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Suitcliff Ohara

Starlight Suitcliff Ohara
Welcome to my little slice of the world of RPN and roleplaying~

Lady Royale Ohara is my name; Though you can call me Luna or O'Hara ^_^
I'm a roleplayer that's been at it going on about- ehh give it take 4+ years? Ha-ha honestly I've been at it so long and loving it I kind of loose track. Started out on Neopets; -I know old af- and worked my way from Gaia, to Roleplayer guild and such until I found this little slice of heaven. I'm a pretty casual/Semi/Sometimes Multi para roleplayer that has no real rule on post length either; what you can give is fine; though if one liners could be avoided I would be grateful unless necessary; ergo just chit chatter or moving along the story line. Hopefully we can find something in common & Have some fun together Soon!!!

Also- This is kind of a sote that mght loose some people; but I'm looking for partners over Discord; Skype, Aim & Kik -kiks a kind of last resort; might take some convincing- . I can do it over PM. It would have to be a diehard craving and take a real good plot to convince me to do it over Threads; I am terrible at keeping up with that.

      • to at least get 2-3 lines in. I don't have a set post length for you, Just don't send me a book, and give me something to reply to.

      • Please, keep it at least respectful. I /don't/ like to be degraded, therefore I won't stand for it being done to my characters.

      • If you loose interest, don't disappear on me please, simply /tell/ me!

    • I have other plot/ideas then that on my page, but most of them are basics...Not worth using the space on the pages yet until there better developed, however if your curious about them, do not be afraid to ask!...& Don't be afraid to tell me our ideas! I am open minded!

    • Above all else, HAVE FUN!

**=Who I am looking for; again open to doubling; always!!
Stardew Valley *Elliot*

Vampire Diaries *Damon*

The Originals *Elijah*

Sherlock *BBC* *Sherlock*

Yu-Gi-Oh! *Classic* *Atem *

Ouran High School Host Club *Tamaki*

Vocaloid *Gaku*

1/2 Prince *Guii*

Great Mouse Detective *Basil*


Labyrinth *Jareth*

Doctor Who *10*

Harry Potter *Barty or Sirius*

National Treasure *Ben*

Celebrities *See Clone plot -Tom Hiddleston; David Tennant; Paul Byrom, Daniel Gillies*


Black Butler *Grell*

Hetalia *France*

White Collar *Neal*

Once Upon a Time *Rumple*

Rocky Horror Picture Show *Frank*

Brother's Conflict *Hikaru*

Demon Detective Neuro Nougami *Neuro*

Marvel *Loki*

DC *The Flash or Rey from Arrow*

Kamisama Hajimemashita/Kiss *Tomoe*

7 Deadly Sins

Undertale *Mettaton*

Assassin's Creed *Ezio*

Magi *Sinbad*

Naruto *Gai*

Interview with a Vampire *Lestat* -only seen the movie-

Kpop; Vixx & BTS *Leo/Taekwon*

Youtubers *Markiplier*


Sleepy Hallow -Series- *Ichabod*

I also do Things like Vampire; Fantasy settings; etc; as I said SUGGEST SUGGEST SUGGEST!!!

Count Dracula, The Huntress
My girl Luna; whom has gotten deeper into this then she thought. Having been a 'Huntress' and having what she thought was a friend in the infamous Hellsing; Luna had honed her skill well and learned to use her magic and her other skills in ways to help find monsters and beasts. What she didn't know; was that this would soon be turned all around when Hellsing found out about what she has on her shoulders; the entirety of a land that those of Irish lore call home; Not only does Hellsing realize what a weight this is; he realizes what he can do with it. Therefore blackmailing her; she's forced to work her way into the count's castle and get close to him; to report to the hunter; otherwise her home she's lived and fought so long to protect will be revealed to the rest of the world. What was not counted on; was when Luna starts to care for the infamous count; perhaps more then she should; and turns her situation into that of fighting to protect him by leading on Hellsing on wild goose chases. How long till Hellsing realizes? Will she tell the Count; what will he do? That, my dear is up to us to decide. Would love a count based or crossed with the game version and the movie with Hugh Jackman; but open to any version or variant.

Dedicated to Anyone who ever wished Fiction Could Become FactOnce Upon a time, classic words found in almost all Fairytales & Fantasy stories alike. Storites written by people of all ages, Kids, Authors, Authoresses, anyone who ever used there imagination & Came up with some fantasy..Be it Forbidden love Demons, anything...But, how would you feel, what would you do if you woke up as one of the charecters you have created, or woke up as yourself in a world you created or a world from a fandom you really love? Well, today is the day you find out..Becuase you do wake up as a charecter you created, in a world you created, or a fandom world..You can meet anyone, literally...Because you come to find out that all the fandoms that have grown to adore and the charecters you lxve are in fact real, but they have there own world they live in..and each fandom and world you created (If you did) is connected by a 'Portal Station', a building a good 5x bigger then the bigget mall in the world, each portal a swirl of colours that suit the world it leads to...

~*Clone City*~

*All Credit for this one, goes to my best friend Kym*

After the meteor strike of 2016, many of the animal species used as pets went extinct. Desperate for companionship, humans worked on other ideas. After almost a year,a solution was found. A mad scientist cloned members of the popular boy band One Direction, making genetic adjustments. Voila! The perfect pet was created! Celebrity clones are now the main pet for humans all over the world.

Vampuric Realms

In the world..There are two realms, or Dimensions...1 is called Shangri-la and the other, Shangri-li..They sound the same but they are two completely different worls..1 is home to every vampire you can name..This is what is known as shangri-li..The other realm, Shangri-la is home to both gifted and non gifted mortals...The vampires home is in the medival times and they once had a great king..But when that king died, his brother became king..But he hated all gifted and none gifted mortals..What was his name? Diarmund (Or queen Cleona, whichever) He banned all vampires from going to shangri-la except a few vampire hunters (5 max) but what happends when his son, the prince falls for a young gifted girl when he decides to sneak into the shangri-la?

Hotel Drake

There is a new hotel in town called Dragonia, it is a 5 star hotel that has exactly 10 levels including the lobby which has a bar, indoor pool and other things. What nobody knows is that the owner of the hotel is a male vampire and has casted a spell on the hotel where nobody can leav unless they are bitten/changed into a vamp..But, what happends when the owner meets and then later falls for a yong woman named Vira? She has many amazing gifts that the owner later finds out about..Will he change her? Will he make ehr stay forever because of his feelings for her? Will he just tell her? It's up to you.
Hey, I'd like to perhaps chat with you and see if we could think of something to RP together? Fandom or otherwise -- Discord is SazzyP260#3135 ;; Hit me up when you get a chance! :)
Hello there! I'd love to do possibly a kpop or youtuber rp with you? I have lots of ideas for plots and whatnot too, anyways, hmu over discord if you'd like to discuss it! Space Deviant sent by Spacelife#4377

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