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Fandom The Guise of Peace Character Sheets (Sonic the Hedgehog)


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This is the character sheet thread for The Guise of Peace. Canon characters can be from Modern Sonic Games or IDW comics, with some allowance for Sonic X characters if you can make them seem to fit in.

Sample Character Sheet
Canon or OC?:
Age: (RP takes place 6 or 7 years after Modern Sonic Games/IDW comics)
Relationship Preferences:
Appearance: (Written or image, but no inappropriate appropriating of someone's fanart)
Basic Bio:
Extras: (Anything you want to add that is not covered in this)


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Name: Silver the Hedgehog

Canon or OC?: Canon

Age: 14 (Time Travel Shenanigans)

Gender: Male

Relationship Preferences: Considering all canon characters are either now too old for him or characters he knew when they were children, there aren’t a lot of options that wouldn’t be weird. But if a character doesn’t fall into either of those categories then sure.


  • Super Form
  • Psychokinesis
  • ESP
  • Teleportation
  • Levitation
  • Chaos based attacks (Only with the use of a Chaos Emerald)
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Farming and Gardening
Basic Bio: Originally, Silver hailed from a destroyed version of Soleanna two hundred years in the future, wherein Mephiles tricked him and Blaze to travel back to the past in order to kill the Ibilis Trigger. During these events he acted as a rival and foe to the cast, though he’d eventually realize his mistake after finally being shown Mephiles’ true intentions. Thus would culminate with Ibilis and Mephiles rejoining into their true form, Solaris, and Silver would have to join Sonic and Shadow to fully erase it from existence. One consequence of this act would be that everything that had lead up to the moment would be removed from the timeline, including the original future that Silver had hailed from. Thus Silver has no memories of any of these past events, though he still largely maintains a similar role despite his rewritten history. Whenever the future is in jeopardy, he’ll return to Sonic’s past to figure out what happened and stop it from ever happening in the first place. Silver was quite surprised that his next tripe to the past actually placed him six or seven so years further than usual. Nevertheless he’s curious to see how all of his friends have been doing since he last saw them.

Extras: The last time the characters have seen Silver would be since the end of the Zombot arc so it’s been quite a while for all of them. However from Silver’s perspective it’s at most only been a few days since he last saw everyone.


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Name: Miles “Tails” Prower
Canon or OC?: Canon
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Relationship Preferences: Waiting to see what other character sheets are put up.
Appearance: Tails does look older...is taller than his 8-year-old self... but really hasn't changed all that much due to still being made of a lot of thick, fluffy fox fur.


Tail Copter (flight)
Tail Copter (to boost his speed along the ground)
Tail Swipe
Genius in Mechanics
Piloting the Tornado
Spin Dash
Homing Attack
Rolling Combo (requires Sonic)

Basic Bio: Orphaned when very young, Miles would end up an outcast among all the superstitious inhabitants that were on West Side Island. Was even bullied due to his genetic abnormalities (twin-tails). Being alone made him shy and lacking self-confidence, very much unlike the blue blur that would one day, an otherwise normal day, show up on the island. So fast, so different from the islanders that Miles was used to that it sparked his curiosity and awe.

Although that made him follow Sonic, he'd always dart back into hiding if it seemed like that hedgehog might've noticed him. There were several times when the two almost met, but Miles never stayed around long enough for an official introduction until Robotnik attacked the island. Sonic gave him his nickname and treated him like he wasn't a freak, like having tails that let him fly was actually something amazing. Both facts would cement his loyalty to Sonic. Being around Sonic got him out of his shell, and let him outgrow some of his lack of self-confidence issues enough that he'd save Station Square without help. He just didn't outgrow it entirely but the two became as close as brothers throughout their adventures.

Then Dr. Eggman was gone, possibly seemingly vaporized in an explosion. There were no more world-threatening disasters, just small-time problems that normally found their way to Tails. Either because he was around when it happened, or because he'd end up fixing something afterward when all was said and done. This meant he'd play some part in how nearly all his friends would adjust to the sudden time of peace. Some made it look easy, some made it look hard, and in making it look hard Tails began examining the other group more carefully. To make sure he wasn't missing anything. In so doing Tails soaked it up and would remember every little thing that might've been a result of their adjustment periods.

Extras: These 6 years have kept Tails busy with various projects. However, the Tornado and Miles Electric haven't changed that much in that time.
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