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Fandom The Hidden Moss (Long Term Naruto AU)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Naruto Universe


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The Village Hidden in the Moss, known as Mosumuragakure, is a peaceful village south of the Land of Rivers and Land of Wind, located within the Land of Jungle. It isn't a very well-known or well-talked about village, mostly because of the fact that they don't communicate with the outside world very often, aside from when the Mosukage sends out several caravans at the beginning and end of the year to lands near and far. During these trips, caravans import goods that they cannot otherwise grow or produce themselves, and export their own goods for money or trade. However, seeing as how the Moss is only four and a half years old and is with 700 residents, being self sustaining can often be difficult. However, the time for trade is fast approaching, and the caravans can't just go unprotected...

Before the Hidden Moss was the Hidden Air. The Hidden Air, under the rule of the current Mosukage, was destroyed by an unknown assailant roughly four and a half years ago. Oshiriki Namino, the First Mosukage, suspects the culprit to be the Hidden Leaf, but has no proof, and has held that grudge for years.

Although the roleplay has already started, we're more than happy to accept new people! Remember, this roleplay is LONG TERM. Either plan for your character(s) to get out of the story, or stick with the roleplay.
The roleplay takes place during Part 1 of Naruto (Before Shippuden), although I plan for this to extend to at least the end of Shippuden. Players will assume the role of Genin or Chunin students, Jounin to be a Sensei to those students, or Jounin which are part of 3-celled Jounin teams.

What is necessary to join
  • Activity. Like I previously stated, this roleplay is long term. I understand if you have things going on or other priorities, but make sure to say so before being absent for days in a row. Let me know and I'll wok something out ^-^
  • Post length. Pretty much anything goes. I try to write as much as I possibly can when I post, but sometimes there's nothing left to do in a certain scene and I understand that.
  • No sexual roleplaying. A little romance is fine (keep in mind the focus of this is around a bunch of 12-14 or so year old children), but don't cross the line.
  • No godmoding, Mary Sues, etc. All of our characters are powerful in their own rights (some more than others) and not everyone is the most powerful (Unless that's the whole point of the story), not to mention these are, for the most part, Shinobi who have not seen enemies like that.
  • We do have a Discord server for OOC chat, and although it's not required for participating, I recommend joining it since that's primarily where we speak to each other.
If you are interested, reply to this or message me. I look forward to seeing everyone!
These are the teams so far.

Team 1
Kiyoshi Uzumaki Unfortunate. Unfortunate. (Genin)
Mensa Igatai @Repsugar (Genin)
Kirishiki Kimiko @Flame Demon (Genin)
Gin Matsuda @MidnightMoon (Jounin Sensei)
Team 2
Jikai Unfortunate. Unfortunate. (Chunin)
Yukimuro Taka @Nori (Chunin)
Yuno Matsuda @MidnightMoon (Chunin)
Akatoshi Yama Unfortunate. Unfortunate. (Jounin Sensei)
Team 3
Jikobu Hamisake (NPC Genin)
Yumi Matsukata (NPC Genin)
Unknown Third NPC Genin
Unknown NPC Jounin Sensei
Team 4
Sachiko Kirihara Kenku Kenku (Chunin)
Shun Namikaze ChrisDoragon ChrisDoragon (Chunin)
(Open Chunin)
(Open Jounin)
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Nice, head over to the CS thread and make a sheet, make sure I see it, and you're good to go. Also I reccomend you join the Discord, it's where we discuss the rp and plan everything
(The CS thread)

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