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Multiple Settings The Hakkenden (Anime Setting, Need Some Caretakers!)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Romance, School, Super Powers

The Black Knight

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Once upon a time during the Sengoku period of Japan, a powerful enemy threatened to wipe out the Satomi clan. Closing off all supply routes to the kingdom, the Satomi people were nearly starved into extinction for their stubborn lord, Lord Yoshizane Satomi refused to surrender. With an army only strong enough to defend the castle, Lord Satomi could only sit and watch as his and his daughter's health deteriorated. Princess Fuse Satomi, in her desperation and weakened breath, begged her faithful dog Yatsufusa to save the Satomi clan by bringing her the head of the enemy commander. She lied to Yatsufusa, promising that she would marry him if he succeeded. Yatsufusa left, and hours later, returned with the commander’s head clutched by the hair between his teeth. The enemy army was forced to retreat, and the entire Satomi clan was saved.

Yatsufusa was praised and honored. The clan celebrated for days, but Yatsufusa was not happy. Angrily, Yatsufusa one day lashed out at Fuse, frightening Lord Satomi. Lord Satomi begged for her life and asked Yatsufusa why he was angry. Princess Fuse revealed it was because she had promised to marry him if he brought her the head of the enemy commander, and it was she who had ordered him to do it. She didn’t believe he would succeed, and it was a joke she had made in her last moments. Lord Satomi owed Yatsufusa for the Satomi clan’s life and honored Fuse’s promise to him. Yatsufusa and Fuse were wed in spirit, and they moved away from the castle to live on property granted by Lord Satomi. The princess was upset at first, but she remained dutiful to Yatsufusa until one day, he became plagued by evil spirits. Yatsufusa, possessed by a demon, attacked and murdered Princess Fuse. From her torn belly poured eight spirit beads that fled across Japan.

The beads formed into dog warriors called Hakkenshi. The Hakkenshi could take on the form of a dog as well as a human in the blink of an eye. Each Hakkenshi bore a birthmark somewhere on their body in the shape of a peony (the emblem of the Satomi clan). Each bead represented one of the eight fundamental virtues in Confucianism: ko (piety, devotion), gi (duty and obligation), chu (loyalty), shin (faith), tei (brotherhood), jin (sympathy, benevolence), chi (wisdom), and rei (courtesy).

The eight warriors were drawn together by fate. They formed their own band of mercenaries who thwarted evil across the land of Japan, and as the Sengoku period drew to a close, the beads decided that there was no need for them at this time. The Hakkenshi were sealed away within their beads and many years went by until modern day 2020.

In the suburbs of Tochigi, Japan, high schoolers stumble across the magic beads. A teacher at Satomi High School has been dabbling in the dark arts, and opened a hellmouth to the other side. Demons seep into Tochigi, possessing people whose hearts have a seed of darkness, and transform them into yokai. The dog warriors are awakened from their slumber, and with the help of their human lords and ladies, they quickly get acquainted with the modern world and together fight off the demonic threat.


This game has a very anime story line and theme. Players have a choice of playing one of the eight dog warriors (more like seven because I am taking one), or one of their human caretakers that they refer to as their lord or lady. The dog warriors can be either male or female. They can be any dog species, but I would prefer purebred and not hybrid or mutt. The type of dog chosen doesn’t give any supernatural perks.

There can be romance in this game, such as love between Hakkenshi and caretaker or Hakkenshi and Hakkenshi, and I encourage it. Because what anime doesn’t have cute dating or the dramatic love triangles? If in the case we do not get enough caretakers, then Hakkenshi can be paired under the same roof as one caretaker. That caretaker will just have more chaos to deal with. XD

Because this is, again, an anime-style RP. There is bound to be some sort of power growth for the caretakers as well, but I figure those who are dedicated and interested in this game, can brainstorm this with me. There will be a discord, so please be open and willing. If not, I can always make a PM group. No problem. The PM group works just as effectively, but please share these thoughts with me.


The Hakkenshi are demon dog warriors. They all bear a peony birthmark somewhere on their bodies, and they possess one of the eight beads that represent them. Each one has Inu somewhere in their name. People are probably wondering, “Hey, you said romance between the Hakkenshi, isn’t that incest? Aren’t they all related?” Because there wasn’t any biology involved in their creation, spiritually they can be brothers and sisters, but physically, genetically, they more than likely aren’t because there was no genetics or biology involved in their creation. It was magic and anime.

How you design your Hakkenshi warrior is up to you. I will not limit your imagination. However, there is an age restriction 14-18 because the caretakers are in high school and any older would be against the law. I understand that the anime art won’t always match the age. It is okay. Your writing and how you play them matters more. Just use the art to match what you envision.

The Hakkenshi are immortal, but they can be killed by yokai. When a Hakkenshi dies, their bead loses its glow and shatters. If we ever deal with death in the story line, we can come up with some anime-like plot to have the deceased hero resurrected somehow. Like I said, I try not to limit the plot possibilities.

When a Hakkenshi is exhausted or knocked unconscious, they revert back to their dog form. They also revert back to their dog form in death. All Hakkenshi have dog-like abilities: inhuman hearing, smell, and they can detect the presence of yokai or just bad people with wicked intentions. They can also communicate with other animals. If you want to add further dog traits and quirks in their personality and appearance, then that is up to you.

Like in an anime, Hakkenshi can leap great heights, fight on vertical surfaces, and run inhumanly quick. Each one has a unique ability that has a name. Yes, it wouldn’t be an anime without a named special ability.

The following Hakkenshi are open:
Italics means reserved and pending CS. It does not mean taken or approved. Writers are free to contest roles if they desire. Best concept chosen will be entirely subjective to GM.
  • Ko (piety, devotion)
  • Gi (duty and obligation)
  • Chu (loyalty)
  • Shin (faith)
  • Tei (brotherhood)
  • Jin (sympathy, benevolence)
  • Chi (wisdom)
  • Rei (courtesy)
Character Sheet
This sheet can be designed however as long as you mention the below details.
[b]Hakkenshi name:[/b] Remember, it has "inu" somewhere in it.
[b]Alias:[/b] If they were a big deal during the Sengoku era.
[b]Age:[/b] 14-18
[b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female
Hair Color:[/b] Any color because this is anime.
[b]Eye Color:[/b] Any color because this is anime.
[b]Dog Breed:
Spirit Bead:[/b] Which bead did you choose?

[b]General Appearance:[/b] What do they look like overall? Clothing? Wear any special armor? Have a favorite modern outfit?

[b]Personality:[/b] This is where you summarize their personality and mention any quirks they may have.

(Background is optional. If you feel inspired to write one, you can, but if you would rather develop it as the game goes, you can do that too.)

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] This is the weapon they are known for. This weapon more than likely has a name. If your character doesn't use a weapon, and is more of a fistfighter, then you can write "Unarmed Combat." Weapons can also be objects such as yo-yos, fans, umbrellas, samisen, flute, etc. Because this is anime. Why not? Your weapon can have a special element effect, unique appearance, etc. However, its special ability goes in the special ability section. Dual weapons count as one primary weapon.
[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] This is a ranged weapon or off-hand weapon like a knife or shuriken.
[b]Special Ability:[/b] This is your weapon's named attack or ability. Maybe it isn't an attack? Maybe it is a shield, an illusion, a healing spell, etc. Characters can only use their special ability two times in a battle with yokai. They will have to grow stronger in order to build up the stamina to use it more often. The GM will award extra uses. Whether or not they learn a second ability depends on character development in the game. We will decide that as we go. Let's get this started first.
[b]Extra:[/b] Anything else we need to know about them? You got a battle theme for them? Any other inspirations or art? Put it here.

The Hakkenshi would be lost and confused without their lords and ladies. The caretakers are humans who stumble across one of the eight beads. They didn't expect to suddenly be treated like a noble. They're just normal high schoolers with normal high school drama. Where did all this come from? The caretakers may not know each other at first, but their Hakkenshi will bring them together because the Hakkenshi know each other. If you choose to have you and another caretaker know each other, then that is fine as long as you communicate. The caretakers keep their Hakkenshi out of trouble and try to educate them about the modern world since the Sengoku period is long over. They follow them into battle and can summon their Hakkenshi to their side if ever they are in danger. The Hakkenshi are loyal to them and obey them much like a dog (the hand that feeds lol). If you are interested in the caretaker role, see below:

Character Sheet

[b]Character Name:[/b] More than likely a Japanese name but they can be an exchanged student! Yay!
[b]Age:[/b] 14-18
[b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female
Hair Color:[/b] Again, it's an anime.
[b]Eye Color:[/b] Again, it's an anime.
[b]Grade:[/b] 9-12
[b]Hakkenshi:[/b] Who is their Hakkenshi? They may have more than one. You can leave this blank for now until we get most of the roles. You can either pick one or I can do a randomization. I will hope that we all talk about it and decide as a democracy. XD

[b]General Appearance:[/b] What do they look like overall? Clothing, accessories, piercings, tattoos, etc.


Talents:[/b] What are their hobbies or "talents." Art, sports, martial arts, language, science wiz, gamer, etc.
[b]Favorite Subject:[/b] This is to see if you and another caretaker have anything in common.
[b]Current Story:[/b] Do they have any plans for the next grade or after high school? How are their parents? Where do they live? Can they accommodate having a Hakkenshi?
[b]Extra:[/b] Anything else you want to add?

  1. 200 word minimum. If you are joining this game, then you are telling me that you have a decent understanding of English grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect for no one is. I just do not want to see any half-ass posts where it looked like you one-lined. You may be writing with writers who are capable of writing over 200 words, so being able to at least write this amount is surviving for this game.
  2. Activity. RPN has this bad habit where people join a game, get ADHD, and then go AWOL. Or they join this game and five other games, and go AWOL. If you are no longer interested in this game, please inform me so that I can keep recycling players in and out of roles. That is the only way to survive on here with this high turnover rate. I expect players to post twice a week. If you go AWOL for 14 days without telling me anything, then I will drop you from the game. It is rude to keep everyone waiting, especially your partner.
  3. No means No. If I say "No" to your idea, it is more than likely for a good reason. More than likely something plot-related or I felt it would imbalance the game. If you want to have an attitude, I will not argue with you. I will tell you to leave, and if you remain, I will just report you. Plain and simple.
  4. No hybrids or mutts. What I mean by hybrids is like the wolf hybrid. A husky would not count as a hybrid. Mutts would be a mix between two different breeds of dogs to form a new one. Do not overthink this. I will not help you if you do. Do not defeat yourself. Keep it simple.
  5. One ability starting. This is one ability. Not two abilities in one such as fire and ice. Just one ability. If you choose a fire theme for example, that should be all I see.
  6. Collaborate and Have Fun. If you are joining this game, then you enjoy the classic anime tropes too. This game can only be fun if we all make it fun. Please join with an imagination. Do not let the GM do all the work.
Accepted Hakkenshi (5/8)

Yazawa Shinu - Breed: Shiba Inu - Chu - @The Black Knight
Inutsuyo - Breed: Pomeranian - Ko - @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern
Shuzo Inugiichi - Breed: Kai Ken - Gi - @Jabu
Emi Shinuzaka - Breed: Siberian Husky - Shin - @Wandering Spirit
Yoshikinu - Breed: Samoyed - Rei - @Yoaisami

Accepted Caretakers (1/8)
Steve Freeling - Male/16 y/o - @Steve Freeling

Hakkenshi Reserved: Caretakers Reserved
- 5:1


Is this OC or canon?


Q: Where do I put my CS?

A: Here in the recruitment thread. Only approved CSes will go in the Character Thread.
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Yukari is <3
Lemme put my interest here real quick. Also I'd like to claim Hakkenshi Tei role if it's okay.

Also just curious, is this by any mean related or at least based on any of Hakkenden anime?


Yukari is <3
Ah, so it is its own canon.

Also, is there any place where I can post my character sheet or should I just put my character here?

The Black Knight

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I want to start working on a CS myself. I was going to let everyone else playing Hakkenshi to reserve before me, but I may just pick a bead and build a CS off of it. Mine will be up shortly to give you guys and idea (at least for a Hakkenshi CS).

The Black Knight

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“Tastes like chicken!”
  • .
    Hakkenshi name: Yazawa Shinu, Shinu, Shinu-inu
    Alias: Shinigami - more of a play on his actual name, "Shinu." His interpretation was combining his name with "Inugami," a dog god. Making, Shinigami - Shinu the Dog God. This wasn't interpreted in the way he imagined for obvious reasons. He was instead known as the death reaper. He still thinks he was clever for coming up with the name to this day. Everybody else's interpretation is wrong! As silly as his interpretation is, Shinu was a frightening shinboi back in the day.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Dog Breed: Shiba Inu
    Spirit Bead: Chu (Loyalty)

codedbycrucialstar | hover over big photo
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The Black Knight

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^Answered the above offline.

I'm still looking for CSes. CSes are to be dropped here in the recruitment for review. I won't make the character thread until I start seeing CSes.


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Hakkenshi name: Yoshinu Hayashi
Alias: Some just called him Yoshi, but he was known in general as the 'one who refused'
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair Color:
Eye Color: Silver but they glow orange when he's casting a spell or is in frantic combat.
Dog Breed:Norwegian Lundehund.
Spirit Bead:
Jin (sympathy, benevolence)

General Appearance: In his human form Yoshinu is mostly seen wearing a dark robe with an purple inner lining, sleeveless shirt, and loose pants with tight but comfortable black boots.

Personality: Yoshinu has always had a soft heart, and a deep caring for people. He's passionate about settling disputes in as peaceful way as possible. Throughout the Sengoku period he only took a life in order to save another, or several and with much guilt weighing on him.
Likes: The rare moments of silence that he gets. Sushi, especially tuna and salmon nigiri.
Dislikes:Being interrupted, people who are convinced that they have all the right answers.

Primary Weapon: A small, easily concealed scepter with a blue jewel in the handle that he keeps inside his robes. Most of the time he can cast spells without it but if he wants to enhance the spell he uses his scepter.
Secondary Weapon: A blue jeweled amulet that he wears around his neck that can slightly enhance his magic abilities.
Special Ability: Healing himself and allies.
Norwegian Lundehund.jpg
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The Black Knight

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@Vance_Meridian He can only have one special ability at the start of the game. You are listing too many. Also, what was his occupation in Feudal Japan? This question is not a place to be answered on the CS, but just me asking out of curiosity. I am getting magical boy vibes from this CS versus an occupation typically found in the Feudal era of Japan.


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@Vance_Meridian He can only have one special ability at the start of the game. You are listing too many. Also, what was his occupation in Feudal Japan? This question is not a place to be answered on the CS, but just me asking out of curiosity. I am getting magical boy vibes from this CS versus an occupation typically found in the Feudal era of Japan.
I wasn't aware that he needed an occupation in feudal japan, though if he did have one it would be a medicine man.

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

"Don't mess with me, I'll kill you!"

Dog Form:
Alias: The White Devil
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3 Short for a person, but she's a Pomeranian so it makes sense.
Weight: 89 lbs Again, because girl is a Pomeranian.
Dog Breed: Pomeranian
Spirit Bead: Ko (Devotion, Piety)

General Appearance: See first image.

As for her casual wear: She wears a black long sleeve shirt with a pink skirt and white fuzzy boots. She will also sometimes wear a white vest. When going swimming, she wears a pink one piece swim suit. An interesting note is that in her casual and swimming outfit, her dog ears and tail are exposed, yet no normal human finds it odd due to believing them to be part of a Cosplay of hers.

Personality: A brave, yet silly girl who bites first and asks questions later in a fight. She always tries her best to be intimidating, but her short stature tends to be the opposite; Basically cute. She has high affection for her Owner, as well as any person she meets, viewing them as people to become friends with. She also is very excited when she receives a present. She has a secret crush on her owner, but she ties to hide this fact due to her job, which she is highly devoted to; Protect her Owner from anyone that wishes harm. Because of this, she can't truly tell her owner her feelings, due to fear of breaking her owners heart if she died.

Likes: Games, presents, keeping her hair clean and brushed, headpats, kisses on her forehead, licking people she likes, running around to stay in shape

Dislikes: Getting her hair dirty and messy, small reptiles, larger creatures

Primary Weapon:
The Mizukiri Ken - A Sword that Inutsuyo uses in combat as her main Weapon. It is surprisingly sharp to the touch along the blade, and is impossible to break.

Bite - Yes, she considers this a main weapon of hers. Inutsuyo Bites an enemy whenever the chance pops up, such as if the enemy has her in a grapple or choking hold, or the enemy was not expecting her to do so when getting into CQC. Her bite isn't that painful though, and it actually tickles more than it draws blood.

Secondary Weapon:
Double Bladed Kunai - A small off hand weapon that can be thrown like a boomerang, which returns to the owner after hitting/missing the target it was used on. It can also be used for two weapon fighting (Three if we count her non-lethal bite).

Special Ability:

Mizukiri Ken - Not only is it the name of her signature weapon, but the Mizukiri Ken has an ability in itself, which is to slice through water and create a path for running between the split water until the user is on the other side. The ability is also able to slice through other forms of water as well, including storm clouds and beings made up of mostly water/liquid (that isn't a mundane person or creature. Basically, she can theoretically kill a Storm Elemental or cut through a tornado.)

Combat Doctrine:
This is an brief summary of how Inutsuyo fights. When engaging the enemy, she fights them head on, with sword drawn, and only using the double bladed kunai if the opponent is far away, or the opponent is using multiple weapons. Her Mizukiri Ken (Attack) is used only in special situations, such as if the battle is underwater and the opponent is a highly adept swimmer (Think of a very fast living torpedo for a better comparison.). By cutting off her opponents swimming ability, it will be a fairer fight. The Mizukiri Ken (attack) is also saved for any enemy with a liquid body, or semi-liquid, such as a Kappa (Head full of water) or a slime creature.


Inutsuyo refuses to believe she is an 'Adorable Maiden/Ball of Fluff'. Anyone who calls her that gets the slap to the face and is immediately called an Idiot.

Inutsuyo enjoys eating Pocky. It reminds her of chewing on sticks... And before you ask, considering she can only be killed by a Yokai, chocolate won't poison her, but it might give her a tummy ache if she eats too much.

Inutsuyo is a Tsundere to her owner, considering she has romantic feelings towards him/her, but she denies it whenever the Owner is complimenting her, or petting her.
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Don't take yourself too seriously.
Two good bois and a good girl.

I shall have to work hard as well!

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