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The Hopefield Mysteries

Hopefield, Massachusetts

Hey everyone, I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while now and was wondering if it may interest someone else. The premise is relatively simple, my character, a recently retired army officer has returned home and set up a small yet successful detective agency. I'm aiming for a reasonably light tone in the style of the teen detectives many of us grew up with

I'm looking for players to fill other parts. Any and all character ideas are welcome but I'd be particularly interested in applications foe the following:

Son and/or Daughter: A Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy type to help their dad with his mysteries.

The Reporter: A potential love interest, a rival or perhaps an old school friend?

The Rival: Shady businessman or corrupt politician? Maybe a foe from before my character left town?

Please note: I want this to be a reasonably detailed and literate rp and may ask for a writing sample before character approval.

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