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The Illustrious Estate of Lord Solberg v3 - In Character

Cecilia's eye narrowed. It was both filled with anger and somewhat blinded by the smoke. It took everything in her to avoid protesting his little remark. She could hit him. She was sure of it. She just needed to push his luck to the limit-- to stretch it until it broke. She raised a shield that caught the brunt of the lash before caving in. It had only been a few moments and already she was feeling drained. Darkness enveloped her hands and shot forth at Klarion with a vengeance. One blast after the other. Then came the wind. She might have guessed Alannah would interfere.
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The sound of Jasmine's voice reached him shortly after he called for her, and he smiled some at that; he appreciated how punctual she was at responding, even if it technically was her job to do so. He turned around and poked his head back into the office, looking back to the lady in azure. "Well, you heard the lady; tea will be in the garden today, for some reason. I'll be heading there now. Feel free to join us; otherwise Roger here-" he motioned to his side, where a very large, muscular, and intimidating butler stood, seemingly having appeared out of nowhere, "will escort you to wherever youd like to go, as long as it's nothing too invasive. Enjoy yourself!" He told her, and with a pat on Roger's head, who didnt react at all, he made for the hallways.

Knowing the Estate like the back of his hand, he quickly found his way to the gardens through some side halls and through several rooms. It seems like there was quite a ruckus going on as well, for as soon as he stepped outside the door, he had to fight the urge to duck back inside as blasts of fire hurled by. Klarion and Cecilia were duking it out like usual, but they were destroying the pristine garden! Unacceptable! With Alannah nearby as well, it wouldn't end happily without intervention. Though they were far apart, Julius quickly stepped between them, his expression clearly angry. "What in Gods name are you two doing!?" He cried, turning from one sibling to the other. "Are you seriously fighting in the middle of the garden while we have a guest present!? Unaccaeptable! Now stop acting like children and cease your spells this instant!" He shouted at them, turning between the two.

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“And if it goes wrong?” We run
The second eldest turned his head towards his brother before pointing a flaming finger to Cecile, "She started it!" He was crouched down, the flaming whip coiled around his forearm, "Such a rowdy girl couldn't help herself when she saw me." He stood and brushed himself off, "She appeared to want a rematch to this morning." He threw a grin at Cecilia. Klarion may have cracked for a moment but it didn't last. It never did. He turned to his brother, "Why are you so worried about that wretched woman?" He let the flames dance around his arm, weaving and coiling around each of his fingers, "I think we made our opinion of her quite clear." His ruby eyes tore into Julius, "Or is my brother scared around girls?" His wicked grin was as sharp as a blade as he slowly approached him, "I forgot you don't have much experience with them, do you?"
"You're being unfair, Klarion," Cecilia informed. She stood slowly, "Bianca isn't a lady. She's an oversized pig in a dress. It's no wonder Julius feels a little frightened." She looked at the garden a moment; Damien certainly had his work cut out for him. Alannah did too. "In any case, you really should lighten up Julius."
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"My apologies." Alannah murmured, averting her eyes, as the wind from the area vanished and left the air completely still. She watched as her siblings spoke. She didn't understand how they could be so immature. And disrespectful. Alannah coughed and put a hand to her mouth after hearing Cecilia's response, a faint smile on her face.

"Klarion," Alannah spoke, her jagged, green eyes piercing into the side of her brother's head as he approached Julius. "Kindly put your flames away before I rip that ring from out your nose. You've done enough damage to my garden as is." She stepped forward and looked at the two trouble makers of the family, "And I understand that we all don't particularly like this Lunatonne, and I'm not saying we should, but if she is in earshot, let's keep our insults to the minimal. We don't need her gorilla of a father stomping all the way over here because his 'precious' little daughter got offended."

She did her best to assist Julius without mentioning the possible business deal the two households might agree upon. "Is that fair?"

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Julius rolled his eyes as his younger brother taunted him as if the pair of them were teenagers again. "You are not helping your case, Darling. In fact, neither of you are! I dont care who started it or your reasons for continuing to do it, but your actions have consequences; consequences the two of you seem to care not a lick about!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms up to emphasize his point. "So if you want to act like children, then fine, act like children! But if I see either of you start fighting again or do anything to embarass the Solberg name while our guest is here, then I'll be taking both of your Talismans for a month! Understand!?" He told the pair of them with a glare.

He paused as Alannah spoke up, telling off her siblings and suggesting the same as Julius. He sighed; at least one of them would be a bit more mature about this. He shook his head and walked over to the large tea table in the middle of the gazebo, which, luckily, remained unscathed. He took his seat at the head and leaned back into it, rubbing his temples. "Jasmine? May I please have black tea, extra sugar?" He called, his eyes closed as he massaged his head.

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"It'll be a pretty hard thing to accomplish from the inside of your precious ball of goo, don't you think?" Cecilia laughed. "Actions have consequences, brother." She walked over to the gazebo and took a seat. "I'll have more cider Jasmine and none of your tricks this time given that our lord is in such a sour mood, understand?" She questioned. It wouldn't be too much trouble to put on a civilized little show. She had a feeling that Julius was doing that anyhow. If he wanted all of them to act civilized and proper for Bianca, that's what she'd do for now.
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At first, Damien hardly noticed the commotion that was happening on the other end of the garden. He was engrossed in the work he had at hand. The newer gardeners had messed up on the shrubs, and it was up to him to fix it. To the untrained eye, the mistakes were miniscule, negligible. But, Alannah was not one to overlook such things so neither was Damien. He needed the shrubs to be trimmed to perfection before he could move on to floral arrangements. "Just a little more," he murmured to himself, letting gut feeling take over. With a final snip of an out of place twig, Damien was finished when one of the other servants came to notify him of the garden fiasco.

It took a few moments to truly understand what was going on, and his face was unreadable while he processed. Hints of amusement and confusion flashed in his eyes. "Hmm, so they've taken their breakfast antics into tea time have they. I pity the chef that has to serve them." Damien stared at his subservient, cocking his head to the side like a curious puppy. "Should I head over and see what more work the noble siblings have caused us?" the head horticulturist asked the other with a bemused overtone. She shook her head no, saying it would be best not to disrupt them. "Ah, of course," Damien chuckled, "I shouldn't ruin their fun. I'll just clean up when they're done. I have flowers to pick." Going on with his business, Damien went once again to the floral bed to choose new flowers.

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“And if it goes wrong?” We run
Klarion's flames just burned brighter, "So many empty threats, my dear sister. Yet," He ran his tongue along his teeth, "No action," His playful expression turned sour, "You rip this talisman out of my nose, this garden burns." His flames crackled around his arm, "And I don't need any luck to know I'll get away with it." He spat, "So help me god, if anyone even touches this ring," He flicked the nosering with a soft clink, "They will be dead." He had never threatened any of his siblings before, not like that. He was so riled up, the flames coiled around his neck and head, like a halo. His voice was a growl, so different to his usual sly, smooth taunt. He needed to hurt someone. Anyone. He always feared the day he'd hurt one of his siblings and this might just be it.


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Alannah's eyes grew even colder. It was almost hard to believe that she was pitying Klarion just a few minutes ago. 'He doesn't care about anyone. Why should I have to care about him?' Alannah wanted to listen to her own thoughts. She wanted to be able to just shrug off Klarion's threat like she wasn't hurt by the fact he valued a ring more than he valued his family. But she couldn't. And the thought of that made her eyes glassy. She spun around, not wanting to show her brother the reaction he ignited from her.

A large, darkened cloud with purple hues grew above her brother. Then, Alannah instantly regretting her own thoughts, the cloud disappeared.

Silence. So many words sat at the tip of her tongue, but only four tumbled out. "You are so selfish." She stormed over to the gazebo.


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“And if it goes wrong?” We run
Klarion just watched her storm away, "And you call me a child." He sneered, slowly making his way towards the gazebo, "Don't forget, dear sister, you threatened to hurt me ,your own brother, over a stupid garden." His flames died down and cooled, black smoke still trailing behind him, "I was born into a family of hypocrites." He sat down on a chair, his legs thrown over the armrest as they usually were, "I'm pretty sure being protective over a talisman that contains power that could devistate entire countries is more understandable than a garden." He pulled out a cigarette and lit it with his finger. He inhaled deeply, glaring at his sister.



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Bianca was stunned as Julius's mood switched. She didn't have enough time to come up with a response before he snatched up her document and left her with a rather intimidating butler. She stared up at him for a moment noting how the man's expression was stone cold. Letting out a huff, Bianca walked towards the door of the room, glancing back towards the butler.

"I have no intentions of doing anything destructive if that's why you are here," Even as she spoke, the man still had the same blank look on his face. "I want to look around for a while before heading to the garden. I'm sure that won't be a problem?" Still no response.

Bianca sighed, walking out of the door and down the hall. She could tell from the heavy footsteps behind her that the butler wasn't going to leave her side anytime soon. Did that Solberg see her as that much of a threat that he had to bring out this behemoth of a butler to watch over her? She almost laughed at the thought. Her footsteps came to halt in front of two large wooden doors, her curiosity beginning to get the best of her.

"What is behind this door," She asked.
"Library," The butler responded simply.

Bianca stared at the doors in awe. The Solberg library was something to behold. She had heard that their collection of classic literature and ancient scrolls were excessive, bought out from multiple merchants and kept for their own personal entertainment. If there was one thing she envied about the family, it was their immense access to thousands of documents. Just thinking of all the time she could spend immersed in the texts with no one to bother her sounded like heaven. Bianca hesitated in front of the door before shaking her head. No, she had an appearance to make in the garden, she'll remember to lock herself in the library later.

"I would like to see the garden now." Bianca turned her attention back to the man, watching as he grunted in response and marched ahead of her. She followed close behind, staring at the decor and attempting to map out just how large the estate was.

"Here," The butler opened a door leading into the garden. Bianca stepped through the threshold, realizing the entire family was present. There was clearly some thick tension in the air amongst the siblings and Bianca thought it was wise to stand near the door and wait until she was addressed. She decided it was best not to get involved in a petty familial dispute.


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"And you call me a child."

Alannah shot her brother's sneer right back, the corner of her lip curling just over her canine tooth. To think he was one of the eldest in the household, and just a little over a decade older than her, yet he still couldn't keep his attitude in check. Someone needed to call him out on his behavior and no one (except Julius, of course) ever told him. He knew better than to come storming into a combustible area with his usual temperament.

"Don't you dare justify yourself like that, dear brother," Alannah frowned and sat down in the chair across from Klarion. Unlike him, she was perched with poise and her hands were folded atop one another. "You were being protective over the fact you wouldn't be able to harass people and get away with it without that little talisman of yours. And, I'm positive that you could care less about what happens to other countries as long as you're fine in the end." Her voice was clear, but the tops of Alannah's cheeks seemed to be permanently turned crimson from her irritation. Out of spite, she brought a small puff of wind to put out his cigarette.

In the corner of her eye, she spotted a figure. She glanced over to the Lunatonne, distaste evident in her eyes. Despite that, she gestured for the other to come over. "Please, sit. I promise at least most of us are civilized." Alannah stared at Klarion when she said that last part.

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[IMG='width:250px;']https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ae/31/77/ae317713b522384af2e9daf668c045f4.png[/IMG] Jasmine Asta - Housecook
Jasmine had spotted Klorian standing alone right before the first attack was shot, completely taking the poor girl off guard and almost making have to abandon her tea cart all together. Ducking behind the cart for a few seconds, assessing the situation, she realized that was only but the two siblings of the Solberg family with the most... spunk (if you'd call it that) who were causing quite a bit of damage to the garden. Straightening herself once she had stood, she couldn't help but wonder, Perhaps tea in the garden was a bad idea today, I hope they're not fighting over tea. There is plenty to go around.. Cocking her head slightly to the side as she thought.

While their fight was going on, Jasmine continued on with her tasks and setting up the table for tea time, seeming to almost be unfazed or even unaware of the event happening just a few feet from where she stood. The teapots and dishes clanged against each other with each explosion but she continued on, humming a little upbeat tune as she finished placing down the last container from her cart. Tea time was ready!

The fight had ended once Alannah, and more specifically Julius entered the scene. It wasn't often that you'd hear the light-hearted Julius makes threats or even raise his voice out of frustration and anger but it was strangely refreshing to say the least. It was true what he said though, they were childish and acting like fools while a guest was in their estate. However, Jasmine knew better than to speak her mind, keeping a gentle smile on her face as she made Julius' black tea with extra sugar as requested. "Of course Sir. Julius, here is your tea, extra sugar." She placed the teacup onto a matching coaster, adding a splash of calming into his drink before handing it to him.

Jasmine had also poured some cider for Cecilia, only continuing her smile and a little giggle of sorts upon her request for no "tricks". "Here is your cider Ms. Cecilia," Also giving the drink in a teacup with a matching coaster, her drink also contained feelings of calming in it. "Would anyone else left something to drink or eat this evening? Klarion? Alannah? I hope Genevieve arrives soon, I wouldn't want her to miss out on these snacks.. Oh! There are cakes and desserts as well as sandwiches if anyone is feeling for a mid-day snack." Truly, everyone here needed to calm down a bit before the day could continue.​
Removing his hands from his forehead, Julius sighed in relief as the tea was presented to him. He gave a nod to Jasmine, and raised the cup up to his lips. But to his own surprise, the cup pulled away from him. He paused for a moment, staring at his cup, and then suddenly, two white dove wings burst forth from it and flapped sporadically. In shock, he released the teacup, which flapped in the air for a second before it promptly flew away into the treeline. Julius simply stared at the scene for a moment before he let his head fall upon the table.

"Why must God hate me?" He asked no one in particular, his voice slightly muffled from the tablecloth, and his hair covering his head and spread evenly beside it. The poor lads ability could never really be turned off, and it almost always happened at times to sour his day; this time it happened to be exactly that. The calming aura that Jasmine had tried to give would no longer reach his lips, and instead he would taste nothing but the cruel sting of defeat upon his tongue. He groaned into the cloth. "I need a hug." He said, his voice still sounding as if someone stuffed a sock into it.

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The girl had gotten distracted on her way, and was staring at a painting of their parents. She wondered if they just left their children alone to test them, or if it was something important that they both had to attend. Well, little did they know that their son was planning to get eaten by a goo in a matter of days, in hopes of bringing them back. Genevieve felt the pressure to do something about it. Snatching Robert away seemed like the easy part of the plan, but she would also have to find a way to dispose of it - or him, what would one even call the goo? - safely. Letting him out of the bottle didn't sound like a good idea, and smashing the vial was basically the same thought. What to do, what to do? As she was pondering, a maid had to remind her about the teatime she was originally going for, and informed that it was held in the garden. The little girl nodded and hurried off. Stupid painting and Robert distracted her, what if there was no tea or cookies left?

As she stepped in through the garden door, her gaze instantly went to an unfamiliar face. So, this must be Bianca Lunatonne. The little girl didn't look too impressed, but inside she was rather surprised - she was beautiful! Based on what her siblings talked about the Lunatonne's whenever they were mentioned, Genevieve had thought that every Lunatonne had at least something animalistic on their appearance. But this seemingly was not the case. Did she have some kind of talisman like they did, but instead it stopped her from turning into a hairy beast?

While looking around, Genevieve noticed that none of her siblings appeared to have invited the Lunatonne to join them as she was standing further away. And so, the little girl walked to Bianca, giving her a polite nod.
- Please, join us. You are our guest, after all. She said before making her way towards the table, seating herself on one of the vacant chairs. Her gaze went to Julius who had smashed his head on the table, and a little sigh escaped from the girl.
- Brother, please, we are accompanied by a lady. Genevieve muttered, as if her brother was bringing great shame to her by resting his head on the table. In her mind, Julius was doing that for no apparent reason, as she hadn't witnessed what happened before she joined them.

Because she was so young, the little girl had not heard as much about the Lunatonne's, and even though what she had heard was mostly bad, she was determined to see for herself - after all, Bianca didn't have the fur of a dog or horns like a cow, so maybe not everything she had heard was true. But it could also be that the Lunatonne was hiding goat legs underneath that dress. This brought the girl back to where she started - she was not sure whether Bianca was hiding something or not, and if she was, was it the goat legs or cow horns? Whatever the case, it might be a good idea to be on their guests good side. She did not want to be impaled by horns or something even worse.

Genevieve then realized her teacup was empty - a welcome distraction from her thoughts - and called for Jasmine.
- Jasmine, I would like to have green tea. The girl said, resting her hands on her lap. Her gaze went to her other siblings who were present. Alannah most likely because it was in the garden, which was like her very own kingdom which she treated as such. Of course, Damien was doing an exquisite job tending it, so the family was allowed to just enjoy the view. Cecilia no doubt because she wanted to keep an eye on their guest. And Klarion, he most likely was there so he could poke fun at his siblings - or worse, their guest. They were all very different, but currently they all had something in common - they seemed tense.

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Klarion simply laughed, “Oh you have fire within you sister, one of the only things I respect about you.” He threw the cigarette into a bush, “So daring, how cute.”
He glanced at Jaz, “Vodka as always.” His crimson gaze returned to his sister, “you know perfectly well why I do what I do and needn’t hear anything more on the matter.” He drummed his fingers on the table, “Also when you whine, your ears go red. Not a great look.” He inspected his nails.


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"You know perfectly well why I do what I do and needn't hear anything on the matter."

Alannah locked eyes with him. For a brief moment, she considered pressing the discussion, but - no matter how minuscule it was - she had respect for her brother and dropped the conversation. For now, at least. Silently, she stood, ambled towards the bush, then plucked out the cigarette with her thumb and pointer finger and placed it on the table beside Klarion.

"Why thank you, dearest brother. I do love a good compliment." She retorted as she sat back down. Alannah glanced over to the eldest brother, who mumbled something her ear couldn't catch after his teacup flew away. Her lips thinned into a line. He looked miserable. "Jasmine, I will gladly take a black tea and if you could also fetch another of whatever Julius was having, that would be wonderful."

Hearing Genevieve's voice, her gaze turned to the youngest. "Hello, Gennie." She offered a small smile, trying to distract her from the tension of the room. She didn't want her to be included in these petty feuds, not at a young age, at least. A part of her was actually fearful from when Genevieve was older and could use her telepathy without being detected. She would quickly learn all the messed up secrets this family had to offer.

She glanced over at Cecilia, who seemed to be doing a good job at composing herself. All Alannah worried about was a certain someone provoking her sister while the guest was here.

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Cecilia watched as the cup sprouted wings and flew off. One would think that after so many years of watching things randomly spring to life it would become an uninteresting sight, but the opposite was true. There was an element of eerieness to it that never quite went away. The feeling only increased when Genevieve arrived. It didn't take an expert to discern that she was brimming with curiosity or that she was underwhelmed by the sight of their guest. "Glad you decided to join us. As you can see, Lord Julius is feeling a great deal of distress. He wants us to be on our best behavior, " she explained needlessly. Teatime had only just begun and already she was beginning to hate acting this way. On top of that, the rematch with Klarion had once again been stifled by outside interference. She looked down at her cup with a sigh. At least Alannah was proving herself to be a solid match for his wit.


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"Yes. Thank you," She spoke to the peculiar child before taking a seat at the table, choosing to seat herself on one of the chairs a little farther from the family. She waited and watched the events unfold before her. It seemed everyone was doing their own thing, mostly choosing to only acknowledge her briefly. She actually preferred to stay on the sidelines for now rather than converse with anyone at the table. Her eyes widened as the teacup sprouted wings and let out an impolite snort, causing her hand to quickly cover the smirk beginning to appear on her face. Bianca found the misfortune of the man rather amusing after their meeting.

She couldn't remember the last time she had others to accompany her for afternoon tea. Most of her meals consisted of her alone in the dining hall of her estate. Other than the few butlers and maids she had attending to her, Bianca would purposefully avoid eating with her family if it meant having to listen to them blabber about her future. Being seated around so many people at once with all of them acting in such an improper manner was strange, yet, she couldn't help but be entertained by the Solberg siblings. No matter how annoyed she was just by being with them.

Her attention switched from the family to the girl with pink hair, whom she assumed was one of the house-servants of the estate. "Jasmine was it," She addressed the girl. "If you have earl grey tea, I would prefer it without cream or sugar."

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As the black carriage pulled into the long driveway, Wayne sat up in his seat and got his backpack out of the seat next to him. While it took awhile to get to the actual front of the estate, he was ready by the time they stopped. The driver handed him a piece of paper and he got out of the car after saying thank you to the driver. He grabbed the metallic door knocked and tapped it against the door 3 times. A butler opened the door, and he handed the paper statements was looking for a Cecilia Solberg. The butler looked at him with a kind smile, before stating "You must be Wayne, follow me." He stepped inside the house, the large hall at the front entrance amazing him, however he didn't dawdle to long for he had to keep up with the butler, who seemed to maintain a quick pace, or maybe it was just the difference in leg length. Wayne followed the butternut into then garden and towards the gazebo. When they arrived, the butler bowed slightly before speaking up "Ms. Cecilia this is Mr. White, he is here for the apprenticeship that was discussed. The child, unfamiliar with the mannerisms of the higher class of society, simply copied the butler bowing slightly before offering his hand and speaking "As you seem to already know, I am Wayne, Wayne White. He seemed slightly flustered with himself, since he was so unfamiliar with the customs a family like this would have. He continued to stand, figuring it best if he waited until he was offered a seat at the table.
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Cecilia blinked, noticing their butler as he made his way into the yard. The members of the staff knew better than to interrupt a meeting with a guest. Whatever the reason for his approach, it had to be important. Her eye caught sight of the young boy that followed him. It was then that her memories returned. Being in the Solberg household had somewhat dulled them. She listened to butler speak before taking just a sip of the cider in her cup. "Oh. That." She remarked, looking squarely at Wayne. She accepted his hand and shook it firmly. "Enough with the formalities, boy. Pull up a chair," she instructed. For a moment she'd forgotten to put on an air of sophistication or civility and every bit of her defiant side became evident on her face. "Jasmine, Pour the boy a drink will you? "

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The sun was falling asleep. It still managed to stand above all the trees, but it's gentle rays softened into a much cooler touch. Behind the stone fence and stoic rows of trees, the sky was gradually blurring into a magnificent honey color. It was sights like these that managed to distract Alannah. Her eyelids fluttered shut as she took in the soothing silence. It was childlike of her, but every time she found herself in a peaceful situation, she closed her eyes and prayed that when they opened everything would stay as such. But, to her disquiet, nothing was ever perfect and she couldn't fix or even remotely control the issues within her family. The only place she had a sense of control was in her garden, but, even then, it manages to be ruined.

If it wasn't for Alannah hearing an unfamiliar voice, she most likely would have fallen asleep in her chair. Her eyes opened and she surveyed the stranger. He was only a child. Why was there a child in this manor? She was startled to hear that he was hear for an apprenticeship. With Cecilia. She didn't know if she trusted her sister to train someone so young. She didn't comment, however. Instead, she turned to the Lunatonne.

"So, Lady Bianca, was it?" She asked, a pleasant smile painted onto her face. "I'm Alannah. How has your visit been? Do you plan on staying the night?" Alannah was eager to try and rid of the tension.

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Inwardly, Cecilia was laughing. Her reputation with the magical community was far from stellar and yet she was allowed to serve as mentor to a youth. She imagined that one of several children she'd aided in one way or another must have put in a good word. She remembered her reasoning only vaguely. Something to do with needing a hobby that would inspire her to stay at home rather than chasing danger-- and the fact that being a mentor might stave off any coming punishment for recent infractions. One look at Wayne betrayed the fact that he was a troublemaker. "Welcome to the Solberg estate. I'm sure you've heard of us, " she said, looking at Wayne. "The depressed looking man in need of a hug is Lord Julius. The prim woman bewitched by the hue of the sky? That's Alannah." She smiled somewhat slyly and pointed at Klarion. "That cur is Klarion. The one person I've never struck in battle and the small girl in red?, that's Genevieve." she concluded. "Under my tutelage, you'll learn whatever you choose whenever you choose. That's about the size of it." With another long drink, her cup was empty. There were plenty of places for sparring in the estate. This could work. It could certainly work. She was sure of it.
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“And if it goes wrong?” We run
Klarion poked her tongue out at Cecilia and looked back at Wayne. He shielded his mouth from Cecilia with one hand, not that he didn’t intend for her to hear it, “That one doesn’t wash regularly. She calls it the smell of adventure.” He chuckled, sipping his Vodka, “Also, if I randomly strike up a fight with my dear sister, it’d be in your best intrests to take notes. My sister has a lot of weaknesses”

He eyed Bianca with a crimson glare, not even caring about the flying cup. He’d seen just about everything before within the gates of this house. “I assume that you and my-“ he paused, debating his next words, “brother’s discussion was satisfactory?” He slyly mused, his lip curling slightly.

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