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Multiple Settings The Hakkenden (Anime Setting, Need Some Caretakers!)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Romance, School, Super Powers
Character Name: Steve Freeling
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 3½" (1.92 m)
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue
Grade: 10
Hakkenshi: TBA

General Appearance:

He is most often seen wearing either red biker gear or a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.
Personality: Steve is a friendly and selfless teen who maintains a calm demeanor much of the time, seeing no reason to fight unless it's necessary and having a knack for de-escalating arguments.
Likes: Girls, dogs, books, movies, most anything with wheels
Dislikes: Abusers, liars, snakes, thunder

Talents: He's very good at riding motorcycles. He speaks fluent English and Japanese. He is an expert swimmer and a fast runner. His physical strength is also nothing to sneeze at.
Favorite Subject: Literature
Current Story: Steve lives in Tokyo with his twin sister Christina, who is typically called either "Chris" or "Tina," their younger brother Keith, and their parents, Ezekiel "Zeek" and Akane (nèe Fujioka) Freeling, who are surprisingly understanding of Steve's situation as a caretaker. They live in a decent-sized, thankfully pet-friendly, house that has a guest bedroom. He plans to go to college after graduating from high school.
Extra: His middle name is Ashitaka.
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Pls help I’m tired
I love this so much! Your rp ideas are great xD I wanna make the Gi Hakkenshi! So I’ll get on that very soon


Pls help I’m tired
Anime Guy _ Black Hair _ Casual.jpeg Images-of-Kai-Ken.jpg
Hakkenshi name: Shuzo Inugiichi
Alias: Tsuki no Inu (Dog of the Moon): This nickname came from his special attack which resembles a crescent moon.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color:
Eye Color: Red
Dog Breed: Kai Ken
Spirit Bead:
Gi (Duty and obligation)

General Appearance: Inugiichi prefers to blend in with the humans when in his human form. Looking like a high school student, he has his own school uniform. Despite not actually attending school, it's just to blend in of course. Besides that, he keeps up with the latest fashion trends and dresses accordingly. His particular style includes darker colors, usually black or shades of grey. If he's feeling spunky he might even wear navy blue. Inugiichi likes to keep it casual with jeans and tees. He wears simple dark green studs on each ear and usually has a ring on each hand, nothing too fancy though.

Personality: Stoic and observant, Inugiichi considers himself the perfect guard dog. He doesn't need to try to be intimidating as his never-ending glare seems to accomplish that regardless. He would prefer to be off by himself as he's quite independent, but he does revel in attention every now and again. Inugiichi is terribly blunt and often seems oblivious to how certain things come out of his mouth. Along with that, he doesn't have much of a sense of humor either. But, he does try to crack a joke every now and then. While he isn't the most playful of the Hakkenshi, he's still very active and prefers to keep busy. Inugiichi would prefer a game that tests his mental capacity as well as his physical. He's keen on agility and obedience, finding the most joy in agility courses, protection work, and even scent work. Along with the physical demands of those activities, he also has to remain in sync and take cues from his lord/lady. Inugiichi isn't particularly friendly. At least at first. He isn't aggressive in the slightest, but will certainly bite if he's told to. While Inugiichi isn't the easiest to befriend or get to know, he has a soft spot for those weaker than him. Whether it be something as small as a hamster, he's certainly swooning over them on the inside. He knows cute when he sees it. Last but not least, Inugiichi can be incredibly picky when it comes to food. Rather childlike, he'll starve himself before eating a vegetable and refuses most kibble. He's very fond of blueberries though.

Inugiichi likes meat, guarding, training, praise, and well-deserved naps on the couch or his favorite dog bed.

Inugiichi dislikes strangers, yokai, leaving his territory, vegetables (especially pumpkin), and when his lord/lady must leave.

Primary Weapon: Jumonji Yari: Kyoudo -- A long cross-shaped spear with the character for "duty" carved into the blade. When in combat the character glows emerald green.
Secondary Weapon: Shuriken -- Inugiichi finds these throwing stars the best for all his long-range needs. He's quite skilled with a long-range weapon, even able to get them to curve around trees or other obstacles.
Special Ability: Shi no Mikazuki (Crescent of Death): Inugiichi swings his blade in a half-circle either side to side or up and down which emits a wave of energy sharp enough to cut down many opponents at once in a single direction. The energy wave is green like the character on his blade.
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Caretaker role is highly desirable for meh right now.


HMMM- cough cough. Oh, geez. Too much humming. Lemme just.. get some water...

ANYWAYS. I guess I'll go for the typical semi-edgi-semi-goofi guy for this slice-of-life-like bit.

Yeah, sorry. I've been off of RPNation for a bit. (two weeks.. not that long.. V:) I lost some etiquette abilities.

The Black Knight

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@darkborn Look forward to it!

As for everyone else, threads will be coming soon. I am multi-tasking school shit so I am moving slower than normal. I tend to find time to work on stuff in the morning (now), but I will get them up since we have some nice approves and with darkborn's application, we will be balanced.

3 Hakkenshi and 3 Caretakers for now. :D


You found me in a constellation~
Hakkenshi name: Yoshikinu
Alias: Red Streak {Due to a blurry streak of red (From his hair/eyes) being the only thing opponents see before being shredded by him- He just took it nonchalantly hA}
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: White with a streak of red
Eye Color: Red
Dog Breed: Samoyed
Spirit Bead: Rei (Courtesy)

General Appearance:

{Faceclaim: Wu Chang (Xie Bi'an) with Requiem}

Mooncake, Dog treats (He will never, ever admit to that), apple juice, popsicles (with the stick), people sacrificing themselves to help others, street fashion and cosplay, polite people.
Dislikes: Being teased (For.. Anything.), the heat, feeling victimized, cats, rain, and coffee

Primary Weapon:
A soul umbrella with a number of ofuda decorating it. (Looks like this, but with the added paper talismans)
It has a sharp top, that is unsheathed like a cover. It is used like a bayonet(Which, well, I'm sure you know how anime people with umbrellas work), and stands at about half his height.
Secondary Weapon:
His claws- He has sharp, layered claws that he uses to attack at close range. He can attack at extremely high speeds before the other is able to react.
Special Ability:
(Tempted to name it Mary Poppins as a joke- jkjk)
Desert winds: He is able to use his umbrella to propel himself towards the direction he wants for a short amount of time, including upwards (So, yes, he'll glide back down using his umbrella). He is unable to change directions once chosen.
-He has a dry sense of humor, and is often sarcastic to the point of being annoying to some.
-He is extremely loyal to his owner, and accepts praise like a currency.
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@Yoaisami He has too many weapons. His bell cannot have an ability. The enchantment of weapons has to do with the special ability explained. Also, I can't see any of your pictures at all. If you convert them to a image code and link them from a free gallery (like imgur) then you shouldn't have any issues.


You found me in a constellation~
@The Black Knight
Oh! I thought they meant different because of my previous experiences with that wording haha~
I'll go change it up~
I'll try to convert the images, but also I thought you could just click the links? :'0
So his special ability is the only one and it goes with his weapon, right?

“Have faith in me.”
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    Hakkenshi Name: Emi Shinuzaka.

    Alias: 赤い守護者 / Akai Gadian / Red Guardian.
    She got up with this name due to putting the colour of her hair and her goal together in one name (her hair is red and she wants to protect those she loves).

    Age: 17.

    Gender: Female.

    Height: 5´5”.

    Weight: 138 lbs.

    Hair Color: Red-brown.

    Eye Color: Right brown, left blue (wears coloured contact lenses sometimes).

    Dog Breed: Siberian Husky.

    Spirit Bead: Shin (Faith).

codedbycrucialstar | hover over big photo
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