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Fantasy The Ice King's "Bride" (private with N30NL4Z3R)

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Fear Me, Mortal ( °꒳° )
[I'm sorry if I don't reply this week-- I'm especially really sorry that I keep making excuses and going against my word when it comes to posting my response ;w; It's just been difficult maintaining interest and activity on RPNation, and overall, my muse for RPing so I'm sorry that my posting is clearly close to nonexistent. I'll try to have something up eventually, but I can't say when so I hope I'm not annoying you with these constant backtracks of mine.]


(Hey. Sorry for not replying, didn't have the time to get on until now.
It's alright if you can't reply this week. I get that it can be hard to maintain activity on the site or even keep the muse up to do with. It happens sometimes. But I promise you that you're not annoying me. :) Take you time and post when you are able to.
Also we can always come up with some plot ideas for fun, if you ever think that might help your muse a bit?)


Fear Me, Mortal ( °꒳° )
[I'm sorry! I'll most definitely try to have a post up this upcoming week-- Again, it's just seems that I've not been checking up a lot on this website as much as I used to and my roleplaying has dwindled a bit, but I'll try to get back into this RP! S, I apologize again that I'm pushing back my date of response till this upcoming week--]

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