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The Illustrious Estate of Lord Solberg v3 - In Character

-The Solberg Estate-
6:44 A.M

For the past few days, the Solberg Estate had been remarkably quiet. Ever since Julius, the eldest son of the Solbergs, received a letter from his parents, he had shut himself inside his laboratory and had refused to come out. Today marked day three of the mans outburst, and still there was nothing. The sun began to rise lazily over the horizon as the sky called for an overcast day, typical enough for London. The majority of the staff was waking up, preparing themselves for the day; the cooks started on breakfast, the maids and butlers scurried around making sure everything was neat and tidy, and the gardeners began the daily routine of keeping the estate land in check.

And yet, there was something missing; no sing song voice of a dramatic fellow announcing his return to the waking world, no one tripping and falling down the Grand Staircase for the third time that morning...it was missing Julius. The fool even refused to see his siblings, merely passing along the letter he received to them via...well, the letter springing legs and walking to them. The letter detailed that Raymond and Maria Solberg, otherwise known as Mom and Dad, would be going away to America for a few years time; in their absence, Julius was to take over as the new Lord of the Estate as well as become the head of Solberg Curatives. And at this revelation, Julius promptly dropped the letter, fled to the lab, locked the door, and...didnt come out.

The siblings would all take this news in their own way, but with their eldest brother now sealed away in his laboratory, there really wasnt much they could do to help him. Not until he came out. Which brings us to the now...

A rumbling could be felt through the entire household this morning, growing louder by the second. It certainly wasnt part of the morning ritual, that much was true, but the rumbling grew more and more violent as the seconds ticked by, knocking paintings off the wall, shaking chandeliers and windows, until finally- a large explosion could be heard from the library.

The library was a big enough place; large enough to hold the thousands of tomes the Solbergs had collected over generations. But one such shelf, a small brown one near the back, had been blown off its hinges. This, funnily enough, was the secret entrance to Julius' laboratory, and an odd, greenish gas was leaking from the hole that was made. A figure appeared in the fog, and slowly stepped out into the library. It was Julius, his silver hair disheveled, his coat on backwards, and a vial of green ooze in his hand. He held it up to the heavens with a crazy cackle.

"IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE!" He cried, turning into a fit of laughter that abruptly stopped as he examined the vial once more. "Uh.....I think? Hellooooo?" He said out loud, tapping the vial. The ooze inside moved of it's own accord, and Julius' eyes widened with joy as he practically jumped up and down. "It is! Its alive! ALIVE! Hahahaha! It finally worked! My ticket out of this mess, in the convenience of a tube you can put in your pocket!" He cried with glee, dancing around the destroyed bookshelf.
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~ ~ ~

Genevieve, who had just seconds ago been sleeping peacefully, flung out of her bed as she heard the explosion. Her first reaction was to crouch next to the bed in case she would have to duck underneath it to seek cover. However, since it didnt appear that there was going to be any more of that, she slowly got up and sighed. "Well, now Im not tired anymore." She thought to herself, walking to her wardrobe to choose todays clothing. As she was in some hurry to find out what the explosion was about, Genevieve just pulled one of the red dresses out of the wardrobe and changed into it before making her way out of the bedroom. She ran all the way across the hallway and ultimately reached - after asking some of the servants where the explosion came from - the library.

The steps she took were silent on the carpet, not that her steps were loud to begin with. As she got deeper in the library, a shadow on the side of her eye caught her attention, she turned to look at her brother who seemed overjoyed.
- Julius. She muttered with a slightly surprised tone and looked at her brother as she greeted him, taking some additional steps closer.
- What is that? Genevieve pointed at the vial he held in his hand, a suspicious frown on her face. Although she was happy to see her brother again for the first time in days, she wasnt sure how to express it appropriately - it was not her style to hug, and right now she didn't think it was the right time to say "I missed you" either. And so Genevieve just chose to ask about the vial.

She had taken their parents leaving surprisingly well, although she was quite upset the first day. But the more time passed, the easier it got for her to get used to the new situation and by now she had started to accept the fact that they were gone, and that Julius was now the head of the house.

~ ~ ~
When the earthquake struck, Victoria White was in the parlour. She was sat on a wicker chair, reading a fascicle of an Oliver Twist serial. Folding the newspaper over the armrest, she rose to her feet, striding several feet across the room--where she caught a vase off the mantelpiece seconds before it shattered and went on to mount a Vanderbank back onto the wall.

As the earthquake started to settle, the servant looked out a window to check on the gardeners--who seemed okay, tending to cork oak saplings and peony flowerbeds in the rising sun radiance that shone through the conservatory--and strode to many and more other rooms to check up on everyone. The Solberg siblings, the housekeepers and the handmaidens, the footmen and footwomen and anyone else she happened on.

The crystal chandeliers stirred ever so slightly above her and the candlelight with it, throwing kaleidoscopic shapes onto the walls, fantastically, like strokes of pale gouache on an artist's canvas, and some of the light shone into her eyes, making the blue beautifully bright and bold. "Dear God," lamented Victoria, having found herself in the library. "Sir, what in the world have you been doing?"
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Cecilia's eyes were shut tightly. It was during the second day of Julius' incarceration that she'd wandered back on to the family estate rife with the smell of flame and heaven knew what else. Her disheveled form was sprawled sloppily atop her bed, clad only with a lengthy and somewhat oversized shirt. The sleep that enthralled her was deep and sweet. Every muscle was locked in a blissful state of relaxation save for hand that always clutched the hilt of her cutlass. If undisturbed, she could stay in this state for days. However, as the explosion rang out across the picturesque halls and shook everything above and below, it became clear that she'd be afforded no such luxuries. Filled with unbridled fury, she leapt to her feet with her sword at the ready. Whatever dared to awaken her had made a clear and concise request to suffer at her hands-- one that she grant a thousand times over.

She raced down the hallway, her anger increased as she did. Perhaps it was because she was slowly beginning to recall the events of prior days-- the walking letter that announced Julius would be Lord of the estate, How the only reaction he'd had to the news was to lock himself away for days on end. Maybe it was a little hypocritical, but the anger was there and rising just the same. She pushed past almost any servant she encountered and leapt deftly over any of the others who didn't move in time. A low growl escaped her throat; the sword slashing relentlessly at the air as it did. She came to skidding halt at the door of the library, nearly colliding with Genevieve and Victoria. The scene that caught her eye was about as dramatic as Julius made...well everything. He was leaping gleefully like a child and triumphantly brandishing a vial like it was The Holy Grail.

"Alive?" she hissed with a piercing glare. "That's something you won't have in common for long If you don't STOP SCREAMING!!!" She struck the nearest wall with her sword, leaving it planted there. " WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAD TO CAUSE AN EARTHQUAKE?" She demanded. Somewhere between the angered panting and deep desire to squeeze the life out of him, there was a small amount of relief. At least he was out of the lab now. He deserved a chance to explain himself.
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Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 8.37.51 AM.png Jasmine Asta - Housecook
As the sun rose over the horizon, peaking rays of light through the windows of the halls and claiming the start to the day, most people had already just began they day while the servants of the mansion had already started their day a couple of hours before. Jasmine in particular was looking over the kitchen, as per usual, making sure breakfast was going underway without a hitch. Breakfast was usually served with multiple different types of meals for several selections to be had. Today there were to be three different meal to choose from, the full English breakfast, the French continental breakfast, and the classic Dutch breakfast.
  • The English breakfast consisted of the meat; sausage and bacon, baked beans, tomatoes, toast, eggs, potatoes, kippers, and mushrooms.
    • The most filling and the most savory out of the three, popular among the male staff who's work consisted of heavy-lifting.
  • The continental French had a slice of a toasted baguette, strawberry jam, oatmeal with berries and honey drizzled on top, pain au chocolat (chocolate filled croissants) as well as plain croissants for those without a sweet tooth. There are also other pastries including the “pain aux raisins”, a spiral-shaped raisin bread; the “brioche”, a sweet bun; the madeleine; or the “chouquette”, a sort of puff with chips of sugar on it.
    • Popular with the housemaids and children, this breakfast was geared more towards those who enjoy sweeter meals.
  • Lastly, the classic Dutch breakfast which included the Poffertjes(miniature Dutch pancakes), ontbijtkoeken(a dense rye bread that's flavor packed with spices) with Dutch farm cheese, and a bagel with classic cream cheese.
    • A very standard but delicious meal for those in a rush or are not the hungriest in the morning.
For drinks, there were a various amount including coffee, tea, juice, water, or alcohol. Everyday the meals being served would be changed in order to give the family different meal options throughout the week, no two meals would be the same the next day. Although all this planning would be rather time consuming, Jasmine enjoyed laying out meal plans as well as taking meal suggestions from the staff and family members. On her at all times, she actually had a very small notebook that contained the favorite foods of each Solberg member as well as their allergies and other food-related things she should know. She thought it was considerate and it was better to be safe than sorry if anything for to happen from her meals such as allergic reactions.

While she was making the pastries, kneading the dough and filling them with chocolate, a sudden deep rumbling could be heard and she understood that it my be an earthquake of sorts. "Everyone, knives down and turn the stoves off." Instructing everyone to do so as in order to keep them from harms way. All the knives were placed onto their respective cutting boards and those at the stoves removed their fire magic, the walls and lights shaking violently moments after. Once the earthquake had passed, someone informed Jasmine that that rumbling hadn't been from an natural earthquake but from magic. "Everyone, back to positions. I'll be back soon." She spoke with authority over her kitchen hands, returning back to their work as she walked to the source of the bickering.

Peeking her head into the doorway, a long sword piercing the wall next to her simultaneously yet she remained calm oddly enough, she could see that Sir. Julius had finally made his grand exit from his lab. The first thing he was doing was being scolded by both family members and a housemaid. She couldn't help but smile at the sight of him, she hadn't seen the eldest son in days. "I apologize for my sudden intrusion but I'm glad to see that Sir. Julius has felt better enough to come out from his laboratory." Take the sword from out of the wall, she inspected the damage of the hole before returning to back to Miss. Cecilia, both hands holding the blade upon her palms and presenting it to her, "I just wanted to inform you that breakfast will be served soon, it would be wonderful if everyone could join today," a genuine smile appeared upon her face, hopeful that everyone would come now that Julius had "returned". While the siblings maybe not have always seen eye-to-eye, she could tell that they all loved each other despite getting on each others nerves quite often.

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"Intrusion? It was nothing compared to what he did." Cecilia blinked before accepting her blade. Try as they might, nobody had been able to instill everyday pleasantries like "Thank You" into her vocabulary. The most she ever managed was a nod and very brief smile. Breakfast did sound like a welcome diversion from this spectacle. It would be easier to hear about another of Julius's inventions knowing that a decent meal would follow. "Anyway, I don't think that'll be much of a problem today Jasmine. At least not for me. I'm definitely coming to breakfast." she said. "Although, if Julius doesn't tell us what he's yelling about, he won't be eating anything ever again." She crossed her arms and sniffed the air a little. Whatever the options were, there was no doubt they were delicious. The Solberg Estate had the best cook available and in truth it had been sometime Cecilia had eaten what could be considered a proper meal.
Julius paused his leaps of joy as a voice softly flowed its way into his head, and he turned to face it. There, standing a few feet away, was his youngest sister Genevieve. His face lit up as he quickly rushed over to her with a smile and picked her up, spinning around with her in his arms, laughing all the while. "Genny, my dear sister!" He said through pauses of laughter, stopping his spins and looking directly in her eyes, though not putting her down. "Oh, how I missed that darling little face of yours! I could just eat you up if I was a cannibal and had no other options!" He said with a few more laughs. Suddenly, another voice drew his attention to the doorway; Victoria, one of the head maids, stood near the entrance, also inquiring about the vial just as Genevieve had done. He laughed once more as he gently put his little sister down on the ground with a smirk.

"Oh, you wish to know what it is I have created? What dastardly creature it is that makes its home inside my glass prison? Well, I shall tell you! It is the answer to all our problems! Specifically, its-" he started, but then let out a not-so-manly shriek as a sword struck itself into the wall near the doorway. Startled, Julius threw his hands up, which, in turn, sent the vial into the air. Panicking, he reached up to grab it, but it slipped out of his hands. He tried again, but the same thing happened, leading to Julius carefully trying to grab the vial out of the air, but failing each time. Eventually, he grabbed so hard, it went flying forward instead of up, and, not knowing what else to do, Julius dived forward, catching the vial just before it hit the ground. However, the tile of the floor, having just been cleaned last night, was rather slippery, and he kept sliding until he hit his head against the leg of a table; a table that, funnily enough, had a very large stack of books upon. Julius, however, had just enough force to shift the balance, and he had little time to do anything else but murmur "Oh, bugger." before the monster of a pile fell upon him.

The pile did not move for a few seconds until a hand shot out from the middle, clutching the unharmed vial. Slowly, Julius shook the tomes off of him, his breathing quite labored. "Well, they do say knowledge is power....and that had enough power to crush my ribs..." he said through each wheeze.

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~ ~ ~
As Julius spun her around, Genevieve didn't look like she was content with the situation - well, how else would a person react or feel when someone suddenly picks them up without warning? Her hands had gone to grasp his arms in a desperate attempt to hold on to something, as she knew Julius could be a real klutz. Once Julius stopped the spinning, Genevieve returned his gaze and a little hint of smile rose on her lips, but even she wasnt sure whether it was because he finally stopped spinning or because he seemed happy.
- You are so clumsy that you would die of something falling on you before you would have the chance to eat me. She looked at her brother with a serious expression, and crossed her arms. Julius, in her opinion, was good at things - as long as it didnt require agility.

Her gaze went to the door once a voice, who turned out to be Victoria's, spoke. She proceeded to take a little step back from Julius when he let her down and straightened the hem of her red dress which reached to her knees. She was about to answer Victoria about how her brother probably had lost all of his sanity, but Julius started to talk first so she let it go. As Julius began his speech about the ooze in the vial, it didnt take long until Cecilia rushed in and interrupted just as he was about to reveal what it was. Genevieve figured that she wasn't the only one who was unsatisfied with the sudden awakening, but this looked more like one of those "poke-a-bear-with-a-stick" kind of situations. Cecilia was the bear, and Julius had the stick.

Cecilia's arrival set along the amusing event where Julius got crushed by books, and Genevieve just stood and stared at the pile of books where his brother was emerging slowly from, a little huff escaping her lips.
- Maybe you should try a smaller dose of knowledge. The girl muttered, and as she wasn't too advanced in alchemy, she didnt know if knowledge really could be put into the potions, so her comment was more serious than a joke.

Genevieve proceeded to turn towards Jasmine, and appeared to be in deep thought for a moment.
- Breakfast sounds delicious, Im in the mood for some cinnamon tea. The little girl said with a rather demanding voice - as if cinnamon tea was the only drink she would accept. But even tea wasnt enough to shake off the curiosity which had only grown after her brother mentioned a creature.
- Maybe it contains an ancient troll that knows everything, or an imp that can create anything someone might wish for. She muttered briefly before returning her attention to the others in the room.

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"Terrific " Cecilia muttered. She'd been a little too rash and as a result, it was the books-- a pile of lifeless tomes that had done her work for her. It was still rather satisfying to watch. The day was just beginning and she'd already had a hand in nearly decapitating a member of the household and indirectly crushing another. The thought almost made her chuckle. For him to endure that amount of pain to protect the vial , it had to be something he thought was important. She waited a moment or two for him to catch his breath. If he kept having accidents of that sort, the house would be deprived of its Lord in less than a week, which would admittedly be disastrous for everyone involved. Still, Genevieve didn't seem too concerned by the incident. She was odd that way-- possessed by an almost unnatural calm that was difficult not to notice. Cecilia watched as Genevieve demanded Cinnamon Tea, the suggestion regarding the contents of the vial was currently the only reminder that she was all of nine years old. It was good -- very good that she had some measure of childlike wonder about her, but part of Cecilia genuinely believed that she might be some Porcelain Doll that Julius inadvertently brought to life one day. "Maybe it contains some kind Julius clone " Cecilia suggested.
With a bit of a struggle, Julius got to his feet, along with a few murmurs of "No, I dont need help, thanks for asking..." as he steadied himself using the table. The vial was still safe in his hands, albeit the ooze inside seemed to be irritated. He placed it inside his pants pocket and cast a safety spell, just in case his klutzy nature came into play, the old journal in his shirt pocket glowing as he did so. He dusted himself off, though still in pain, and sighed. "Oh, it's nothing so crass as a replica of myself. Although that wouldnt be a bad idea..." he said, trailing off and putting a hand to his chin, but he quickly shook his head; an idea for another day. He began walking forward, patting his smaller sister on the head as he went for the doorway. "In all simplicity, its a form of...man eating slime. It'll be eating me soon. Now, off to breakfast chums!" He declared, moving past Victoria and giving Cecilia a tap on the nose in a teasing manner, along with a quiet "Boop!" to go with it. He paused at the actual doorway, his eyes settling upon Jasmine. "Goodness! Is that you, Jasmine? I feel like its been ages since I last saw you! Oh, how I long for the days of childhood again; me, falling into prickly rosebushes, and you, pulling me out of them. Now then, to the dining area! I'm simply famished! Haven't eaten in two days, you know." He told her with a small smile, and moved past her into the hallway.

The air in the room was reminiscent of a kind of sweatdrop moment, as their eldest brother just nonchalantly walked by then while informing them that the ooze inside his pocket would soon be consuming him. It was probably the most outlandish thing he had ever said to them, and that was a record. He happily walked down the halls, whistling the tune to a piano melody he had been practicing prior to his hideaway. He took a big whiff of the smell coming from the dining area and gave a happy holler. "MmmmMMM! That smells absolutely scrumptious! I'm going to eat until my pants dont fit!" He declared, walkingat a brisk pace.

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A farmer's day starts before the light scatters the horizon, but Damien was no farmer. Damien was a gardener, the head gardener. His day is in a perpetual state of beginning which is just a way of saying that he rarely sleeps. But being someone to keep up appearances, he will change his clothing to give off the sense that he has rested, but one can nary find a time in which his lids close. Before the grace of light warms his visage, he sheds his nightwear, consisting of a simple white robe, to slither into his best apparel which many say is unbefitting in his line of work. However, he was given this uniform before he specialized in gardening, and he'll keep it even after. Afterward, he gingerly steps through the servant dorms, proceeding to shake awake the other gardeners. Some greeted him with a half-smile for who would be happy being woken up at such an ungodly hour? Others greeted him with groans or rude gestures. He shrugged both off with his tight-lipped smile as he waited for the other servants to wave away their fatigue. In the meantime, the head gardener prepped the gardening tools and had a meal if time allowed.

His meals were rather simple. It was a small bowl of oatmeal and a cup of water. The meal was bland, to say the least, but strong flavors were a waste on him. On the days when his magic was active, he could hardly taste a thing. In fact, he could hardly eat on those days. His stomach felt bloated, full yet not satisfied. The young man knew he wasn’t physically full and knew, in the long run, it would be better to put something inside of him. So, he forced himself to eat while he waited for the other gardeners. “What to do today?” Damien murmured to himself between bites. Briefly, he went through the list of requirements for the day:

Water the fields and crops.

Weed the fields and crops.

Finish the monthly fertilization.

Trim the hedges.

Clip choice flowers for the inner decor of the estate.

His thoughts didn’t come in any particular order but just fluttered through his mind like moths to a flame. Each one flew closer and closer to the flame until they were burnt out of the list. “This group will do....that one will do...yes that will work.” Forming an organized execution in his mind, he relayed his plans to the other gardeners. Word spread quickly, and they were off to the fields. Nodding gently at his division, he took a small pair of clippers and went to form sample bouquets for the estate’s decor. He wasn’t well versed in the language of flowers, but he did have an instinctual feeling for aesthetic. In the end, he had three bouquets to present to the new head of the house. One meant prosperity and hope. The other meant hospitality and patience, and the last one meant long life and purity.

Walking into the extravagant building, Damien lost his balance at the front door, gripping onto the handle for balance. “How curious,” Damien commented, hugging the flowers closer to his chest. There was quite a commotion coming from the library, and he could faintly hear the loud voice of his employer and lord. “I suppose this is the best time if ever to ask of his opinion,” he sighed, walking towards the commotion. He stopped in his tracks and observed the sight in front of him. A maid, three siblings and the head chef all in one place. His lord was acting as peculiar as ever, but Damien could suppose that was his charm. There were quite a bit of other things going on, but that was unimportant to his task at hand. He watched as they made their way to the dining area, quietly following behind. Opening his mouth, he had the intention of asking his lord which flowers he liked better for casual decor and the midseason ball. “Good morning, sir. How are you feeling on this splendid morn?”

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Isaac Solberg

Isaac awoke to his bed shaking and snapped fully alert when his collection of ancient coins fell of its shelf. Shaking the sleep from his head, he surveyed the mess his room had become.
"Damn you, Julius. Damn you."
Calling upon his magic, Isaac began undoing the damage. Objects flew back to their shelves, furniture righted themselves and moved back to their original positions, and order was restored. Isaac glared around the room for a moment before deciding to direct his irritation directly at the man responsible. But that could wait until he was presentable.

Isaac went through his morning ablutions and dressed himself in the dull black he favored. Adjusting his clothing and personal effects while looking in the mirror, Isaac made sure he didn't look anything less than striking and then headed down to breakfast. His sharp nose picked up the sweet smell of chocolate over the rest of it and his mouth watered.

Seeing his brother in the dining room, Isaac strode over and grabbed him by the coat (noting it was on backwards). He pulled him up until he was looking down into his eyes. Speaking slowly and pronouncing every word like a nail hammered into a coffin, Isaac asked Julius a question.
"What. Did. You. Do?"
Isaac paused and then dropped Julius, moving to the dining table.
"I don't spend my time ensuring the family business doesn't crumble just so you can disappear and then cause disasters. If it was just the former it would be one thing, but if you cut into the profits I'll...."
Isaac tried to think of a threat and failed, so he settled for pretending he hadn't started one.

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Jasmine Asta - Housecook
Knowing that, despite her best attempts to feed the household, some members of the Solbergs as well as the staff members did not always keep up with their health and eat filling meals, she was happy to know that at least those who had awoken were going to join for breakfast. Watching Julius slip and slide around the floor yet remaining somewhat in one piece was amusing, standing and watching with a worrisome smile on her face. "Cinnamon tea? Of course Ms. Genevieve, ask and you shall receive."

As they all made their way to the dining hall, she quickly ran through the meal items for the day as well as having everything she prepared on the chalkboard display stand propped right in front of the entrance of the dining hall for those who may come later. "Today, we've prepared a Full English, a Continental French, and a Classic Dutch. Which meal would you like to have today?" Speaking to no one in particular but to everyone at once. At the sight of Damien walking towards them, she quickly recalled an item that was not on the menu, "Oh and drinks!" Seeming to almost perk up at the reminder of refreshments, "Today's breakfast drink special is the Chocolate Mocha Coffee, an energizing yet sweet drink to start the day." The drink was quite literally energizing, and she was hoping that after serving the family their breakfast, she could have Damian drink some of the Chocolate Mocha Coffee as well as a small snack to start his day. She knew of Damian's magic, and while it was useful, it was dangerous since it was obvious he often forgets to satisfy his basic needs to survive.

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There were a number of concoctions an alchemist could craft with enough time, but the declaration that Julius made was unsettling to say the very least. Every other question Cecilia might have asked was silenced by his teasing little gesture. In truth, any answer he gave would only end up raising more questions anyway. She traversed the hall with the others and took a seat at the table, smirking just a little at Isaac's antics. She expected nothing less from the estate's resident miser. " I'll have the English Breakfast today," she decided, "Cider to drink if we have any."
Julius had just arrived at the dining area and had barely any time to take in the selection when he felt himself being lifted up into the air; though it took him a moment to realize. He looked at his feet, which were dangling, and then to the person in front of him, who was holding him up. "Oh! Good morning, little brother! Nice to see you, too!" He exclaimed, patting the younger, raven haired man upon the head as he suspended the larger man over him. Surprisingly enough, at the same time, the Estates Head Gardener, Damian, had popped inside. He greeted Julius, still being held up, who in turn gave him a polite wave and a smile. "And a good morning to you as well, Champion of the Lawn! How goes today's maintenance?" He asked the the somber looking man. Before he could continue on, his feet found the ground again as his younger brother walked in an irritated way away from him. "Come now brother, my experiments are nothing new to you! I just happened to have created the answer to this little dilemma; it may even have you taking over the business all by yourself!" He told him excitedly before he walked over to the dining table.

Naturally, being the eldest, Julius had a seat at the top of the table, but with Mother and Father gone, that meant he took his seat at the very top, usually where his father sat. Too hungry to be concerned about it, he began to reach around whatever plate that was closest to him and grabbed anything that looked sweet. He bit into one of the many pastries on his paste and gave a relaxed sigh; there was nothing like something sweet early in the morning. The journal in his pocket glowed subtly as a glass floated in front of him, a pitcher following close by. Orange juice flowed from the pitcher to the glass, and he carefully grabbed the glass out of the air, taking a large gulp of the sweetly tangy substance. He dabbed his mouth with his napkin and smiled. "Ah....I tell you, theres nothing like breakfast with your family. Dont you agree? I'm sure gonna miss it when I'm stuck in suspension, slowly being devoured." He said with absolutely no pause to address the rather dark comment; choosing instead to grab another pastry and take a large bite.

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Isaac grimaced at his older brother's antics. The man acted like he was a third of his age. He took a bite of chocolate-filled pastry to take the bad taste out of his mouth.
Then he heard what Julius had said about his experiments.
"What? What have you done?"

Even if his brother's experiments weren't worth anything, if Isaac could convince him to give up his hold on the business...
Isaac let a fantasy of his worthless brother starving in the streets while Isaac finally turned the family business into a true money-making machine. The profits he could make without that idiot around...

Then Julius mentioned being slowly devoured and Isaac started. Either his brother was insane or this was some stupid joke. Time to cut the politeness. If it took stooping to this level to reach him so be it.

An apple narrowly misses Julius's head.
"What. Is. Going. On?"

~ ~ ~
Genevieve was satisfied with the fact that she could get the tea she wanted. But then Julius proceeded to reveal something rather gruesome - he was going to be gobbled up by the slime in the vial. This set some alarm bells off in Genevieve's head and she found herself seriously doubting her brothers mental health. Although he usually knew what he was doing and if he failed, he found out a way to fix it. Julius had come up with a lot of simply insane ideas before - but this definitely took the first place.

As she followed the others across the hallways towards the dining room, Genevieve found it hard to entertain the thought of eating something when her own brother was planning to be eaten by some weird slime. And if her brother was to be eaten, he wouldn't return, right? And that in turn would mean that she wouldnt have her whimsical, weird brother around anymore. If Genevieve ever had been worried before, it was nothing in comparison to this feeling. The girl had the urge to run and beg her brother to not go through with his plan, but she held back partly due to her respect for her brother, and partly because she didn't want to seem like a crybaby.

Genevieve looked at the dining room table which was already starting to fill up with food, and the worry she had just a moment ago disappeared once she smelled the delicious breakfast. Declaring that she wanted the continental french breakfast, she walked to the chair she usually sat on - it could be recognized by two pillows resting on it. She climbed on top of the pillows, which lifted her up enough so she could comfortably eat. She saw that Isaac had also gotten himself out and about, and noted that he wasnt in a particularly good mood either. Suddenly the flowers the head gardener was holding grabbed her attention, as they were neatly in bouquets. The way the flowers complimented each other made even Genevieve - who wasn't particularly into flowers - ponder if she should ask the head gardener to get her some red flowers in her bedroom.

Once Genevieve was able to rip her eyes off the flowers, the next thing she laid her eyes on were chocolate filled croissants. Without hesitation she grabbed one, and took a bite, letting out a satisfied mumble as she chewed. The happiness was short-lived though, as Julius finished his sentence; "..when I'm stuck in suspension, slowly being devoured." Causing the little girl to inhale in shock. In a desperate attempt to stop herself from choking, Genevieve spit out the food and started coughing violently.

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Cecilia muttered something under her breath before rising hastily, slamming her fork down as she did. A few firm pats on the back would do Genevieve a world of good. Or so Cecilia believed. She walked over and proceeded to administer the decided remedy. This was nothing short of ridiculous. A dramatic ending for a man like Julius was pretty much a given, but meeting one's end at the hand of green slime lacked a certain element of finesse that couldn't be ignored. There had to be more to it than that. There just had to. "Take deep breaths, " she advised as softly as she was able. It sounded very much like a cross between a command and an angered plea. Her eye locked on Julius, narrowing a little as it did. "Do you mean to say that your way out of running this estate.. is to die?" she managed.
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Julius had luckily bent over to take another bite as the apple sailed over him, missing him by inches, but he didnt even seem to notice. He looked up, confused, and the behind him to the apple on the ground. He laughed, the journal glowing as the apple floated upward, moved towards Isaac, and set itself down next to his plate. "Honestly brother, you must work on that grip of yours. Dont want your food slipping out of your hand like that!" He said with a smile, though Isaac's question made him pause for a second. He was about to answer when the sound of violent coughing made him stop; Genevieve was the source. He began to stand, ready to move over to help her, but Cecilia beat him to it, giving her back some parts as she gave her brother a cruel glare, to which Julius shrank back some from.

His eyes widened at her question. "Die? No, no, no, nonononononononono no........well, I mean, there's a chance I could die, but that's not what I'm aiming for!" He explained, shaking his head. "You see, a slime such as Robert - I named him Robert, by the way- has some unique properties." He told them, digging into his pocket and pulling the vial out again. "It takes a while for them to become large enough to fully envelope their prey, but once they do, something uniquely strange happens. The victim stored inside is put into some sort of stasis; they dont age, dont breathe, but they still live as the slime digests them over the course of...perhaps a hundred years or so." He continued, making eye contact with each of them as he did so and displaying the vial as if to make a point. "All I have to do is make it big enough, get inside of it, and wait for Mother and Father to get home and pull me out! The letter said no one will he recognized as the Lord of the Estate so long as I'm around, so all I have to do is not be around; and the slime is the perfect cover! Mother and Father will think it's an experiment gone wrong and rush home as soon as they can to resume their roles! I'd probably only...what, lose a foot? A worthy sacrifice, I'd say!" He finished with a triumphant smile, and then returnedto his breakfast.

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"Just another hairbrained scheme then, " Cecilia remarked with a sigh. In all honesty, she couldn't say much with regard to whether the plan would work but there were a thousand things that could go wrong, even if it did. He was clumsy enough with two feet. There were far more sensible options. "They made you Lord, Julius. It isn't likely they'll be back anytime soon. Besides, even if they rushed home to save you, they'd just leave again once things were sorted out." She paused for a moment. It seemed that a reason for leaving was the one thing Raymond and Maria failed to include in the letter they'd sent. Just what were they up to anyway? She pondered the question for half a second before deciding that it didn't really matter. She'd find out eventually. "Honestly, a clone is a far better idea than Robert could ever be. You'd get to keep both of your feet even though it's clear that you have two left ones."
"Hairbrained scheme!? Well, I know someone who's not getting a Christmas present from me this year!" He said, though his cheeks were full of pastry he swallowed and wiped his mouth with the table napkin again before continuing. "A replica of myself still wouldnt work; I cannot just make something in my form that doesn't think for itself, it wouldnt do anything! I would have to imprint my own memories upon it, and then that comes with a whole mess of trouble as to who the real Julius is, what the meaning of life is, yadda yadda yadda...plus he still wouldnt want to do it! He would probably try to use Robert as well!" He declared, shaking his head as he took another sip of orange juice. "Now I'm getting eaten by a giant slime and you're gonna like it, else I'll name you, Cecilia, the next successor; then you wont have any freedom to trounce about the town anymore as well as have Isaac try to dethrone you!" He pointed to Cecilia as he said this, motioning towards Isaac as he brought him up. With a huff, he stood from his seat, placing the table napkin neatly on the table. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to think of a proper letter to write so I can send it to Mother and Father and also figure out where the letter came from!" He said in a slightly annoyed tone, and he pushed his seat back in, grabbing a few more pastries in his hands, swiftly turning 180 degrees, and walking back to the entrance of the hallways.

Anyone who knew Julius already knew where he was headed; the balconies. It was his favorite place to go whenever he wanted a moment to himself; the perfect place to think up a solution to his letter problem. He couldnt help but feel that how he exited wasnt the most polite or mature way to have done so, and he felt bad for it. But he couldnt double back on himself now and look the fool; he kept walking at a brisk pace, moving through the twisted hallways with precision, as any resident of the Estate knows their way around the manor like the back of their hand. He arrived shortly at the balconies and opened the small white door that allowed access to them, stepping out onto the landing. The cold whispering wind blew across his face as he did so, and he stepped over to the small metal table in the middle; he asked some servants to bring it up here once he got into the habit of doing so.

However, once he sat down, listening to the quiet, mesmerizing song of the wind and felt the chill upon his skin, his smile left his face as he put his elbows on the table and his head in his hands with a tired sigh. "Oh, Julius, you fool...what am I going to do...?" He asked himself quietly, as still as a rock as he sat at the table.

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Before Genevieve had the chance to face death or even think about it, she felt her back being patted firmly. It worked, and soon Genevieve gasped in relief as she could breathe again, muttering a silent "thank you" to Cecilia. She then proceeded to listen to her sister and Julius talking, an amused smile raising on her face as her sister said their clumsy brother had two left feet. It however didn't last too long, as the situation escalated to Julius leaving. The experience she just had, with the choking and all, caused her to lose her appetite. Thankfully, tea hadn't been ruined for her and she took the cup in her hand, taking a moment to enjoy the aroma of cinnamon coming from the steam. The girl took a sip, wondering whether or not she should go ask Julius something that had bugged her during the conversation - what if "Robert" would get hungry and desire to eat everyone else as well. After a couple of sips, she decided that would be an important thing to know, so she wouldn't have to spend many years awake, fearing the hungry goo. Genevieve put the cup down, and slid down from the chair.
- Im going to ask Julius a question! She declared before she set off after Julius in a hurry.

Once she reached the doors, she gently knocked on it before opening it slowly and stepping through the door. The girl walked to her brother, though not sitting down. A moment of silence ensued while she thought about how to word herself, until the little one cleared her throat.
- I have a question. What if Robert gets hungry despite eating you, will he eat us too? I do not want to spend hundred years in goo. Genevieve muttered, her tone being unusually nervous - both because she felt that if she was to voice her concern about his plan, Julius could get even more upset and definitely go through it or even ensure he wouldn't return. And obviously because of the man-eating nature of the ooze inside the vial.

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Cecila slammed both fists onto the table with all the force she could muster, "THAT PENNY-PINCHING, OVERBEARING, EMPTY-HEADED SHELL OF A MAN COULDN'T DETHRONE ME IN A THOUSAND YEARS. IT'S NOT LIKE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS ARE ALL THAT ELABORATE WITH HIM HOARDING EVERY SCRAP OF GOLD LIKE IT'S ALL THAT GLITTERS IN THE WORLD!!! BUT WHEN YOU'RE RIGHT, YOU'RE RIGHT. SO THANK YOU JULIUS. THANK YOU FOR POINTING OUT THAT YOU CAN'T USE A CLONE BECAUSE IT'D BE AS STUPID AS YOU ARE!!!" She marched to her spot and reclaimed her seat as he walked towards the balcony, ignoring the shameful blush that was starting to become apparent on her face. The nerve of him. Of all the methods he could choose to do anything, he always Had to pick the one that would make him unsafe. At the very least, Genevieve had excused herself; odds were, she'd have him cheered up in no time.
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Wrapped up so tightly in his own thoughts, Julius hadn't even noticed that someone had knocked on the door. It wasnt until she had crept onto the balcony and cleared her throat that Julius sat up in surprise, immediately switching back to his usual smile and demeanor; hopefully not letting Genevieve see on the process. She asked him about Robert, and if she would need to be careful around him after he had enveloped Julius. He laughed lightly at that; despite how mature she acted, Genevieve was still a child at her core, and she worried about the things she didnt know about. He supposed that was natural, since slimes weren't exactly commonplace nowadays. He reached out and softly put his hand on her head, giving it a rub.

"You dont have to worry about him. Just like you and me, slimes get full too. Once hes got me, his stomach is going to be too full to touch anything else for a while, just like you when you eat one too many cream croissants, hm?" He asked, tickling her sides something with a bit of a forced smile. He didnt want Genevieve to be scared about this; it was his duty as her older brother to protect her from things like that. And he was, in a way....now that he thought about it, he was going to have to miss seeing Genevieve grow up while he was in Robert. The thought saddened him some, and a sigh escaped him, try as he might to hold it in. "You've got nothing to be scared of, dear sister. Your brothers and sisters will make sure you stay safe." He told her with a nod.

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The comforting words helped a little to ease the worry about Robert. But the concern for her brother didnt go away, and it bothered the little girl who tried her best to not escalate the situation any more. Genevieve found herself in a spot where she had two choices; she could let it go and not say anything, and perhaps with luck her other siblings were able to persuade Julius to not go through with his plan. Or she could say something and potentially cause more harm than good, and her brother would be more than happy to let the goo eat him. The tickle caught the girl somewhat off guard, and she snapped out of her thoughts, a little smile rising on her lips, however it quickly faded and she pushed her brothers hands away, thinking about his words about croissants. Sure, eating too many croissants made her full, in fact she didn't even want to see food for a while - but she always was ready for dinner, so when would dinner-time for Robert be? In two years? Fifty years? Julius's sigh snapped the girl out of her thoughts.
- But what about them, shouldn't someone take care of them too? She asked, and suddenly did something out of character, and wrapped her arms around her brothers arm. Since the little girl wasn't an avid hugger, it was awkward, but it was as good of a hug as she could give him. Even Genevieve herself didnt know why she was like this, perhaps it was because she really didn't want him to go or because she had lost her mind. Regardless what the reason was, the girl had acted on impulse and was now in a situation where she hadn't been since she was a wee toddler - if the forced hugs where she didn't hug back didn't count. What should she do next? Should she cry, let go, hug tighter or kiss him like their mother occassionally did while hugging? The last option made her shake her head, and she felt a burning sensation go across her face as it turned red.

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