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Fantasy The Guild Stone ((Open))

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Action, Adventure


Skeleton Boi
Hey, this looks like an interesting rp to partake in... is there any room left for another individual to throw their hat into the ring?


Danger Floof
Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505
Sure is! Welcome. There should be links to the thread in earlier posts. Come say hi in ooc, post a character, or if you have any questions feel free to ask :')


New Member
Are you guys still taking new members. and whould a younger person who just showed up and started helping out with stuff and being a general help and errand runner be allowed


Danger Floof
Starwalker123 Starwalker123
First of all welcome to RpNation!! Yes, we are still accepting. Your character would be a copper rank if they're new, but I'm sure there would be plenty of small tasks or errand quests for them to help out with. Doesn't all have to be big *grand* adventures :')

There should be links to the others threads on the first post. Come say hi in ooc, post a character, or ask away if you have any questions.


Somewhere In Between
I'm assuming this is still open?

Where do I post a character to be reviewed? Or do I just post in the character sheet area? Thanks!


Somewhere In Between
Sorry if I'm taking a while, I draw every single character I use so I've been trying to get it exactly how I envision.

Quick question, what would an affinity to ghosts and supernatural stuff count as, elemental wise?


Danger Floof
Shura-Yuon Shura-Yuon
!!!!!!! That is awesome!!!

It depends what you want to achieve with it, but a spirit element might be a good start. Second affinity can be ability related, like binding or transformation, or it could relate to certain types of spirits. If you want it to be more general then spirit/ghost would be fine and you can specify their ability further in the bio.

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