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Nation Building The Heart of Darkness (A Dark Modern Factions/Warlords RP) Interest Check


ゆうじん A
As a UN Peacekeeper, you swore an oath to maintain a neutral, lasting peace in conflict zones all around the world. Thus, you said little when you received your orders to go to the island nation of Kuba Luba, a god forsaken land. It was ravaged by years of brutal war between the two ethnic groups, the Kubans and the Lubans who both claimed complete control over the nation as they cited centuries old tribal conflicts between their two peoples. The UN intervened once it became clear that any victory within the conflict would turn into a full genocide. Thus, a tense ceasefire was implemented and the UN split the island into two to keep the two peoples separate from each other through the establishment of various checkpoints that have to be crossed in order to get to the other side of the island. The first few months were pretty peaceful and calm as the people were struggling to piece together their lives back. But, now the people started to become frustrated again and there have been several attempted crossings by various ethnic militant groups.

Then one day, the radio went crazy. Who knows what happened exactly, but the major powers of the world found themselves in a large war that spanned the world. The UN found itself hamstrung as most members found themselves involved in one side of the war or the other. Thus, the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Kuba Luba now found itself stuck on the island with no support or aid on the way as the UN was effectively put on an indefinite hiatus. How will you continue to uphold your oath when centuries of hatred and violence threaten to bubble once more and you are the only thing that stands in its way?


So, this RP is inspired by the events of various events in the past several decades, particularly Rwanda and Somalia. The goal of this RP is to explore the dynamics of a very understaffed and under supplied UN force in the midst of a very dangerous situation where various warlords and groups will attempt to run wild and try to stir up another war while you, the RPer, will be in charge of a small observation post with a platoon of men in the Peacekeeping Zone. It is your job to try to navigate this mess and try to maintain peace... or perhaps just survive if things go really bad. This is just a preliminary post to see if anyone was interested! Warning this will be a violent and dark RP due to the themes involved.


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I’d be interested. Would we all control platoons, or would be controlling one together? Also, would it be possible to play as an African Union peacekeeping mission, if we each control our own units?


ゆうじん A
Hmmm, I would say keep it UN as the fictional island isn't in Africa. It's kinda smack in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Currently trying to figure out a good way to present the map, but for those familiar with ARMA 3. The Island will largely be based off of Altis. Everyone will be controlling their own platoons. I will also be open to hear other ideas/factions (although it will have to be a really good idea). As of now, your platoon can be from any country that is a part of UN Peacekeeping currently or in the past.

Edit: For now, here's a link to the map. Zoom in to see more details like cities/buildings. Note: Not all things will be incorporated to the RP. Also, for realism/clarification, please get used to using the coordinates in both OOC and IC.

Arma Maps

As of now, the military base and the city of Telos will serve as the main UN Peacekeeping Base, Fort Thames.

Edit 2: Also, there will be several "factions" that your platoon will have to deal with. Some will generally be helpful, for example, there's a small group of doctors from Doctor's Without Borders who can help with the injured (if you don't do anything to piss them off). Then... there are some more neutral groups who may or may not be friendly such as neighborhood militias or even oil refinery workers hired by a certain foreign company. Then there will be those who will likely give you a headache...
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My character will most likely make a b-line to the coast to take over a small port town and establish a temporary military government to help keep order. It will also serve to keep food and other supplies going towards the platoon and civilans in the area, not to mention also to keep contact the outside world

Also, my character may or may not denounce the UN and form a new movement with his platoon and the civilans to establish a new democratic movement from the town

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