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Mother of Dragons

He tried. He did. With everything he could. But she was just not fully there anymore. Her gaze had drifted, her eyes glazed over, her mind was elsewhere. Until he felt cold and damp on the back of his neck. He looked up, the sprinklers erupting into full force over the crowd. This woke her out of her daze rather suddenly, but again, her gaze was elsewhere. She was focused on the hectic crowd now, the freshman running in every direction until the staff got them all sorted out.

Although annoyed, he felt a chuckle leave his body. The girls were frantic to get out of the arena to keep their hair from getting wet, but all the while their white tees were soaked through. "I guess someone thought it was time for a wet t-shirt contest" he joked. He felt Saruh stiffen in his arms and he quickly straightened out letting her go just keeping her hand in his.

He watched her, carefully, waiting on it. She must have been ready to explode. She'd worked so hard getting this ready, with all the planning and late nights and calls. He knew, he'd gone through it right beside her, literally, in bed beside her while she worked on every finite detail. But instead, to his surprise, her eyes closed. He leaned his head to her temple, his lips just grazing her ear. "It'll be alright." What else could he possibly say in that moment?

He gave her hand a little tug pulling her in the direction of the back exit. He had to get her out of there. As much as he knew she'd protest, this was it. There was not much any of them could do at this point until the fire department came to shut off the sprinklers, it wouldn't be long now. Luckily majority of the chaos was headed out the front and he somehow managed to get her out of the back doors of the arena. She was still frozen, some kind of shock. Giannis breathed deeply pulling her into his arms, wrapping her tightly against him, their soaked through clothes clung together. He just stood there with her body engulfed in his for a while. "Let me just get you home, please."

He wasn't sure how long they had been embraced together when he pulled away leading her to his car. Giannis pulled open the passenger door open sitting her on the edge of the seat before jogging back to the trunk of his car. Rummaging through his gym bag he found a neatly folded towel, not large but enough to dry her off somewhat. He came back around to her kneeling down in front of her between her knees. "Saruh, babe, talk to me." He dabbed the towel onto her temple, wiping away droplets of water from her face.
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basketball arena.



“Well, it does look really good. I’d be really invested in it too.” Constance’s smile lit up her entire face, not upset in the slightest. Her family would often joke about how it was so hard to see her, due to her height. There was even a running joke of them walking right past her and looking for her as if they hadn’t seen her. At this point in her life she had heard every height joke imaginable and took them all in stride. Constance wouldn’t have been surprised if she hadn’t been seen. The girl before her was much taller after all.

And speaking of, Constance tilted her head as she gazed at the stranger. She was a reminder of just how many beautiful women were attending Dubois. Acadia was her name, it was just as lovely as she was. Constance wanted to know more. She couldn’t help but giggle at her predicament. There was powdered sugar all over her hands, letting Constance know just how much she was enjoying the funnel cake. “It’s nice to meet you, Acadia.”

The manners that her mama had instilled in her dictated that she should introduce herself. It was only polite after all. But before she could speak, Acadia's phone rang. Again, her head tilted in curiosity. She wouldn’t ask, but from the way that Acadia reacted it was something that seemed to annoy her. “Oh no, it’s alright.” She shook her head. “I’ve heard worse from my grandma.” Her smile was fond as she thought of the fierce elderly lady.

It was cute, watching Acadia react to her sibling. While Constance had a large number of cousins, she was an only child. At times she envied those with dozens of siblings to spend time with. Sometimes she was left feeling lonely. She quickly rid herself of those thoughts, now was a time to be happy. And with Acadia’s attention on her she finally spoke again. “I’m Constance but you can call me Connie. I hope that I’m not making things awkward when I say that you’re very pretty, beautiful even.” Constance was never one to hold back how she felt, especially when she saw pretty girls. Briefly she wondered if she’d find a girlfriend here.

“Not to be nosy, but is everything okay? I don’t have any siblings of my own but I do have a few cousins who can be a little much.”

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Alex Brinson

Alex kind of sighed as he watched Leigh walk away, looking off to the side to find his sister in the gym. He didn’t really care about tabloids and things of that nature, and that’s probably why his sister was so irritated with him in the exchange that occurred on the Du-Chat. He also hit up Onyx to explain, and things seemed, okay? They were supposed to talk so perhaps that was a good sign? He wasn’t sure.

He managed to look around at this point ready to just vacate the premises and go back to his dorm. Life was simpler when it was just about basketball, and he longed for the season to start so that could be his focus. Unfortunately, even just practicing was little off from now in October.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets just about to go ahead and leave the gym when suddenly what felt like a hundred buckets of water just dropped. He sort of chuckled as his hair begs to stick to his face and his fluffy curls turned into a straight wavy disaster. I mean, unless you were into that look.

He shook his head a bit, almost like a dog, before slowly trudging through what kind of felt like puddles at this point. Well, if anything this would be a DuBois moment that went down in history. Maybe that would be the solace in the day, at least it was memorable.

When he made it outside, he kind of looked up to the sky as the warm air hit him. It was kind of funny, the humidity of Georgia reminded him of home. He blinked a few times when someone bumped into him and he internally lamented at his streak of not running into someone or being run into being reset to 0.

After he accepted his internal game of avoid being bumped into was over, he turned to look to see if that person was okay. He blinked a few times when he didn’t’ see anyone, not quite used to his height YET, before finally looking down and seeing Onyx.

He took a second to wonder if this was a good or bad thing. They had planned to meet, right? Just not soaked to the bone.

“Onyx,” he stated awkwardly before scrunching is face up as he tried to stop himself from smiling, but just couldn’t help it. Even wet she was beautiful- okay that sounded provocative, but she was literally drenched.

He thought for a moment trying to navigate through his brain to figure out what was the best option, “Um…I love you…” he blurted out because he was awkward and didn’t know what else to say. He took in a deep breath, “What I mean is…I wouldn’t embarrass you like that. Because I’m still not over you…’

Tu Castigo

by Mariah Angeliq

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Realizing whos giant frame she'd bumped into her heart and mind went into a flurry. God, he really was a lot taller now huh? Sure he'd always been talker then her being only 5 ft. 4in, but now he towered even more! The top of her head was barely at this mans shoulders. That was all that'd really changed over the summer tho. Looking at him now up close even completely soaked he looked handsome as ever.

The awkwardly restrained smile making her heart skip a beat. He wasn't very good at holding it in which just made it all the more heart melting. Mostly because she was finding it difficult to do the same. The only difference was she had guilt weighing down her smile as well. Her smile at the sight of him was more of a breathless gasp. Which is why her first question was of confusion more then anything else. Just trying to allow herself time to catch up and collect herself in this moment she didn't expect would happen so suddenly.

To bad just as she felt that sense of catching up, she was knocked off her feet again emotionally as her eyes widened at his confession. The very out of the blue, but appreciated confession. Once again her emotions ran amok inside her head and stomach in that moment. Between the confusion from him clearly not hearing or answering her original question, to the butterflies from hearing that he still cared so much about her, to the anxiety that came with knowing he meant that despite everything that'd happened between them, to the fear of still knowing she couldn't be 100% honest with him yet.

While by no means is it easy to be mad at a face like his, it was easier online pretending to be because that could keep him at a distance. Safe from her most recent fuck ups, and possible future ones. She'd hurt him enough she didn't wanna do any more damage. But now with him standing right here beaming like that...could she still muster up that same level of anger? Hurt? Yes...because still was very hurt, but not entirely because of him. Understanding why he boke her heart by breaking up with her in the first place, made it all the harder to get over it and him.

She knew what she should do. She should huff, and puff, and push him away to just get home as soon as possible...but when she opened her mouth to do just that all that came out was was s soft, "I know...I know you wouldn't." With that she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug burying her face into him ignoring how soaked they both were.

She didn't realize until she was standing there in front of him just how badly she needed this. Needed just a word from him, a hug...

She wanted to cry from all the pent up emotions being released, but she held it together not wanting to ruin the moment. "Me too...I've missed you." she mumbled since her face was still buried it was hard to hear, but she hoped the sentiment was felt.

After a moment she finally pulled her face back feeling like she'd gained a bit of her control over herself back before looking up at his face. She reached up to gently move a few strands of his drenched hair out of his face, "We should uh get someplace where we can dry off." She wanted to return the sentiment. To tell him how much she still loved him, and never stopped caring about him...but she was scared that just like in their conversation earlier it'd probably come off as unbelievable. She couldn't take that rejection face to face like this or she might actually break down in tears. "Can't have you getting sick now." She chimed light heartedly.

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Shaun Cianciola
Shaun observed the different shades, shapes, and styles that made up the crowd, and the sight gave him a mild sense of nostalgia as it reminded him of home. He felt a sense of relief in simply watching everyone casually mingle versus the more serious tone that seemed to loom during the week. Right now, being his lax self was acceptable and he didn't need to prove that he could live up to a standard. To be fair, it was somewhat of a valid insecurity - putting in effort was key just to stay afloat - but he also needed to have more confidence in himself. Oh well, it was just another thing to add to his list of things to work on.

As he looked over the girls, a smirk upturned the corner of his lip. The school's prospects were not disappointing... Which reminded him of a certain classmate. Her image filled his mind - at least what he could recall - and he briefly wondered if they would cross paths here. The arena was so full that he doubted it, but it wasn't anything to be too concerned about as he had already secured himself a spot on her calendar. Then, he'd have plenty of time to commit her visuals to memory; meanwhile, it was probably a good idea to start studying her name now...

Considering the amount of time it took Keith to figure out what to wear - even when a third of his outfit was essentially already chosen for him - Shaun was surprised to be broken out of his thoughts so soon by his roommate's decision. He had mentioned dancing games and Shaun was secretly grateful that there were none. Although he was also more coordinated in the foot department, he had two left feet when it came to dancing and refused to look silly. So, while they both rather leave those hand-eye precision throwing games to the baseball players, that's exactly the kind of game they ended up playing. "Nice choice. Looks fun."

Shaun meandered a couple of paces behind Keith as they approached the dunk tank, stopping just behind him as they watched the current contestant. The first throw was a miss, then the next resulted in a loud splash of victory. ...But then why did Shaun feel wet? A type of survivor's guilt? Simultaneously, the claps of other onlookers turned into shrieks and suddenly it was raining...indoors. While he did look good wet, he preferred not to be, and definitely not drenched. So, his first reaction was to minimize damage and dodge the sprinklers. Unfortunately, he hadn't even thought of his roommate until he was already too caught up in the horde scrambling for the exit.
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Mona & Rome

The school year had approached fast, but she couldn’t say that she was too surprised. The summer had come and gone in a blink of an eye due to the amount of work she had coming in. There were still commissions that she needed to get through, some last minute pieces that she would finish in the next few days. She would take a small break then, now that she was in the position where she could do it. Once upon a time ago, she had tried to cram as many commissions that she could into a single month. With time she learned that it was best to take her time. Her cliente was up and so her career was going smoothly.

It was only natural that her home life followed suit. Ramona knew that her mother probably regretted her attempts at getting her daughter to switch careers, even if she would never say it. As far as she was concerned, it was all water under the bridge. Ramona could never stay mad at her mother for too long. She was well aware of the risks she took when she picked her major and started her business. Her mother had always been the worrying type after all.

She could ease her nerves now. Ramona was all too happy to help out at home. She had even gone as far as getting aid for her brother. With her getting her own place and her mother getting up in age, the help would be needed. Not to mention the fact that school was now back in session. She had spent the summer looking for the perfect person.

Ramona looked at the crowd of students both new and old, from her camera lens she had a perfect view of the mingling student body. The school had reached out to her after seeing her photography work and with the break she had from art, she had accepted.

She lowered her camera, looking over the picture when someone bumped into her. The camera flew from her hands and she shot the person an annoyed look, though they didn’t pay her any mind.

Just like that summer was over and they were back on campus. Well, Roman lived off campus but that's besides the point, they were back at school and he’d officially started his first year of grad school. It was definitely a bit daunting, being the first in the family to go to college and graduate and now he was in graduate school getting his masters in psychology. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat nervous.

Although it wasn’t his typical scene, he had decided to make an appearance at the freshman Olive Branch event. What was the worst that could happen? Eat some food, play some games, maybe run into some peers, not that he had many of those. He typically kept to himself. He liked his quiet and his sanity and to him more people in your life just meant more drama.

He’d made it into the arena pushing through a sea of freshman. He was definitely feeling old in those moments reminiscing of his own Olive Branch back in the day, he couldn’t even recall if it was even called the “olive branch” back then. He chuckled to himself, he wasn’t that old but sure felt like it amongst these kids.

Shoving his hands into the pockets of his taupe sweats he walked through the arena, simply looking around. He wasn’t sure what he was in search for exactly, maybe nothing at all, but it was a “nice” change of scenery from his living room sofa where he’d spent a good portion of that day.

He landed in somewhat of a clearing from the mess of freshman and his eyes scanned the crowd. He wasn’t exactly paying attention but something caught his eye in his peripheral vision and his hands flew out of his pockets catching the flying object. Luckily, he was able to make the catch as it appeared to be a rather expensive looking camera. A brow arched as he looked about a bit confused, until he noticed her. Extending his arm he tapped a finger on her shoulder. “If you’re waiting for an apology out of him it doesn’t look like he’ll be giving you one any time soon.” He held out the camera in her direction.

“Yeah, he didn’t even try to stop or anything.” Romana turned her head, feeling someone touch her shoulder. She glanced in the direction of where the dude had left one more time before rolling her eyes. People really were rude as hell for no reason. She grabbed the camera from him, looking it over.

Finally she looked at the person who tapped her, offering a small smile. “Thank you for that. These cameras are fragile and I’m not tryna pay for another one so soon.” Ramona placed the device around her neck for the extra security. Figuring that she could at least introduce herself to the person who had probably saved her money, she held out a hand. “I’m Ramona, and you?”

“Ramona” he repeated, letting the name roll off his tongue as if he was trying to learn it for the first time. He chuckled softly, extending his own hand out and giving hers a gentle shake. “Nice to meet you Ramona. I’m Roman. And it’s no problem at all, just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

“Roman huh? It’s a nice name,” Her tone was playful, the similarities of their names not lost on her. She dropped his hand after a moment, letting it return to her camera. As soon as she made contact she seemed to have an idea. Romana had been tasked with taking pictures of the Olive Branch and the students attending. While she had been focusing on freshmen, it wouldn’t hurt to have some fellow upperclassmen as well.

“Would you mind snapping it up for me? The university has me taking pictures here and I’m nearly done. I just need about two more.” Romana looked him over for a moment before nodding to herself. It was probably wrong of her but she hadn't been taking pics of anyone looking dingy. “It’s cool if you don’t want to do.”

“I could say the same about yours, Ramona.” He smirked rubbing the back of his neck moving his eyes around the gym before landing them on her again.

“You want to take MY picture?” His brow raised in question. Adjusting the fold in his beanie he looked down at his attire, matching taupe colored sweats covered his body along with his off white Jordan 4s. His eyes rose up to hers again with a slight shrug of his shoulders. “It’s cool. Where do you want me?”

“You’re good where you are. Just pose.” Ramona waited for him to get into position before she snapped a picture. She looked down at it, smiling before walking closer. “You like it?” She leaned close, letting him get a good look at the picture.

He casually got into a pose for her and heard the shutter go off a couple times. “If you think it’s good, then I believe you.” He peered over her shoulder onto the screen of the camera looking over the photo with a nod.

“Now..” he said before gently taking the camera from her hands. “It’s your turn.” He brought the viewfinder up to his eye squinting a bit bringing her into focus. He took a small step back and clicked the button a few times hearing the shutter go off as he snapped a few photos of her.

He smirked looking down at the images on the small screen before moving in closer to her, an arm wrapped around her shoulder and he spun the camera around. “Smile!” A small smirk played on his lips as he clicked the shutter button. His eyes veered to the right of him watching her from his peripheral vision. How had he not met her before today?

Romana managed to smile fast enough just in time, something told her to wink and she did so. She hadn’t even thought about taking a photo of herself, having been mainly focused on capturing everything else.

She left his embrace, grabbing her camera back with a smile. “Thanks again Roman. I probably would have been paying for another camera if you hadn't been right where I needed you.” She held out her hand again. “It was nice meeting you.”

His smile faded in the slightest when she pulled away. “Yea, sure, no problem.” He took her hand and shook it gently. “It was nice meeting you too. Maybe we’ll run into each other round campus sometime.”

He turned to head out of the arena. The trip to the olive branch wasn’t pointless after all. He turned around briefly walking backwards. “Look me up on social sometime, last names Starling” he called out before turning back and walking out the double doors.

Romana found herself nodding, still smiling while Roman walked away. “Yeah, I’ll do that.”
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Onyx & Alex
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Onyx & Alex

She didn’t say it back. I love you that is, but she admitted she missed him. Maybe that would be enough for now, until they could let their emotions settle and figure things out. That’s why he wanted to talk to her, right? Not just to apologize for the blog's shenanigans, but to figure out what any of this even means, right?

Maybe he was too hopeful. His naivete always seemed to rear its ugly head at the worst times, but maybe he was just optimistic.

She suggested they dry off and talk after and he nodded in agreement. He motioned towards the athlete’s dorm as that was pretty much next to the arena, ”My dorm?”

Onyx nodded in agreement since it was the best option. The words stuck in her throat burned, but this was nothing new anymore. She'd felt gagged like this ever since that terrible day last spring. Onyx never wanted a life with regrets and tried her best to not have any but that? She regrets going out that night.

Was it selfish to want to stay close to him despite everything? To want to be at his side? She hoped not, hurting him more was the last thing she wanted. She pulled her other arm from around him finally to let him lead the way since while she knew where the dorms were she didn't know where he stayed.

As they got to his door she looked over at him, "You won't get in trouble or anything for having me over right?"

Being close to her was so natural for him, that it didn’t really register until she pulled away. Then it felt like all the warmth that filled his body was pulled away and it was painfully obvious being soaked had him freezing. As they moved together, every instinct in him told him to hold her hand, but he held off on that.

“Nah. We don’t have the same visitation rules as the other dorms…not yet at least.” He chuckled stepping away from her as he opened it up and looked over trying to see if his roommate was there in their suite before leading Onyx over to his room and opening it open.

He grabbed a towel, a t-shirt, and some shorts holding them out to her, ”The bathroom is out and to the right.”

She couldn't help but giggle at his comment, "Fingers crossed then." She chimed. She made sure to wait that the coast was clear before stepping inside and taking everything he'd offered her. "Thank you, I really appreciate this." She smiled softly.

She appreciated it all, he'd always been kind. It was one of her favorite things about him. That and he was funny and could always make her laugh. It just especially shined now because he had no reason to still be so caring of her, yet here he was.

She walked to the bathroom and used the towel to dry off her body then wrapped her hair in it before getting dressed in the clothes he'd given her. She poked her head out the door before fully stepping out and knocking on his door, "I'm all done." Look she didn't wanna risk him changing and just waltzing on in. She felt enough embarrassment for one day.

He had changed clothes himself while she was gone, deciding to opt for a jersey- tank top and some shorts and knee high socks (all black). He was messing with his hair as it still was limp on the side of his head and let out a disgruntled sigh. He’d have to put work in to get it back as nice as he had it.

Ah well.

When she knocked he told her come in, and after she did he chuckled a bit. His clothes were always big on her, but Jesus they swallowed her now. Still. She was beautiful. As she always was.

“You good to go?”

She walked in hearing the ok and for a moment the sense of deja vu washed over her enough to pull her lips into a warm smile at the sight of him. It took everything in her not to walk over to him and wrap her arms around him and pepper him with light kisses.

Ugh this was weird and she hated it. She hated the distance, and she hated herself knowing she was the cause.

She nodded, "Yah thanks. Though I could rock your tops like full blown dresses now." She giggled doing a little twirl in front of him for emphasis.

She walked over towards him and sat next to him, "So um…you wanted to talk right?" Her nerves were starting to get the better of her which was new for her because it'd been a long time since she felt nervous around him. "I wanted to start off by saying, I'm glad you're here."

He chuckled again when she echoed what was he was thinking in his head about the clothes, ”Yeah grown a bit since I’ve seen you last.”

He looked to her as she sat down, and nodded when she asked about him wanting to talk. Of course he did. He felt so many different emotions at one time and he wasn’t really sure how he should navigate any of them.

“You mean you’re glad I’m here, like at DuBois or like…in this room. OR does it matter...” he squinted his eyes in thought. Nope. He wasn’t any less awkward than before.

He rubbed the back of his neck. He didn’t want to just blurt out everything like an idiot, because he had done that earlier. He was trying to do better about communicating instead of just dumping emotions on other people, but his dad wasn’t the best example at emotional intelligence which was odd because his mom was a renown psychologist.

“I just…I’m mad at you. I still am. But I’m mad because I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t get you off my mind. No matter what I do, you’re all I think about. And this might sound dumb, but you're a big reason I came here. To DuBois. I didn’t want distance between us….I didn’t want that as the reason why we couldn’t be together, because I love you…and I don’t want anyone else. I want you as my girlfriend….”

She giggled a bit at his response because a little felt like such an understatement as well as his response to her question because well…what was the difference? "I'm gonna go with both because it'd be really uncomfortable being in the room without you considering it's your room."

However as he continued the tone shifted and she bit her lip nervously. She knew he was mad at her, that was a given, but hearing him say it again hurt her all over again. She turned her gaze from him down to her lap where she fiddled with her fingers. She was still listening of course, but it was just hard to hear.

She didn't know how to fix it. How to change how he felt because at first it was sounding like he wanted to get over her…which she supposed was fair. Who would want to be stuck attached to someone who had hurt them? But then things shifted again and her eyes began to water hearing him talk about how he still wanted her.

Another good reason her eyes were looking down cause she didn't want him to see her on the verge of tears. She swallowed hard trying to regain control of her emotions and most importantly her face. "I don't want anyone else either. I never stopped loving you I just…I don't understand why you'd still wanna be with me? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry about everything." She closed her eyes tight to keep the tears at bay.

He listened to her speak and watched as she did everything from looking at him. There was a chuckle that escaped his lips. Not a teasing one or anything, but one that screamed relief. She still loved him and for him, nothing else mattered.

“I want to still be with you because I love you. We can work through things, my parents did and according to them they went through worse than what we’re going through.”

He turned his body and put a finger on her chin to lift her head up towards him and kissed her lips gently before pulling back, ”We’re a team….we can figure this out.”

She supposed he made a good point. Other couples probably went through a lot worse than distance and missed events and stayed strong. And well…since he did decide to come here still distance shouldn't be too much of a problem anymore. Half the battle was solved.

The familiar and soothing sensation of his lips gracing hers sent shivers down her spine, but in a good way. She felt like she could melt into him and be perfectly safe because it was him. She opened her eyes again as he spoke about them being a team, "Ok. You're right." He was right, Saruh had been right…things would be just fine.

It all seemed so silly now. The jealousy, the forced distance, the argument. She probably should get better control of her lil green eyed monster within, but that's a task for another day. She leaned her head against his shoulder and cuddled up closer to him. She wasn't sure still where this left them but it was definitely better then where they started today and she'd take that as a win. "Thank you."

He wrapped his arm around her waist as she cuddled up to his shoulder. They would be fine…

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Keith & Leigh
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Keith & Leigh

Sadly the fun had to come to an end as the staff evacuated everyone from the area for safety reasons. Still it was a memorable time, and Keith was glad he attended the event. He looked around as the herd of students made their way towards their respective dorms.

He was originally looking for his own roommate, when he spotted a girl looking especially miserable. A part of him though she probably wouldn't want a stranger walking up to her and talking to her, but he also noticed a lot of the girls were covering themselves because…well they were in mostly white shirts.

Ken walked up to the girl making sure his gaze was still on the crowd and not directly at her not wanting to look like a creep. "Hey uh, looks like we're going the same way." He shrugged off his jacket and extended it towards her, "If you want it's not much, but this might help do the trick. Also Have you seen a guy a bit shorter than me with medium length brown hair around? I think he's Hispanic…I've not ever asked now that I think about it. I should probably do that. Does that make me a bad roommate?" He asked, suddenly more focused on his inner confusion than the issues facing them in the moment.

Leigh was busy shaking and squeezing out the water from her hair. Her curls, well, they weren’t quite curls anymore and her hair fell flat against her back. She was drenched, head to toe, her sneakers even squeaked each time she took a step forward.

She almost jumped out of her skin when someone approached her. She looked up to the guy who’d spoken and then in the direction of the dorms. “Yea, appears like it” she said not paying him any attention initially as she was growing increasingly uncomfortable with being wet when she noticed him extending his jacket which too was wet. “Uhh…” she took the jacket in her hands. “Thanks” she gave a soft thankful smile as she threw it over her shoulders.

That had been kind of him. She looked around trying to spot the guy he had just described but shrugged. “Sorry, no. I was a bit preoccupied with everything else.” She continued forward towards the dorms. “Not yet, it’s only been what…a week? You’ll know soon enough.”

Ken was happy that she accepted his gift of sorts since well he was a stranger so he wouldn't have been offended if she didn't. "No problem." He grinned, shooting her a thumbs up.

"That's ok." He shrugged, continuing to walk alongside her, "There were a lot of people around and I'm sure he'll turn up at the room. Fingers crossed he doesn't hog all the hot water." He chuckled trying to keep the mood light hearted. A lot of people looked miserable right now and he supposed he understood since being wet did make it cold…but it was just water.

Then again people also tended not to like their hair and outfits getting messed up. Thank god for dreads. "Yah you're right, it's still really early! It'd actually be creeper probably if I knew a whole lot about him in just a week now that I think about it. Oh! Speaking of hot you know what sounds good right now? Something hot to eat."

Ken's mind ran a million miles and hour and usually circled once or twice so to him the hot comment was from his own joke about the water not immediately what was just said. "What do you think? Best hot food to eat right now?" He asked curiously since he did want food and it would actually take him forever to decide on something.

She pushed her hair behind her ear looking up at him with a raised brow. He was scrambling quite a bit, going on a tangent about one thing then another. She tried to keep up but her mind kept going to the fact that she was dorming with the Brinson sister who did not seem quite fond of her and well she felt a bit the same at this point.

“Eat?” She questioned snapping back into the conversation. “Maybe a burger? Some fries too?” She shrugged looking up seeing the dorms coming into view with a sigh of relief. “Thank god” she mumbled. “I’m so ready to get out of these clothes.”

Seeing her expression he took it as a que to try and calm himself just a bit. He knew he could be a lot to people, especially ones he's just met.

"I like the way you think." He hummed as they got closer to their destination. "Same here. This was definitely a memorable day, but I need some fresh warm clothes." He glanced over at her, "Hey if I cooked some burgers and fries would you like some? After you get changed of course. I could just drop them off, kinda like Uber eats if you're comfortable." He chuckled a bit to ward off his own nerves.

He really wanted to make friends and what better way than with food?

She slid the jacket off her shoulders, taking it by the neck she extended it towards him with a gentle smile. “Thanks for the jacket. That was kind of you.” She shook out her hair a bit with a groan. It would take hours to get it back to how it was.

She walked into the dormitory building and pursed her lips mulling it over. “I actually ate back at the olive branch and not quite that hungry currently…” she smiled. “But thank you for another kind offer. Maybe next time?” She pulled out a pen from her bag taking his hand in hers and quickly jotting her number down into his palm. “For next time.” She tucked the pen behind her ear and turned heading towards the elevators. “Names Leigh!” She called out without turning.

He took his jacket back in hand with a bright smile happy to have been some help and hopefully help uplift her mood even if just by a bit. "Of course, anytime." He tried to contain his laughter seeing her shake out her hair. He wondered how it looked before it got ruined.

"Oh yah, sure thing." He was surprised however when he saw her pull out a pen and took his hand to write on it. It felt so old school and cool in his eyes. Today just seemed like one giant movie scene. "Got it, I'll text you." He chimed, starting to walk backward towards the part of the building where his room was. "I'm Keith!" He waved, despite the fact she wasn't facing him anymore, before turning around to walk right before he bumped into someone because that would be just his luck.

Leigh…this making friends thing might not be so hard after all.
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Kodie and Kira
Collab Post
Kodie & Kira

There was a moment that Kodie took to realize that she might have frightened the poor girl. Maybe that’s what she was stumbling over her words? Or maybe it was just the deafening sound of the speakers blasting through the small car. That would have never been Kodie. Not ever, because where she grew up you had to know your surroundings 24/7. If you got caught lacking, that would be the end of it.

She took a deep breath moving around the car when she saw her motion for her to join and had the door open. She slid into the seat and closed the door behind her, “Appreciate you shawty. I’m Kodie by the way.”

A giggle slipped from between Kira’s lips when she heard the girl call her ‘shawty.’ She hadn’t been called that before other than being cat called through the streets of LA. “Kira” she said as she exhaled a breath of smoke extending the joint towards Kodie who took it willingly. She adjusted her seat so it hadn’t been laying entirely back and leaned back against it pulling her feet up onto the seat.

Leaning forward she spun the dial for the volume a bit letting the music fill the car as background noise. “So do you just go around randomly knocking on everyone’s car windows?”

Kira? That was a cute name. What, she was blasian or something? Had to be with a name like that, looking like she did. God she was gorgeous. She took the joint that was handed to her and took a slow drag, holding the smoke inside of her lungs before letting a slow exhale coughing a bit. God it had been a long time since she smoked.

She took an inhale , between coughs trying to speak,”Uh no…cough, where I’m from that’ll get you shot cough cough. But we are a boujie school like DuBois and I cough cough smelled the loud so I took a chance.”

She peered out the drivers side window. She hadn’t really attempted to hide herself, more so just placed herself in plain sight. “I thought I was being pretty discreet” she said with a playful smile turning back looking at Kodie.

“So where are you from?” she asked with a upturned brow. She was curious as she really hadn’t known anywhere like that, sure there were bad parts in LA too but she hadn’t grown up anywhere near them, venturing into those areas only occasionally when necessary.

Kodie glanced to her when she asked where was she from, before taking another drag or two, and handed it back to her. She tucked one of the lochs of her pressed hair behind her ear before letting the smoke leave her lungs.

She smiled a bit already thinking about how she would get someone else’s urine to pass her drug test when her probation officer showed up. She had her way, she’d be alright.

“I’m from Atlanta uh specifically the SWATS. Oakland city…” she stated shrugging her shoulders a bit. She originally grew up in the safe part of Oakland city with her mom and then her grandparents, but when she started to gang bang and deal, she moved over a couple of blocks and used to run Cascade and MLK. Her new friend didn’t need to know the specifics of her troublesome life.

“I spent the last few years in LA though. So I’m just getting back …” she stated and smiled at her,”What about you??

She’d taken the j into her hands and was mid hit when Kodie mentioned LA and gasped with a cough. The biggest grin appearing on her face. “I’m from LA!” she exclaimed maybe a bit too loudly for the tight quarters of the small car. She let out another small cough before taking another drag of the dwindling joint.

“Not much left” she said with an exhale of the smoke as she extended it back towards Kodie. “You can finish it off.” She laid her head back on the headrest closing her eyes. “Where were you off to that you ran into little old me?”

If Kodie hadn’t spent years hardening herself, she probably would have jumped at Kira’s outburst. Instead she just looked over to the girl and flashed a smile with her grill. It was diamond gold on most of the teeth, but the canines were encrusted with diamond. It matched the diamond encrusted chain that said “Kodie” around her neck.

She took the joint from the girls hands, taking a few more puffs before it dwindled all the way down and tossed it in the place they had been ashing the whole time. She let out the smoke for the last time and rubbed the back of her neck,”Um. This thing called Olive Branch…supposed to be for us freshmen.”

“Ahhh, the olive branch…” a soft smile spread across her lips. “I remember my own Olive branch, it was quite fun. A good distraction at the time.” Her smile quickly faded as she recalled that time. She opened her eyes running her fingers through the curly bob sucking at her teeth as she sat up. “You should go. Great way to meet others in your year.”

She pursed her lips to one side before turning back to Kodie. “I’ll come with. I have nothing better to do currently. And I’ve heard round campus that some of the upperclassman are gonna be there too.” She shrugged
“Unless you’d rather go solo. That’d be fine too. No different to me. I’m high.”

Kodie glanced over when she noticed the girl’s smile fade for a second. She thought about it for a second and realized she used the word distraction, and figured she had some major things going on in her life at the time. She didn’t totally seem pass it so….

“Nah it’d be cool if you came too, feel me. And I heard that it’s common for upperclassmen to try and blend in, but it is what it is. Only reason I was going to see if it was some cute girls there…”

“Usually chock full of em” she said with a giggle and slight shrug of her shoulder. “Depends what you’re into though.” She turned the key in the ignition shutting off the car slapping her hands on her bare thighs. “Ready?” She asked looking over at Kodie before swinging the door open and climbing out of the car.

She looked over and back out the window chuckling a bit. Depends what you’re into though. She chuckled a bit before getting out of the car and closing it behind her. She thought for a moment before circling around to her side,”But wait. What if what I’m into is you?”

Kira bumped the door of the beetle closed with her hip turning around towards Kodie. She felt a sudden heat raise up into her cheeks and giggled the slightest bit. “Oh, I don’t know if I’m quite your type” she said as she hooked an arm through hers pulling her towards the direction of the arena. She raised the car keys over her head clicking the button to lock it, hearing it beep shut behind them. “Anyways, I’m too old for you.”

She blinked a few times as she got pulled towards the arena and listened to her talk. She said she was too old for her and that made her scoff a bit. She wasn’t too old, she didn’t think it was a such thing as too old except for like granny age,”Nah. I think you’re just the right age for me.”

There was a slight hiccup in Kira’s step at the last thing Kodie had said. She didn’t say anything right away. She could feel herself chewing on the inside of her cheek. It had been quite some time since she had been with someone, with anyone really. She didn’t know how to react other then with a nervous chuckle. “We’ll see if you still say that after you see your pickings tonight at the olive branch.”

It didn’t take long for them to reach the arena doors. “And we are here!” She exclaimed with a smile grabbing the door pulling it open. “Ready for some fun?” She gave a little shoulder shimmy and followed in behind her.

She was a bit thrown off when they got into the arena, not expecting it to be as big as it was. Of course she was familiar with it having grown up not too far awy, and visiting campus several times, but it was something different about being a student and experiencing it. She soaked it in, looking at all of the games and food stands and the people who were rustling about before shrugging her shoulders.

“Show me a good time, Kira.”
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Zay and Maya
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Zay & Maya

She ascended the flight of stairs to the second floor as she adjusted the top of the little blue jumpsuit piece she had on. Was she nervous? Maybe. She came up to the apartment door and raised her hand to knock when she remembered she’d been a bit more confident in those DMs they’d exchanged earlier. Taking a deep breath Maya placed her manicured hand on the handle and lowered it pushing the door open. “Hello?” She stepped inside letting the door shut behind her but wouldn’t move any further into the apartment that smelled of ganja.

He was a drug dealer. Well, a weed dealer. He had put down the hard stuff a while ago. Well except oxy and Percs and - okay he sold drugs! But he didnt sell crack. Anymore. Anyways, of course his house smelled like weed, but he didn’t keep his stash there. That’s just silly. Instead it was some house somewhere in the country where he slid when it was time to reup.

It was a simple apartment, living room full of plants a couch and a large television. It was actually an entirely unusual amount of plants for a man. It was a stark contrast to the kitchen that was very sleek and modern.

“I’m in the back!” he called out from the back room, while he sat in a room rolling up some more tree into a cigarillo. When she headed back she would pass a door that was closed, his room, a bathroom, and then hit the room he was in. Which was a sleek set up with soft white LED lights, a soft white desk, a PC with white lights in it, and some decorations for gaming and things.

She did a quick look around as she spun to trace the sound of his voice.The apartment was rather nice, especially for a college student, or should she say for a guy at least. There were plants scattered throughout, pops of green contrasted around the simply decorated apartment.

Im in the back!

Passing through the only closed door in the living room to what essentially would lead to the back led her into his bedroom, a neatly made bed laid in the middle. She didn’t linger long enough to not pry and continued on until she reached the room he was in. He sat at a white desk, illuminated by soft white lights, rolling up another little something. She leaned a shoulder onto the door frame watching him quietly. “You didn’t think one would be enough?” She asked, gripping the small bag against her chest.

Zay had seen Maya around and had a few interactions with her before. He didn’t really know much about her other than that, but it wasn’t unusual for people to make connections on the Du-chat thing. Especially when you already had some sort of knowledge of who the person was.

He rose a brow when she asked her question,”Maybe for you…” he told her with a chuckle, motioning towards the love seat that was on the wall,”Have a seat, we can fye one up and you can tell me more about your attractive self.”

She giggled to herself. “One puff and I’ll probably be set.” She looked around the room taking in her surroundings locating the love seat in her peripheral.

She gave a slight nod of her head, hesitating a bit before moving towards it, setting her bag down at the edge before sitting down closer to the middle. She crossed one leg over the other letting herself sink back into it before looking up and locking eyes with Zay.

“Me?” Another soft giggle escaped her, quickly averting her eyes as she pushed her hair behind her ear. “Not much to me. You’re the interesting one here, going on tour and getting yourself into all kinds of trouble.”

“Ain’t no trouble for me,” he told her with a gentle smile taking his lighter, and lighting the end of what he rolled before turning and sitting on the arm of the love seat. He looked at her with a smile before shrugging his shoulders,”Besides, I do what I want to do.”

She shifted in her seat to turn towards him. “And what’s that exactly?” she asked, her head tilting to one side, the slightest curve to her brow. She grabbed the sleeve of his shirt pulling him down into the seat beside her. “You tell me to come over but pick to sit there?”

He blinked a few times when she pulled him down to sit next to her, and took a deep breath. It took a second for him to process because he had already been smoking all day that the sudden movement threw his equilibrium off.

When he got his focus back he realized how close he was to her and handed the blunt,”Wow. Um. I like to respect people’s personal space.”

She felt her breath catch in her throat, he was rather closer than she intended. She quickly took the blunt from his fingers and brought it up to her parted lips. She took a long drag inhaling the smoke but holding it in only momentarily before she coughed. The smoke escaped her in one shot, tears welling up in her eyes. She didn’t typically smoke, even on occasion, it usually never happened.

“We’ll, maybe you shouldn’t be offering cuddles left and right if you respect personal space.” She coughed again into her elbow extending the blunt back towards him. “The two just don’t mix.”

He took it away from her and laughed at her smoking,”You don’t gotta smoke anymore baby lungs.” He took another hit and raised a brow at what she said, taking an inhale and letting it out before smiling, “Consent is important you know.”

He cracked his neck a bit,”But I’m guessing you ain’t in here to talk about that, so what are you trying to get into. Just cuddling?”

She nuzzled herself into the back of the couch, letting her body sink into it as she closed her eyes. “Hey! I can handle it.” A giggle escaped her followed by a hiccup. She already felt the high creeping up on her but she picked up on that word, consent. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t” she said, opening her eyes peering up at him through her lashes.

She felt her body scoot closer to his. “Lets start with those cuddles you promised first…we’ll see where it goes from there.”

“Well this ain’t big enough for both of us cuddle up with,” he told her patting the couch and getting up. He took a bit of another puff and got up from his seat walking out of the room,”Come on baby lungs.”

Groaning, she got up to her feet grabbing her bag from the couch. Her eyes rolled as she followed him out of the room. “Lemme get some more of that.” She extended her arm out reaching with her fingers for the blunt he held between his. “I can handle myself, I’m a big girl.”

She had to prove him wrong, even though she knew it probably would end up being a bad idea in the long run.

He chuckled when she took it away from him and move towards his room, “Alexa, turn on the lights, make it purple.” he said as purple lights illuminated the room,”Alexa, turn on netflix in Bedroom.” He said with a smile as the TV went on before he plopped in his bed.

He looked into her eyes and smiled before shrugging his shoulder,”Aight baby lungs, I believe in you.”

She watched the room, a purple haze surrounded them. “You certainly know how to set the mood, huh?”

Her stomach churned as she brought the daunting blunt back up to her lips and inhaled sharply feeling her lungs fill with the hot smoke. It burned but she held it in for a moment as she set her bag down on the nearby nightstand. She blew the smoke out with a playful smile. “Told you” she hiccuped as she extended the blunt back in his direction.

She bit her bottom lip looking him over than at the bed around him. She kicked off the ugg slippers as she sat on the edge, her stomach in knots. Why had she grown nervous all of a sudden, she had been so confident in those DMs and now, it was like a switch had flipped.

Zay watched her with the blunt and laughed a bit. She told him alright. He grabbed the remote to the television and flipped through the shows before he landed on Ozark and started to play it.

He looked over to her and quirked her brow. For someone who asked publicly for some cuddles and pulled up no problem she suddenly was acting a little shy.

He took the blunt and ashes in the tray near him before sliding to sit with her on the edge of the bed,”we don’t have to cuddle if you don’t want. We can just talk.”

Her arms wrapped around her own body with a slight shake of her head. “We can do both.” She looked up to the television, he had switched it to Ozark like he’d mentioned he would. “I did say I had no intention of watching.” She nudged her shoulder playfully into his.

“I’m fine, really. I just needed a minute to warm up. Take everything in.” She swung her legs up onto the bed laying them across his lap, her toes were freshly manicured with a white polish, her hands against the mattress behind her keeping her propped up. She watched him tilting her head to one side. “You’re cute, ya know. And sweet to take my
‘feelings’ or whatever into consideration.”

She lay back onto the bed looking up at the ceiling, the purple hue all around. “I don’t normally do this…” she said quietly.

“I ain’t no creep,” he mentioned in response to her comment about taking her feelings in consideration,”For all the hoe comments I get, nan girl could ever say I wasn’t respectful or upfront. I’m a gentleman.”

He shrugged his shoulders a bit, subconsciously resting her free hand on her thigh while he smoked with his other,”Heard that a hundred times before. But it’s no judgment round here. Fasho.”

Propping her elbow up onto the bed she laid her chin in the palm of her hand watching him, his hand rested on her thigh. She surprisingly didn’t mind the touch. “A girl has needs, ya know…”

She shrugged, turning onto her stomach looking around the room. “Your place is quite nice. I didn’t expect it.” She looked back at him over her shoulder “and my grandmother raised a lady, not no hoe.”

He looked over to her and shrugged again, taking another hit before putting what was left in the ash tray. He let the moment marinate a bit before letting out one final cloud of smoke. She was interesting and he couldn’t put a finger on why.

“Why didn’t you expect it?” his words were full of offense, but it was faux offense, he didn’t really care one way or the other.

Her shoulders came up to her ears in a shrug. “Not sure. Maybe because other guys' places I’ve been to have not been as nice. I thought it was just a guy thing.” She twirled her fingers along the duvet. “Guess it was just the guys I was seeing.”

She spun around onto her back again looking over at him, her fingers trailing up his arm. “So…you gonna cuddle with me now or still gonna sit over there?”

Isaiah paused for a moment and let what she was saying processed for a bit. What kind of dudes she been dealing with. No need to answer the question. He knew the answer. Broke dudes. And one thing about Zay? He wasn’t a broke boy, “Ay, I ain’t ya average dude feel me?”

When she turned and felt her fingers trail up his arm, he readjusted himself and slid in the bed, using his hand to turn her on her side so she was facing him,”Maybe…”

“No, you most definitely are not average.” She placed a gentle hand on his chest averting her eyes from his. His body felt hot against hers, the heat between them only increasing. Her breath grew shallow and her pulse quickened. The sudden closeness had done something to her.

She swallowed, pulling her eyes back up to his face as the corner of her mouth lifted. “Maybe?” She raised her brow slightly in question.

“Maybe.” he repeated looking her dead in the eyes, trying to read her face a bit. She kept averting her gaze which he always found confusing, but cute when women did. It was like them trying to maintain some last shred of innocence before the seceding events.

He leaned forward and kissed her lips gently before pulling back,”A little more than maybe.”

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First Day of Classes


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acadia brinson

Five o’clock alarms for most people were a struggle to respond to, but Acadia Bronson had no problem immediately getting up. Ever since she was young she had always woken up before the other members of her family and no one knew why. She’d always tried to explain that when her body was ready to get up it was ready to get up - and five o’clock seemed to be that time. The piano melody of Marika Takeuchi’s ‘Daydream’ played from her phone and like clockwork, her hand hit the stop button. Though she didn’t have her first class until 8 am, she did have a whole routine she did each morning and her early wake-up time gave her enough space to do it.

Though she was at odds with her roommate, she still was polite enough to change into her gym clothes, toothbrush, and toothpaste quietly. Acadia was difficult - not an asshole.

The silence in the hallways had been eerie, but Acadia was listening to AURORA and interrupted the quiet with her humming. There was no one around to bother and those in their rooms had been heavy sleepers. When she emerged outside the birds around seemed to match her melody while watching her stretch and get ready for her run. Maybe an hour would be fine for now, she thought.

By the time her first class had rolled around, she had already completed her exercise routine - consisting of yoga, cardio, and meditation. She felt refreshed and ready to try and turn the sour experience she had during the Olive Branch around.

From Acadia’s understanding, the Olive Branch was supposed to be a stress-free event. With the gossip blogs already reporting on her brother, getting into it with her roommate, and the prank on the Freshman class taking place it was anything but. She - like many others - was annoyed at how the first week had gone and hoped going into their first official week would be better.

Being in the same room with the girl who had sarcastic comments was anything but easy and tensions had remained high. Though her mother advised her to let it go and start fresh, Acadia was going to do no such thing. She hadn’t done anything wrong in her eyes which meant she damn sure wasn’t about to apologize. If she had to go her entire year without talking to her then so be it.

It wasn’t all bad, however, as she had met a couple of people she could see herself being friends with - Constance being the main one she thought about. The two girls had hit it off almost immediately and though Cadi had been distracted she still enjoyed her company. They’d been texting back and forth and even trying to make plans to get together later that week. Extracurricular activities hadn’t started yet which meant Acadia would have time but a part of her worried that once they started she wouldn’t. She felt a connection with Connie and it would be a shame if their friendship didn’t last too long.

But that was something she would worry about at another time. For now, she was sitting in the library getting her schedule together while waiting for her next class. With having so many things to do her first year, she wanted to make sure all of them were accounted for. She had been listening to music and was so focused on her work that the people around her had been tuned out for the time being.



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Shaun ( Aato Aato )

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student center, just outside




Sometimes Giannis’ dominance clashed with her desire for autonomy. She usually deferred to him on most things, but there were several times where Saruh’s wants meant more to her than peace in their relationship. They rarely fought, he was far too reserved for them fight, but arguments did come in abundance.

So when he ushered her out of the event after it had gone up in flames….well…after her parade was rained on, anyways, for once she deferred to him despite her impulse to fix everything. What was the point? It was ruined, right? Besides there wasn’t much she could do. The vendors would get their stuff out of there, the custodians would clean the rest. The performers were volunteers, so they’d probably go do something else and at least she didn’t have to resolve that.

She knew somehow it would get back to her mother, so her phone was turned off and when they got home, she’d crawl into bed. She’d smoke a bit, take some downers, and go to sleep. Giannis would cater to her, but she just rather had slept. Today was too much.

The morning would come and when she turned her phone off her phone chimed with a thousand missed notifications. A lot of them were in moral support, some were from faculty stating that she did a good job despite the mishap. Even the headliner performer texted her saying he heard about it, and he’d love to come perform for free another day.

Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all…that was until she noticed the voicemail form her mother. She didn’t bother to listen, instead she read the transcribed message.

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting. She knew her mother. Still, she could hear the disappointment and disapproval in the words she read which amounted to everything she touches turning to ruin.

“I think I will just…sleep…” she stated to herself as she rolled up again, smoking before rolling over and going back to sleep. That was mostly where she spent the next few days, not even making music and only tending to necessary things like the last preparations for the AKA’s bake sale they were having.

Her mother demanded that Saruh ensure it would be a photographer worth their salt and not one of those, quote, “One of be weekend photographers who don’t even have a portfolio. Ghetto kids.”

The best part? Saruh didn’t even get the chance to choose because her mother took care of that before she had the chance. Probably because she didn’t trust Saruh would make the right decision. That person just had to be one Ramona. She swore the universe was conspiring against her, but that’s okay. It all fairness Ramona had fostered some sort of relationship with her mother

She went right back to sleep until the morning came of the first day of classes, and blinked a few times as she opened her eyes. Her alarm on her phone was going off and she yawned turning it off. She reached over to Giannis’ side of the bed and sighed when he wasn’t there. It was a sigh of relief. He must have been at the gym or something, which meant she didn’t have to interact with anyone for the time being.

She slowly rose from her side of the bed in her long shirt, removing the scarf from around er head and slowly moving into bathroom where she showered. What should have been a 15 minute shower turned into 45 minutes. What was meant to be 30 minutes on her hair, turned to an hour. What was meant to be 20 on her makeup and outfit turned to 50. She had completely zoned out and lost track of time and since she left her phone in the other room.

She walked out of the bathroom with a white nike dad hat with a pink swoosh and her Line jacket for AKAs (pic in outfit section) with her line name on the back Psiren above the number 2. She was known as the deuce of the line, and her name was in obvious reference to her singing. She accompanied that with blue jeans and white and pink chucks.

When she moved to grab her phone, she noticed she had a few missed calls and texts from Makaila asking if they were still going to get coffee and where was she. Which she was initially confused about until she saw the time and it processed.

Welp, no time for coffee. She stuffed her phone in her pocket and grabbed her keys heading out of the house. She took a deep breath before getting in her car, a Tesla Model S, and turning the self-drive mode on so she could hit her vape pen in peace while the car drove. She took control of it when she got to campus and got out of the car. She parked in her reserved employee parking spot (she was able to secure it thanks to being a TA and some strings) before grabbing her back pack and trotted in a hurry towards the student center.

As she got closer to the door she felt like eyes were on her, but like they normally were. Her trot slowed to a walk, before she stopped and turned short to look back to where the eyes were coming from. She spotted a younger woman, gorgeous girl, but she wasn’t sure who she was.

Getting rid of all of the anxiety she had, she took in a deep breath and smiled, ”Hey gorgeous, can I help you with something?” Saruh was the NSO leader afterall, and organized Olive Branch so if she was a freshman maybe she just needed help.

Meanwhile she continued to feel her phone vibrating in her pocket and when she looked to her wrist she realized her watch wasn’t there.

Unbeknownst to her, it was Zay reaching out her to continuously since he was trying to figure out where she was since he was coming to support.

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Mother of Dragons

That evening hadn't gone as he'd expected. Hell, it hadn't gone as anyone'd expected, but he was glad he was there to let's say "pick up the pieces" or what was left of Saruh that night anyway.

The drive back home was silent, she was simply a shell after the whole fiasco with the sprinklers at the Olive Branch had occurred. Being home wasn't any different, she simply changed and crawled into bed after getting her fix and he let her. He'd do anything for the girl that lay there in their bed sleeping soundly but knew she just needed her space to "cope" with it all at this point.

Nothing changed the next morning, in fact, it may have even gotten a bit worse after she'd turned her phone back on. He could tell by the look on her face that it, whatever it was, would continue to lurk and torment her for a while longer. However, he didn't question her, he simply let her do what she needed to do to get back to being Saruh, his Saruh, the one he knew and loved. A few days had come and gone and she remained in bed, leaving her domain for bathroom breaks or snacks. He knew eventually she would break out of this as the first day was creeping up.

In all of this he remained silent, he didn't give his input, he didn't attempt to give her comforting words, he didn't even touch her. He spent most of his days working at the office where he interned or at the gym and then most nights were on the living room couch, giving her the space she didn't need to ask for. They'd been through this before, it wasn't the first time it had happened and he knew it wouldn't be the last either.

The morning of the official first day of classes rolled around as his alarm blared waking him from his slumber. He'd somehow landed himself on the living room floor, his neck stiff from the 'not-so-comfortable' couch pillow he'd been using. A groan escaped him as he slowly got up in a seated position grabbing his phone off the coffee table switching the alarm off. The time on the screen read 4:30 AM. It had become the usual thing the past week to wake up at the crack of dawn, get out the house and to the gym. She had her methods, and he had his.

When he'd returned home, he noticed Saruh's car was no longer in the driveway. He knew that much. Earlier that morning his calendar had reminded him of the AKA bake sale Saruh had going on that day. Maybe, hopefully, today she'd be back.

Knowing the house was empty, Giannis took his time in the shower, their shower, the one they shared. He had been using the guest bath to avoid any awkward run ins with her. The steam filled the enclosed room and felt nice on his achy bones. He wasn't one to complain though. Pushing the glass door open he snatched the towel off the hook wrapping it around his waist. He walked past the fogged-up mirrors and out to their room, the bed was made, the blinds drawn back, he knew she was back.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, a sigh of pure relief escaped him. He lay back, a soft smile on his lips as he closed his eyes. Ping. He opened one eye with a raised brow.

Ping. Ping. Ping.

Giannis sat back up in the bed a bit bemused. Picking up his phone from the night stand he clicked the home screen on to find no new notifications. Ping. There it was again. His head turned sharply in the direction of the persistent nuisance. His eyes landed on the culprit as he rose from the bed and walked in the direction of Saruh's apple watch. Giannis tapped on the screen turning the watch on silent when it caught his attention.

His head tilted to its side, licking his lips in anticipation he picked up the watch seeing Zay's name pop up on the screen again, this time he noticed it, the small heart next to his name. His lips pursed in response followed by a grunt. There was a number of missed messages from him. He normally respected Saruh and her privacy, but something made him click it open. A lump formed in his throat as he scrolled through, there wasn't much there, nothing too concerning, until he got to them. The images, similar to the one that had been posted on the dubetter-blog thing, but these...they, they seemed more...intimate. His jaw clenched, his teeth grinding together in response. He'd accepted the "it was a photoshoot" shit she'd given him with the first one that was plastered all over the school's gossip site, but these, they made it seem like something more than that. He dropped the watch onto the center of the bed and got to getting himself ready, he had to make his appearance at this bake sale, especially knowing Zay was going to be there as well.

Its funny what built up anger, or was it frustration, maybe they're the same thing (that doesn't matter), but it is funny how quickly one can get ready when there's a raging fire growing inside of them. Would he make it known to Saruh though? Probably not. She'd have to figure that out on her own.

It wasn't long before Giannis had pulled into a spot near the student center. He spotted Saruh's tesla almost immediately, yup, he had the right place. Just as he got out of his car the damned thing pinged in his pocket again. He had thought he'd shut the stupid thing off. He didn't bother looking at it right away, he'd already reached his boiling point and that typically took a lot when it came to Giannis. He slammed the door to the BMW shut and leaned on the side of his car, arms crossed, looking up at the student center.
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student center setting up



Is it basketball season yet?

Those were the only thoughts that seemed to be on Delilah’s mind in recent days. She hated to admit it, but her days were lost without one of her two loves. The other being Kira.

No matter how much she tried to distract herself, those were the only things on her mind. Basketball. Kira. Basketball. Kira. BASKETKIRABALL. Jesus, this was starting to become a nuisance if she ever knew one. This couldn’t be what her days consisted of, could it? She needed to find more.

She let out a grunt, putting up another three, hitting it for the 100th time. This was just a typical day in the gym for her. She always tried to get 100 makes of each shot up that she could. It kept her sharp, strong, and she rarely missed. Most days. She had missed a lot this morning in the gym before dawn. She was distracted with how her interactions had been going with Kira lately. The two always seemed at each other’s neck, and Delilah wondered how much of it was her own doing.

She knew she hadn’t been the greatest partner to Kira. That she couldn’t deny, but Kira’s claims that she didn’t love the other girl at all bordered on gaslighting. She never showed she didn’t love her just maybe that she wasn’t the most effective at communicating.

She groaned watching the ball roll away and reaching up to wipe a sweat from her forehead as she heard a ball hit the floor a few times in the distance, turning to see Alex come into the gym. He waved to her, before she gave a head nod and headed to the woman’s locker room.

She needed to shower and get back to her apartment so she could start getting ready for her day. She promised that she was going to help Saruh with the bake sale today. She felt obligated to at least. Not specifically to Saruh, but to her sorority which she didn’t give much effort to during the basketball season. Putting a lot of energy into it during offseason was her of making up for it.

She quickly moved to the showers, then to her car, then home to her apartment. There was a moment she sighed for a bit but went to get dressed. It didn’t take long for her to get dressed, because all she put on was white leggings and a white t-shirt on it with AKA across it in green. No way was she going to do all that extra stuff. She put on her green metallic Jordan 4’s, grabbed a bookbag and headed to the door.

She stopped short glancing at her phone wondering if she should text Kira, but after their last interaction she decided maybe that wasn’t the brightest ideas. So off to her car she went, her little BMW M5 in black given to her by her dad (each twin got one) to try and make up for his absence of late. She had no problem taking it since having a sugar daddy was hard when you had a girlfriend ..an ex..that she wanted to win back somehow. So..this would do.

She zoomed the short ride to campus, hopping out in one of the student parking lots closest to the student center, before getting out. It was nice to see campus full of lively again, even if it was in the morning as she moved across the Greek yard to the student center and started to help some of her other line sisters set up.

Saruh hadn’t showed yet, but that was okay, they didn’t need her to set up. She just organized everything, besides, Delilah was trying to keep distracted in case Kira had already arrived.

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Mother of Dragons

Kira danced around in the small one bedroom apartment to the sound of Beyonce blasting through the Bose speaker that sat on her kitchen table. Her place, although small, was eclectic and finely decorated, it very much represented her and who she was. She jumped up onto the couch and sang into the 'microphone', or better yet the hairbrush.
"Hold up, they don't love you like I love you. Slow down, they don't love you like I love you. Back up, they don't love you like I love you. Step down, they don't love you like I love you. Can't you see there's no other man above you? What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you."
She let the song continue on as she danced around in her little white tee and underwear.

Quickly laying back on the couch kicking her legs up into the air she brought the handle of the hairbrush to her lips and went on.
"What's worst, lookin' jealous or crazy? Jealous or crazy? Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately. I'd rather be crazy."
She threw the hairbrush away to the other end of the couch letting the song drone on. Reaching across to the coffee table, she picked up the J that sat on the ash tray. She placed the small thing to her lips lighting it and taking a short shallow drag. She had her sororities bake sale to get to and she couldn't get quite as baked as she'd like.

She took another hit of the little J before ashing it back out in the ashtray. Kicking her legs over the edge of the couch, Kira felt her bare feet touch the cool hardwood floor and took a deep breath before pushing up off of it. She walked into the cramped bathroom looking into the mirror, luckily she'd already finished her make up earlier that morning.
"Lets get dressed, shall we?"
She said to herself in the mirror. She blew a kiss and wink to her reflection and turned walking out of the bathroom and made a quick turn left into her bedroom. The room held a queen sized bed on a simple platform with a velvet dusty rose colored headboard. She'd taken the time to pick and curate every piece of furniture that sat in her apartment after moving from the dorms. It was just the way SHE liked it.

She opened her closet looking through it. The staple of her outfit was the white AKA jacket that her and soror's had spoken about wearing. She ran her fingertips across the clothes that hung from the hangers in the closet.
What would she land on. She moved from her small closet to the dress that sat on the wall across from her bed. She pulled open a drawer looking through it and picked out a pair of white denim jeans. Kira turned back to her closet, a finger placed on her chin in thought. She grabbed the white cropped top off the hanger and smirked. Can't go wrong in all white and letting those pink AKA letters stand out against it all.

Kira had pulled on the clothes rather quickly, she was somewhat excited and a bit nervous. She was happy she'd be seeing her sorors but also a bit nervous as Saruh had mentioned that D would be at the bake sale. Del had been on her mind more than she'd wanted lately. A soft groan droned through her entire body as she threw the jacket over her shoulder not sliding her arms into it before walking out of her apartment letting the door slam shut behind her. With her small backpack in her hand, she walked to her car which was parked down the street from her place. She hopped into the her little beetle and turned the key in the ignition, the car coming to life.

She was parked in the parking lot nearest the student center rather quickly, had she sped all the way here? She couldn't recall, she seemed to have zoned out most of the car ride. Stepping out of her car Kira's nerves had her stomach in knots, she shut her eyes momentarily taking a deep breath, grounding herself. She made her way into the student center to the planned bake sale and smiled at her soror's giving a loud screech.
Thats when her eyes landed on her, there she was, D, in all her glory, helping set up.



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The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness

Alex Brinson

He didn’t get a wink of sleep the night before the first class. It was so many things on his mind.

Your skin smell like butterscotch and your lips taste like kiwi

The last week had been a roller coaster, and the night before their first day was very anxiety inducing. He doubted he could get any sleep at this point. It was already 4am.

Let's take a plane to Fiji, make a date let's take it easy

So he got to his feet looking at the door of his suite and grabbed his duffle bag that was full of his basketball gear. He moved out of his room, then out of the suite altogether as he walked over to the arena.

Love is power, swear there's something about her that make me nervous

It wasn’t long before he was in the weight room working out. He spent a couple of hours there before he decided he’d get up a few shots. As he moved in he noticed Delilah was finishing up, so he gave her a little wave before switching into his gym clothes.

Mother earth done gave us all a gift, she made you perfect

He was in the gym doing some layups towards the end of his workout session when he stopped. He could not get Onyx off of his mind. Everything reminded him of her. And he just wanted to do the most for her, surprise her for flowers and….

“That’s what I’ll do..” he checked his apple- watched noticing it was only 6 so he had time before his first class at 9 to do what he was about to do. He immediately moved to the locker room to shower before heading out to catch a lyft. He had already called a florist and did a rush order on a very large rose bouquet, before he texted Onyx, “Meet me for breakfast in front of the arena?”

He smiled as he got out of the car and lugged the huge batch of flowers across campus and stood in the spot he asked her to meet him at. Hopefully she didn’t think he was doing too much he just couldn’t stop thinking about her and wanted to express his feelings to her.

Alex may have been oblivious and even a bit slow to the draw at times, but one thing he always was genuine. He expressed his emotions, and he didn’t hold back when he did.

Tu Castigo

by Mariah Angeliq

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The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness

Kodie Labissière

New Student Orientation week was crazy. She didn’t expect a boujee HBCU like this to be popping like it was, but man. If the school was like this she couldn’t imagine what Morehouse, Howard, and Spelman was like. Being back in Atlanta full time was just too dangerous for her. She was too accessible to those who might have found out she snitched and wanted her dead. DuBois was a good alternative so far and she was happy with her decisions.

The times she wasn’t on campus she was either in the studio or in a club somewhere turning up. When she was on campus, she was with Krista or Kira, or sometimes both. Then other times she was dodging her probation officer, hoping to cheat the piss test which so far she seemed like she was doing a good job at. She figured she’d stop smoking eventually, but right now she couldn’t find a good reason to.

It was the night before classes and Kodie probably should have been spending her time getting ready for classes, but she wasn’t. She was at some random house party in the city of Atlanta having the time of her life.

She had an 8 oclock and she managed to stumble into the class with her shades on, the biggest headache in her life. She probably fell asleep a few times sitting up, but luckily she was in the back of the class and there wasn’t really much going on the first day aside from being going over the class and the syllabus.

When she got out she walked towards the student center, ”It’s got to be a waffle house somewhere, right?” She mostly spoke to herself as she rubbed her temples, grabbing a gatorade from her backpack and taking a long swig. Oh yeah she needed food, because even the gatorade tasted disgusting.

It wouldn’t be too long before she finally found the waffle house…HOLY CRAP no this was chick fil a. God was she still drunk? Chick-fil-a would be fine though. So she waited in line for a bit before ordering three orders of hasbrowns, chicken minis, and an orange juice finding a seat at one of the many tables. She tossed one of the hasbrowns in her mouth chewing slowly, before she could hear the loud noises of a sorority setting up a shop. The skeewees and ‘soror!’ and the ‘my ACE’ and the ‘MY LINE SISTERS’


She turned to yell at them to do just that when she noticed one of the girls was Kira she stopped in her tracks and rolled her eyes, deciding that she would just pack up and sit somewhere in the quads. Maybe she’d text Ken to meet her out there.

It might not have been the greatest of ideas since she was hungover, but he was a cool person to be around and she was a hundred sure that Kira or Krista would ruin her desire to eat her hasbrowns without too many questions or movement.

Normal (Live)

by Kodie Shane

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The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness

Zay Patton

A mouth full of gold teeth reflected in the light of the blue LEDs in the studio as words continually flowed from the young man’s mouth. That man was the kid from Chattanooga, Tennessee with a country drawl and southern demeanor that he seemed to carry with his every movement.

Need a baby cause I'm too young and wild to be the savior (savior)
Nail me to the cross and I'm just hanging (I'm just hangin')
Least they left the serpeant in my fingers, I'm just smoking (hey hey)
Players from my city rarely make it to a poster (to a poster)
'Less you got a warrant, what you got in that corrolla? (Hey)

His music reflected the life of growing up in the streets of Chattanooga and the struggles of becoming more than just his environment. The lack of support from others around him. The police racial profiling. How he was expected to be a role model. Music was a reflection of self and Zay definitely put himself in his music.

As he continued the rest of the people in the studio were vibing to every word, loving his cadence and flow. He stepped out of the booth running his tongue over his gold teeth looking at the rest of the folks with a smirk. He knew he killed it and they knew it too.

He checked his phone when he got out checking to see if he had gotten anything from Saruh. They were supposed to record a few songs together, but she had gone dark since the night of Olive Branch which he really couldn’t blame her. He knew how Saruh was and that whole day with the blog and everything else had been a lot on her, and he knew she was going to shut down. Still, business was business to him and he was hoping she’d stick to doing business. He was trying to drop his project by next month, and Saruh was currently holding it up.

He shrugged it off as left the studio headed to his apartment, taking out a joint and lighting it as he walked to his car. Things weren’t exactly simple on his part either. Ramona was still icing him out and Zay had a bad habit of turning to destructive behaviors when he was trying to avoid his feelings. A lot of times that ended up being him smashing some girl and the last time, that girl was Maya.

He had ended up in bed with her on some random encounter and returned for a taste one of his drunken nights when Mona wasn’t responding. He knew how to hold himself accountable, so he knew it wasn’t her fault, but he couldn’t deny that he wouldn’t have been in this situation if she wasn’t avoiding him. He wanted to be under her. That’s where he wanted to be.

Still, Maya wasn’t bad company even though that transfer girl had caught his eye. Peggy? He was hoping that they could hangout somewhere outside of school. That would have surely been better, right? She was definitely a sweetheart and a southerner like him. She reminded him of home and that made him feel safe.

Still, no one made him feel like Ramona did. She was pretty much on his mind any time he wasn’t distracted by something or someone else.

Speaking of someone else, it was the morning of the first day of classes and Zay didn’t have any classes until afternoon. So being a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha, he decided he would support the K’s and his friend Saruh. Though, if he was being honest, he would probably keep his distance from her. Her boyfriend ain’t seem too happy about that picture from their photoshoot and he ain’t want to disrespect their relationship. He would disrespect a lot of relationship and have, but Saruh was a good friend and labelmate of his. There were certain lines he didn’t cross.

He texted her a few times trying to see where she was when she hadn’t shown up as he watched the other girls setting up and rose a brow. Was she still shutting in? Was she going to show? Those were all the questions he had until he saw Ramona coming in….oh right, she’d probably be taking pictures.


by Zay Patton

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Shaun Cianciola
...And so it begins.

A hand glided the sheet in search of the sounding alarm coming from the phone tucked somewhere beneath, around, or near his pillow. His arm finally stretched toward the head of the bed and upon feeling the hard screen, he tapped at it aimlessly until managing to turn the alarm off. Well, that was the intention. He may have hit snooze, but he figured he'd find out in a few minutes. Shaun turned over with a low, begrudged groan and stared at the ceiling, contemplating his existence in the span of a few seconds.

"Schedule your classes early," she said. "It'll give you more time in your day, mi cielito..." He briefly wondered if his mother was even awake. Yet, he knew better; she'd had the same schedule all his life which usually meant early starts and long days. He'd have to make sure he succeeded here. She needed better. He finally sat up with a sigh. Glancing at his phone, it was 7:15. "Shit," he muttered before fully getting up. Class was at 8:00, but at least tomorrow he caught a break and didn't have to be there until 10:00. A swift shower would ensue before he'd pull on the first thing he'd snatched from his closet. He then shimmied his bookbag onto his shoulders and headed out. Breakfast would have to come later.

He had four classes today with Speech & Communications being his first. He made an excellent first impression by walking in 5 minutes late and taking the first available seat in the back. The classroom was small and plain, which was contrary to the professor with her bright clothes and blonde hair. So far the class seemed like it would be easy, maybe even boring. He caught himself dozing a couple of times, but ultimately managed to stay awake. However, it caught his full attention when they were dished the first assignment. Everyone was assigned a presentation topic and was expected to have a 3-minute warm-up speech ready by the end of the week, just for the professor to get a feel of everyone's strengths and weaknesses... And, of course, she wanted three sources, one being a book.

While initially distressing, Shaun managed to talk himself through it. The first assignment of his college career was pretty high school level... And sure, "the significance of airplanes to modern society" was a boring topic, but at least it wasn't difficult to research. Though, he did need a book source which meant he'd be stepping into a library for the first time since probably middle school.

Class ended and he brushed a hand back through his damp hair as he checked his phone for the time. He had two hours before his next class, so he figured he might as well try to get this book situation out the way. Then, food was on his radar. He would have almost forgotten about eating had his stomach not rumbled in dismay.

The library was a daunting building to behold: large, stony, and cold. It really seemed to reflect the age and history this campus held. He walked up what felt like a plethora of stairs until he made it inside. Discounting the silence (aside from the swishing sounds of paper and printers), the interior was far more welcoming than the exterior. He followed signs until he made it where he needed to be and ultimately began perusing the tall shelves with his eyes, biting the corner of his lip and his hands in his pockets.

That's when he saw her.

When he reached the end of the aisle, he looked up, getting ready to turn the corner for the next when he spotted Acadia sitting at a table. It must have been fate. Now, his mind had totally deviated as he tried figuring out ways to approach her. Suddenly, a memory struck and he started patting himself down before sliding off his bag to look through it.

His bag now only on one shoulder, he approached, noticing her earbuds. He gave her a cautious tap on the shoulder, hoping not to startle her too much, before presenting her with a pencil pinched between his fingers.

"I believe this is your pride and joy."
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connie ainsley

student center, just outside

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There was nothing like starting the day with a refreshing skincare routine. It was a ritual of hers, one that she could not go without. The process was meditative in a way. While she took care of her skin.. She kept the water near freezing in the mornings. It always helped her body wake up. Constance entered a state that could be called trance-like Her mind would be focused entirely on the day ahead of her and how many activities she could fit into it. Constance was by no means the heavily organized type, but she did like to have some idea of the day ahead of her. She had left the room before her roommate just as she had been doing for the past few days. Constance enjoyed her morning walks. With classes officially starting she would have to wake up even earlier to enjoy them.

Orientation had been somewhat hectic, but in a way that she didn’t mind. To be honest she had enjoyed it. Constance had really learned more about the Dubois, things that she hadn’t been exposed to on the campus tour she had taken. The history of the university was so rich, the culture was something worth admiring. Again, she found herself happy with her decision to attend. Her parents had been glad that she was settling in so smoothly.

Her classes were relatively easy to find. Though she did think that maybe she should invest in a bike. Some of the buildings were a little far from one another. Oh! She could get one of those little cute ones, with the basket and bells attached. The color would definitely be either pastel blue or pink. Constance smiled to herself, yes that sounded absolutely perfect. She would be able to afford a nice bike with the money she’d make from new job at The Greenhouse.

Constance suddenly stopped in her tracks. What was she supposed to be doing? She had let her mind wonder once again and had been walking aimlessly for a little while. It only took a few moments of thinking before she suddenly remembered. “Oh, right!” She exclaimed. The words hadn’t been spoken to anyone in particular but she did get a few weird looks from those around, not that she paid any mind to them.

She was heading towards the Student Center to spend her time between classes there and maybe even get something to eat. Constance had heard that there was some type of bake sale going on. It was early but she could never resist sweets and her mother was not around to give her that look. Constance was a grown woman and she could eat sweets in the morning if she wanted to. She huffed and nodded, yes she could make her own decisions.

Constance near skipped to the center’s entrance but she found herself distracted again. Her attention was caught by pink, white, and green. “Pretty…” She thought. Her gaze then landed on the person wearing the colors. “Really pretty…” Again, Constance was struck by the beauty on the campus. The young woman was then caught, quite blatantly by the woman she was staring at. She could feel her cheeks warm, her mama had taught her better than that. Constance couldn’t help that she lost all sense around pretty girls.

Realizing that she had yet to say anything, Constance smiled shyly. “…Hi. I was just admiring that jacket that you’re wearing. It’s real pretty and you look beautiful in it.” Constance glanced at her from beneath long lashes. “I was wondering where you’d gotten it and if you’d mind telling me. I really like the color.” She held out a hand, twirling a loc around her finger, “I’m Constance, but I think I’d like it better if you call me Connie.”

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𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞

mona perkins

student center

“Ugh…” She really really didn’t like mornings. She especially didn’t like to wake up during the morning on her free days, but there was money to be bad. With a heavy sigh Ramona sat up, snatching her silk bonnet off of her head. To her credit, she had spaced out all of her bookings. There was no way that she’d place them all together, no Romana had learned her lesson the first time. The breaks between her clients was a must have if she wanted to work to the best of her ability. Ramona made her way to her bathroom, grabbing everything that she needed on the way.

While getting ready her mind went to her schedule for the day. Honestly, she was glad that her biggest gig was a morning shoot. While photography was something that she was good at and enjoyed, her true passion was painting and sculpting. With the shoot out of the way, she’d be able to focus on those two things. Her next booking was a live painting. They were rare nowadays, so she was excited whenever someone would request one.

That wasn’t to say that she didn’t look forward to the morning shoot. Mrs.Austin was a well paying client despite the falling out between Saruh and herself. Though Ramona wouldn’t doubt that she didn’t even know, she remembered the strained relationship between her and her daughter. Ramona knew that Saruh would be there also, but it was whatever. She was just there to get paid.

Ramona had made it to the Student Center a little early, things were still in the process of being set up and she began the shoot then. By chance she locked eyes with a certain someone, and she looked away just as fast. She wouldn’t allow herself to be distracted. Mrs.Austin’s standards were high as hell and Ramona wouldn’t give her anything but the best.

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Give up on your dreams and die.
Acadia Brinson



Aato Aato

Color-coding was probably Acadia's favorite way to organize her schedule. It was easier to tell what classes and assignments held more importance than others and when she could get them done. Granted, she would prefer not putting any of her assignments off, but she knew that some of them required more time and effort too. Looking through the different syllabi for her classes she used her iPad to write in her assignments on the planner app. She'd even gone a step further to go into each specific day to write what the assignment was and left a link to the information and rubric for them. Acadia wanted to be as thourough as possible to ensure a successful first year.

After her classes and assignments had been filled in she went back to see when and where she would have time for her extracurriculars - ice skating and volleyball, to be specific. She may have been a marketing and business major, but her skating was important to her. After placing third this past Worlds Championship, Acadia was determined to be able to spend more time on the ice practicing. Meaning, she would have to get all of her work done in a timely manner so she could practice. It looked like she would have plenty of time for it and even able to have free days and she smiled at the possibility of it.

However, she knew better than to get attached to the idea. Things could pop up at any time and screw up all of her hard work. And while she find that fact to be incredibly annoying, she understood that sometimes it happened and she would just have to get over. Looking over the piled up syllabi and her tablet to make sure she didn't miss anything she went ahead and synced it with her phone so she'd have it in both places.

Rachel Chinouriri's acousitc version of 'So My Darling' was playing in Acadia's ears when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She immediately turned her head to try and find the source - a frown on her face. Acadia hated being touched, espeically by strangers, so she was about to cuss out whoever had decided it was a good idea to touch her. "Excuse-," she started, looking up at Shaun. "You." Her frown quickly faded until a smile was in its place instead. He was holding the pencil she had teased him about days before, claiming it to be her favorite.

It wasn't. She didn't even had a favorite pencil. Who the hell had a favorite pencil? A pen, she could understand, but pencils were super cheap. She just needed a reason to talk to him and joking about the pencil was the first thing to come to mind. She reached out and softly grabbed it from him before leaning back in her seat. "A man of his word. You don't see that a lot around here." Her head nodded and she remembered she was still playing music. She paused it and then turned back to him, eyebrows raised. "Does this mean the quality time starts now? Library's an interesting choice."

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Leigh, Shuan

The previous week had been cool in Keith's eyes. He felt he was well on the way to befriending his roommate as well as those he'd met at the Olive branch, even if the event was cut short due to the prank that was pulled. Quite a few people still talked about it in a negative light, but Ken didn't see it that way. He still had fun a ton of fun. Then again he was an easily excitable guy. That mixed with is natural born optimism and you have a recipe for... honestly either disaster or adventure... sometimes both.

But the past few days were the easy part. Just settling in and not having much to worry about other then making sure your classes where set up and hanging out. Today was the first day of classes so it was the real first day. Something about waking up for school in high school for an 8 am class was much easier then waking up for a college 8 am class. still he forced himself up when he heard his roommates first alarm. He figured if he got up now he wouldn't have to compete for shower time or anything. He also made a mental deal with himself if he got up he'd treat himself after class.

It was weird having to share anything with someone. He had no problem with it, it was just different being he was an only child. Thankfully since he convinced himself he was in a rush he didn't mull over outfits for too long he just picked up whatever was on the top of his drawers and called it a day running out the door. well he ran out then ran back inside because he wasn't about to leave his guitar.

Look he needed some form of entertainment while he was roaming the campus between classes. Ken had no intention of going back to his dorm between classes. It seemed like such a waste. There was far too much to explore, and too many people to meet to be cooped up in his room.

His first class of the day was just regular old English so it wasn't very exciting or anything. It was cool and all because well he was in college now, but the class size wasn't too big, and honestly felt a lot like high school. If you don't count the guy who actually showed up in his pajamas. Now that was a cool person he wanted to get to know. That took either balls or a really laze fair attitude, and he was curious to figure out which was the case.

As cool as these people were he was still more interested in talking to the people he'd met during orientation and the Olive branch event. One of them had been a girl named Kodie. Ken was high energy and it was sometimes hard to find people who could match that, and even though the vibe was different he could say the energy was similar and he liked that. Plus she had some fun ideas and he was more than down to try.

He thought about messaging her till his mind was instantly distracted by the bagel place. That's right he did say he'd treat himself after class since he got up and went on time! One incredibly deceitfully long wait in what looked like a short line later he had a strawberry crème cheese on cinnamon bagel. Bright side? While he waited he played his guitar a bit for some tips that instead of using on himself placed in the workers jar.

It wasn't like he needed it. As he walked out bagel in mouth he was only slightly disappointed in himself seeing the sorority girls setting up what looked like a bake sale. Maybe he'd check it out a bit later. As he was walking to see what else might be going on around campus while he waited for his next class he spotted, think of the devil!

"Yo! Kodie?" he grinned with a wave hoping that he wasn't getting the girl confused with someone else. Then again she had a pretty distinct look so he was like 99% sure it was her.

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Delilah hadn’t really said much since she was at the bake sale. Contrary to popular belief, she liked to keep to herself a lot. Problem was when she spoke everyone heard her, because she wasn’t shy. She was loud, boisterous, and often the center of attention which fed into her narcisstic tendencies. She loved being the center of attention. She hated being bothered.

Kind of a contradiction for someone who was a combative as a Marine in war time. Conflict avoidant? Not in Delilah’s vocabulary. There was no conflict to be had with any of her line sister nor other sorors who were pitching in to help with this event. It wasn’t just THEIR line that was putting this on, it was their entire chapter. They had agreed to swap off to go to classes and running it for a few hours.

So Delilah had gotten into her work. Putting out cookies and brownies. She hadn’t made anything herself. She wasn’t much of a baker. She could chef things up if you allowed her the space and time, but baking? Nah. She’d probably burn the entire kitchen down.

She was in her own world, AirPods tuck deep into her ears when she heard a loud yell. It wouldn’t have bothered her normally, because she was used to her fellow sorority members (and any Greek Org honestly) yelling across the student center and campus in general. Problem was, she recognized the voice. Of course, she recognized the voice. It was her ex-girlfriend’s voice.

She looked up from her position and took in a deep breath. It would probably do more harm than good if she avoided her altogether. There would be too many questions asked. Too many “I told y’all” about dating someone she crossed with. She had heard it before from her own line sisters, she didn’t need to hear it from the rest of the chapter.

She sat one last container of brownies down before she moved over towards where Kira had come and put a smile on her face. It wasn’t a disingenuous smile. She was glad to see Kira. She was always glad to see Kira. She loved her. It was just a smile of mixed feelings. How was she supposed to act? What was she supposed to say? They had volleyed some mean things to each other over the past few days through chat and dms.

“Que lo que chula,” she spoke gently, the domincan slang sliding off of her tongue easily. She took a moment of hesitation trying to see how Kira would act, but slid in for a hug anyways.

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Leigh Shaw.
Leigh woke to the sun shining directly onto her face, with squinted eyes she looked up to the pulled open blinds and curtains. She quickly threw the pillow over her head with a groan. It was the first day of classes and she was not as excited as she had initially been when she got to campus in the weeks prior. The week leading up to the first day, following the Olive Branch, hadn't been the best since her interaction with the Brinson twins. The whole situation was taken way out of proportion, and she had been avoiding her roommate like the plague. Out of fear? Definitely not. To put it simply, she did so to avoid the whole confrontation of it all. One of them would always be gone before the other and same thing when they would get back to their room. There had been very little interaction between the two of them since the incident and she had a feeling it would remain that way for the rest of the year.

With a long sigh she kicked her feet over the edge of the bed and sat up, the pillow falling into her lap. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, her shoulders sort of slumped as a yawn escaped her. She placed her hands on either side of her on the bed and pushed off. Gratefully, Acadia's bed was already made, Leigh knew she had left for the day. She seemed like that, the overachiever type. She moved around the room grabbing her toiletries and towel along the way before departing towards the bathroom.

The cold shower had felt nice against her body, invigorating. She felt ready to take on the day after that. She stood before the mirror, towel wrapped around her, as she completed her skincare routine. Leigh was always the fresh-faced type of girl, little to no make up, at least in the last several years. Not to say she never did her make up but preferred the natural beauty over all the "filters". She ran a brush through her straightened hair to smooth it out and her reflection gave her a soft smile.

When she had entered her room again the alarm on her phone had been going off. She sped towards it picking it up off the bed. "Shit" she mumbled under her breath. If she didn't pick up the pace she'd be late for her first class. She quickly dressed herself, still taking her outfit into consideration, it was the first day after all, despite being in a rush she still wanted to look good. Peering in the mirror she smoothed the pressed hair near her temples and grabbed her backpack before running out the door.

Although farther than she had expected, it didn't take Leigh long to get to her first class. She had made it to her first digital imaging class just in time. She strategically picked a seat towards the middle of the class as not to draw too much attention to herself from the professor by sitting in the far back or too close to the front. To her surprise, it didn't quite work and was one of the first students to be picked on in order to "introduce" herself. Typically, Leigh loved being in the limelight, she ate it up but today, she just was not feeling it. She did her intro rather quickly and sat back down slumping a bit into her seat. She was relieved to see she had a short break following this class before her next, maybe she could grab a bite and a coffee after.

As soon as the professor had dismissed the class, Leigh was on her way out the door. She couldn't have been out of there fast enough. She looked down at the campus map on her phone as she maneuvered her way around, she was still trying to get a lay of the grounds. She finally came across the student center. Entering the building she was greeted by a Starbucks and breathed a sigh of relief as she got into the line of students waiting to place their own orders.

"Leigh" the barista shouted into the crowd with her coffee in their hands. She raised her head from her phone and smiled making her way to the counter quickly grabbing the cup and turning back around. She looked down at her phone again as she took a sip of the hot liquid. She felt her eyes close and a smile spread across her face as the hot beverage traveled down her throat. Opening her eyes again she pulled open her texts and clicked on Keith's name.

I've got a break until my next class. Wanna chill?

She clicked send and stuffed her phone into her back pocket peering around the student center. There were students piling in by the minute, it appeared that there was some sort of bake sale going on, it seemed kind of early but a brownie did sound appetizing. She pursed her lips looking at the table, the plate of brownies, each individually wrapped sitting there.
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