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Book The Hellguard

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Wolf Rawrrr

The Hellguard

The Hellguard is an order of angelic beings created by the Maker and appointed with defending Creation from threats emanating from beyond the Veil - namely, demons.

The Hellguard has successfully fought demons since the dawn of time, officially maintaining that this task was their sole concern and that the affairs of the world's nations are beneath them. However, they are known to have interacted with mortals on more than one occasion, the most severe one being the Ascension of a small part of the ancient Varden kingdom through Uriel's blood.

When the Sorceress invaded Asgard at the head of an entire army of demons, however, the Hellguard failed in its task for the first time. Since then they have only watched and waited, until the Chosen reached the heart of Zvern Azna, the hidden temple of Raziel's on top of Sandpeak Mountain, and managed to summon Raziel himself for an audience. The Angel of Secrets was informed of Ilhirel's intentions that were yet unknown to the Hellguard and promised to take action on the matter.

Known members of the Hellguard:
  • Raziel, the Angel of Secrets
  • Uriel, the Angel of Light
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