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Multiple Settings "The heart I know I'm breaking is my own, to leave the warmest bed I've ever known" {Song Inspired}

Sub Genres
  1. Magical
  2. Realistic
  3. Romance
  4. School
  5. Slice of Life
  6. Supernatural

Primadonna Princess

Full Time Princess

✿Aвσυт Mє✿
✿ A female who is a 25 years old and from the UK {GMT time zone}
✿ Role-plays in third person and past tense.
✿ Replies anywhere between 2 times a week to daily. Sometimes multiple times a day when I’m off work.
✿ I am literate and will write anywhere between 300-2000 words.
✿ Can double and play both genders.
✿ Can provide a writing example on request.
✿ Been role-playing for over ten years now.
✿ Can RP through discord or perhaps PM, but I do prefer discord. However for a good partner I may just use pms. However replies will be slower in them. Need discord to chat ooc in though.
✿ Loves to build plots and add ideas in!

✭Aвσυт Ƴσυ✭
You must be over 18.

✭ Would prefer if you role-played in third person also realistic faceclaims would be a bonus.
✭ Lets me know of your limits.
✭Quality over quantity but please no less than around 300 words per reply.
✭ At least 1 reply a week. For this rp I would prefer closer to replies every day or other day.
✭ Must be able to play males and females and handle multiple side characters. Please no one who can only play females.
✭ Enjoys adding ideas to the plot and also must add to the plot/worldbuilding.
✭ Discord would be lovely to chat OOC on.
✭ Be comfortable with me asking for a writing sample.
✭ Will let me know if you no longer wish to RP?

What Am I After?

I'm looking for two pairings set in the same place/universe. Two different ideas, but they're all friends, at the same school/college. It's based off Taylor Swifts set of songs. The first set being Betty, August and Cardigan. With the story revolving around Betty and James. Their relationship to begin with, him vanishing for the summer, the rumours spread. Maybe he has a secret of his own he's hiding too? (Fantasy twist optional and very much encouraged.) I would be looking to play James in this and this would be a MxF pairing with themes of cheating, alcohol use, possible drug use? Angst, romance and optional fantasy elements too.

The second pairing will be based off the other three songs Taylor Swift did on her Evermore album. 'Tis the damn season, Doretha and Gold rush. I always envisioned they went to the same school James and Betty did, so once again will be about their relationship and how it changes. Doretha finding her fame and fortune, the strain, a break-up, meeting again when she returns home during Christmas. Once again open to a fantasy twist on this. I would like to play Doretha for this and it will once again be a MxF pairing. Adult themes such as drug use, drinking and mention of possible other things such as eating disorders may be present in this depending on what we want to include.

I am very much open to ideas for both of these and would love to discuss and develop them more, add things on as me and my partner please. Nothing is set in stone this is just a request for some loose ideas based off of a series of songs.
Please message me if interested and for my discord, thank you.​

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