. After all, I doubt any of my subordinates will come looking for me here and I would hate to potentially break the vial worse while fixing it because I was interrupted." Honestly, I just want to stick close, but that'd definitely sound weird. A small bit of red crept onto his cheeks as the thought crossed his mind. "Plus, I don't feel like going back to Gallien's office if Ava is there." Xavier sighed as he stood back up. "I deal with ancient and dead things and I've got more personality than her." He muttered while sliding his hands into some of his extra pockets.

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Gallien nodded. "I have to agree with Ava here. I don't like to risk anything that could cause harm to the soldiers. However, this spell could prove helpful in the future so please, keep me updated." He turned to Devi, chuckling. "That question was worded wrong. It was more about asking about your willingness to do so. In any case, I agree with you. The bandits need an immediate attention, and if we can rout them from Giant's Pass, it'll give us more time to investigate the anomalies." He mulled over the thought for a second. "Okay. Devi, I would like you to go on ahead of us with Heather to gather info. Our entourage will alert the bandits, and both of you are adept at keeping hidden. I'll talk to Heather so she can focus on the mountain range, while you go through the beaten path, focusing on the bandits." He turned back to the warlock. "Hati, I want you to be at the ready for Heather's report, once she finishes her investigation. I want you to discern what's the origin of the green entities, alongside Xavier. The expertise in artifacts of Xavier will complement your arcane knowledge." He rose from the chair, looking at Ava. "And finally, Ava, I want you to help Leiptr with the defense of the city. Reinforcements and defensive contraptions will aid us in the case of a raid." He did a once over towards everyone for the last time. "I trust you all to be safe, and don't hesitate to ask me for help. Dismissed." He said, writing a missive towards Heather and Xavier.


After all the necessary arrangements, the group started their travel. The carriages were inconspicuous as to now draw attention to the amount of high-ranking officers on the entourage, but most of the time, Gallien walked instead of waiting inside. He hated to be in closed spaces, especially when travelling. Soon they would reach the town of Giant's Pass, the main spot between the eastern and western sides of the continent.

The city was bustling with people and carriages, which was uncommon. Most of the time, Giant's Pass was mere a gateway, a threshold between Brellunia and the other continents. However, the central square was packed, carriages and stands were mounted, the merchants, blocked from their travels, decided to set up shop on the small place. The walls of the village were sturdy, but dilapidated, since there was no need for actual protection... until now. The merchant's faces were of annoyance and impatience, which turned even worse when the carriage of the Canaries arrived in the city. Gallien looked around, making sure that no one suspicious were on the main square. "I'm sure that someone already spotted us, so be on your guard. Let's wait for Heather and Davi to return with more info. I have already arranged accommodations on the local tavern, so if you don't have anything to do, you can rest there."
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