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The Illustrous Estate of Lord Solberg - Interest Check (Trial #3)

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The year is 1839, and the Solberg Estate, a very large mansion with plenty of land to boot, sits daintily on the outskirts of London. It's a very ornate place, but the family that resides in it is one shrouded in mystery. The Solbergs have been around for decades, but no one is quite sure just how they amassed such a fortune that keeps them in the realm of nobility. Hardly anyone is ever seen leaving the estate, and no one has ever been let inside...save for the midseason balls that are held there. You see, the Solbergs are no ordinary noble family. Unbeknownst to the public, they are, in truth, magicians. Their immense fortune comes from their potions and elixirs, family recipes that they sell en masse to the magical public. However, the Lord and Lady Solberg have not been seen for quite some time, and because of this, their eldest son, Julius, has taken up the mantle of Lord Solberg in their place. Julius is a brilliant potion maker, but perhaps isn't the most noble of nobles. Now, with the midseason ball arriving shortly, he and the rest of his family must prepare for the celebration to come. But as they soon will learn, they might come upon more than they bargained for...

This rp is an old idea I've had going for a while, but was never quite able to get off the ground. However, with more time available to me, I hope to be able to finally get it up and running for good this time. This is a fantasy-drama type of rp taking place in ye olde England, and follows the tale of Julius Solberg, the eldest child of the Solbergs. He is a brilliant potion maker, but...a little eccentric. With Mr. and Mrs. Solberg gone away, he has been forced to step up as the Estate's Lord. But how can one immature magician run a place and a company as large as the Solbergs alone?

Enter the Solberg siblings- Julius' brothers and sisters. They will play a large part in the story to come, and they will be played by none other than you folks! There are a total of four sibling positions, and these MUST be filled before the RP can begin. I will list the positions here and fill them in as we go.
Sibling #1:
Sibling #2:
Sibling #3:
Sibling #4:

Keep in mind that even if you're applying for the position of, say, Sibling #2, that doesn't mean they have to be a certain age or gender. It's just the order in which I place them. If you want to apply for a Sibling role, just put 'Sibling' in the Role category of the CS when it goes up. If there is an influx of Sibling submissions, I may even consider expanding the sibling list to add a few on. Remember that there are plenty of other roles you can think up too, such as Head Butler or Maid, Cook, Gardener, or even just another Noble who is a friend of the Solbergs. You could even make a character in the rival family, the Lunatonnes! If that interests me, contact me via PM and I'll help you out with some story bits about them.

Also remember that this is a world full of magic. Not every character needs to have magical properties, save for the Siblings, but if you do decide to have some, remember to make it not so overpowering that you can wipe out a whole continent or something.

Magic is channeled via a Talisman, which acts like a sort of wand in this world. A Talisman is an object of some sort that has been imprinted with a persons magical attunement: They cannot cast magic without it, and only that person can use that Talisman. Remember this if you plan on making a magic character.

Finally, about the plot: I already have the main plot sorted, but I would love to hear suggestions from you guys about what you think might be interesting to happen, big or small. So please, if this interests you, let me know with a response of what type of character you'd like to make. The show can't go on without the Siblings being made, but don't think that means you have to make one! Thanks for checking this out (again for those who have seen or been in it before), and I hope you decide to join!

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I have an idea for a sibling specializing in observation and organizational magic who handles the finances.
His Talisman would be a special pair of glasses.

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