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Realistic or Modern The Halloween Game (open!)

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October 32 12:00 am
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Spring Thief

The Halloween Game

RP Type:
Horror. Dice Hybrid
Modern. Set in the year 2021
1-2 paragraphs minimum. Casual - Detailed
1 post a week ideal. 2 weeks maximum. Flexible! Open to extensions
Get ready for some spoops and a bloody good time! Thanks for checking out my RP!

The Halloween Game Info
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Hanson Tape: 0

For unknown decades, the Halloween Game has existed in the dark corners of libraries and urban legend. Even in the early days of the internet, blog posts of occult enthusiasts provided detailed instructions of how to play the game, along with a low quality video or two tucked away in the comments of archived sites.

It was not until 2004 when it was transformed from a dusty urban legend into a staple of every middle school’s collection of spooky stories. This was all thanks to the disappearance, and later appearance of Lilian Hanson.

Her story was told in an interview, which quickly became a national sensation and subject of several conspiracy theories. In a live interview, she claimed to have played The Halloween Game and crossed into what she dubbed the ‘Otherworld’, a mirror realm inhabited by spirits. By completing the ritual, and winning a paranormal game, she had won a single wish.

When asked for proof of this bizarre game, she provided a vhs-c tape. In it, was a video shot inside a phone booth, outside of which stood a towering lady in a bridal gown. The video was of poor quality, and cut out as soon as the supposed ghost-bride tore open the booth.

As for her prize for completing the game, her purchase of a luxury estate almost immediately after the interview seemed sufficient. The estate was closed to all visitors, and any further inquiry about the events of the Otherworld was handled exclusively by written letter. Telephone was strictly refused.

A year after her interview, she disappeared again on Halloween Night. A family member found tapes in her estate, and a will stating she wished for these tapes to be made public by any means possible. The first of these tapes was a recording of Lillian stating she planned to research the Otherworld and discover its ‘secret’ for herself by entering the game once again. The second tape was a complete and detailed instruction of how to successfully enter the Halloween Game, something she had previously refused to indulge. The third was blank with static.

Her second disappearance quickly became one of the most well known urban legends, with countless people trying their own hand at the Halloween Game. The 3 Hanson tapes were spread online, with several fakes circulating freely. Over time the originals were lost, though the instructions remained relatively the same from source to source;


  • The game must be played on Halloween night and requires the use of a phone (some sources say phone booth, but modern entries say cell phone), a bus stop, and a doll.
  • The bus stop must be empty. With at least 2 vacant seats other than yourself.
  • Stand in the middle of the empty street and place the doll on the centre line.
  • At exactly 11:59, use your phone to call your own number.
    • If the phone shuts off, leave the doll and run to the nearest light source. Do not move from this light until morning. You will no longer be able to play the game, but at least you will be safe.
    • If the line picks up and you hear heavy breathing, or sobbing on the other end, quickly hang up.
  • If the date and time is October 32, 12:00 am, you have begun the game.
  • You will get an incoming call from your phone number. Ignore it and close your eyes.
  • You will hear a woman ask you if you have seen her child. Tell her you "saw them playing on the road”
  • She will then find the doll, and if you are lucky, will assume it to be her child. At this point, you can open your eyes but DO NOT look at the bride’s face under any circumstance. If she asks you to look, ignore her or make up an excuse. DO NOT mention her long neck. EVER.
  • Sit down at the bus station and wait for the bus. Don’t worry if it's empty. Don't worry if the bride follows you.
  • Get on the bus, and say you’re here to play a game. One source recommends saying Lillian sent you. Another says you can just take a seat.
  • Follow the rules of the game.
  • Good luck.

Welcome to my RP! The Halloween Game is a survival horror RP about a group of people who play the mysterious Halloween Game and get whisked away into the Otherworld, a mirror dimension inhabited by malicious spirits. Rumour has it that by completing the game, you will receive one wish. It has existed as a popular urban legend since 2004, made famous by the disappearance of Lillian Hanson and her mysterious tapes.

This RP will use a dice and stat system inspired by DnD and Fate, but is not identical. You will not always have to roll for things, and I can decide if a character succeeds certain actions without rolling based on their capabilities or circumstance. The system is used to prevent godmodding, and to add some fun unpredictability!

The OOC will be hosted on Discord. Here you can chat with fellow players and access links and tasty memes. Joining the Discord is required for this rp. If you don't have an account set one up! It's free! DM me for the link!

Code Frankenstien's parts made by Ambiloquous Ambiloquous . ilysm
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