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Fandom The Hymn of Hermosa (A Disney-Based RP) (Still Open!) (Need Heroes & Some Villains!)

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Action, Adventure, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Mystery, Platonic, Realistic, Romance

Moonlit Wishes

Blue Princess

In an alternate dimension, there was a world where all of the characters from the beloved Disney Classic Animated films resided. From Snow White to Moana, from Simba to Bambi, all lived in harmony and peace in various different lands and continents that were very similar to the ones on Earth. They have all since lived through their stories and concluded them, all of their respective villains having been defeated for good. It seemed like things couldn't get any better, but they were certainly about to take a turn for the worst.

One moonless night, in the kingdom where Sleeping Beauty resides, a mysterious sorceress from another world arrived. While it is unclear of exactly where she came from and how she came to discover the existence of this world, her basic mission seemed clear: she would use her mastery over the Dark Arts to resurrect the dead villains and give them a second chance at life as well as another chance to finally get their own happy endings. She admired and adored all of these antagonists and wanted to not only help them, but join their ranks as well.

While she succeeded in bringing the villains back to life, the spell suddenly backfired on her, and she along with all of the heroes and villains of this world completely vanished without a trace.

So, where the Hell did they all go?
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Located near the Olympic National Forest in Washington State, USA, is a small town by the name of Hermosa. It is run by the (not very) Honorable Mayor Sybille Leblanc, a woman in her mid-30s of both beauty and brains, who runs this small town with an iron fist. Everyone abides by her strict (and honestly unfair) rules: curfew at nine o'clock at night, no large social gatherings of leisure except on the weekends WITH special written permission from her, no public displays of affection allowed which include holding hands and even lingering eye contact, and martial law could be enacted at her discretion at any time as she sees fit to do so. Of course...only the mayor and those she favors (the villains) ARE allowed to bend or even break these rules if they so wish, but anyone else must obey.

Even the only movie theater in town play films that are only approved by Miss Sybille, and the movies she does approve of are not interesting in the slightest. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could land someone in the local jail if they piss her off enough. From the school's curriculum to every book in the library and even down to the food and drinks served in the town's restaurants, ALL must be approved by the mayor herself, and of course, she only approves of things to her personal taste...which many of the residents find to be bland, unimaginative and lifeless.

The town is dull, dreary and there's hardly anything worthwhile to do - and as much as a certain select number of the town's residents want to leave, they feel strangely spiritually bound to this small town and are unable to just pack up and leave, as if some invisible force is keeping them all here, much to their dismay. To try and leave town means severe chest and head pain, as well as possibly passing out for several hours or even days thanks to an energy field around the town's perimeter that prevents certain people from leaving (only those with the souls of Disney/Pixar characters).

To this day, no one knows why such a frightening phenomena happens, except that the land the town was built on could be cursed-and the locals deeply believe that to be true.

Working alongside her to keep the town in check are some of the most shady and corrupted characters who very much abuse their power and like to torment the townsfolk whenever they get the chance. Having the favor of Mayor Sybille herself, they can do anything from breaking the rules without consequence to unfairly taking someone into custody just for the Hell of it. The people are frightened of her and her villainous group of bullies, but a select number of townsfolk are coming together to overthrow Sybille and her goons, planning to take the town for their own and freeing the citizens of this tyranny forever. They do not realize that they were once the Classic Disney Heroes from another world, and the people they are going up against are the very villains the sorceress brought back to life.

Speaking of the Unknown Sorceress...could she be the mayor? Or is there more to that than meets the eye?

Time will tell.
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Welcome to The Hymn of Hermosa: A Disney-Based RP!

You can decide which Disney character you want to be from the animated films ONLY, but there is one temporary condition: I really need villain roles to be filled from the get-go, so for now until we get a decent amount of villain characters, if you are wanting to play a protagonist character, please pick an antagonist character as well. During the course of this role play, the characters will have sudden and brief flashes in their minds of their past memories (some parts of their memories can even be seen in their dreams, but they forget those dreams as soon as they wake up), and they will regain these memories as the plot comes to a head.

Everyone can play as many characters as they personally feel comfortable to take, and you can choose what face claims your character will have as well as unique backstories that pertain to them having been born and raised on Earth. You can give them similar names to their Disney counterparts or entirely new names altogether, it's up to you. Bear in mind: all animal characters such as Simba and the like are now humans in this small town, so you would be playing the human version of Simba for example.

Your character can hail from another country on Earth, but bear in mind that all Disney/Pixar characters are drawn spiritually to come to Hermosa if they were born outside of town, and once they move in...they will be unable to leave again due to the "curse." Normal humans can come and go from Hermosa, but once they leave it will feel like they've been there a while ago, and their memories are a bit fuzzy from being in town but they feel pleasant about having been there.

Since Mayor Sybille has the villains as friends and allies, they are most likely to hold positions of power in the town, or they can be a prominent figure.

As far as phones and internet go, it is contained to the town itself, so characters would not be able to contact anyone outside of town or browse sites that Miss Sibylle does not approve of, so social media will be VERY hard to access if it's even accessed at all unless by an extremely gifted hacker...and even then that's a big risk. Miss Mayor has eyes and ears around town, after all.

And for the sake of clarification: Pixar characters ARE allowed! Characters from short animated Disney films AND Nightmare Before Christmas characters are allowed! And because it is partly animated, I will also accept characters from Who Framed Roger Rabbit as well! This is the only live action exception I will make!


I will allow you to play an OC in this roleplay if you really want to, however those who want to play an OC should take an existing Disney canon character as well. This is to ensure that I can still fill canon character slots, and you'll be able to play your OCs too. I just want to keep things as balanced as humanly possible. I'll make a separate list for OCs once the CS Thread goes up. Since you are allowed to play up to four characters at once, you can play multiple OCs as long as at least one of your characters is a Disney canon character. For example, you can play two OCs and two Disney canon characters.

I will be playing multiple NPCs for this story, including the tyrannical Mayor Sybille herself who is the main antagonist(maybe~) of this role play, as well as Duchess from Aristocats (who will be a young widowed Socialite and a single mother of three triplets), Lady from Lady and the Tramp (who will be an elementary school teacher), Basil from the Great Mouse Detective (who will be a private investigator), Faline from Bambi (who will be a forest ranger working in the nearby National Forest preserve), Perdita from 101 Dalmations (a news reporter for the Hermosa's local news station), Oliver from Oliver and Company (an orphan living on the streets of Hermosa) and Georgette from Oliver and Company (Hermosa's one and only supermodel who is always seen on the town's magazines and commercials).

This role-play will start on the small to medium size scale at first, with the potential to grow as time goes on as more people join. I want to get some interest generated first before I make a CS thread, and I will compile a list of who is playing which Disney character(s) as well that will be at the top of the CS Thread. If you have any questions or are interested in joining this role play, please let me know. I am looking for at least five to six people to start this off, and then we can grow our cast from there.

Just some basic RP rules:
Follow site rules (obviously)
No Godmodding/taking control of other people's characters
Post when you're able to, there's a lot going on right now and I completely understand if you need more time to reply
Be respectful of each other, no ooc drama, keep the drama ic please
Be at least semi-literate, and give others a post they can respond to
All plotting is done strictly in the ooc chat or over PMs
Please complete your CS first before posting in the IC thread
Please give the person time to respond to you, don't just continue the scene without them or leave them behind
If you have any questions or concerns, PM me directly
If you have any ideas to contribute to the story or any subplots you wanna add, let me know!

Thank you so much for reading and for your consideration in this story!

List of high priority villains to be filled:


The Evil Queen (Snow White)
Lady Tremaine
Shere Khan
Ringmaster (Dumbo)
Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)
Percival C. McLeach
Governor Ratcliffe
Madam Mim

List of High Priority Heroes to be filled:


Dodger (Oliver and Company)
Beast/Prince Adam
Jiminy Cricket
Snow White
Snow White's Prince
Prince Charming (Cinderella's Prince)
Prince Philip
Prince Naveen
Robin Hood
Thomas O'Malley (Aristocats)
Peter Pan
Princess Kida
John Smith
Captain Shang
The complete list of taken and available Disney/Pixar characters, as well as their profiles and all OC profiles, can be found in the CS thread here!
The OOC thread for this role play can be found here!
The IC Thread is located right here!
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Moonlit Wishes

Blue Princess
I usually roleplay as my OC’s, since I don’t feel as much freedom with existing characters. This RP sounds so fun though, I’m willing to do it just for this one!
As someone who has OCs myself, I can totally understand.

I do want to keep things balanced though, so how about this: I will allow OCs in this roleplay, however those who want to play an OC should take an existing Disney canon character as well. This is to ensure that I can still fill canon character slots, while at the same time you'll still be able to play your OC too.

Does that sound fair? I'll add that bit up there about OCs to the main post above so everyone can see it. ^.^

Moonlit Wishes

Blue Princess
I'm not a huge Disney fan with the exception of a few of them, but I do like the concept! Humm...I seriously don't know who to be, hehe.
That's okay! I'm really glad you like the concept, thank you so much! ^.^ Whichever few Disney characters you like you can feel free to reserve them if you want, and you have time to think it over as well before making a decision.

Rusty of Shackleford

Seven Thousand Club
You can use that for him, definitely. c: It's cool that you're incorporating things from the actual Arthur legend too.
I'm mainly doing it because the movie is honestly kind of barebones with the source material. It's the basic plot without any of the background info, like Arthur's heritage, the fact that he has a half-sister, etc. This is basically that Arthur after the events of the movie, when he's around 16-17, and has successfully united England.

Moonlit Wishes

Blue Princess
I'm mainly doing it because the movie is honestly kind of barebones with the source material. It's the basic plot without any of the background info, like Arthur's heritage, the fact that he has a half-sister, etc. This is basically that Arthur after the events of the movie, when he's around 16-17, and has successfully united England.
I wish they went into more detail with the legend in the movie tbh, and they had a lot to work with too. Man, so much potential!


Haha I feel like this is brilliant for Disney Fanatics. May I choose Princess Atta as my Hero and Yzma as a villain?
(I was going to go mainstream at first, but then this piqued my interest to the next level)

Moonlit Wishes

Blue Princess
Haha I feel like this is brilliant for Disney Fanatics. May I choose Princess Atta as my Hero and Yzma as a villain?
(I was going to go mainstream at first, but then this piqued my interest to the next level)
Oooh, excellent choices! I'll reserve them both for you! ^.^

I'll also specify up there that Pixar characters are allowed because I forgot to do that whoops asdfgh-

And thank you! I hope fellow Disney fanatics will like this story as it's being played out. ;u;

Moonlit Wishes

Blue Princess
Hmmm actually, has hades been taken? I really adore him as a villain. Also Belle would be cool too! Sorry for being so indecisive lmfao
It's okay, I'm indecisive myself too so I can relate. XD You can still reserve Hades if you want him! And if you want Belle let me know that as well, do you want Belle in addition to Kuzco? You can play up to four characters in this story. ^.^

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