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"The balconies. As always. " Cecilia answered. "Good luck trying to talk him out of it. You know how he gets when anyone tells him his ideas are garbage." She had a feeling that Genevieve told him that already, in one way or another, but it couldn't hurt for Alannah to talk some sense into Julius if such a thing was even possible. Having gotten dressed and donned her talisman she stood and exited the room. Klarion wouldn't be around forever and she needed time to plot her vengeance.


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Cecilia had a point. Their brother was always stubborn for the wrong things. Alannah released a small sigh, exited after her sister, then returned to her room, deciding that if she were to confront Julius, it would be best to do so while she is not covered in dirt. All while changing outfits, she fumed to herself. "How did he even come up with such a thing? A goop thing that will digest him? I mean, I love him to bits and all, but this...? Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous."

Alannah huffed, left her room, and then headed towards the Balacony. She silently hoped her brother still had a fragment of common sense left in him. She could see a distorted version of Julius from through the glass.

She took in a deep breath before knocking on the balcony door and entering. "Julius. Can we talk?"

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Klarion had made his way back into his room. His room was trashed. The four poster bed had unmade red sheets and torn red curtains. There was broken vases and torn up parchment all over the floor, as well as burned out matches. The solberg brother stared into a broken mirror at a dressing table. The were broken mirrors of all shapes and sizes leant against all the walls. He touched the talisman in his nose, he never took it off. he shook his head and stood from the table. He made his way outside. He locked his bedroom door behind him. He prowled through the halls as he usually did.

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Even as chaos unfolded around him, Damien stood there with his arms full of flowers. A small, tight-lipped smile unwavering on his face. Lightly tousled black hair with apathetic, blue eyes just observing the situation. The gentle, floral aroma of nature wafting off his clothes. The bolo tye with a gold accent glinting in the light, shining through the dining room windows. He was trying to be as tranquil as possible while processing the information around him which was quite a lot.

First, his lord greeted and asked him for the status of the garden while being suspended in the air by his younger brother. Of course, Damien was going to answer that the garden was going splendidly, what else could he answer? Then, things started to be tossed. Julius declared his plans to fake his death as to call the previous lord back to the estate. It was an odd plan but not completely unexpected. The lord had always been known for his eccentricity. After being questioned and insulted, he left the dining room without giving Damien the chance to ask him about the flowers.

The hot-headed son of the Solberg’s appeared soon after. Where did he come from? “His mother,” Damien answered in his head. A ball of fire flew past him and towards one of the ladies of the house who was now covered in wine. After a brief exchange with the head chef, the siblings began to make themselves sparse. It was so lively. It was so silly over what set the siblings off.

“Pfft,” Damien laughed, covering his mouth with the flowers. He let the petals muffle his laughter over what had just transpired. “I suppose my magic is weaker today. I can actually laugh,” the head gardener mused, wondering what he should do now. His plans of planning the flower arrangements were in ruins, but he got some mirth out of it. “Is everyone bouquet?” He joked, making the most of his magic weakening. Putting the flowers to stifle his laugh once again, he stopped to readjust his plans for the day. His sections of servants were efficient enough to get all the gardening done by now, so he supposed he could wander and ask if the other servants needed help.


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The rhythmic sound of the horse's hooves trotting down the stone-paved roads of the village they were passing through began to annoy Bianca. The woman, well-known as the most prominent heir of the Lunatonne bloodline, was on her way to the Solberg estate. She thought the whole idea of her going to the estate to make business amends was repulsive. The very family that has been a thorn in her father's side for God knows how long, is now going to be their business partner. If they agree to her terms, of course.

Bianca's father had heard that the eldest son of the Solbergs was now in charge of the Solberg Curatives and thought it was best to get on the man's good side. With his parents no longer running the estate, they had a chance to forge a partnership on their absence. Bianca clicked her tongue, her lips forming a deep frown at the thought. She leaned her head against the window of the carriage, closing her eyes for a moment.

"M'lady...are you alright?" The maid accompanying her for the trip questioned.

Bianca listened to the sounds of the carriage's wheels rolling against the road. She opened her eyes to stare out the window, noticing that the bustling village streets had turned into a quieter path with more hills that could be seen rolling in the distance. "Do you think my father has lost his mind?"

The maid blinked, unsure of how to respond to that question correctly. She opened her mouth to speak, but Bianca had already beaten her to it. "To come to an agreement with them," She spat out the last word, the disgust clear in her voice. "The very people I'm supposed to despise are now about to be my family's closest allies. As if they would even allow me into their estate and showing up unannounced, no less."

The young noble began to mumble to herself, constantly repeating how much she hated the whole idea. The housemaid stayed silent, twiddling her thumbs as she waited for her mistress to calm down.

"You know," The maid finally spoke after Bianca's ramblings had ceased. "You could always pretend to like them, m'lady. I doubt any of the Solbergs had heard of you, but they have heard of your father, of course. Use that to your advantage."

Bianca chose to end the conversation there, but the words of her maid were still echoing in her head. Making a partnership with the Solbergs didn't mean she had to like them, but she did intend on being on her best behavior. For now. The roof of the estate had slowly begun to emerge into view, signaling that her long journey had come to an end.

The carriage came to a halt and Bianca waited patiently for the driver to aid her down the steps. Her eyes instantly roamed around the front of the estate, criticizing every detail. Her maid walked ahead of her to knock on the door, signaling the driver to wait outside just in case they got rejected. Bianca followed close behind her, noting how calm everything seemed on the outside. Her maid knocked twice, making sure to leave space in between each knock to let it ring throughout the mansion. With a building this large, she expected at least one of the house staff to answer the door.

When the door finally did open, her maid gave a kind smile and introduced Bianca. "Hello. I am deeply sorry to have appeared unannounced, but I have brought Lady Lunatonne here to speak to the Lord of the estate. For, um, business matters." Bianca pretended to ignore her maid's hesitation but instead decided to have a polite smile on her lips while she was being introduced. "Does he have time to converse...or shall we wait?"Bianca couldn't help but notice the ruckus in the background, causing her smile to twitch slightly. What was she getting herself into?

"Just a little while longer," she thought to herself, "I just had to keep this smile on until I'm finally on my own."
Julius was nowhere near convinced with the reason she gave. To measure out the time they had? Hm.....suspicious indeed. He would have to watch out for the small girl now, especially as she slinked into the hallway with that sly smile on her face. With Genevieve gone, Julius could now begin working on the letter he could send to Mother and Father; of course, he would need to figure out where to send it after, which was a whole different mess on it's own. He opened his journal and tore a page out, setting it down on the table and holding it with a hand. His journal was enchanted to have continuous paper inside until the spell wore off; thankfully, it was a very long spell. He sighed as he pulled a pen from his pocket. It was a special pen, ordered from a wizard over in the Netherlands; it didnt require dipping it into ink over and over, which Julius greatly appreciated. But the question was, how was he even going to write a letter that could convince his parents to come back...?

He didnt get too far in the thought process when some tapping was heard from the door, then a voice. Alannah? What was she doing up here for? "Come in. Or...out. Or however you say step onto the balcony." He said, placing his pen down on the paper.

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Victoria helped herself to Jasmine's full English. "Thank you," said the young woman as she washed mushrooms sautéd in olive oil and salted tomato slices down with draughts of water. She thought about the Solberg sibling's endeavour before finishing and excused herself for the library where she, as befitting of an orderly housekeeper, kept the house in order, cleaning cindered mahogany and ash coals--somewhat in consideration of the Solberg Estate's newly-arrived guests.
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Klarion didn't much bother with walking down the stairs, he instead opted to jump out the nearest open window. As he fell, he noticed Bianca standing outside and gulped. Even he wasn't lucky enough to stop falling in mid air. He created small explosions from his hands and used them to delay his fall. He ran a smoking hand through his crimson hair and brushed himself off. He walked over to lady Bianca and her maid, "Forgive my alarming entrance, its a habit." He gave her a sly smile, "What may your name be dearest lady?" For first impressions, she was beautiful (something Klarion always admired in a lady.) but her face was permenantly twisted into that of disgcust. Klarion didn't appreciate being looked down upon. At all.

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How much longer was this going to take? Her cheeks were beginning to hurt from smiling for so long and the way her maid dragged on the conversation was beginning to irritate her. She opted to focus on something more interesting, like the shrubs surrounding the estate. They had been cut to near perfection and Bianca admired that in plants. If only humans had some of the same qualities as plants then maybe she could tolerate being more social towards others.

The sudden explosions emitted close to where Bianca stood, causing her to wince. She felt her maid cling to her arm momentarily before she turned to stare at the red-haired man now approaching the both of them. Bianca shoved her maid away, before lifting her hand in greeting, the artificial smile returning to her face once more.

"No need to apologize, I didn't take it as an offense." She let out a short chuckle. "I am Lady Bianca Lunatonne. I'm sure you've heard about my family? I came to speak to the Lord of the estate for disclosed issues."

On the outside, she seemed like a proper noble but deep down, Bianca despised how sophisticated she sounded. Her mother's doing, but she found it beneficial when she needed it most. From what she could tell from the man he was nothing but a troublemaker and in some ways, she admired that. However, coming from a noble family and acting in such a careless manner was something she deemed as disrespectful and she could only imagine what the rest of the Solberg household was like.

"Oh, where my manners. I forgot to ask for your name, mister..."

"Klarion," He smiled, taking her hand and planting a delicate kiss upon it, "Klarion Solberg. It is a pleasure to make your aquaintence, lady Bianca." He could tell from the expression on her face that she didn't want to be here. He knew it too well, "Do come inside. My brother is in here somewhere, probably playing with his potions and machines." The hate was clear in Klarions voice when he mentioned his brother but the man maintained a smile. Klarion wanted to jump out the window again and nothing break his fall but he knew his god forsaken power would not allow it. First he had to deal with his brother and now her? The second eldest was quite sure that he would be in a straitjacket by the time the sun had set. "Cecilia!" He called into the house.

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"What?!" Cecilia demanded. She'd snuck into the servants' quarters and was engaged in a rather spirited game of cards with the few of them that decided to be a little less than dutiful today. The stakes were high. Each coin pilfered from a foe she'd vanquished outside of the estate.. and from Isaac's pocket, of course. Klarion's rash interjection had caused her to inadvertently reveal her hand. She stepped out into the hallway, promising all involved that the game would continue tomorrow. Bianca was easy to notice and Klarion unsurprisingly had wasted no time in meeting her, but something seemed different. " Who's this?"
Klarion smiled at his younger sister. He gestured to their guest, "This lady Bianca Lunatonne, she came to have a word with our dear brother Julius." He quipped, "Could you go fetch him for me?" He winked.

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Jasmine Asta - Housecook
Jasmine had finished cleaning the dining hall as well as the kitchen a little while after serving the last meal, giving the left overs to the rest of the staff who hadn't eaten that day or simply needing something more to fill their stomaches. Since Julius had finally decided to come out from his hiding and to possibly even be adsorbed in slimed in the next few days, she thought it would be a nice gesture to serve Julius' favorite dessert however, she was unsure whether to do it as a mid afternoon tea time or during dinner. Pondering over the thought, she decided to do it during dinner instead and would bake up some cakes and cookies for snacks if anyone wanted.

While she made her pastries in the bakery, Jasmine heard news of an unexpected guest arriving to the estate, something that rarely happens due to the secluded nature of the mansion. She quickly gave her pat on the back for making the little treats in dessert, being able to give them to the new guest as a warming gift. As the cake went into the oven, she made mini tea sandwiches as well as prepared a pot of white tea which is said to reduce stress. Partly for the guest, partly for Jasmine to have as well. She was excited to have a new face in the mansion.


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"Right away." Cecilia replied. There was something about this woman that she did not like. A certain trait she was trying and failing miserably to mask beneath a smile. In all likelihood, Klarion had picked up on it right away. "In the meantime, why don't you make our guest comfortable?" In a few moments, she reached the balcony doors, but unlike Alannah she didn't have any interest in knocking. She raced towards them and kicked them open forcefully "Julius!! You've got guests." she called, "Well, just one..." At first glance, it appeared that he'd been trying to write something, but it didn't look as though he was having much success for the time being. "Her name's Bianca Lunatonne."

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After getting over his little laughter fit, Damien returned to his natural state of complacency. His magic wasn't as strong today, so he had to be careful not to expend himself too much. The luster in his tie seemed to be reduced to a copper sheen from its previous gold. The actual metal used in making his tie was unknown to even himself. All he knew was that its luster grew and beckoned depending on the strength and longetivity of his powers. A copper sheen most likely meant he could only last a few days without water instead of the usual week or month. But in return, he could appreciate his surroundings with unbounded senses. This was dangerous as the first time it happened he swore life fealty to house Solberg.

His muscles felt slightly stiffer as well, most likely from lack of care. Perhaps he will return back to his chambers and apply a special potion the young gardener reserved for these cases. "No," he said to himself, shaking his head of the lackadaisical thoughts. "I have to get opinions on my flower arrangements before they perish." The lack of hydration drastically reduced the life of his clipped flowers, and Damien didn't want their lives to go to waste. He must find Lord Julian; and if not him, Miss Alannah for her appreciation of nature. "She'll most likely be in the garden," Damien reasoned, remembering the few times he found her sleeping there.

Taking brisk steps towards the main estate's entrance towards the gardens, he attempted to soothe the flowers' pain. "Don't you worry, you and your family will shine brightly at the gala, or in an expensive vase on the estate," he cooed. His unbounded senses and emotions made him more affectionate than usual. But when it kicks back in, he'll no longer feel any embarrassment over his actions. Reaching the doors, he noticed Mr. Klarion speaking with a foreign guest. "I suppose it can't hurt to get another opinion," Damien murmured. "Mr. Klarion it's joyous to see you after the breakfast fiasco! If I may be a bother for just a moment, I would like for your opinion on my bouquets for the midseason ball!"

Organizing the flowers back into three groups, Damien listed off what they meant. "I clipped these flowers through instinct, and I learned their meanings afterward. This one means prosperity and hope. This one means hospitality and patience. And, this one means longetivity and purity. Which would you prefer for the ball?" The head gardener held out the flowers to Klarion, hoping he wouldn't burn them. Out of the corner of his eye, he recognized the guest as a female with a maid attached to her arm, another odd addition to the estate. But, they may have a better touch at decor than the pyromaniac. "If the ladies would like, their opinions on the flowers would also be well received, though the final say will go to Lord Julian if I could locate him."
Before poor Alannah could even begin, Cecilia burst right onto the balcony, presumably knocking her sister out of the way. Julius raised an eyebrow at her antics; she seemed to be out of breath. The news of guests was exciting, and a smile appeared on his face as he learned of it; but then he learned just who was the guest.

A Lunatonne.

Julius' face hardened, and his brows knitted together; it was very unlike the mans usual happy, carefree smile. A Lunatonne, here? Unannounced? That wasnt good. Highly suspicious at the least. He stood up, placing the pen and paper back into his shirt. He walked to the door and entered the hallways, not addressing either sibling. As he walked, he turned his coat right side out, and smoothed back his hair as best he could. He walked through the halls at a brisk pace, with a look very unlike him, so much so that the servants he passed moved to the side of the hall with confused looks as he passed by them.

He eventually reached the top of the stairs and looked down upon the woman below. This was Bianca Lunatonne? He would soon see about that. "So..." he began, his voice loud and composed, conflicting directing from his usual naive, cheerful tone, "a Lunatonne shows up at our home, unannounced...I do hope there is good reason for this visit." He said as he walked down the stairs. Each step was carefully made; there would be no tripping for him right now. He reached the bottom and approached the Lunatonne and her retainer. "Leave us, Klarion, and take Damien with you." He told his brother; no, commanded his brother, his tone gruff and devoid of compassion. "I would speak to our guest alone."

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"Julius-" Before she could even get the first word out of her mouth, the double doors from the balcony slammed open. Alannah flinched and quickly stood to the side, startled by Cecilia's sudden entrance. She didn't complain, however, and silently listened to the short exchange between her siblings. A guest? It's been such a while since they've had any. '

Why was the kick necessary?' Alannah thought to herself. She knew her family had a history of overreacting, but kicking doors seemed out of place.

"Her name is Bianca Lunatonne."

Alannah's head snapped upward at the mention of a Lunatonne, and her eyes, that were previously fixated on her shoes, now stared at her brother. With all that occurred, she worried that Julius would not take Bianca's appearance with caution or even seriously at all. She's never heard anything bad about this particular Lunatonne, but her family does not just show up to the Solberg's estate without malicious reason. Usually. However, Julius' reaction tugged at the edges of Alannah's lips.

'Ok', she thought. 'Maybe he has changed after locking himself up for so long.' Now, Alannah was grateful that Cecilia had interrupted her conversation with Julius before she went on ranting about how immature he was being. She'd have to wait. Wait before making judgements and wait to see what's going on in Julius' head before shoving away his plan. Yes, she still thought it was foolish, but maybe there was a part of it Cecilia hadn't told her.

Alannah scurried after her brother, wanting to the Lunatonne for herself. When she made it to the bottom of the steps, she stared at Bianca. Her face did not give away any of her thoughts, but her green eyes studied the unwelcome guest. Then, hearing Julius' request to speak to her alone, she left the house, walking past the Lunatonne and into the garden.

A smile slipped onto her face the second she left. She was proud of her eldest brother and how he reacted. Alannah glanced around then hurried to sit below a window and against the stone wall. Perhaps she could eavesdrop on the conversation from here.
The servant came from the library to observe the new arrival--who, from another servant, Victoria had heard was a Lunatonne--and watched her from the cotton-curtained panes of a four-panelled window. The morning sun shone and, below a cobbled balustrade, Bianca's phaeton shimmered on the Solberg Estate roadside. She dusted the window too.
Klarion looked at damien then Julius. He sighed. He took ahold of Damien’s arm and made his way to the door. Klarion sneered at julius and made a great effort to bump shoulders with him as he passed. The second eldest waltzed out the door, his steel heel’s clacks fading away.

He growled. He hated it. He hated it all. He hated his parents for leaving. He hated his brother for being given all the attention. He hated his siblings acting as though they were better than him. He considered looking for cecilia, wanting nothing nothing more than their playful fights. He shook his head. He then remembered he was still holding onto damien. He sighed again, stopping, “go on, show me then.” He tone was soft yet lethal.

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Jasmine Asta - Housecook
Although she was unsure of who the guest was, it was impolite to not at least serve tea to them. So she packed the little cakes and pastries with jam and cream, as well as finger sandwiches onto a three-tier serving stand, make sure not to over crowd the stand and cause it to lose it's elegance. As for the tea, she made sure that the pot of still steeping hot so that by the time she arrived that the meeting spot, it would be slightly cooled. She made sure to lace each item with a bit of patience, happiness, understanding, and energy, looking over her creation and getting all giddy from what she'd made. Of course it wasn't all the time that she could make afternoon tea for, even if it was a bit early it call it afternoon.

Loading the rolling cart with all the food items, she made sure to also have a few extra sandwiches and desserts she made for other staff members that may not have shown for breakfast that morning. While rolling her cart down the hall, she saw Damien and Klarion arm in arm up ahead, Ohh! I get it! Klarion has a thing for Damien! He's gay! Wow, you learn something new everyday. I think.. But perfect opportunity to see Damien! Jasmine thought to herself, parking the little cart off to the side and getting a prepared plate from under the cart as well as frantically trying to pour tea before they pass her and leave.

Trotting over to the pair, intense concentration as to not spill the tea, she quickly caught up to the two, a very excited grin planted upon her face. "Hello Mister Damien, Sir. Klarion. I was just making my way to see the guest and serve tea, but I was hoping you'd like to have a bite to eat and some tea to drink and tell me if you think if it's good or not." She tried to curtsy as best as she could with two full plates in her hands, one with sandwiches and scones and the other with tea. Jasmine was eager to not only be able to have them try food out for her but used this as an excuse to have Damien at least have food in his stomach.

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Bianca was used to being the center of attention. Having an important role in her father's company would do that to you. But the way everyone was staring at her made Bianca feel uneasy. Like a gazette wandering into the lion's den, the feeling of being helplessness began building up within her and she hated herself for it. She remained silent, watching and waiting for the others to retrieve Julius. She began to assess their different personalities, coming to the conclusion that working with the Solbergs would be completely different than most of her other clients. She anticipated as much but hadn't thought they would be so eccentric.

She lifted her gaze to the stairwell when Julius announced his presence. She could feel the tension enter the room and her false smile gradually turned into a genuine smirk. "Forgive my intrusion, Lord Solberg," She stated, bending her knees and bowing her head in a curtsy. "My intentions are to make peace with your family, rather than continue the petty rivalry our parents started."

Her eyes focused as the lord made his descent. She straightened herself as Julius stopped in front of her, the smirk on her face not once faltering. Bianca turned to her maid, waving her hand towards the door. "You're dismissed." The maid bowed her head, leaving to wait outside the estate. " Now then, I suppose we have business to attend to? Though, I would much rather speak somewhere more appropriate." She glanced around the main hall of the estate, emphasizing her actions to prove her point. "Shall we?"

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The little girl had walked to the stables, located next to the mansion so visitor's horses could be stabled and the carriages shielded from weather, stablehands always at the ready to quickly saddle or attach the horses to the carriage. Of course, if the visit was brief, the horses were simply just offered some water and taken care of without being detached from the carriage. Genevieve had her very own pony - Orion. He was already closer to 20 years old, but he was very unpredictable - the pony had many times suddenly just decided that if the little human on his back didnt know what she was doing, she had no business to be there. It had gotten better after Genevieve learned to not pull his mouth, kick him or otherwise provoke the sensitive creature. Yet occassionally he made sure to remind her that she shouldn't get too comfortable.

A stablehand ran to her, giving her a little bow.
- Saddle Orion. She said, and the stablehand took off to get Orion from the pasture, where the horses spent most of their time. While waiting, Genevieve noticed an unfamiliar carriage by the stables with horses still attached. It was definitely not the Solberg's, but whose could it be? They rarely got visitors, and if they did, how come nobody knew or told her? It striked her as odd, but she was not worried - most likely it was something that did not concern her.

Genevieve gently brushed her hand across the chestnut-colored pony's face. Orion was his regular self - calm and collected, but that could change once she spent some time on the saddle.
- I hope you are in a good mood today. She muttered to her horse before walking next to him. The stablehand helped her up on the sidesaddle, which was the type of saddle that usually women used, placing both feet on the same side. The stablehand took a step back, watching as the girl was riding towards the training-pen located behind the stables along with a couple of pastures where they kept visitors horses, or horses that were most frequently used by the Solberg's.

~ ~ ~
Though Klarion purposefully bumped into him, Julius didnt even flinch; he merely continued to stare at the woman in front of him. He had to admit, this woman wasnt what he was expecting when he heard it was a Lunatonne. He expected someone in all black, perhaps in gothic attire, holding some sort of moon shaped purse or something along those lines; he knew they liked their mom stuff. But this woman was dressed very appropriately for a young lady of this day and age. Those markings around her collarbone, though...

She informed him that her family was here to make peace. Julius had to stifle a laugh at that. Peace? Suuuuuure. If that's what they really wanted, they would have agreed to cease fire long ago, when the Solbergs would practically beg for them to stop this petty rivalry and become friends. No, they showed their true colors a long time ago; so what was it that they really wanted? Bianca asked if they could speak elsewhere; Julius looked her up and down as she did so. He gave her another cold stare before he turned and gestured for her to follow. "Come along, then." He told her as he began to make for a hallway to their left.

The walk itself was short, and he made no effort to offer an arm or a hand to escort her there. She would not dare wander off; she knew she would be thrown out immediately if not with a sibling or himself. Julius lead her to a room that was barely used; Fathers private Parlor, a room that he saved for important conversations and guests. He opened the creaky doors and lead her inside. The inside was covered with many plaques and memorabilia of the old days, where Solberg Curatives were recognized by many magical organizations for both their donations and their work in the field of potion making. Two sofas sat in the middle of the room, a wooden table separating the both of them. "Sit." He told his charge as he made his way over to an exquisitely crafted shelf, many ornate glass bottles scattered upon it. Whiskey, brandy, gin...all kinds of alcohol from all years were here. Quietly, he poured two glasses of bourbon; for strength, as his father always said. He brought to the two glasses over and set one on her side of the table as he sat on the opposite sofa, glass in hand. "Now," he started, "you say you're here for peace? Alright." He said, swishing his drink around before taking a sip, doing his best to not let it show how much he detested the taste. "And why are you actually here?" He continued, his tone cold and unforgiving.

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Damien could barely gasp, "Of course, sir," before he was dragged off by Sir Klarion. Grasped tightly by the arm, he found himself outside of the manor with Sir Klarion. He could just pick up on the edge behind his employer's words and decided that it would be best to go along with his requests, even if his opinion may not be the most appropriate for this decision. Organizing the proper arrangements, the young gardener noticed that many of the petals has falled on their way outside. And,the constant transportation left the remaining petals and stems bruised and marked. He couldn't present them.

"Well, the floral I chose have lived past their prime,"Damien explained, putting them behind his back, "if you would like, I will present freshly clipped ones to you at a later date today." He'll most likely use the ones he held in his hands as compost for future buds. The gardener was going to ask how Klarion was doing, but he was interrupted by the appearance of the chef, carrying snacks. "How do you do Miss Jasmine?" Damien aked, bowing in response to her curtsy. "I will have to politely decline your offer. I couldn't possibly take food meant for higher standing people such as Sir Klarion; but if you need assistance in distributing food, I can spare the time to do so. Or if you need any vegetables for next season, I will make sure to order and sow the seeds."


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Composure seemed to wrap itself about Julius in an instant.This was no overwhelmed manchild. This was, in every sense of the word, a Lord. Cecilia knew better than to meddle when it came to things of this nature, but the Lunatonnes had all the subtlety of a fox in a henhouse and Julius would only be around to deal with them for so long. She'd already considered a number of plans when it came to disposing of Robert. Each of them failed for one reason or another but that didn't make playing them out in her mind any less amusing. The scenarios in which he actually succeeded were even more so. She pictured Lord Klarion , wrapped in success and immeasurable wealth. The estate would grow large and prosperous-- shrouded by his unearthly luck and there wouldn't be any such thing as a dull moment...until the other side benefited from it.

Next she pictured Lady Alannah, a rash business decision to switch from curatives to dresses and from dresses to spells that involved the weather. Yes, plans would shift this way and that until there wasn't anything left but loose ends and the estate would be covered in vines. She laughed at the the thought. " Mind that wandering ear of yours Alannah. I want to know nothing less than every detail," She stated before making her way down the hall once again. She exited the house and breathed in the fresh air, noticing the carriage in which their guest arrived. Perhaps it was time for a little investigation of her own.
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