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Fantasy The Intrepid Adventure! (d&d themed high fantasy. room for 1 )

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Action, Adventure, Platonic, Romance


The piped piper
On the wall of every tavern is a letter that reads...​

We've been betrayed! They betrayed their own comrades and town. I knew I shouldn't have hired mercenaries, instead of fighting the dragon they took the money and ran. Paethsmouth is in need of a few heroes. Kill the dragon and teach the turncoats a lesson in honor and make sure they remember it. Curse the dragon that terrorizes our town. A hefty purse awaits anyone who can defeat the dragon.

Many have read the letter. None who have gone off to kill the elder dragon has been seen alive since. Most believe the dragon simply killed and ate those foolish enough to hunt him. Others think the adventures have all fled in fear. One thing for sure is. There is more to this quest than what meets the eye.


The piped piper
Hello one and all. We are a laid back, campy, comedy set in a medieval / fantasy world. Anyone is welcome to join. No character sheets required and the rules are simple.

1. Read before you post. Although this laid back silly fun, we don't need a winter wind blowing in the middle of summer.
2. Keep to the setting. No time-traveling space pirates, please.
3. Doesn't matter how powerful you are. Or think you are. You are not the end all beat all. You can be killed and god modding will be highly frowned upon.
4. Although this is a laid back RP. We ask for at least 2 paragraphs per post.
5. Follow the TOS of RPN
6. HAVE FUN. This is meant to be a FUN. LIGHT. LAID BACK RP.

P.S. If you haven't posted in 3 day's then you give us the right to puppet your character out of the way so the story can go on.


The piped piper
we would love to have you.
Just when you know you're going to be away, bow out or put yourself off somewhere is all we ask.


The piped piper
Can't believe we have 4 of us now. ^_^ Starting to get a full party.
Think it's time to make a thread for world info. Maybe a place for people to post their character stuff.


The piped piper
Lets see...
We have 2 rogues
an elemental mage
support healer slash monk I think
a Ranger beastmaster
and a fighter barbarian?

@ Hexecutioner Hexecutioner what are you??

Cool We would love to have you
I'm the dragon just in case I need to put a foot down. lol
Fighter barbarian sounds about right.

Looks like we mightbe at 8 people.I'm going to close it down. And as people drop out open it back up for more to join in.

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