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Multiple Settings The "I'd like to play out these stories" post ((Updated 8/12))

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Like the Phoenix I shall raise from the ashes
I've had story ideas I've wanted to revisit after years of writers block... I'd like to find a partner who can help me look at these old ideas with a new light and help get me out of my writers block. I tend to do long paragraphs and multiple characters as we go to help the story along. My spelling is atrocious at times just due to severe dyslexia. Here are my ideas, if you'd be interested feel free in saying so here. I don't do emails, chat rooms/apps or PMs.

To Catch a Thief:

They only travel at night, under the cover of darkness. They’re lifestyle was a dying art, mostly because they were dying before they could pass on the secrets of their trade to their children. The few who were still alive have to keep moving, they can’t stay in one place for long, for fear of being caught and killed. The few who are still alive are the best in the world. Nothing you own is safe from the hands of these few, not even your heart. The few Thieves still alive travel the world taking what they want, some are hiding to teach their children the tricks of the trade. Only one still dares to steal from everyone, including the Heartless King. This King will kill anyone who even coughs near his only child, what would he do to a thief trying to steal the heart of that child?
I would play:
Name: Drake Westlander

Persona: Drake is very carefree. He lives for the moment, if it kills him... Well he's had a good run. He's very much a flirt and really loves a challenge.
Other: Drake learned stealing from his mother, who learned it from her father. Drake's father is a duke who never married his mother, and says that Drake is not his child (though they look very much alike). Drake's mother died when he was ten, falling from a rooftop and he was sold into slavery by the Kings laws. Orphans were viewed as burdens so they were sold to serve a purpose.

Good Cop, Bad Cop:

In the year 2110, there was a special group of cops made to search out not your typical people. The people that there looking for are more dangerous and daring than your normal humans, there's vampires, wolves, anything you can think of it's out there. They've been partners for two years, but one was bit by a vampire three months after he was assigned his partner. He's been fighting his urges to take a bite out of his partner and friend.
I would play:
Name: Tanner McHaile
Age: 25
Type: Vampire

Personality: Quiet and nice to his friends but can be mean and physically abusive towards people who tick him off.
History: Tanner was an only child who ran away from home after his mom died, she was the only reason he stay near that abusive man who called himself Tanner's father, he wanted to be a cop to try and make sure that no one else lived through what he and his mother did.
Tanner was bit by a vampire while on one of his first assignments after getting his first partner on the night shift.


One Life is a Small Price to Pay

A Tyrant King has come to the Northern Kingdom and over thrown the True Winter King. All of the towns and villages are in a panic, they must swear their allegiance to this new Tyrant King or suffer at the hands of his soldiers. The village elders gathered together to try and decided what they could do to show their new King their devotion. The village Leader suggested they do what his father would have done back in the "good old days" and offer the new King a gift...
Enola was an orphan from a young age and had been a burden on the village her entire life, but now she would be able to repay her debt to the village that raised her by being a peace offering to the one they called the Tyrant King.
I would play:
Name: Enola
Age: 17
Looks: Katelyn_downsized.jpg
Personality: Enola is shy and used to being ignored, she's nervous and timid around people but, once she has a fire inside her that burns bright. She has learned to care for herself and protect herself.
Other: The child had been known as and even called to her face, The Alone one. Or simply Alone. The Blacksmith, one of the few people in this village to ever show the girl kindness said that was much too sad a name for such a pretty little girl so he wrote the word Alone in the dirt one day and saw a name for her. Enola. The girl knew it was just the word Alone backwards, but to hear it said it was almost beautiful in comparison with Alone. Alone was a cold and harsh reminder that she was in fact alone, left in this cold existence without a mother or a father to care for or about her. So she very gratefully took the name.
There were only two things in the whole world that Enola could call her own; a golden chain that once belonged to her mother and an old war horse left to her by dying soldier whom she had cared for. The, now, village leader had tried to take the horse as his own, but oh, how that horse could fight. Nightly was a massive grey and black speckled gelding who stood at nearly eighteen hands high. His chest was as large and as strong as an oak door. No man could ride him, for he was loyal only to his master and his master was Enola now.


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:

Werewolves make great pets! The billboards were everywhere to be seen. As were the ones that said: "Adopt, don't shop". It was the newest craze. Ever since the wars had ended people were trying to domesticate the Werewolves. But of course there was still those who held onto the old ways that started the wars... Illegal wolf fights and breeding programs were very active. The shelters were full! At least a dozen fighting rings had been shut down since the end of the wars, and hundreds to thousands of wolves were seized. They had suppressor chips implanted at the base of their skulls, to keep them from being able to change. Most of the wolves that were up for adoption were either young pups who didn't know how to fight or the ones that been used as bait for the fighters. Kaigen (Kay-GIN) was such a bait wolf. Born a runt, no one at his breeding facility had expected him to live longer than a few weeks at most, but he was a full grown wolf, scared of his own shadow.
I would be:
Name: Kaigen
Age: 17

Personality: Kaigen is very shy and nervous, the traumas he's suffered has left him almost completely shut down.
Other: While Kaigen's eyes are violet color he's more human, timid and shy, when his eyes turn a brilliant shade of green it's the wolf coming to the surface.

Hand-Me-Down Kid:

It'd finally happened... They finally pulled her out of her home and taken her from her parents. A two year investigation had finally proven she wasn't crazy, they were. For five years they'd kept her sedated, isolated, an experiment on how much the young mind could take before it broke... She'd been just a child... But now she was going to be put into a foster home with normal people for parents. No more drugs. No more being kept awake for days. No more drills in the middle of the night. No more shadows talking to her... She was going to be normal, for once.
The Bearington's were doctors who hadn't planned on having children, but when life gives you lemons... You torture them to prove your research that the FDA wouldn't allow human testing on. They thought they could find a cure for schizophrenia, but first they had to create it in there child... The police were notified of screaming late at night coming from the house which spurred a long term investigation. Once enough evidence had been gathered The Bearinton's were arrested for child endangerment, assault of a minor, malpractice and countless other charges. Their daughter was placed into a medical ward, until she was given a clean bill of health. Now she was off to a foster home, the first home she would ever know that didn't hold horrors and nightmares.
I would play:

Name: Jerri Themis Bearington
Age: 16

Personality: Jerri tries to please her peers, she strives to be great at something like she has something to prove.
Other: Even after she'd been through, Jerri is a happy child. Every new experience for her is a joyous moment. What other people see as a simple gesture she sees it as an amazing kindness and it makes her smile brightly.


The Color of a Frozen Lake:

"I'm sorry my daughter couldn't be here to greet you!" The King said loudly, greeting the Queen and her son the Prince, as the two climbed from their carriage. "She has a habit of hiding when I want her to do something." The King was all smiles this mid morning.
The Queen had dragged her son along for this annual visit because the King's daughter is of marrying age this fall... Though the Prince wasn't sure if he should be angry with his mother, annoyed that he had to travel and waste the better part of the hunting season here, or if he should be frightened of the young girl he barely remembered...
They'd played together once, as children, back before his father died and the Princess had her accident.
"When his daughter was no older than nine, the King looked to remarry. One woman he considered was a Spanish Princess, closer to his own age, but this woman was cruel and she would even scream at the King's daughter for not being more lady-like. Mareena told her Father of this and he asked the woman to leave. Only an hour before she left the Spanish Princess attacked Mareena, tried to claw the child's eyes out, then locked the poor child in her own wardrobe.... The King tried every doctor or healer he could find to try and save his daughter's sight. They only seemed to make it worse.... So the King took her on a trip for two weeks, returned with a heathen as a bodyguard for his daughter and her sight had returned. Some say it was evil magic that gave the girl her sight, but no one really knows."
His mother had only told him this tale as they were on their trip to meet this cursed Princess. And she'd only done so because the Princess' eyes had changed color... They were now described to him as; "The color of a frozen lake"

((Basically the girl can see and speak to the dead now more easily and clearly than the living. Her father is trying to ignore this and go about life/business as usual, but by being able to see the dead she has unearthed a horrible and frightening secret that could very well end her life. ))

Name: Princess Mareena
Age: 16

Personality: Mareena had once been a very forth coming child, she would speak her mind and the truth no matter what. She wasn't afraid to go hunting with her father, she rode daily and was very outgoing and bright. But now, after her "accident" she's very timid. She can be found walking down the halls of the castle with her head bowed just muttering to herself quietly. It frightens most of the staff and so they now avoid her at all costs. Her only friends are Haki her bodyguard and a little black and white sheep dog.

Name: Haki (Huh-kY)
Age: ???
Looks: 1565654775279.jpeg
Personality: Loyal and gentle. He's very quite and very protective of the princess when it comes to strangers.
Other: Haki is a Heathen healer by trade and believes in the dark arts and magic, if he himself practices them is still unknown.
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what's up you meme-loving---
Hey, I’m interested in your first plot if you wouldn’t mind me shooting you a PM?


what's up you meme-loving---
I haven't posted 10 times yet so I'm not sure if I can even reply to a PM, but I don't mind at all @Katzchen
If I remember correctly as long as someone else ads you to the conversation you should be able to reply! I’ll send you one and if you don’t get it let me know!


This is Super Saiyan 2!
I am very interested in your first plot. (I also noticed your OC is based off of Eugenides from the Queen's Thief novel series)


Like the Phoenix I shall raise from the ashes
I’ve never loosely based Drake’s background on Eugenides, for if you have read all the books, his father loves him and is actually proud of him. Also in the Queen’s Thief series, Thieves are treasured and prized, which is why the Queen of Eddis has Eugenides.

I will admit I’ve never randomly met someone who has even heard of those books let alone could catch the connection between my Drake and Eugenides.


Like the Phoenix I shall raise from the ashes
Alright, cool. For the thieves one, what kind of character are you looking to play against? Another thief? A cop? Someone else?
Honestly I think I'd enjoy the cop/bounty hunter idea. Drake was a slave after all, perhaps he wasn't legally freed when he fled that life? Feel free to PM so we can flush this idea out completely.


Like the Phoenix I shall raise from the ashes
I'm adding more story ideas to the first post as I think them up. I have countless stories that are half baked. lol


Like the Phoenix I shall raise from the ashes
I’ll probably be adding another plot to my list this evening, when I have my laptop and some down time!


Like the Phoenix I shall raise from the ashes
I'd had several people ask to start an RP with them based on this ideas and had them all just simply ghost me so....

Shall we Try again?​

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